My best friends name is Mattie he has black hair with ocean blue eyes he is 5'9 almost 6 foot and had a lip ring in. He always had his blackjacket on his hair always coverd his left eye. I dont know why because they are beautiful. He normally had jean pants on and a T-shirt. And then there was me my name is Katie. I have dark brown hair with light brown eyes im about 5'4 normally have shrs on my hair is long and i sometmes have it up. I have bracelets all the way up to my elbow and i have one nechlace that Mattie gave me. Me and Mattie do everything together we are planeing to leave everything and go someweres new to get out of here.
We are running up to people to get the rest of the money we need to have to leave we are in the parkinglot of Wal-mart in Hollywood new york."Ok now how much do we need katie?" "Umm...about lets say $350 is what we need to have all the money we need to leave here." "Ok you ready its your turn?" "ya i gess let me think...


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