Chapter 1

“I hope Stacey is not coming because she will be all ‘I’m the best singer here and all of you can’t sing’.”

“point taken.”


My best friend, Alixe, and I both don’t like Stacey. She is the biggest slut in the whole school. I don’t like her but Alixe is the one that hates Stacey, who can blame her?

Al talked me into signing up for the choir, I’m totally going to blow it or Stacey (if she comes), is going to give me hell.


“Hey sof, you will be fine. I can tell you are nervous.”

“What! I’m fine. Seriously, there is nothing wrong”


But she wasn’t listening she was looking at Stacey who had just walked in with her skirt so high I swear I could almost see her ass.


“She is such a slut.”


Al said this just as Stacey walked by. Stacey turned around looking furious.


“Obviously you are just jealous that I have guy drooling over me.”


“More like puking over you”


“its ok I know you cant have any guy you want but I can .”


“do you want me to punch you?”


“Ha!!! You wish. Any way I am not going to waste my time talking to you bitches.”


“thank you!! You just made my day. Al did you hear she called us bitches!!!”


Stacey just stormed off.

The choir teacher came and we did some vocal work. Al can’t sing so she just stays in the audience watching me practice. I don’t normally do things like choirs and all. I think I like keeping my voice to me and Al. Al is the only person I know that gets me. Well at the time I thought Al was the only person that I knew got me.

It was a shock when our teacher told us that a new boy was coming to school the next day.


“I hope he’s cute or my type because I was hoping for a boyfriend this term.”


“AL! Don’t say that and anyway, I bet he’s a nerd”


I wasn’t going to get my hopes up because (if he was Al’s type) Al will defiantly get him because she is sooo pretty. She’s got the coolest natural red hair (which is one of the reasons I like her so much because I love red), she has a sweet looking type of face and a really good figure.(I am not a lesbo and I have nothing against them).

I guess I could say that I am not that bad looking. Im not vain so I wouldn’t say I am the most beautiful being on Earth (stacy would say something like that), but I am above average.


“Ok! OK! Settle down. I would like to introduce a new student that will be attending this school.”


“Hi, I’m shay”




life sucks!!!!!:(

Chapter 2

So the new guy comes and he is a hottie. But what gets me the most is that there are like 2 other empty seats In the class room but the teacher hast to go and put him right next to me. Like for reals?                      


Ok so my problem is i dont trust guys. its not like i had my heart broken, its more watching my friends get thier heart broken and i just think that i dont want that happening to me. like ever, so sumtimes i can be a bitch to guys but thats just me.


shay didn't say a word to me but kept on looking at me every five seconds.Lucky for me the class went by fast so I didn't have to put up with the dude for to long.


"Hey sof!!!!! Wait up!" You know how I said all guys are jerks,well they are but there are some that I can get along with, so they're not all bad.

"Hey hot stuff"

"How's it hangin' sexy" I know that everyone has at least one guy friend that flirts with them and they flirt back, well thats me and Josh, I used to have a crush on him but that was before I gave up because every time I had a crush they would just end up dating my best friends and that's a total turn of. I would say josh is good to look at with his blond hair, hazel brown eyes six pack and all but he's my friend and I want it to say that way... I think... I don't know...

"So you see the new guy yet?"

"Yup, he was in my class."

"Well what do you think?"

"He's hot."


"I think he's a jerk."

"Oh come on sof! You haven't even talked to the guy yet!"

"All guys are jerks"

"Um offensive maybe?"

"I'm not fond of guys ok. Only you, but that's because your my best friend."

"Ok. Ok. I get it. Hey you want eat lunch at our tree?"

"Sure ok"

"Ok I will be waitin fo ya."

"Bye" Since I came to this school we've always had this one tree that only me and him sit at and because Al is alway doing cheerleading practise at lunch so I sit with Josh.


To me it seemed like the class was taking for ever to finish and I really wanted to see Josh. I'm a girl and it's nice to have a nice guy now and then. Even though he's still a jerk.

