I sat alone in my desk in the corner, staring at my blank paper, tapping my pencil against the desk, and waiting for the bell to ring to get out of this torture called school. Ms.Rose assigned us to write a 500 word essay about our life. It can be our love life, saddest moment in our life, etc. The problem was my life is lonely,boring, so theres not much to write about. I stared across the room, seeing everyone writing away, I kept thinking, but my head was so blank. Maybe I should write about the most scariest time of my life, which was when I almost got kidnapped or killed by a stranger when I was a little kid, but I'd rather keep that to myself, because I know everyone is going to be bothering me about that. I flashbacked in that moment, trying to run as fast as I can through the woods at night, and a man with a gray hoodie following me, until I saw a gas station, and ran in there and told the owner to call the cops. The cops arrived but found no trace of him, I sometimes think if it was part of my imagination, but it was so real, the running, the screaming, and the panting. I startled back into reality as soon as the bell rang. Everyone was packing up and heading out the classroom. Finally, time to go home, I packed up and left the classroom, I turned to walk through the hallway, but smack, I got bumped into.

My books fell onto the floor, and so did I, whoever I bumped into was pretty strong. I tried to get up and yelled out "Hey, watch where you're-" My voice trailed off as soon as I saw who I bumped into.It was Daniel, the hottest, and most popular guy in school. As soon as I realized it was him, I quickly looked down, blushing, and fixing my hair. I bent down to pick up my books, and so did he. I saw him grabbing my backpack, then handing it to me, he was so sweet helping me out. He smiled and looked at me, and said "Sorry about that." I didn't answer, I was too shy around him, he has been my crush since the 7th grade. He looked so cute up close, his brown hair spiked up perfectly on the tips, and his teal-ish eyes making eye contact with mines. I slowly stood up, and felt like if I were in those movies, where the boy accidently touch her hand when grabbing her books, and they know they're meant to be, even though it's a bit corny, it's still cute, but this is reality, that'll never happen to me. He stood up, and smiled, I was like hypnotized with his smile, but I was interrupted by a shout. "Hey, Daniel, You coming, or what ?!" Ugh, it was his jock friends.Daniel yelled back "Yeah, be right there." He turned to look at me and said "See you"
"Right, See ya, Deysie. "

About half an hour,I was in my bedroom, changing into some cute shorts and a red pullover. The whole time, walking my way home, I had butterflies in my stomach since that incident with Daniel. I blushed and smiled as I thought of the moment in my head,as I
stood in front of the mirror, applying some lipgloss, I actually loved what I was wearing. Lately, I've been wearing jeans and a shirt, but my dad finally did laundry. We don't usually have a laundry day, we just wait until the laundry basket gets full. I went downstairs, and realized my dad wasn't home. It's almost always like this, considering the fact I am an only child who lives with her dad. I went outside, making sure I have my cellphone,wallet, and keys, I walked across the street to the Deli. I walked in, and there wansn't much people, I sat in the table far back, next to the window, and looked at the menu. I ordered fries and a chocolate milkshake. Once the waiteress wrote down my order on her notepad, I sat waiting, and was thinking of what I should write on my essay. Then, I heard a familiar voice, I looked up, and my heart started pounding. It was Daniel. He smiled and looked down at me, making eye contact, with his teal-ish eyes looking down right at me, just made me blush, and look down. I heard him chuckle, and he said "Fries & chocolate shake?"
My eyes widened, How does he know my order?! I thought to myself, I looked up at him again quickly, and saw he was dressed in the Deli's uniform and was holding a tray with my fries and shake. I couldn't believe the most hottest, and most popular guy at my school is a Deli! I finally got the nerve and answered to him "Yeah, that my order." It kinda sounded squeaky, but I smiled just for him to forget it, and thank god I was wearing something cute today.My shiny brunete hair was curled in the tips, and my lips still had some strawberry lip gloss. He put down my shake and fries in front of me, he chuckled again, and said "Sorry about the books falling.." I replied "Oh, it's fine." He turned around smiling, and went back to work. He looked so handsome in that uniform, knowing the fact he's been smiling and chuckling around me, I felt so happy, that my butterlies came back.

