-Hello, this is Steven Brown. Who is this?
-John? You mean John from high school?
-How’s it going? Are you still with Rachel?
-Oh, thank god.
-What's the new one's name?
-Is she a looker?
-And what's the kid called?
-Seriously, Madison? Couldn't you name her, I don’t know, Sarah?
-Yeah right, wife’s choice.

am currently engaged to a lovely young woman called Susan.
-We’re getting married on august 30.
-Why don’t you just come to the thing itself. Besides, dude, you can’t celebrate a marriage before it’s happened.
-A guy named Zack, from work, is already organizing my bachelors party but I’ll give you his number and you should call to see if you can help out. Well, man listen, I have to be at a BBQ in a few minutes, but why don't you call me back tomorrow afternoon.
-Okay, thanks. Say hi to Lisa and the kids for me.
-Okay, I will, bye.


Tag der Veröffentlichung: 10.06.2011

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