When it was a feu minuets left I could see him standing there waiting like he said. I've always wondered why all his classes finish a few minuets before mine. Well except the ones I'm in.

Finally the bell decided to ring so I was one of the first out the door, which made him laugh. I love the way he laughs. Not that I like him,cause I don't.

"Miss me"

"You wish"

"I got your lunch"

"Awww!!!!!! Thanks... Um where is it?"

"It's in my car I'll go get it and then meet you at the tree. Ok?"

"Fine with me." I said while he was turning to leave. Ok fine I still like him bit but I can't help it. So when I got to the tree I sat Down and made my self comfortable and waited for Josh, but Stacy had to come and piss me off.

"Awww!!!!! Did all you friends ditch you. I knew I was going to happen and I tried to warn you but you didn't listen." She said in a baby voice.

"No sweetie the grown ups are going to have lunch so you can go back to kindergarten." She just glared at me and was going to say something but then Josh came and ask if there was something wrong.

"No Joshy I was just telling Sofia here that I saw her shirt in a thrift shop yesterday and asked if that was the one." She said batting her eyelashes at him and then walked away.

Josh is her ex and it's known that she want him back but in the mean time she's doing every other guy in the school. The slut!

"God I hate her!"

"I know I don't know how I could put up with her

""Ya, why did you go out with her."

"Well believe it or not she was really nice to me,until she cheated on me"


"Yer I know... Ummm Sof?"


"Why do you think all guys are jerks"

"Well because most of them stop being you know a gentleman. Now most off them our age only care about stuff body parts instead of personalities."

"Body parts?"

"You know what I mean."

"I know,but not all guys are like that you know that right?"

"I know. your not like that.""Maybe you should give dating a chance."

"Ya, and get my heart broken."

"What if  I make sure you won't get your heart broken?"

"And who would want to date me. Huh?" I said starting to get really annoyed with him. I mean really why all the damn questions?

"Maybe...I mean what if...what if I-"

"Spit it out Josh" I could tell he was really nervous because he kept fidgeting with his fringe and he only does that when he is nervous. Oh my god!!! is he going to tell me he set me on a blind date! Because if he did I swear I will murder him in his sleep.

"What if you dated me? No... would you go out with me Sofia Grey?" WAIT WHAT!!!! I looked at him straight in the eye to see if he was joking and when I saw that he was not I couldn't say any thing. I know I'm making a big deal about it but josh wants to go out with me? Me? An above average girl?

"Your joking right?"

"No" I didn't know what to say! I mean if we go out and then something happens and  then we brake up we might not be friends again. But then at the same time I it would be nice to have a boyfriend and I couldn't brake his heart.

"Ok fine, I will be your girlfriend"


"Yes, but on one condition."

"Go on"

"If we brake up,I don't care what happened we have to stay friends."

"Ok. Fair enough."





my first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 3 

I have a boyfriend and it's Josh, the last guy on earth I would think would like me but he does.At the end of lunch we clean up our stuff and Josh walks me to my next class and at the door he gives me a peck on the cheek and says he'll see me after school. I'm smiling like a goon when I walk in and sit next to Al.

"Why so happy" she says looking at me funny.

"You'll see"

"Is it because new hot guy is in all you classes with you?"

"You'll see. Hold up ALL my classes?"

"Yup." she said popping the p. Just when I feel like nothing could ruin my good mood, shay comes in the class and sits next to me again! But because i was so happy I didn't care until I felt his eyes burning two holes on the side of my face and my smile intently vanished.

"Why don't cha take a picture?lasts longer."

"Left my phone at home"

"Jackass" I said under my breath but he just smirked and continued to stare at every five seconds. I wanted to punch him in the face but then the thought of seeing Josh again came in to my mind and I started to smile again.

"What you so happy about." I just ignored him and stared at the clock wishing the class would go fast.


