“I love you” my cousin boyfriend breaths to me. I look up to his emerald green eyes. “Me too.” We only have time for one more kiss before we hear a crash downstairs and my cousin Natalie call us from downstairs. We pull apart and he hides in my closet right as she comes walking in. “have you seen Aiden?” I shake my head afraid that my voice will give us away. She growls and closes my door. Once we hear her run outside he comes out of the closet and hugs me. “I can’t wait to tell her about us. I nod and I feel him kiss my neck. I close my eyes and smile to him. How could I be so lucky?

Seven months ago. June.

“I really hate you boyfriend Natalie.” She looks over to me quizzical. “Why?” I shrug. “He’s so I don’t know cold to me. It’s like im invisible and even when noticed im like a waste of space.” She laughs her annoying high pinched laugh. “He’s cold with me too. He doesn’t even kiss me. Don’t you notice?” she closes her eyes and throws her head back her shoulder length black hair dyed blonde falls out of the messy bun. “Im so glad at least im stuck with marrying him and not Jonathan.” I cringe at his name. Our parents arranged married us and I was pared up with this stupid stuck up player named Jonathan. With his blue eyes and blonde hair captain of the football team, no girl has ever resisted him. That is until I came along. I look around and see Jonathan and Aiden talking. Jonathan. The captain of the lacrosse team. Stupid jock who thinks that with muscles you win the girls over. I cringe and look to his left at Aiden looking over to me. He juts stares at me until I flip him the bird and he looks back to Jonathan. “Why would you not date him? You two are perfect together your egos go hand in hand.” I grin my head cocked to the side. She glares at me and I just smile at her lightly. “Well he and I well were together a year ago at a party and then us drifted apart. I look at her. “Really. Hmnnn at least you aren’t evolved with him anymore.” I look at her, her blue eyes waver before nodding. “Oh yeah um of corse not – not anymore.” I raise my eyebrows. I hear her sigh as we sit in the car waiting for them to walk over.

