The Jonas Brothers are an All American pop to pop boy band.. The band gained its international popularity from the Disney Channel children's television network. From the shore side region of New Jersey the band consists of three brothers: Paul Kevin Jonas II (Kevin Jonas), Joseph Adam Jonas (Joe Jonas ), and Nicholas Jerry Jonas (Nick Jonas). In the summer of 2008, they starred in the Disney Channel original mmovie “Camp Rock” and its sequel, Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam. The band has released four albums: It’s about Time , Jonas Brothers; A Little Bit Longer and Lines Vines and Trying Times. In 2008, the group was nominated for the Best New Artist award at the 51st Grammy Awards and won the award for Breakthrough Artist at the American Music Awards. As of May 2009, before the release of Lines Vines and Trying Times , they have sold over eight million albums worldwide.


One of the most popular teenaged groups of the 2000s, the Jonas Brothers crafted hook-filled power pop anthems in the vein of McFly, Hanson, and the Modern Lovers. The young New Jersey natives (while readying their 2006 debut, brothers Joseph, Kevin, and Nicholas Jonas topped out at 16, 17, and 13, respectively) were reared in the city of Wyckoff under the tutelage of musical parents. Nicholas showed a particular flair for singing; by the age of six, he'd already begun a modest career as a Broadway performer. The young vocalist also took an interest in songwriting, even co-writing a Christmas tune in 2002 alongside his father. Several years later, his soulful voice had wowed enough executives at Daylight/Columbia Records to warrant a solo album, and Nicholas began writing original material with help from his two brothers. The siblings' songs impressed the president of Columbia, who ultimately signed the trio in 2005.

The Jonas Brothers full-length debut, It's About Time, was released in August 2006. Featuring the songwriting talents of Desmond Child and Fountains of Wayne's Adam Schlesinger, the album peaked at number 91 on the Billboard charts and earned the siblings a modest audience, particularly among fans of Radio Disney. Nevertheless, the Jonas Brothers were dropped from Columbia's roster in early 2007. They bounced back by signing with Hollywood Records, a Disney-owned label that helped the group exponentially expand its fan base. An eponymous sophomore album, Jonas Brothers, arrived in August 2007, supported by a number of Jonas Brothers appearances on the Disney Channel's various programs. The band also toured in support of the record, selling out shows coast to coast -- including a stop at the Gibson Amphitheater in Los Angeles that was the fastest sold-out show in the venue's history.

The reality television show Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream documented the band's life on the road, and the band's TV presence was furthered along by Camp Rock, a 2008 Disney Channel television movie that featured the brothers and up-and-coming star Demi Lovato. The movie was watched by nearly nine million viewers and launched the Jonas Brothers' next single, "Burnin' Up," which helped whet demand for the release of A Little Bit Longer later that year. In 2009, the trio released Music from the 3D Concert Experience, along with a live concert film of the same name. Later that year, they released their fourth studio album, Lines, Vines and Trying Times. Early in 2010, the Nick Jonas side project Nick Jonas & the Administration released Who I Am, an album that built on the R&B-oriented Lines, Vines. During the summer of 2010, the Jonas Brothers' next Disney series, Jonas L.A., was launched with an accompanying soundtrack, and the group also appeared in the channel’s made-for-TV movie Camp Rock 2, a sequel to the 2008 film that also had its own soundtrack. James Christopher Monger, Rovi

The Jonas Brothers are three teenage brothers who write their own music, play their own instruments and make the teenage girls go wild. Though they sound like Hanson, the Jonas Brothers probably have more in common musically with The Ramones; ideally, they meet right in the middle, even if their fans don't know who either group was. When the trio of siblings signed to Columbia Records in 2004, Nick Jonas was only eleven years old. While modern-rock stations ignored the Jonas Brothers, the trio was a hit on MTV's TRL show and a constant chart-topper on Radio Disney stations, at a time when tween pop music was at an all-time high in popularity. During sold-out tours with Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) in 2006, the three boys from New Jersey brought back a boy band that was more reminiscent of the Jackson 5 or The Osmonds than of the Backstreet Boys or *NSYNC.

Joe, Kevin, and Nick Jonas were all born in different states, but grew up in New Jersey. Their parents, who are both pastors, ran a sign-language ministry that moved the family around a few times before they settled in New Jersey. The boys' parents were also musically inclined, and were aware that their young children had talent. Before he was ten years old, Nick, the youngest, had appeared in four Broadway shows, and Joe had a handful himself. "It was a great experience. I think it was really preparing me for what I'm doing today," Joe told Mike Rimmer of Cross Rhythms, about his theatrical days. "You know, the discipline and all that stuff that's needed for what you're doing in the music industry. I loved the experience. I learned a lot."

Even before they signed a record deal, the Jonas Brothers were all multi-instrumental. Most often, Joe sang lead vocals and played guitar and keyboards; Kevin played lead guitar and sang back-up vocals; and Nick sang lead vocals and played guitar and occasionally drums and keyboards. The boys' influences ranged from John Mayer, The Ramones, and Stevie Wonder; all the way to Christian metal band Underoath and the modern rock band Switchfoot. All in all, the Jonas Brothers played youthful and energized pop music for tweens just waiting for their next crush.