When I looked at the door Josh was there as usual and he looked right at me a smiled. As soon as the bell rang I got my things and waited for Al to pack her stuff. When she was done we both went to Josh and the first thing he did was give me a kiss on the cheek in front of everyone!!


"What? I'm just kissing my girl. Nothing wrong with that." I blush and looked at Al who was looking at both of us with a confused face and when she figured it out she smiled

."So that's why you were so happy and it's a good thing too I thought you were going to go lesbo"

"Ha you wish!"

"Hey sof, I was wondering if you wanted to get Ice cream after know as our first date." He asked me as we were making our way to our last class of the day witch we were all in.

"Um ya sure" I said trying to sound cool. My first date! I'm going to my first date!When we got to class I saw that shay was already there and where did he have to sit? You know it! Right next to mine, but since Josh was on my other side and Al was behind me I thought I would ignore him.

"God will I ever get rid of you?" I said annoyed. Lucky for me he also sat next to Stacy who was all over him and he seemed to like the attention.


Josh and I were talking through most of the class, much to the teachers annoyance and because he seemed In a rush to get us out he ended the class five minuets before the bell.


"As I'll ever be"

As we were walking to his car, I take a good look at Josh. Damn I have a hot boyfriend! Like fo reals. He sees me staring and I blush.

"I love it when you blush, you look so cute."

"Cute? Really?"

"And adorable and sexy and ho-"

"Ok you can stop now"I say as I blush harder.

"Huh. They seem to get along well"

"Who?" Josh points to Stacey's car where she's making out with shay. They looked like they were having dry sex. Gross!!!!

"Yup. I knew that was going to happen."

"Didn't take long did it?"

"Nope." I said popping the p. I was hoping shay wasn't that type of guy but I don't care now cause I have Josh.

"My lady" he said opening the car door for me. I laughed.

"Thank you"

"So are you happy?" he asked while we were driving to the Ice cream place.

"With you always"


Ice cream!!!

Chapter 4


When we got there,we took our seats and waited for the waiter to come and serve us.

"I love this place!"

"I know that's why I brought you here." The waiter finally came.

"So what can I get you?" The guy kept on checking me out and I could see it was pissing Josh off, I mean seriously it's not very professional.

"I'll have the mint chocolate chip please." So when he looked at me to see what I wanted i decided to teach him not to mess with ma boyfriend!!

"Uuummmm... What shall I get?...maybe I'll get the...naw didn't like it the last time so I'll get cause I had that too many times. Babe what shall I get?" Knowing what I was doing he played along.

"I donno babe. You could get the chocolate....but you don't like chocolate ice cream...donno babe can't help ya."

"Ummmm...I'll get the scratch that, the caramel."

"Are you sure?."he said pissed off.

"As sure as I can be baby." I said in the sexiest voice I could manage. The waiter looked so uncomfortable under the stare of Josh and walked away. Josh and I burst out laughing as soon as he was gone.

"Did you see his face? He looked like he wanted to pounce on you"

"I know right! I'm a pro at doing that and you know it!"


When our ice creams came we ate and started to talk about random things. I guess because we knew each other so well there was no need for any awkward silences. We just acted like normal but a bit more physical. Couldn't keep our hands off each other.As we we're getting ready to leave Shay and Stacy walk in.

"Oh for god sake! I will never get rid of the guy! It's like he's fucking stalking me!"

"So not a fan of the bad boy."

"No. I'm sure I hate him"

"Sof. Babe. You don't even know him."

"Well I don't want to."

"I give up. Come on let's go." As we pass Shays table Josh put his arm around me and kisses me on the cheek. So i guess he's not a big fan of him either. We got in the car and drove to my house. When we got there, he got out, ran to my side and opened the door for me.

"Thank you for the date. Had a good  time!"