Parking in the garage and walking up the stairs to the house I open the door and start walking upstairs when I feel warm arms slide around my waist. I sharply look to my left and there was Jonathans with a foolish grin on his dirty face. “Get off me and don’t. Touch. Me.” He chuckles. “Alright alright honey checks,” he strokes my check and before I had time to hit his hand away he steps down the stair. “You’ll come around my dear im sure.” I smile slyly. “And what if I don’t?” I put my hands on my wait. I see his smile turn into an ugly evil grin. “Then I’ll make sure you do” I gasp at him and I stare at him retreat. Fear shoots through me. He won’t do anything. Im sure he is just joking. I walk to my bedroom shutting the door behind me and locking in. just to be safe. I walk over to the window. I open the window and sit on the seat made into it. I look up to the sun and close my eyes the tears threatening to spill over. “Why did you have to die? Why?” I put my head back and take a deep breath. I feel the sun warming my face and I stay there for a moment and then got up I walked to my desk pulling out my laptop I began the process I called homework.
An hour into my math homework a knock at my door made me look up in fear. What if it’s Jonathan? I quickly ran over and heard a deep in breath from the other side. It was Natalie. I unlocked the door and open the door to see Natalie on the other side of my door. She had tears streaming down her blue eyes. “What’s wrong?” Natalie?” she walks into my room and sits on my bed, her legs crossed, her black heels hanging off her feet. “There’s someone else.” I look at her sitting down on the floor. “Wait what?” She sighs looking up to the ceiling. “Aiden. He’s in love with a different girl. He says that even though their getting married his in love with some girl yet I can’t know and ugh I can’t believe this!” she falls back her back hitting my dark purple covers. “What do I do?” I just shrug. “I- I really don’t know.” She sits up. “Why did I come to you? You are no help!” she picks up her cell phone and dials someone’s number, “who are you cal-“im cut off when she starts the conversation. “Hey Diana can I come over I have news.” She pauses looking at her nails before saying goodbye and ending the call. We sit in silence before she stands up and clicks away. She slams the door and I flinch at the loud noise. I sit there and I hear the car start downstairs and when I see the headlights hit my window and disappear down the street. I get off brushing off my jeans before looking towards the pile of books on my desk. I shrug. I grab my jacket sliding it over my shirt I grab my keys and head downstairs. Im determined to get out instead of do work all day and worry. I get into my car and back out of the driveway driving down Main Street I end up at the mall. I get out and go inside. I shudder when the noise from inside hit me. I zip my jacket up halfway up as the cold air hit my face. I walk to the coffee shop and walk into the dim lit area. I walk up to the counter my card in my hand. “Um a vanilla latte.” The person turns around and if you knew it, it was Aiden. “Coming up.” He does a double take. “Oh hello.” I roll my eyes. “Can you just get me my coffee?” He smirks. “Someone’s in a mood, and Weres your books?” I groan. He smiles and turns back making my drink. He passes my drink. I pay him and turn on my heel, walking to the back of the store I get a small two people table and take out my book. I open to my marked page and start reading. A few chapters in I feel someone’s presence with me and I look up to see that Aiden had joined me. He was sipping at a straw it smelt like, tea. He was staring at me and I feel my checks reddening. He smiles at me once he got my attention. “Hi!” I scowl. “You selfish basten. You know that you practically broke my cousin’s heart. Well even though shell get over it and you know fall in love with some dope from school she came to me crying. To ME. She never comes to me. Anyway why not tell damn girl. Let her get revenge. I mean you just broke your fiancées heart might aswel tell her who you’re having an affair with.” I look at him expectantly. Her smiles and leans forward towards me. “I can’t tell her yet. She hates me.” I nod. “So she’ll get over it-“he shake shis head his expression becoming somber. “I mean the girl. I haven’t started an affair. The girl – the girl im in love with hates me.” I stare at him. “Oh.” He shakes his head, his black hair falling in his eyes. I look outside and see something fall from a tree. I gasp and I know it wasn’t a place of a leaf. I get up and run outside grabbing my things. I run over to the tree to find a small bird lying on his back its wing blistered. I look at him and next thing I knew he was getting picked up. I got up and looked into aidens green eyes. He was heading back to my car. “Open it.” I do and he gets into the passenger’s seat. “What no, don’t you have a car?” he shakes shis head. “Nope Jonathans borrowing it.” I nod and start driving home. I look over to im at a red light and I saw him petting the bird holding its wing. My heart absolutely broke and when we got home he runs upstairs and throws a pair of shoes out of their box and tells me to hold the bird. “Very carefully.” I nod and try not to jostle the baby bird. I look over to him and I see him putting paper in the box and creating a small bed for it. I place the bird in it and he makes a small brace for his wing. All the while im sitting on my bed overseeing him. Once he fed it with a dropper her washed his hands and sat with me on the bed. I look at the box and smile. “That was sweet,” he chuckles. “Im naturally a sweet guy, but no one sees it.” I look down at him lying on my bed. “Why not?” he sits up and brushes his hair with his hands. “Um I guess they want me to be someone im not and I guess I have let myself be taken by the crowd.” I play with the edge of my shirt. “Oh, well you should be who you are, none else.” I hear him sigh. So im ready to tell you who I wish my affair was with. I laugh bitterly. “Don’t tell me go tell you girl.” He chuckles sadly. “She is not my girl. I don like her she hates me and im in love with you!” there was a silence after he spoke and then he stood up. Then sat down again. I can only otter a slight “oh” before his lips gently touched mine ad I ddit have time to react. When he pulls apart we hear the door downstairs start to open. He looks at me and runs across the hallway to his room. I run to my desk pretending to read. I hear him knock on my door and he opens it. But it’s not Aiden. It’s Jonathan. “So have you thought about it?” I nod and look at him. “No I will hate you forever more.” His face gets red and before I have a chance he is in my face. “You will love me. Everyone loves me.” I don’t flinch. I meet his stead gaze with beady eyes. “Im not everybody.” He growls and walks out of my room slamming the door behind him. I take a deep shaky breath and walk to my bathroom; I let the warm water untangle the tense muscles in my shoulders. I put on my black shorts and a tank top brushing my long hair out I turn off the light and crawl into bed. I close my eyes and touch my fingers to my lips. Scared at how good it felt to have them be kissed. Excpecialy by Aiden. I frown. No more talk about him. You hate. Him. I let sleep consume me.
It was around 2 in the morning when I felt someone in the bed beside me. I turn and I see Jonathan there. A devious gleam in his eyes. I scream. He covers my hand and kisses me furiously. I try to push him away but I was weak compared to the captain of a football team. I kick him in the back and he loosens his grip but before I have a chance to escape him he regains control over gain. He tugs on my shirt pulling it over my head. I bite his hand he curses while his mouth trailed down my neck, but he doesn’t stop. Once I bite again he slaps my mouth and the pain immobilizes me. He grins evilly and I feel his hand trailing my abdomen close to the edge of my pants. I feel the tears falling and fall to the pillow behind me. Once the initial shock of treh pain I scream again a little louder before he smacks me again. He was breathing hard as he pulled my pants lower on my legs. The sobs by now were uncontrollable. He chuckles and fully takes them off, im stuck there underneath him with only my undergarments on and I try once more to scream but he clams his hand over my mouth. My mind is racing. “Please! Please dotn do this!” I whimper. “Too late honey, you will love me whether you like it or not.” He is fingering the edge of my underwear when I try to kick him but he pinches me and I just shut my eyes. Tears falling rapidly. Giving up.