The Jonas Brothers' professional music career began around 2004, after Columbia Records showed an interest in Nick's solo material. When Columbia heard Nick's demos, which he had recorded with his brothers, the label urged the brothers to sign as a band. While Nick is usually singing lead, all the brothers write their songs together. "We stand in a triangle and we will play with some chords on a guitar," Kevin told, about the group's songwriting process. "Then, we will go over it with some melodies. Nicholas will try, Joseph will try, then I will try."

In February of 2006 Columbia released the Jonas Brothers' first single, "Mandy," on the Zoey 101 Music Mix, a collection of songs for the Nickelodeon TV show Zoey 101 (starring Britney Spears's younger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears). By March, teens across the United States voted "Mandy" to the top of MTV's TRL show for weeks. Most of the trio's many fans were not aware that the Jonas Brothers were devout Christians. Their father, who had started Christ for the Nations Music, served as the band's co-manager, and their uncle worked as a road manager, keeping the trio in check. But neither the Jonas Brothers' pop-punk look nor sound had anything to do with their religion, unlike some of their favorite Christian bands. "We're not preaching at anybody," Kevin told Rimmer, of their religion. "We're not stuffing [it] down anyone's throat. But if they ask us we're willing to share it."

The Jonas Brothers worked on their debut album for Columbia over a two-year period. They spent a lot of that time playing live shows, opening up arena concerts for Kelly Clarkson, the Backstreet Boys, and Jesse McCartney. When it came down to recording their Columbia debut, the brothers wrote seven of the eleven songs. As for covers, both "Year 3000" and "What I Go to School For" were chart toppers for the British trio Busted a few years before the Jonas Brothers made their own versions; the songs just took a more innocent approach in the United States. "We knew our fans would love them," Nick told Katy Kroll on the Billboard Web site. "I feel like the record we have now is just amazing and I'm really proud of it."

The Jonas Brothers, like many of their musical (and acting) peers, recorded a handful of tunes for soundtracks. In April they appeared on Disneymania, Vol. 4 with their version of "Yo Ho" (A Pirate's Life for Me), and they also recorded "Poor Unfortunate Souls" for The Little Mermaid soundtrack re-release. Building up hype for their Columbia debut, the Jonas Brothers wrote and sang the theme song for the Disney Channel cartoon American Dragon: Jake Long. And in August of 2006, they released their first full-length album, It's About Time. During the week of the album's release it entered at number 91 on the Billboard 200.

While most major music magazines ignored or criticized It's About Time, the fans certainly didn't care. The Jonas Brothers' debut was made for kids and tweens; it was safe and easy to sing along to, with classic bubblegum choruses crossed with a modern mall-pop-punk sound. "Year 3000" became an even more popular follow-up to "Mandy" when the Disney Channel put the video into rotation and played it non-stop on Radio Disney. It's About Time sold 875,000 copies in the United States, and thousands of girls wanted to know everything about the brothers, down to their favorite color and favorite food. The Walt Disney company loved the Jonas Brothers' music and image, which was clean cut but a bit edgy. More remakes came their way in 2007, when the band recorded "Kids of the Future," a remake of the 1980s song "Kids in America," for the Disney-animated film Meet the Robinsons. They also landed another track on the Disneymania, Vol. 5 col- lection, this time with a remake of The Jungle Book's classic song "I Wanna Be Like You."

In 2007 the Jonas Brothers left Columbia and situated themselves with more like-minded artists at Hollywood Records. The Jonas Brothers quickly went into Seedy Underbelly studios in Los Angeles to record their sophomore album, taking just 21 days. Having toured and matured physically, musically, and mentally, and with producer John Fields on board, the band's second album was off and running. "We feel like our sound has matured a lot—in a good way," Kevin told Six78th Magazine's Erika Sorocco. "We're all older now, and this album conveys everything that we want to say at this point in time, as well as how we want to sound. This album showcases exactly how we want to be perceived by the public and our fans, and we're happy about that."

In August of 2007, Hollywood issued the band's sophomore album, simply titled Jonas Brothers. The album's sophisticated cover shot and the crunchy guitar of the songs "S.O.S." and "Hold On" helped make 2007 the year of the Jonas Brothers. They hoped their new album would appeal to fans Kevin's age (19) as well as Nick's (14). In 2007 they appeared as themselves on an episode of Hannah Montana and became spokespeople for the Baby Bottle Pop Candy, for which they also wrote a jingle/song. During the same month as the release of their sophomore album, a story about Nick's recent discovery that he had Type 1 diabetes appeared in an issue of People.

The Jonas Brothers' success spread as they toured across the country on the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus tour. In October they performed "S.O.S." on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and in January of 2008 they played with a full backing band, looking more mature than ever, on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The brothers also signed a two-year, multi-million dollar, worldwide touring deal with Live Nation, and were in the works for their own Disney television show (J.O.N.A.S.) and TV movie (Camp Rock). The year 2008 saw the Jonas Brothers recording their next album, due for release in the summer.


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