Chapter 19: Dude, I hate you

“That’s how Kelsey does it, Bitch.” I smirked while glaring at Lashawna as she lay on the ground, unconscious

I turned around and faced Jonny, “Can I go straight to Kyle now?”

He stared at me, just like everybody else was. I waited a minute then I got irritated with all the staring.

“What the fuck are you all staring at?” I asked loudly

Everybody just went on with there staring. Great. Just great. I’mma have to kill somebody.

I took a deep breathe, “You all have three seconds to stop staring at me before you die. One…two-” I stopped as everybody turned away, to look at anything but me

Jonny stayed staring at me, “How’d you know?”

“I have ways of finding out peoples secrets.” I shrugged throwing the pebble down, “So, we gonna get going or what?”

“I thought you said there was like 6 thousand something see-ers out there? We can’t walk into that.” Jonny frowned, looking at me like I had ten head and cookies for eyes

“Why not?” I asked

“We’ll die.” He stated

“Do you know what the Uniter is, Jonny?” I asked walking so I was standing in from of him

“Someone that brings all of us together.” He shrugged looking down at me

“Exactly. The Uniter is suppose to bring everybody together. How can I do that when everybody’s killing each other? You all have a protection spell on you, any witch can do that spell. An amateur could.

“Jonny, that spell I put on means you can’t die. But only if your intentions are pure. If you…evil, like Lashawna down there, as soon as something fatal happens. Say you got stabbed, and your intentions weren’t pure, weren’t for the reasons they should be. That stab, can kill you.

“I put that spell on everyone because I don’t want anyone to die. And it’s your own fault it that spell doesn’t work. That spell, can protect anyone and anything. You just have to be a good little boy or girl for it to work.” I finished smirking at everybody

Then I looked down at Lashawna, “If someone was to kill her right now, she’d stay dead. Even I wouldn’t be able to bring her back. Because she was helping the see-ers. Her intentions weren’t pure. But don’t worry, she’s just unconscious at the moment.

“So if any of you have something you want to say, say it now before we go out into the ‘battle field’ .” I said staring straight at Creepy Dude

He shifted uncomfortably.

“Don’t worry Creepy Dude, I won’t interrogate you like I did with your bestie Lashawna. I’ll give you the chance to explain yourself before I knock you out.” I smiled sweetly, “You’re welcome.” I added

He stayed silent for about five minutes before I grew bored. I turned back to Jonny,

“Can you give me a piggy-back ride?”

He stared at me in shock before it turned to amusement, “No.”

“Why?!” I whined and pouted

“Cause I don’t wanna.” He smirked

“Jerk.” I glared before turning to Benji

I gave him my puppy dogs eyes, “Please, Benji?”

He narrowed his eyes and he looked like he was having an internal battle with himself. He tried looking away but I was in full puppy dog mode. Bottom lip jutted out and quivering slightly. Everything.

“…Fine.” He sighed

I squealed and ran over to him, hopping onto his back.

“Thank you, Benji.” I smiled and kissed his hair

A low growl erupted next to me. I smirked, already knowing who it was.

I looked down at Aliyah, “Don’t worry, Ali. He’s my lil’ bro!”

She smiled and grabbed his hand that wasn’t supporting me.

“Benji, over to Creepy Dude.” I said slapping his butt

He jumped and started walking over to him, “Faster!”

He walked faster and we were soon standing in front of Creepy Dude.

“Lemme down, please.” I said to Benji

He set me down and stepped to the side. I started walking around Creepy Dude.

“So, Creepy Dude. Are you gonna tell us what little secret you’ve been keeping?” I asked standing right in front of him

His eyes turned white and I smirked.

“Ahhh, the see-ers. They’re very conniving.” I stated getting closer to Creepy Dude

His eyes slowly started turning back to his creepy yellow ones. Gross! His hand moved with so much speed I barely saw it. His hand enclosed around my neck and he slammed me into one of the trucks.

Everyone gasped and started running over to us but I held my hand out to tell them to stop.

I smirked at Creepy Dude, “What’re you gonna do now?”

His hand tightened more, making my smirk widen. It didn’t even hurt.

“You know Creepy Dude, you must not know me very well.” I chuckled whole-heartedly before turning serious, “I just want to know that you’re going to regret EVER touching me.” And with that I pried his hand off my neck and punched him in the chest, sending his flying through the air

He looked like an ugly bird. Te he, ugly bird.

Well, yeah, he flew through the air and landed on his back with a thud. Ha ha, Creepy Dude. What now?