"Please excuse this interruption, Just a reminder, senior prom is this Friday." The principal announced. I was in class, and everyone has been gossiping over prom. I think I'm the only one not going. I really want to go, but no guy has asked me, and I don't even have friends to go with. I opened my book and read, but someone tapped me in the shoulder. I turned around, and saw it was Qori. Ugh, great. Qori is the most popular, and hottest girl in school, she hates my guts. She's been hating on me since she found out I liked Daniel in the 7th grade. Believe it or not, but I was actually bestfriends with her back then. I regret meeting her, found out she only used me to get guys. I was actually more popular in middle school than her, I highlighted my hair, wore lots of shorts, and make-up. I was sort of a girl girl back then, but one day Qori was new to school. I wanted to be nice, so invited her to hang out with me and my group. Well, back then I had friends.Sadly,not no more because she stole them. So, she hung out with us, and she was really cool.We had great times together, and she told me if I can give her a makeover so she can look really pretty for the guys. I gave her one, and I did a pretty good job, that almost every boy fell in love with her. Now that she was cool and pretty, she got advantage of me. She made some rumor of me that I supposedly lost my virginity, which considered me a "slut." I got so angry, I almost fought her, but was stopped by a teacher before I can punch her. I told everyone she was a liar, but of course, they believed her. So, that's how I got lonely, and am actually happy I am, because I can't trust anyone here, they're so fake.
"So, who you going to prom with?"
"Um, why do you care?"
"Because I asked. So, who?"
"No one."
"Oh, so just because I have no prom date yet, makes me a loser. Wow. Well, you know what that makes you? A bitch."
I felt so proud and brave telling her off like that, she just gasped like an idiot and turned around, flipping her hair. Flipping her hair meant to her "whatever." Ugh, I HATE her. Popularity is so stupid.

It was now lunch, and I lost my appetite when Qori came up to me. I just sat on the benches outside in the sun, I needed some air. I felt a vibration in my pocket, I dug my fingers in, and got my cellphone out. It was an anonymous text message.
"Hey, I see you looking so beautiful."
I looked around, and realized I was by myself, I felt a little scared, but I was smiling. I got to give the anonymous person effort, he made my day with that text. I couldn't text back because it was on anonymous, I felt a little disappointed. I got up and threw my lunch away. The bell was about to ring, so I grabbed my backpack, and walked back into the cafeteria, walking past everyone, then I passed the popular table. Daniel was sitting in the edge, he was laughing, then Qori, was sitting beside him, applying lipstick. I rolled my eyes, and walked past them quickly, and walked to my 7th period class. I came about 3 minutes early, and this class was Art. I made up the time to get all my supplies out, and put on my art coat. The bell rung and people were coming in the class, I ignored and sat patiently for Mr.Boone to tell us what to paint about. Mr.Boone came in, looking cheerful, and he said "Okay, everybody, we're going to paint something prom based. Girls, paint your dream prom dress, and boys, paint you in your tux.Begin, and no talking." After he said that, a dress popped into my head, so I let my hands paint the image, even though I wasn't going to prom, I just painted.

The bell rang, it was now the end of school, and I was glad. I stopped painting, and looked at my painting, and I was satisfied what my prom dress painting looked. It was a glittery lavender prom dress with diamonds, it was beautiful. Next thing I knew, girls were around me admiring my dress. Mr.Boone was impressed by my painting, too, that he took it and hung it up on the wall, I felt like a true artist. I took off my art coat, and put all of my art supplies away. I turned around to get my backpack, but I almost crashed into Daniel. "Woah, excuse me." He laughed and said "Nice dress."
"Oh, thanks."
"No problem, so you going?"
"Oh, nope."
"Oh, why not? You painted a good prom dress, but you're not going?"
"Pretty much, yeah. And plus I don't have a date."
He laughed, and looked down. He was biting his lips, I could feel myself melt. And I couldn't believe I was talking to him all normal, like if it were an everyday thing. Then that's when I got confused, it has been an everyday thing. I wanted to know if he had a date. OMG, what if he asked me?! Nah, that will never happen.
"So, I bet all the girls here asked you."
"You won that bet."
"Haha, so did you pick a date?"
I was shocked that all the girl's here asked him, but he rejected.
"Qori asked me this morning."
"You said no?"
"Yup, I don't really like her that way."
OMG, he dosen't like her, now I love him than I did yesterday.