"Any thing for my girl." he leaned in going for a kiss on the cheek but I stopped him and kissed him on the lips. He was to shocked to respond at first but then he slowly started to kiss me back. We had a slow passionate kiss and then I felt his  tongue slide across my bottom lip asking for entrance and I granted it. His tongue explored my mouth slowly and at that moment I felt like I didn't want to be any where else except here kiss Josh my boyfriend. He broke the kiss for air and looked strait in my eyes and I could see the lust and love he hade for me.

"Babe, you got to go inside before I do something I'll regret." He whispered in my ear.

"Mmmm... I'll see you tomorrow?"

"I'll pick you up." I gave him a peck on the lips and went inside my house.


i will find out!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 5


When I got in I did my home work and watched tv until I heard my mum come in.

"Hi mum. How was your day?"

"Same old. You?"

"The best."

"Oh well someone's happy! What happened?"

"Well, you know Josh right?"


"Well, turns out he likes me, so he asked me out and I said yes!"

"Oh wow that's grate! I was starting to think you where never going to get a boyfriend, and I know his mum,they're a good family." She said smiling. Yup. My mums cool like that, and I know if I have her approval I will have my dads. 

"You eaten yet?"

"Yup. Noodles."

"You know those things are bad for you."

"Yes mum you've said it a million times."

"Just doing my job. You do your homework?"

"Yes mum. Where's dad?"

"Working late" when she said this I could hear the sadness in her voice. She doesn't see it but I do. I watched this show that says when a man says his working late a lot it means he's cheating on you. Dad doesn't know I've figured it out but when I catch him I will tell mum. Thinking about this I go to my room and call Josh to ask him what I should do.

"Hey babe."

"Hey, Josh i need your opinion on some thing."

"Ya babe?"

"I think my dad is cheating on my mum what do I do?"

"Um... I think you should wait until you catch him in the acted, as disgusting as it sounds it will give the excuse to tell your mum."

"Ya cause if I tell her now she won't believe me."


"Thanks for being there for me"

"I'm here for ya."

"So, I'll see you tomorrow?"

"I'll pick you up at 7:30?"

"Ok, babe"

"Bye" so all I had to do was the one thing I hate doing the most, wait.                                   


*******one month later********


So Josh and I are still going out, I dropped out of choir because of Stacy, (couldn't take it any more she was practically the only voice you could hear through the whole thing), still haven't caught my dad yet and tomorrow the whole class is going to an island for two weeks.

Yup, the big trip, and it's not like we have to sleep in tents, nope, this place is like a luxury place and we are going their to learn about the island.I really just think the teachers wanted to go on vacation but they had to tack their students with them.I'm all packed and I can't sleep because I'm so exited. In the end I start to thing about Josh and fall asleep quickly.


The next morning i get up before my alarm (which in unusual), and take my shower. When I'm done I blow dry and brush my really short brown hair and then do my make up (a little eye liner and mascara and lip gloss). I pick out my out fit which is my favourite red shirt that has "this bitch" written on it and my black short shorts. I get dressed and put on my red wedges (not a big fan of stilettos). I run down stairs and make some coffee and toast. When I finish eating I hear Josh coming so I run out the door put my stuff in the back and jump in the car.

"Mornin babe."


"So how's my boyfriend doing this morning?" I ask as we make our way the the school. I see him wince when I say boyfriend but I choose to ignore it.

"Fine. You?"

"Fine" sensing he's not a good mood I don't say any thing untill we get to school and walk towards the bus.

"What wrong?"

"Nothing, I'm fine"

"I can tell you lying

""Just drop it, ok, I'm fine."

"Ok! Geez!" It must be real bad if he won't tell me what wrong. He must have done some thing.

"Hey !Al! How you doing? "

"Fine" she says not meeting my eyes. Ok some things up with her as well.

"What's up with you to?" I ask. And then I see it the look that goes between them. The way his eyes lit up when he looks at her. I should have known. My eyes darken and my smile vanishes. It always happens to me.

why me???

Chapter 6


"How long?"

"What are you talking about."