He stood up fast. Like Jasper from Twilight, on Bella’s birthday when he attacked her. Yeah, that movie FREAKS ME THE FUCK OUT!

He started charging at me and when he was close enough I lifted my leg up high and he ran into it which made him flying back again.

Don’t you love being strong? Ah, I do. It’s the life and it’s also fun to beat up guys. Muhahahahaha! That’s my evil laugh, in case you didn’t know. Just sayin’.

He stood up and I moved away from the truck so it wouldn’t get ruined. He slowly started walking towards me and I stood there bored.

“Look Creepy Dude, I don’t want to hurt or kill you, so I’d back off if I were you.” I shrugged staring at my nails, they’re so dirty. Ahah! Dirty nails! Ahahahaha! Oh Mah Gursh Nursh! What’s wrong with me?!

“Sorry, darling

strict orders to kill you.” He sneered

“Okay, Ew! Don’t call me darling you pedestrian!” I yelled

“Pedestrian?” They all questioned

“Yeah, people who rape people.” I stated

“Pedophile.” They sighed

“Nu-uh!” I yelled turning to them

“Kelsey!” They yelled as I felt someone punch me in the back of the head

My head snapped forward and I took a deep breathe before turning around to face Creepy Dude.

“That hurt, you lint-licker!” I pouted rubbing the back of my head

He smirked and cracked his knuckles.

“Hey, before we start this little rodeo again, what’s your name?” I asked smiling

“Alfred Castano.” He smirked

“Thanks.” I yelled before screaming

He fell to the ground, paralyzed by the pain. I screamed until he passed out. I stopped and took a deep breathe.

“Gursh Nursh!” I sighed loudly

I walked over to Alfred Castano a.k.a Creepy Dude. I bent down and lifted his hand up, taking off his ring.

“Why’d you take his ring?” Jonny frowned

“This is what he uses to talk to the see-ers. I need to talk to them.” I said slipping the ring on

“Don’t! They can control you!” Rick yelled grabbing my hand

“How ’bout this? If my eyes turn white, you can take the ring off.” I smiled

He hesitated then nodded.

I put my walls down, "So, you’re the infamous see-ers leader thing?”

“Ah, Miss Kelsey. How are you?”

Asked a gruff and UGLY voice

“Oh, I’m doing good besides the fact that you have my boyfriend. You?”

I asked sarcastically

"There, there now. No need to get mean. We’re having a civilized conversation here, right?”

I could hear the smirk in his voice

“Too bad I’m not civilized, huh?”

I smirked

“Well, Miss Kelsey. You might want to be.”

He turned serious

“Why?” I asked, “Being civilized means you care about what people think of you so you act like a goody-two-shoes and stuff. Newsflash: I. Don’t. Give a shit.”

I added

“Why are we talking?”

He demanded in a growl

“I’m going to give you a proposition. ’Kay?”

“What is it?”

He asked hesitantly

“You let Kyle go and I’ll come to you.”

I offered

He suddenly laughed, “You think I actually believe you? Oh, you are too funny, Miss Kelsey. Ha ha.”

“Fine. Guess we’re doing this the hard way. Be ready.”

I said before putting up my walls

I came back to reality and took the ring off, throwing it at Creepy dude.

“All done, did my eyes turn white?” I teased

“What were you talking about?” Derek asked

“I TRIED to give him a choice, Me for Kyle. He didn’t believe me so now I am thoroughly irritated and grouchy. I want to get Kyle, go home, and go to sleep. That’s it. Let’s go.” I said walking off

“Kelsey!” Jonny yelled running after me

I turned around, “Wazzup?!”

“You can’t just go into the see-ers kingdom…like this.” He stated

“Why not? I’m Kelsey.” I said confused

“So! We have to be ready.” He argued

“I’m done waiting. I’m TIRED! It’s like 3 o’clock in the friggin’ morning. I just want to get this over with.” I sighed

“We have to wait.” He said

“Why? Wait for what? Them to come to us? Well guess what, they already are.” I said pointing to the figures walking out of the protection of the trees, “If it wasn’t for Creepy Dude and La-slut we’d already have Kyle and be on our way home.” I added as the figure walked closer

Everybody was standing there in shock, watching the see-ers and whoever else they’ve teamed up with.

“Miss Kelsey, what a pleasure it is to meet you in person.” Came his ugly voice

I turned around smiling, “Likewise, Dude!”

He walked closer, “So, what was that proposition you were proposing earlier?”

