So there’s this girl named Alice who always got bullied at school. Her escape from all her bullies was for her to write.
Everyday she would walk home from school very slowly with bruises on her wrist. When she would get home she would just lay on her bed and think of all the names she was called that day and all the threats she was given. She would cry herself sick. Until one day she decided to grab a notebook and just write how she felt. She writes:
“ I’m walking this borderline. And apparently, I’m different and insignificant. But, no one even sees how I feel. No one sees the incredible me. Where must I go? It’s cold trying to travel this road alone..”
After writing that she felt better. So after everyday of tortuous school, she would come home and write how she felt that day in a poetic form. After about 3 weeks she filled half of her notebook.
One day, she took her notebook to school just incase she decides to write during class. All of a sudden, her notebook falls out of her bag and it gets left on the floor in her math class. A boy named James notices it and takes it home with him. He reads all of it that night and is astonished with what his eyes are seeing. He is so shocked that he never knew that the girl in his class felt such a way about life.
The next day, James sees Alice and hesitates if he should give it back to her. “What if she thinks I have stolen it?” He says to himself. Finally, he gets the courage to approach her. “Um, hi,” James begins to say, “I found this notebook yesterday. I think it’s your’s.” Alice grabs it and is completely speechless because she cannot believe he found it. After a whole minute of silence Alice says,” You didn’t read it….right?” “Maybe a little.” He says back. Alice feels like her thoughts has been violated and starts to tear up. “If you ever need a friend you can always call me, you know. I know we aren’t close, but I’m always here for you.” Says James while giving her his number. James eventually leaves while Alice is left being surprised about what just happened.
That night, Alice had nothing really to write because her day wasn’t bad. So she decides to give James a call. James answers. Alice’s heart nearly stops. They talk for about 2 hours straight. She hangs up the phone with a smile on her face. Then, she knows ,takes her notebook and opens it to a new page and writes:
“A little piece of dark cloud turns to heaven. I get this feeling from the sound of his voice. This could b the greatest thing that has happened to me. I finally get the picture.”
Then Alice closes the notebook and finally gets some sleep with no tears in her eyes.
The next day later, Alice was so excited to see James in her math class. But for some reason, James never showed up. So after school, Alice rushed home and called him. He didn’t answer. So, she got on her face book and noticed that a lot of her school face book friend’s statues were talking about how James passed away last night because of suicide. Alice was freaking out and was really confused. “Why would James kill himself? He seemed like such a happy person!” Alice was so upset.
A few days later was his funeral where Alice attended. James’ dad came up to talk about how James was such a great kid. Then he read James suicide note. It read, “ Dear family, there is no meaning in life. I’m sick of being pushed around. I’m sick of everyone saying I’m worthless and there’s no meaning of me living. Well, I think their actually right about me having no reason to live this time. I met a lot of good friends this year but not even their words can help my decision now. I think my decision is final. To all my friends and family, I want you guys to live as long as God permits. But, for me, it’s my time to leave behind what there is left to be left behind. I’m leaving behind mistakes, tears, hatred, and more. It’s my time. I love you. James Jared Williams.”
Alice’s eyes couldn’t hold her tears any longer. She lost it. She had a breakdown right there, in the church where the funeral was being held. She left the chapel and headed to the lobby where no one was and just laid on the floor with barely and breath. She couldn’t stop thinking of him and how she wished he could of stay on earth longer.
Alice went home and took the pills from the bathroom cabinet and headed to her room and grabbed a pen and her notebook. A hour later, her mom walked into her room and saw her laying on her floor dead. Her mom noticed something written in her notebook saying, “ This life is overrated. A friend told me it would be better as I keep going. Well, now I’m going to go see him. Goodbye.”


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