At Midnight,
The clock strikes twelve.
At Midnight,
The moon begins to rise.
The sky is dark,
With only one moon shine.
The sky is starless,
As the moon begins to rise.
At Midnight,
The people sleep.
At Midnight,
All horrors awake.
At Midnight,
A child screams.
The monster in her dreams,
Came to life.
He gives a crackle,
Before he bounds into the night.
At Midnight,
All wise tales begin to wake.
At Midnight,
The stench of fear,
Reeks the streets.
At Midnight,
All flowers close.
At Midnight,
All horrors arose.
At Midnight,
The clock strikes at twelve,
But Midnight only last so long.
The moon that rose,
Gives one last look,
Before it sinks in the sky.
The people who sleep,
Begin to stir.
All horrors that arose,
Find the depths again.
The dream that runs,
Turns into dust,
As it shimmers away.
The flowers that sleep,
Start to bloom.
It's all a cycle,
That starts at Midnight,
And ends right there.


Texte: This book is made from the authors imagination. Anything that sounds like or made from another person is just by chance.
Tag der Veröffentlichung: 27.10.2010

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To my sis, Andie, for encouraging me to right. To my readers, for reading.

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