“I have a new one. I put a spell on you that means if you die, all the bad see-ers die with you. Yeah?” I asked also walking closer

“Too bad it won’t be me dieing, Sweet heart.” He smiled

“Who’s gonna die then?” I asked innocently

“You.” He growled before reaching to get me

I grabbed his arm and twisted it roughly behind him. His ‘people’ went into action as well as the pack.

“I don’t like being touched.” I whispered in his ear

He growled and tried to get free. I quickly put the spell on him and let him go.

“I don’t think you are a nice person, Dude.” I said smartly as he started walking around me, “And you’re ugly. Do see-ers have mates?”

He nodded briskly, probably mad at my insult.

“Do you have your mate?” I asked innocently

Again, he nodded briskly.

“Is she here?” I asked looking around

“No.” He growled

“Good, caused I would have had to kill her. We don’t want that, right?” I smirked as he grew angrier

“Sure. Speaking of mates, I bet you want to know how yours is doing.” He smirked

“Why would I when I know he’s alright?” I shrugged

“My people are about to kill him.” He informed me

“Ah, yes, La-slut told me about that. Too bad Kyle can’t die, huh?” I asked

He lost his smirk, “What?”

“Kyle. Can. Not. Die.” I stated slowly

“Yes, he can.” He said

“You sure?” I asked

“Positive. He’s just a stupid mutt.” He sneered

Growls erupted around us and I laughed.

“He may be a ‘stupid mutt’ but you’re an ugly bastard.” I hissed. Like a snake! Cool! Can you hiss like a snake? You can’t? Aw, we could’ve been hissing buddies.

He smirked, “Thank you, Miss Kelsey. You have a way with words.”

“Yes, I do, fart-eater.” I smiled

He smiled back but you could tell it was fake, “Wow, I’m doing the world a favor in killing you. You’d never be able to ‘save’ us.”

“Don’t hate, just appreciate.” I smiled, “Hey, can I meet your mate before you ’kill’ me?” I asked using air quotations

“I killed her.” He stated shrugging but I could see through his façade, he was sad that he did

“When?” I asked

“When we found out ‘KeeKee’ found his mate.” He smirked using my nickname for Kyle


“She was on your side.” He glared at me

I held my hands in the air, “Calm down, Ricky Bobby. It’s not my fault you hate me and everybody else loves me.”

“She ‘loved’ you to the point where she threatened to leave me to go protect you.” He sneered/snarled. If that makes sense

I smirked, “Face it, Dude. I’m lovable.”

His face grew dark, “Too bad the world won’t know that.”

“Why wouldn’t they?” I asked in confusion

“Because you’re going to die.” He stated

“Really? Can’t I at least say bye to my mate, my Mommy and my Daddy?” I smiled

“Your mates going to be dead and I don’t know who you’re fucking parents are.” He told me

“You don’t?” I smirked


“My Mommy and Daddy are Elijah and Thyme.” I smirked as he growled loudly

“They’re deceivers!” He boomed

“Yes, I guess you could say that.” An angelic voice said

I turned around and came face to chest with a man. I looked up and saw a man with jet black hair and deep brown eyes.

He smiled at me, “Hey, baby girl.”

“Elijah?” I questioned

He nodded and I squealed, “Heyllo! Wazzup?!”

He smiled widely and looked behind him, I followed his gaze all the way to a women with light brown hair and bright blue eyes, just like mine.

“Wazzup, Mama?!” I yelled, aware that ‘Dude’ was behind me. I’mma just call him Dude ‘cause I don’t know his name

I felt Dude move behind me and I turned around.

“Were you going to touch me again? I thought you already learned your lesson.” I scolded

He snarled, “Shut up!”

“I don’t like listening to people, either. Sorry.” I shrugged, “You know your mate? Did you know she was Prego?”

He froze, “What?”

“Yuppers! 11 weeks. Do you want to now what gender the baby was?” I asked smiling

He didn’t say anything but the look in his eyes said he did.

“You always wanted a little girl, right? With her mothers vibrant green eyes and your brown hair. Too bad you kill her, huh?” I glared, “I can bring her and your mate back to life. You know, being the Uniter and all. But you, no I’ll never bring you back.

“I bet you don’t feel an ounce of regret. You may be sad but that’s only because you’ll be alone for eternity. The night you killed your mate, do you remember the words she cried? Do you or were you too blinded in rage to hear her beg you not to hurt them?

“Her exact words were: “Please don’t hurt us.”

At the time you were probably thinking, ‘Who is us?’

. But as I was saying, you were too blinded by rage. You didn’t even hear her pleas for you to stop when you were raping

her.” I growled, “Did you?”

