Benny is flying around his neighborhood enchanted forest. The warmth and charm delights his little heart and has the effect of making his little blue wings vibrate, which makes a little whistle sound threw the air. It is a very cute sound that makes the local butterflies and crickets want to tango when Benny flies over their heads. Little Benny is looking for his best friend Gigi. She is an adorable tiny Pixie Kitty.

Pixie and Fairies live in peace and harmony among each other. These miniature beings live in magical scenery of natural balance with mother earth. They sometimes resemble fire flies, yet these little beings are much more beautiful than any bug. They are poetry in motion and they are the creation of a child’s dreams and imagination. This is what creates fantasy and this is how these whimsical beings came to be born along long time ago.

Benny zooms over to his playmate apartment. Gigis home is in a very nice area of town. She lives in a tree-apartment-building in the enchanted forest were mostly Pixies kitties live. The tree likes the pixies families living in them. They say that the pixies make them ticklish.

Benny flies threw Gigi bed room window. “Hey Gigi, want to come out and play today?” “OK, where do you want to play” “mmm, maybe I rather go window shopping down town instead of playing. I really want candy.” “That sounds yummy. I have some money, maybe I can buy a scrumptious piece of candy.” “Me too, I love the delightful taste of good candy in my mouth and down my belly”. “So let’s go.”

The two little children fly threw the sky. Benny is a one inch little pit bull collie mix with black fur and blue wings. Gigi is a little golden kitty with pink wings. The two little ones zip through the air and down to the village square in no time at all. The two are in front of Mr. Crabapple candy shop.

Benny and Gigi walk into the shop overwhelmed by the splendid assortment of all the candy. The aroma of all the candy tickles their noses.

Mr. Crabapple greats the children, “Hello, little ones” his voice is more creepy than his looks. Mr. Crabapple is an ugly old man with only one eye. He wears a black patch over the eye that is no longer in use. He is smelly and very terrible. When he walks he does it in a slithering motion.

Many claim that when they are standing close to Mr. Crabapple, they suddenly feel itchy. It is unbelievable that some one of his character could have a candy shop with the best candy in the whole wide world. Creatures from all over the planet and even a few aliens from other galaxies drop in when they are in town to buy candy and chocolate from his shop.

Mr. Crabapple slithers over to the little furry children with a spooky grin, “see anything you like” Both the children nod, Benny says” we see lots o candy that we want. But for now, we are just looking around”.

While the children are walking down each isle gazing at the candy, another person enters the candy shop. His name is Mr. Hideousgasly . He lives in a castle a few blocks away from the village square. He is tall and talks very slowly. The two men start to talk secretly. Every now and then those dreadful duos turn their disgusting heads to look at the children.

Mr. Crabapple and Mr. Hideousgasly sliver over to Gigi and Benny. “Heyyy kids, Sais Mr. Crabapple, How would you kids like to make some money and also get a big basket of candy?” Both Benny and Gigi just look at him for about thirty seconds with no emotion in their eyes, then all of a sudden they both yell out “heck yeh”. “

Well, all you have to do is pick up a package for me .in return I will give you $20.00 dollars each plus the basket filled with an assortment of candy. Chocolate and taffy and lolly pops, a little bit of everything.

Well you could imagine how excited those two were. They tucked the address inside Benny’s pocket and both flew away in the direction of that package.

When they got to the right place, it was in Bat City , not the best area for two little ones to be flying around all alone. The neighborhood was pitch dark. There was no sunlight in that area at all.

Bat city was in an underground cave that stretched for miles. They knocked on the apartment door of Dr. Dracula. He is a vampire. Most of the Vampires in Bat City really don’t drink blood much at all. They prefer berry juice. And most are vegetarians and many more are vegans. People do not know that and always thinking that vampires are creatures from the dark so they must be really bad. However this is not the truth at all.

Yes, they live in the dark, they do prefer the night over the day, it is because the sun hurts there sensitive eyes. However, they are not as a rule, wicked or immoral by nature. No more than any other specials of beings are.

Dr. Dracula looked confusion when he saw Benny and Gigi at his door. “What could be the reason the two of you are in this part of town?”

Benny answered “Mr. Crabapple wanted us to pick up a package you have for him.” Dr. Dracula face became very angry. That old foolish dim-witted man, sending two small children to this area. What is he thinking?”

Both Benny and Gigi just look up at him with the innocent eyes of being a child. Those trusting little eyes that do not even ponder the thought that a grownup might be insincere. No clue or even concern with false and bogus intention from others.