"Oh don't feed me that crap! You and I both know what I'm talking about. I can see it I'm not stupid. A fucking blind man would be able to fucking see it. Just tell me how long so I can get out the way and let you guys get married and have 5 fucking children!" I shouted so loud that the whole class started to stare to see what was happening.

"Sofia please just-"

"Cut the shit and tell me how fucking long you've been fucking her!"

"5 weeks" he mumbled, I just walked away. I'm so stupid!!! I should have seen it. That's why he was so distant.I walk in to the bus, sit at the back, take out my iPod, close my eyes and start to listen to stay with me by Sam smith.A few minuets later I feel some one siting beside me.

"If it's Josh, go to hell, if it Alix, go to hell and any one else leave me alone."

"It's Stacy"

"Go to hell"

"So I know you don't want to sleep in the same room as the bitch so I just thought we could share a room?" I took out my iPod and looked to see if she was joking.

"Your fucking with me right?"

"No. I want to help you."

"Why. You've always hated me."

"Because believe it or not the same type of thing happened to me so I know how you feel and I don't hate you I've always hated the bitch."

"Oh, ok then, I share a room with you." I could tell she was really happy about us sharing a room. She told me the story of how she found out the guy she love so much cheated on her with her sister. Through out the whole bus and boat ride we talked and talked and I realised that she's really nice and easy to talk to.


When we got to the hotel Stacy and I got our bags,meant in side, got our keys and when tot our room. When I opened the door I gasped in surprise at how beautiful the room was. It was like a flat. It had a living room with baby bleu walls and a modern day TV set, a kitchen, in one bedroom the theme was red (meaning most of the thing were red) a big bed in the middle with a computer next to it and also a bathroom where the shower was see-throw (made of glass) and there was a big jacuzzi tub next to this huge window looking over the Island, the other bed room was exactly the same but the theme was purple.

"Damn this is nice!"

"I know right! Hey do you mind if I take the purple room?"

"Nope red is my favourite colour, so knock your self out" So we go to our rooms and I start un packing my things. Because I don't have a lot of things with me I decide to go help Stacy.

"Hey Stace, need help?"

"Oh year. Ummm can you pick what ever you want and have it? Like for ever?


"Well I have all this stuff and I don't need it, so really anything."

"Um... Thanks" I take a few dress and tops and shoes and then take them to my room."

"Get ready"

"What for?"

"Well, some of the class is going to Zack and shays room and were just going to hang. Wanna come?"

"Ok, sure,but umm what do I wear?"

"Casual. And Josh might be there so sexy casual." She said with an evil smile. She's right I will make Josh wish he never cheated on me. So I go to my room and open my closet. I pick out my black skinny jeans and my red 53 top, which is cut so you can see my bely button. I take my red wedges and look in the mirror. I go to Stace to see what she things. When she sees me she smiles.

"Lookin good girl! You really know how to pull it off."

"Do my best"

"Here, I'll do you make up."

"Thanks" she put some mascara and eye liner. Then I got my light red lip gloss. Stace was wearing a blue tube top with black shorts.

"So where is their room?" I asked while locking the door to our room

"Opposite ours"

"Oh ok, then" we knock on the door and it's open by shay. I look him up and down and see that he's really hot. He has this dark brown hair that's kind of spiky on top but falls on his eyes perfectly and green eyes. He's wearing a red v neck and black jeans.

"Look we match." He says as we enter the room. The room looked the same as ours just differant colours. We are the first ones to arrive, I take a seat while Stace gets the drinks.

"So where's the other dude?" I ask shay who's siting on the other side of the couch.

"Taking a shower."

"Ok then."



"Your single then huh?"

"Got a problem with it?"

"Nope" he says popping the p and smiling. Honestly I think he's senile. Another guy comes out one of the rooms.

"So this is Sofia?"

"Sorry I disappoint."

"Your the girl Josh cheated on with you with your best friend?" He asked shocked.

"Yup. That's me."

"Damn that guy is stupid. Who would cheat on a girl like you?"

