Lelah sat in her black car staring intently as the house five blocks away. Her name was Lelah Scott, at least that was what her target thought. But then again, he couldn't be that brilliant if she could get away with stalking him like this, she thought, wincing at the term. She wasn't exactly a stalker, more like a talent scout. In her opinion anyway.
But this kid had no talent. She had been watching him for days. Wherever he went, she went, outside of his house of course.
She looked at her watch in irritation, shoving a strand of her black hair out of her eyes, he was going to be late getting to school. And that meant she would be late, she thought, her electric blue eyes peirced his house once again in a steady gaze.
Trent Taylor was 6'4, black hair (usually in a messy spiky due) dark grey eyes, and a great tan. He hated his father and was very protective of his mother, that alone had him in Lelah's good graces. It was so very obvious that his dad cheated on his mom.
Trent was the noble type. If his father was drunk and mad, instead of allowing him to lash out at his mother, Trent would take the beating himself. The guy had guts, that was for sure. His dad was a cop, age thirty three, and a drunken junkie on his days off.
Trent himself spent his days going to school, following orders from his not- so-somber father, and being the observer in his group of pals. In the past month Lelah had been in every one of his classes but not once had he aknowledged her existence. It was a good sign, but Lelah hated being ignored. Trent was most definatly trying her patience. If he didn't show some potential soon she'd be foreced to do some very unpleas-
Lelah stiffened as the passenger side side door opened slowly. After a moments hesitation Trent casually slipped into the black '74 dodge charger r-t clone. He was a mess. Strands of his black hair were falling onto his forehead, his grey-silver eyes were alight with nervous excitment, and he had dark bruises under his eyes.
"Morning, Lelah." He said politly, rolling his shoulders under his black t-shirt. Lelah smiled slightly at this turn of events. "So, may I ask why you've been following me around this past month?"
"My real name is Lelah Corvus, yes it is Latin so don't ask, and I work for the T.A.P., here's my card." Lelah handed him a card and watched the cofusion cross his face as he read.

Agent Lelah Corvus
Age: 17
Special Agent of the T.A.P. unit
Office hours 8 a.m.- 9 p.m.
Specality; Moon Stone Magic

"Moon stone magic? What the heck is that?" Trent asked, turning to stare at her with a mix of fascination and confusion on his face.
She didn't answer, just pressed a button that locked all the doors. She started the car and pulled out, turning on the radio to Eminem's Not Afraid.
"I think you'd better come with me, Mr. Taylor." She said as an after thought, almost without realizing she was saying it. As they drove away her cell phone rang. She picked it up, answered some questions with a few Yes Sir's, then closed the phone and snuck a peek at Trent.
"You want something to drink?" She asked, he looked a little sick.
"Something to eat?"
"Fine." She said, it was obvious that he was going to be rediculously difficult. He would gain nothing from resisting. He would however, gain from co-operating.
Before either could say anything else her phone began to beep. She picked it up and hesitated. The beeping was oddly farmiliar, but it wasn't a ring tone. The only thing she knew of that ever beeped in such rapid speed was....
Lelah froze, then threw the phone into the back seat, unlocked the doors and hit the button on her watch that automatically opened the doors. She shoved Trent out his side and jumped out hers mere seconds before the car exploded in an explosion of flames and car parts.
Standing up she could just barely make out Trents form in the smoke, she could hear his cursing just fine though.
"What the heck just happened!" He screamed. "Are you people trying to kill me? Is that what you want?" He accused.
"No! I was sent to watch you! In case you didn't notice I was in that car too, and it was my phone that turned into some kind of freaky bomb, not your's!"
"Why did your phone blow up in the first place?"
"I don't know! It was just supposed to be another company phone! Everybody at the agency gets one when they're first recruited!"
"Wait, doesn't that mean that your boss or bosses are trying to kill you?"
"What! No! Mark would never try to have me blown up!"
"Oh? And why not?"
"Because I'm his sister!"
"Whatever, just get us to this stupid agency some how. I really don't care if your brother is trying to kill you."
Before either of them realized what was happening Lelah was in front of him, breathing hard, face red. Fast as light, she lifted one clenched fist and let it connect to Trent's jaw. She held back on her powers but her punch still sent him flying back a good five feet, leaving behind the satisfying sound of crunching bone.
Now if he'll just take a hint and shut-up, she thought, walking toward him.
She was standing in front of him when he came out of it. She definatly hadn't meant to knock him out, just hurt him a little. She looked him in the eyes as he stood, and realized she had done worse than that. She had made his temper sky rocket.
Of course my temper gets the best of me when I should try to stay calm, she thought, and now I'm really in trouble....
She stood still, chin lifted, shoulders braced, and stared into the red eyes of a boy who's fire magic her temper had just awakened.
You've really done it this time, Lelah, she thought.


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