The tone of Dr. Dracula caused Benny’s tail to kind of turns under a bit and he lowered his head. Gigi stared up at Dr. Dracula unafraid and sincere in her small stance .Dr. Dracula comments “He did not want to spend the money on a taxi, and he is also incredible lazy.

This is my problem with some beings. They have the tendency to think that for the sake of business that they can exploit anyone that they can trick or persuade into doing things that mostly just benefits the being in question.

Come inside right now, before anybody takes notice of you. Then Dr. Dracula starts to ramble on to himself looking at the little fairy doggie and pixie kitty. He sounds like he is going crazy! This guy is really pissed off; I mean he starts passing back and forth in his really nice apartment.

The place is swank, both the kids are really impressed. Dr. Dracula has coffee colored couches in his living room. Lots of books in really nice book cases, and nice fancy things to look at all over the place.

Actually, his apartment has two living rooms that the children can see. One bigger, the second one just a sitting room and an office to the side of the front entrance of the apartment. The kitchen seems to be off in to another room in the far back. Really nice

Benny thinks to himself. When I grow up, I want a place like this. Gigi thoughts are, it is nice, but too many dark colors, thinking quietly to herself, she notices that the place could use some flowers and some soft pinks and yellows in the décor.

This is not going to happen; you are in a part of town that does not really encourage visitors. It is also very dark and you two are out of your environment.

Gigi replied, yes, indeed, it feels really weird in this town. Dr. Dracula responds the atmosphere here is one of segregation. It is sad but necessary for the survival of Bat City. The mortal that live here, live in isolation do to fear of those living beings from the other earthly quarters.

Benny wrinkles his little black noise causing his tiny whiskers to crinkle up just a bit. I do not understand? I thought everyone had a right to be themselves?

Dr. Dracula gives a little laugh and Sais, I wish that were so, but we have been misunderstood and also we have had enough of others trying to change our cultures. We follow our ancestor, this is part of our spirituality and there are others who wish to convert us and we detest even loathe the thought of someone else trying to enforce their extreme system of belief on us.

Why should we adhere to other creature’s creed and doctrine in place of our code of belief? This is our fear, we fear others trying to change us and that we will indeed become oppressive beings. We do not try to impose our thought or way of being on to others.

It is written in our holy books that there is a connection to all life. So we do not hate others, but for our own survival, the being of Bat City really make it a point to notice all visitors and give them such an awful experience that they never want to come back. For this reason, I cannot, in good conscious allow you two to wander around this city alone.

Gigi asks him “So what are you going to do? Without a second thought he replies “I am going to bring you two homes and let your parents know where I found you and who sent you.

Both the little fury children yell out, oh please don’t tell on us, pleasssse. Dr. Dracula feels very badly for them. Then he thinks to himself, and asks himself questions. What is the right thing to do? If these where my children, wouldn’t I want to know that my children were put in to a dangerous

They are so cute and tiny and fury. His heart melts, but what is right is right, and he says with the firmness in his voice that is un moving, sorry kids, but we are going to have to have a talk with your parents and let them know that you were naïve and gullible targets for Mr. Crabapple and his buddy Mr. Hideousgasly.

You will not be in as much trouble as those two, I promise you that much. They are adults and are accountable for their actions. Everybody knows that it is a disgrace to manipulate children to do work that is too dangerous for them to do safely.

Also, this package is not something that should be in the hands of children or even adults without the proper knowledge to handle it. What lies in this package is very deadly.

The two little ones sink their little heads in and plop there small bodies into the cushy couch. Dr. Dracula has them write down there numbers on a piece of paper and they start to shiver with the thought that they really knew better.

Dr. Dracula talks to both set of parents and they all agree to meet up at the local authority to press charges against Mr. Crabapple and Mr. Hideousgasly. Well, surprisingly, all goes well and the kids get to go home with their parents after everything is said and done.

Both the kids get a big lecture about making good choices and about consequence for every action. Mr. Crabapple and Mr. Hideousgasly are both sent to jail for endangering a child.

A week later, the kids are picking strawberries in the plush green forest. Gigi is bending her little body down with her small basket trying to get some berries and then she looks over at Benny’s and sais, We are very blessed .

Benny looks over at her and Sais, yah, I know. Both the kids say thanks to the powers that be for watching out for them, even though they both weren’t making the wises choices. Benny and Gigi were thinking about greed of candy and money over their safety.


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To Benny and Gigi

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