"I don't know weather that's a compliment or a insult. But thank you anyway."

"Hey Stace! you never told me she was hot." He says walking into the kitchen.

"That guy is offishly my new best friend."

"How about me?" Shay asks I give him an evil smile.

"You, are my one and only jackass. First place! Congrats!" He laughs real hard and we start to talk about unimportant things and I suddenly realise some thing. I am accepted as one of the "cool" kids.




Chillin with da crew!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 7


The rest of the group come (which is about 4 other people). In the whole group there's 8 of us which is Me, Stacy, Lena, Shay, Zack, Conner, Skyler and Ben.We all just sat and talked about random things.

The door bell rang and shay asked me to answer it and when I open it I see the two people I don't want to see the most. But I act like nothing is wrong. Imma have some fun.

"Oh! Well it nice to see you guys! Come in we where just about to play truth or dare and 7 minuets in heaven." I say with an evil smile.

"We can go if you want." Says Josh but I'm not letting them.

"Get. In. Now."

"Aw! Hell naw!" Zack says getting up.

"Sit down Zack. It fine,ok, the more the merrier. Right.?"

"Right. Let's start. I'll go first. Umm... Stace truth or dare?"


"I dare you to make out with Sofia for 3 minuets." So we do our dare and then it Staces turn.

" Sofia truth or dare?"


"I dare you to make out with shay for 4 minuets."

"Fo reals"

"Yup" she says popping the p. so I go sit next to Shay and put my arms round his neck.

"Well lets get this over with." So I lean in and when our lips lightly touch and we kiss a very passionate kiss. I have to say he's a good kisser. He asks for entrance and I grant it. Our tongues dance around.

"Ummm... Guys your three minutes is up now. " I hear Ben say in the background. I pull away and look at Shay who has this dazed look on his face.

"Not bad for an jackass."

"Not bad for a bitch." He replays smirking. So the game goes on for a few minuets and my turn comes around.

"Sofia truth or dare?" Stace asks me.


"I dare you to make out with Josh." I look at her and she give my the 'you know what to do' look.

"You don't have to if you don't want to."

"Yes I do" I say sitting next to him. I lean in and give him the most passionate kiss I can pull of. I pull away after a few minuets and look into his eyes.

"That, is what you cheated on" I get up and walk in to the kitchen.

"you really got him there. Should have seen his face. Had regret written all over it" Shay says as he wraps his arms round my waist.

"I now forgive him I just needed to do that. You know?"

"Ya I know. Any way we're playing 7 minuets in heaven now."

"Ok" so we go back to the living room to find that Stacey's in heaven with Zack. We all just talk about random things. When it joshes turn I see him take Alixes hand, I look away and start talking to Shay.


When finally my turn comes people think I'll take Shay but I decide to get to know the rest of the group. Get up and walk over to Conner and hold my hand out. He looks at me with a shock written on his face."You coming or not?" He takes my hand and we go to Zacks room (heaven). I closed the door and looked at him. Conner was almost as good looking as Shay. He had dirty blond hair cut in a Justin Bieber hair style and grey eyes.

"So. Tell me about your self."

"Umm... Your not going to kiss me?"

"Nope, sorry to disappoint. You see, Shay thinks he's got me so I'm trying to tell him, it will take more than that. And I wanted to know you better."

"Oh ok."

" you know what. Can I have your number and room number?"


"I don't know" I say suddenly sad when I start to think about Josh.
"Hey, come here." I walk over to the bed where he's sitting and sit down he puts his arm around me and kisses my cheek. I put my head on his chest and start to cry. I can't help it it all just bundles up and I need to get it out. He make smoothing sounds while running his hands through my hair.

"Thank you" I say when I'm done bawling my eyes out.

"Its fine"

"I bet you think I'm a mess"

"No I think your brave"


"You ex will never forget today. Trust me. He was stupid for leaving a girl like you. You are a great girl."

"You just met me"

"And I can tell" Suddenly I burst out laughing.


