Heyy my name is Karen and i'm 15 years old I live in Perris, CA with my dad, my mother passed when I was 5 and ever since thing with my dad haven't been the same he drinks a lot and doesn't care if i'm home or if i'm not he hits me all the time for no exact reason and i'm getting sick and tired or it.

It's the first day of school and I was getting ready for school when my phone started to vibrate I looked at it and my cousin Manny was calling me. We're the same age but shes older by one week. I picked up, "Hello." "Hey you need a ride to school my moms taking me?" "Sure, where you guys at?" "Still at my house but we'll be there in like 20 or something okay." "Okay. Bye." I hung up and did my hair into a messy bun. I put on a black skin tight mini dress with black jeans under and a neon green long sleeve shirt under the dress I put on a thin line of eyeliner and red lipstick with neon green earrings. I grabbed my bag and went down stairs. I didn't want my dad to say anything to me so I went outside to wait for my aunt. About 5 minutues later she pulled up.
I walked to there car and got in on the way to school i noticed Jason one of my ex boyfriends waiting for the bus i think he saw me so i looked away. When we got to school i walked to the principals office and got my schedule. I walked to my locker and put my books away I don't like leaving my bag in my locker. I walked to my first period and sat in the back i got a message from i number i didn't recognize i opened it and it said meet me at lunch on the courts. I texted back who's this? They put meet me there and you'll find out. I didn't text back I put my phone away and our teacher walked in i wasn't really paying attention that day i was like in my own little world i was drawing in my notebook when the girl sitting next to me passed me a note i opened it and it said hey im new and you look like a nice person can you show me around? I looked at her and wrote back sure wait for me after class. I passed it back and started drawing again. The bell rung and the girl was standing at the door waiting for me. I found out her name was Jasmine. We had all the same classes so i new where they all were.

At lunch i walked to the cafeteria i ignored the text message Jasmine was walking with me all day. When i was going back home a car pulled up next to me i didn't pay any attention to it when i heard a car honk i turned around it was a guy that i had for all my classes except 3 he walked up to me.

"Hey why did you ignore my messages and left me hanging at lunch?"

"Oh you were the person texting me well my bad i didn't know it was you and how did you get my number?"

"Jason gave it to me when i asked him if he knew you."

"Oh well don't text me anymore please okay"

"Why?" "My dad said if he caught me texting he wouldn't let me see another sunrise so just please don't text me okay"

"Your dad hits you?"

" yea but please don't tell anyone."

"Your not going back home"

"What do you mean" " I know that we barely met but i can't let you get hurt your coming with me"

"No i cant my dad would kill me" "Well if your with me he won't harm you in any way." I don't know why but for some reason i got in his car and we drove off. My phone would not stop ringing my dad kept calling he left 2 messages both asking where i was and he sounded mad by the tone of his voice.

The next day me and James (thats his name lol) went by my house to check if my dad was there we didn't see his car. We went to the back and I climbed up the drain pipe to my window i climbed in and he came right behind me. I grabed my bag and my back pack stuffed some clothes inside and give him the big one. Right then i heard my dad coming up the stairs. James phone rang and my dad heard it i ran to the door almost falling on the way and locked it. My dad had a key to every room but when i found out i sneaked the keys away from him and took my room key out. He tried to open the door but we climbed out the window right when he opened it. He ran out front when we took off in his car.


i wounder why she so scared of her dad i mean he hits her and all but why doesn't she fight back. i decided to ask her, "why don't you fight back when he hits you?"i can't hes to strong plus if i did fight back i would end up in the hospital again." "he put you in the hospital? how? when ? and why isn't he in jail?" "to many questions and yes, how well he came home one day really drunk i was in the kitchen doing homework and he walked in and told me to make him food i refused so he grabed my hair and told me i had to do it. if i knew what was good for me.


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