Emma was staring out the window of her mom's car she was driving to her new home in Pittsburg,Ohio all she saw was green and she hardly saw anyone that was the point of moving her mother wanted to live a small town life and she had been there to accompony her even if she missed her friends in Florida she remembered the day she left there was alotta crying but she survived. "We're almost the em" her mother assured her she was 6'9 and had shiny black hair and was very hare-brainded. She knew her mother couldn't survive without her and she would miss her. To much just as her mother had promised she saw the small town her mom grew up in it wasn't bad it had a population of 2,969 but who's counting right the streets looked almost desserted except for a car once in awhile sighing she got out of the car and headed toward her medium sized house it was much smaller than her house in Florida but she would be fine she waited outside the door as her mother hurried out of the car the door popped open surprising her and her mother "sorry if I scared you i'm emily I'm your land-lord" Emily said with a smile I smiled weakly as she inspected us "big city lolly gaggers' I heard her mumble before she opened the door wide enough to let us in "I have to admit it was pretty nice" She thought as she tried to pick out wich room she wanted most of the rooms were to light and she just wasn't that kinda person finally just as she was giving up hope that she wouldn't be able to sleep anywhere tonight she found the perfect room it had a window but it could be covered with just the right curtains it also had a walk in closet big enough to be another room and her own bathroom she geussed this was the master bedroom ut she knew her mom would let her have it her mom spoiled her because recently her sister died she was heartbroken when her sister never returned home and she still was so her mom was making her life as fun as possible "Mom I want this one" Yelled from the room "OK honey let me just take a look" she said as she turned her attention from emily and walked down to look at my room emily looked insulted and furious "ooo this is perfect for you dear" she said as she looked around "i know maybe moving here won't be so bad" I said "it will be great hun trust me now go get your boxes so you could have half of your room up before tommorow" she ordered then walked back to emily I walked outside to get my boxes and etc. then put them in my room it was almost complete all my clothes were in my closet and draws, my queen sized bed was in it's place my posters were on the wall, my carpets were there supposed to be it was almost perfect I couldn't remember what was missing so I decided to take a run to remember I put on a large t-shirt, tights, then arm and leg warmers then I was ready to go I waved to my mom then headed out the door I noted I also needed a job so I checked for help wanted signs in windows while running I looked around the town so it surprised me when I ran face-first into a wall I recovered quickly but my leg hurt "are you alright" a boy's friendly voice said. I loked up and was met by the most beutiful boy in the world "yea uh I’m fine I just need to watch where I'm going" I answered "that good do you think you can get up" he asked I tried to stand but I fell once more to the ground "I don’t think so" I stated "I'll drop you off home if that’s ok with you btw I’m Stephan" he offered "ok I’m Emma" I told him smiling he lifted me up bride-style and put me in his BMW "he must be rich" I thought as I pointed him in the direction of my home as he turned the corner I stopped him and made him drop me off there my mom may be nice but when it came to boys no way


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