"Did you see Shays face when I took you in here? He look like he wanted to kill you."

"Ya I don't think I'm his favourite person at the moment." We hear an alarm telling us our time is done. We walk out and I see Shay sending daggers at Conner with his eyes. I sit next to Shay.

"Relax we didn't make out. But we could have." I whisper in his ear.

"Why not?"

"He was comforting me while I was crying. So we didn't  have time to make out."

"Oh" he said relieved.


I stayed an hour before going back to my room. I wanted to go straight to bed but I hear a knock on the door. I open the door and see Conner

"My number and room number" he says handing me a piece of paper. Because Stacy was staying with Zack I was alone and I didn't want to be.

"Can you stay?"

"Umm...Sure" he sits on the couch while I get a cover. I sit next to him, put my head on his chest and listen to his heart beat untill I fall asleep.

your not mine ..........yet!!!!!

Chapter 8


 "Ok class gather up we don’t have all day!"

So here’s the thing, we all thought this was a vacation but no, the teachers set us straight! Let me explain, this morning I was sleeping nicely with Conner’s arm around me when out of nowhere a fucking alarm and it wasn’t like one of those bet side alarms no, it was a fucking fire alarm. And that’s not even the worst bit, at six in the morning! Then there was this announcement that we all had to get dressed quickly and we would be told what to do in the lobby. 


So here we all are dressed like were on a mission to kill someone, no joke! Conner (who I’m standing next to), is wearing a black V-neck shirt, dark blue jeans and Sneakers (he looks sooo bad ass). Me, I’m wearing a dark blue shirt that says “kick ass”, black skinny jeans and black leather boots.

“Right! Now I know you all aren’t in the best mood but this is not a vacation! There will be activities and competitions. At the end of the trip which ever group has the most points. They will each get a prize.”


Conner and I look at each other and smile. This is the best trip ever. Usually the prize is something stupid like a pencil and you just think ‘after all that work this is what I get!’, but this school has a lot of money for all the rich kids that go to it, so the prize is going to be something awesome!


At the corner of my eye I can see Shay glaring at me. Geez, what’s his problem? I turn to look at him but he turns away. I haven’t talked to him since last night and I have a feeling he’s not happy with me  but I am going to be a bitch and not care. I have my own problems.


“So! The groups are…” The teacher started callingout names and them she came to me.

“Sofia, you are in group 4.”

I walk over to the group without looking and who’s in it, and look at shay. He has this sympathetic face. Um ok? I then look at Conner and he looks like he’s about to throw a fit. I can tell from their faces that it’s Josh.


I slowly turn around to find Josh and Alixe staring at me. Oh fuck!


“The rest in group for are….. Shay, Conner, Stacy and Zack.” Well this might not be that bad. At least I know the people in my group.


“Well this will be fun. Right?” I say.

“Yah, whatever.” Shay says.

What the hell is his problem? I’m sooo tiered of all the drama! Really!

So I grab Shay and start to walk away from the group. The teacher was still talking but we wouldn’t be missed and whatever information we missed I’d just ask Stacy.


“Where are we going?” He says in a annoyed tone.

“For a walk.”


“So that you can tell me why you’ve been in a bad mood for the whole morning!”

“I’m not in a bad mood.”

“Yes you are! Come on, what’s wrong?”

“Just drop it ok! I don’t want to talk about it!”

“Oh for fucks sake! Stop being difficult and just tell me!”


What the hell is wrong with him? I look at his face and he looks pissed off as hell.  


“I’m the one that’s being difficult? What about you? What are playing at Sof?”

“What the hell are you talking about Shay?”

“I know you spent the night with Conner.”

“So what?”

“So what! Are you joking! Please tell me you’re joking!”

“Wait. That’s why you’re mad?”

“Yes that’s why! You don’t even know him and you sleep with him!”


What the fuck! He’s the one to talk. I can’t believe it! I stopped walking and faced him. I gave him my best angry face.