In the morning I hear the door open and close and I know he’s gone. I lay there my eyes swollen from crying, bruises everywhere on my body. I get up and put on a pair of black sweat pants and a long sleeved black shirt. My black and white converse laced up I leave my hair down. I grab my homework and push in my book bag walking downstairs. Before I left though I realized all I have to do is call. Seven numbers later my college was emailing me my homework and telling me to feel better. I smile to myself as I walk upstairs. I then turn around and run to my car I drive to the mall and run to go buy some things. A few hours later I see Natalie’s car in the driveway and I know it’s her lunch break. I walk inside quietly going upstairs. She doesn’t notice me and I let out a breath of relief. I walk into my room and lay in my bed the tears now flowing. I can’t sleep on my bed anymore it just smells like him. I sit down on my window seat and I fall asleep.


Aiden and I have avoided each other and Jonathan keeps doing what he does with me. Im like his baby doll. He controls me. I graduated last June along with Natalie and Aiden. Jonathan is studying for his masters. I can hear Natalie in the other room complaining to someone about Aiden. “He won’t even kiss me or anything. He hugs Maby if I force him to! He told me that there was no one else because the girl hated him but I mean then if it’s not the girl what is wrong with him. Am I not pretty enough?” She pauses before going off on a rant about someone. I lay back on my window sill going back to homework. Aiden was at work and Natalie was leaving with her friend to go and sleep over to her house. I was alone in the house or so I thought until he came in. He was drunk. He was sitting next to me as I closed my eyes and let the tears fall. He was used to me crying by now. He was starting to kiss me when my door opened. I hear aidens voice. “What the hell is going on?” Then Jonathan is off me and im getting carried to the living room. Once there I get seated down and then Aiden runs back upstairs. I hear something and then I see Aiden come downstairs. “What happened?” I take a deep breath and when I look at his green eyes looking at me I don’t hold back. “I got raped In June by Jonathan and then over and over and I tried to stop it but he would hurt me and then I gave up. And im so sorry.” I start crying and he holds me. “It’s not your fault. It’s okay. Im here he won’t hurt you.” I sniffle into his neck and later on when we pull apart he leans down and I let him. He kisses me gently and I let him. And I like it. When he pulls back. “You’re engaged to my cousin.” He nods and kisses my forehead. “She doesn’t need to know” I look up to his green eyes and I nod.