We were now outside, talking, but got interupted by a honk. Daniel turned to me and said "That's my ride, oh hey, I almost forgot, do you have plans this saturday night?"
"No, why?"
"My parents are leaving that night, and I'm having a party, almost the whole school is gonna be there. Wanna come?"
"Um, sure, okay."
"Cool, I'll see you later Deysie."
OMG. I just got invited to Daniel's party! I was so happy I wanted to jump and scream, but I was still at school, so that would've been embarrasing. I turned around, smiling. I walked home and still couldn't believe Daniel invited me. When I went home, my dad was cooking steak in the back yard. "Hi honey, how was school ?" he said, "It was fine. Oh um, dad ?"
"Yes ?"
"Can I go out saturday ?"
"Go out ? For what ?"
"Um, a new girl in my school, invited me to a party, and she barely has any friends, so I wanna be nice, and go. So can I ?"
"Oh, okay. You can go, but come home before curfew, alright ?"
"Alright, dad. Thanks."
I walked back into my house, and went upstairs to my bedroom. I felt guilty having to lie to my dad, but I couldn't tell him I was going to a boy's house for a party. He wouldn't let me go, then ask me too many questions about that boy. I went to my bed, and used my laptop, and looked online for a cute dress to wear for the party. I found a strapless teal short dress, and it was hot. I wanted Daniel to notice me, but what would my dad say ? I made a plan, to just wear jeans and a shirt when I go out of the house, then I'll change into the dress in my car. So, I bought the dress. I couldn't wait to go to the party.

It was now Thursday, and prom was tomorrow. Then on Saturday, was Daniel's party. The whole school was covered in posters and everyone was buying tickets, and everyone was gossiping about it. I was at my locker, getting my books out, and a note fell down. I looked around, and then at the note on the floor. I grabbed it and opened it up, and read "Hi beautiful, going to prom ?"
I was confused, and a little scared. Do I have a stalker now ?! I put the note into my pocket and closed my locker, and walked to homeroom.
After, homeroom I went back to my locker to put my books back and grab my P.E. uniform. Another note fell out, I grabbed it and read "Please go to prom with me, and I'll tell you who I am." Well, this is a stupid game, I don't even know who the person is, so how am I supposed to say yes ? I put that note in my pocket with the first note, and closed my locker, walking to P.E. I didn't want to go back to my locker, because I was afraid for another note, but I wanted to find out who it was, really bad. I made a plan, to ditch 4th period English, and hide in the janitor's closet. The janitor's closet is close to my locker, so I can catch who's been putting notes in my locker.
The bell rang, for 4th period, and I changed back into my clothes quickly, and ran to the restroom, and hid there.

I was hiding for about 10 minutes, until I heard footsteps. I opened the door just a little, and peeked out. I couldn't really see who it was, but I saw the person wearing a white shirt and blue vanz. I just need to look for someone wearing that, and I find my prom date. I closed the door and sat there, thinking who it might be, but I had no clue. The bell rang, and it was now 5th period, Science. I got up and went out to my locker and grab my Science book. A note fell out, I sighed and grabbed it. I read "Find me and love me." I thought that was kinda cute, since I am going to go look for him. I grabbed my book, and went to class.
Science, was boring, we had to read all day, and I almost fell asleep. I was so bored that I raised my hand and Mr.Allen looked at me, I asked "Can I be excused ?" Everyone was now looking at me, and he nodded. I was surprised it was that easy to be excused. When I got my things and left the room, I heard some of my classmates yelling "Can I be excused ?" I laughed, and walked to my locker. I was expecting another note, but none came out. School was almost over, it was an early day today, teachers need to do report cards, so school is now up to 5 periods this week. I put my books back into my locker, and waited by my locker, for the bell to ring to find my prom date. The bell finally rang, and I stood up, looking everywhere, I walked around the school, outside, the office, but no sign of him. I sighed because I just wasted my time, and I went outside to walk home. I then felt a tap on my shoulder, I turned around, and it was Daniel. It was like Daniel's now my new friend, well only friend. I smiled and said "Hey." He smiled and laughed, I looked at him confused and he was wearing a black coat. Which was wierd, because it was about 80 degrees outside. "Cold ?"
"Nah, I just want to show you something."
"Me ?"

My heart pounded as he was unbuttoning his black coat, and I could feel myself melt. I blushed and looked down, smiling. I felt fingers under my chin, and he straighted my head to look up at him, I thought he was going to kiss me. "Don't take your eyes off me." I blushed but didn't look down. He was now unbutton the last one, and he started smiling, then he stopped, he handed me a black marker. I tilted my head confused, and said "What's this?"
"Let's just say, an answer. "
I stopped smiling, and waited for him to take off the coat, he was slipping his arms out. Then the coat was now on the floor, I watched it fall onto his shoes. Wait, he had blue vanz. My eyes widened and my heart pounded, I looked up quickly and saw his white shirt. Then, on his white shirt said "Be my Prom date?"
I read it, and then he turned his back on me, that had 2 little boxes. One of them saying "Yes<3" and the other "No ):" I started laughing, and blushing, and I took off the marker's cap and scribbled a check on "Yes<3" excitedly, my hands were shaking.


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