“How dare you! You can’t tell me what to do! You don’t fucking own me Shay! And anyway why the fuck are you of all people giving me shit about sleeping with Conner. I mean what the fuck Shay! You weren’t in the room so you don’t know what happened! But I’m glad to know what you think of me! God you piss me off so much!”


I started to storm off back to the group.


“Oh! And by the way I didn’t have sex with Conner but now I wish I did!” and with that I turned around and ran back to the  group.








<I will update soon guys i promise! plz comment and fav my book thanx XD!!!!!!!!!!>


Chapter 9


when i got back every one had gone back to their rooms so i whent to mine. as i opened the door i could see that stacy and zack were on the couch watching a movie and dint notice me come in so i just walked past them am whent to my rom. i was too tierd to do anything so i just lay in my bed and closed my eyes and started t think.


At this point all I want to do is shut every one out and just be alone because when I let people in all I do is get hurt. I used to be that girl that trusts everyone even is I didn’t know them and I guess my dad and josh taught me that even if you think you have known the person for ever they can still hurt you. 


Before I could fall asleep miss. Hathaway came and knocked on my door.


"Yeah come in!”


“Sofia. Sorry to just barge in like this but I need to explain the roll you will be playing in your group”


“No its fine miss I wasn’t doing anything anyway.”


“Ok then. You will be the captain of the group, which means you will have to find a name for you group and assign what everyone will be precipitating in. here is the list of activities and the competitions starts next week. So we have given you the time to get your group ready. The rest of the information is on that sheet any questions?”


“Um no I think I got it but why did you pick me?”


“Because I know you won’t let me down. You are a leader; anyone would know that by just watching you.” 


“Thank you miss!” I said and she smiled and walked out of my room. Great now I have work to do! Yay me. I walked out of my room and went to the kitchen to get some juice when Conner walked in.


“Hey! Are you ok cuz you didn’t seem well when you came back from your walk with Shay and when he came back he looked pissed as hell and kept glaring at me. It kinda creepy!”


“Oh yer he might hate you now sorry about that.”


“nah its fine! But really whats wrong?”


“I honestly don’t know but I think it has something to do with the fact that Shay thinks im a slut just because he found out that you were here the whole night. Just a misunderstanding that pisses me off. I mean how does he think he is!”


I look at Conner and he guides me to the couch.


“Look as much as it pains me to say it, he cares about you and he’s only looking out for you.”


“Yeah well he has some fucked up way of showing it.”


“Well I know what will make u feel better”




“MOVIE!!!” He shouted and got the movie Maze runner.


I laughed and got comfortable. I don’t know how he does it but he always makes me feel better in some way.

“But not as good as Shay makes you feel”

I told the voice to shut up and enjoyed the movie .


***A few hours later***


“That was the best!”


“ha! You can thank me later!”  I smiled at him. He’s so sweet, that’s why I hoped he would be able to get over me. Yes I know I sound like a snobby bitch but I don’t want to hurt him and I have to admit that I need him.

I got up and went to my room to put my shoes on.


“You up for a walk?”


“Yeah sure!”


“Kay lets go.”


I pushed him out of the hotel room and locked the door. We walked to the elevator and pushed the button. After a few seconds the elevator came and we got in it. I was glad it was just me and him because I find it awkward when you have to stand there with a stranger. When we got out side I started to walk to the woods and Conner was at my side not saying anything but it was a comfortable silence.


I started to think about me being captain. Will I be able to do what they expect of me? Or will I end up doing something stupid.

“Hey. Are you ok Sof?”

“The idiots just had to make me, me of all people captain! Like why couldn’t have given the stress to someone else. Dick heads!”


“Whoa! Chill! They gave it to you because they think you are the best person for the job and so do I. And you can’t change because we voted.”


“What did I ever do to you guys?”


“You can do it. I know you can because you have it in you.”

“Wow thanks!”


“Don’t mention it!”







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