“I love you” my cousin boyfriend breaths to me. I look up to his emerald green eyes. “Me too.” We only have time for one more kiss before we hear a crash downstairs and my cousin Natalie call us from downstairs. We pull apart and he hides in my closet right as she comes walking in. “have you seen Aiden?” I shake my head afraid that my voice will give us away. She growls and closes my door. Once we hear her run outside he comes out of the closet and hugs me. “I can’t wait to tell her about us. I nod and I feel him kiss my neck. I close my eyes and smile to him. How could I be so lucky? Spoke to soon. As he hugged me my door slammed open and came in Jonathan and Natalie. They stood there and then Natalie starts laughing. “No this is not serious.” She then sobers up. “You’re cheating on me, with her?” Her voice goes up an octave. She stumbles forward. I know she’s drunk so I step back. “Really violet. You’re having an affair with my fiancé.” I look down. “Well I guess this seems like a good moment to tell you im sleeping with your fiancée since two years ago. And im pregnant.” She hiccups and stumbles out of the room and I hear her fall down the steps. Jonathan is red in the face and I can tell he’s mad. “You’re gonna pay for this.” He slams the door on the way out and I can hear him breaking something downstairs. My hands are cold. What if he does something? “Oh no. im so sorry. He has a gun. Hells hurt you and then kill you and then hurt me. Im sorry I love you.” He kisses my forehead. “No its okay. Come on.” He grabs two duffle bags. Putting all my money and all his money he pus essential cloths of his and then I fill mine with essential clothing. He grabs a pair of keys and opens my balcony window. “Okay.” He drops the stuff down and they land with a small soft thump on the grass below. He opens the car and jumps down. I look down and I can heat another crash downstairs. “Jump!” I take a deep breath and jump over the railing. I brace myself for the impact of the hard grass but I end up falling on top of Aiden. “Ump” I giggle and get up. “Oops.” He gets up and we run to eh car. Getting in we back out of the driveway. We see Jonathan run out to my balcony and he aims and shoots. W duck and drive down the street. After a while of driving I notice us heading north. “Were we going?” he takes my hand. “Florida.” I look at him my mouth agape. “Florida?” my voice goes an octave higher. He laughs. “Calm down how hard can it be to leave them?” he looks at me. “All they were doing was hurting you. And I never loved her. He hates you. I have a plan.” I stare at his dimple as it shows that he’s grinning. I look ahead staring at the trees. He grabs my hand and takes a deep breath.
We keep driving and soon come to a small wood cabin. I close my eyes again falling asleep soon. I feel him carry me up to a room. I feel the soft bed and I let myself sink into its softness.

2 years later October.

“Mommy, daddy! Read!” I look down to my angel, melody. “Yes okay okay.” She takes my hand, grabbing the marriage ring I got from Aiden she puts it on and outstretches her hand. “Look mommy. I get married to prince too!” I smile down as she smiles up at me. Before she could lose it I put it back on my finger and walk with her to her room to find Aiden picking up toys. I sit down next to him and she climbs into bed. “Hey Hun” he kisses my check and he starts to read where he left off form last night’s reading. “But horten it must get cold sitting on that egg!” I smile at the littlie giggle that escapes from melody’s mouth. I close my eyes and wait for him to finish his story. We tuck her in and melody hugs him. “I love you daddy!” he kisses the side of her forehead and she snuggles deep with the bear he got her. She closes her big green eyes and we walk out. Going downstairs I clean everything up. We talk about everything. We walk upstairs and snuggle in bed, “I love you” he whispers in my ear. “I kiss him. “ I love you too.” Thast when we hear his voice. “And I love her too so we have a small problem.” We sit up and come face to face with Jonathan. He has a bottle in his hands and his eyes are bloodshot. He pulls a small gun from his pocket and coughs. I run towards him right as he shot Aiden and I turn around to see the bullet hit him. I grab the knife from his pocket and stab Jonathan in the neck before he turned around and shot me. I call 911 and they come over. They take him in an ambulance and when melody comes running she starts crying. I hold her back as she cries watching her dad be taken away. Jonathan is proclaimed dead of over does of drinking and of the stab. No charges were pressed against me considering that I did for survival. The next day I go with melody to the hospital to visit him. He is in a coma and so all I can do is stare at him. Melody stays outside. The doctor pulled me aside and told me that he was fine and that he might not have his memory but he will eventually start acting normal.
As I drive home I see Natalie’s car and then I see Natalie with two boys in her arms. I don’t talk as I carry melody up the porch stairs and open eh door. I leave it open putting melody down on the couch I see her putting the two boys on the other opposite couch. I stand facing her. “Hi Natalie.”
The two boys are Andrew and Grayson. Their boy twins. She cut her hair to shoulder length. Dyed it blonde and now she’s taller than me. “I need a place to stay. I can’t pay that rent for the house without Jonathan and keeping up with the kids are too much for me to handle. I won’t bother you and since you killed my husband I think I have the right to come and see you.” I smile. “I missed you too nat.” she smiles and I can see her eyes welling up with tears. “I missed you too.” She comes over and we awkwardly tried to hug and after a moment we actually hugged and it felt good to know that I had family again.

A few weeks later Aiden came home and even though he didn’t remember me he wasn’t like hiding away from me. Natalie was the problem.
It was a Friday afternoon, after picking up the kids form school I notice Natalie and Aiden being too nice. “Oh hey whast going on?” Natalie has a slight blush to her checks and I can see the flash of guilt go through her eyes. Then Aiden laughs. “My wife doesn’t know how to cook!” I laugh a little confused. “Yes I do silly!” he stops laughing and puts his arm around her waist. “Okay. Good for you but im not talking about you.” I shake my head. And look over to Natalie. “Will you excuse us Aiden, Natalie and I have to talk.” He goes out to the living room. “What the hell did you do!” she is biting her lips. “I kind of told him we were married.” I look at her. “Kind of?” she nods. And sighs putting the spoon down. “Well technically we should be.” I can feel the tears. “But you aren’t. We are and we were happy and he’ll remember. The doctor said it. He will remember one day and… How the hell can you do this to me?” I look back at her tears streaming down my face. “You took him away from me.” She picks up her dish towel and puts it in the kitchen. “Just like you took him from me.”

She walks out and doesn’t look back.
Melody and the kids are playing in the living room with Aiden. “Aiden can we talk for a second?” he nods and we walk upstairs. “You and I are married. Natalie is my cousin and she thinks she is in love with you. She is trying to get back at me. I killed her husband and now she’s after me. Please believe me. I even have photos.” I take out the box of photos throwing them at him. “Look!” “That was when our melody was born and when we got married and our honeymoon to London and when melody started walking and then when you first re did the kitchen and that’s all of us at the beach. You are kissing me and melody sis in our arms. Look the engagement rings!” his shaking his head. “No Maby that was when we got divorced.” I sigh frustrated. “We never divorced!” he laughs. “Yes we did. And then I married Natalie.” I yell!” no you and Natalie never married. She was married to Jonathan before he tried to kill you and then he died! And so know she wants to get back at me.” He just looks at me. “Please remember!” he shakes his head. “Im sorry” I grab his shoulders and kiss him. He kisses back and when I pull away im ready to face it. “I won’t allow you to think you’re married to her but if you think you’re in love with her I guess I can’t force you to love me. I just wish one day you’ll love me equally like I love you.”
With that I walk out leaving him dazed. Letting fate take life were it wants.


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