He stood there, staring at me. Eyes filled with sadness, but not remorse or regret.

“You didn’t hear her or care because you’re a cold-hearted bastard.” I spat

“You may want me to feel regret or blame myself for their deaths. But it’s you that killed them. If you were never born she wouldn’t have had to take your side.” He glared

“My fault?” I scoffed, “No, I wasn’t the one that stabbed her in the stomach and chest fifteen

times.” I growled in the same tone he used, “Your little girl, she was already dead by the third stab. You

killed them. Not me.”

He rushed forward at a very fast speed I stood still. He stopped when he realized I wasn’t moving.

“No need to be hasty. Remember, once you die, all your meanies will too.” I reminded him

“The one and all spell.” A soft voice chuckled

“Why yes, it is.” I said turning to Thyme

She smiled and I raised my brows, smiling as well. Suddenly my arms were pinned to my sides and my back was against a rock solid chest.

I sighed, “Me no likey, being touchied.”

He tightened his hold and I sighed again.

“You’re weak, Dude. Hey, do you by any chance know where Kyle is?” I asked Elijah and Thyme

“Yes.” They smiled

“Sweet.” I smirked before throwing my head back

A groan emanated from Dude and his grip loosened a little. I did it again and he let go completely.

“That’s how I do!” I fist pounded Elijah

Dude started running toward me until I screamed, he froze. You could see the flames behind his eyes.

I stopped because I didn’t want him to pass out or anything. He stayed standing but you could see the flames behind his eyes.

“La-dee-da-dee-da!” I sang skipping around Dude, “Ha ha.” I teased poking his nose, “Don’t mess with, Kelsey Elaine Montgomery! Muhahahahaha!” I yelled flicking his ear

I turned to Elijah and Thyme and they were staring at me, “What?”

“You have my power. But you can control who it affects.” Thyme gaped

“Oh, yup!” I said happily, “Now, can you take me to Kyle?”

“What about him?” Elijah glared at Dude

“I don’t kill people.” I stated

“I do.” Benji said walking over to us

“Yeah, he’s my partner in crime.” I smiled

Benji laughed and snapped Dude’s neck. Around us thousands of see-ers dropped to the floor. There were still a couple people fighting because they weren’t see-ers and didn’t die with Dude.

“How smart am I?” I yelled fist pounding the air, “Whoot whoot! Where’s Kyle?” I asked turning serious

“Wow, bipolar much?” Benji laughed

“Very.” I stated

Suddenly a loud whimper came to my ears. I scanned the area, searching for the wolf that made the sound. I came across a jet black wolf with bright blue eyes, with a vampire on top of him.


I started running at inhuman speed and pushed the vampire off of Justin. Justin hopped up but fell back down.

I knelt down beside him, “What’s wrong?”

He held up his paw that was all bloody, so blood you could barely see the bit mark.

I tried to reach for it but he whimpered and moved back.

“I have to heal it, Justin.” I said softly

He shook his big fat head and stepped back again.

“Give me your damn paw!” I yelled

He whimpered again and stayed still. I reached out and gently laid my hand on it.

“Does that hurt?” I asked

He shook his head and I felt his body relax. I closed my eyes and pictured him better, I felt the energy rush out of me. I did it one more time and then opened my eyes.

“Better?” I asked

He nodded and stood up all the way. He smiled and ran off. Mmkay.

I turned around and there were ugly things that looked like that demon Benji killed earlier.

“Heyllo! Waddup?!” I smiled widely, “Are you all demons?”

They didn’t respond so I’ll take that as a yes. They started closing in on me so I started screaming. All the demons fell to the ground but there were a couple that weren’t. I stopped screaming once they were unconscious.

“What about you guys?” I smiled, “What’s your species?”

They just stared at me, then a couple wolfs came up behind them and killed them. Sorry.

I looked around and realized that everybody was changing back to human form.

“Ew, naked men! And women! Ew!” I screeched covering my eyes

I could hear some of them laughing. Nasty!

A few minutes later Jonny announced that they were all down. I cautiously pulled my hand away from my eyes and looked around. No more naked people! Hallelujah!

“To Kyle!” Sophia yelled running in circles

I started running with her, “Whooo whooo!” I yelled before I stopped running, “Okay, NOW to Kyle.” I smiled

Everyone nodded and I turned to Elijah and Thyme.

“Lead us?” I asked

“Of course.” They smiled and started walking into the forest

I followed them as did everyone else. Benji started walking by me with Aliyah by his side.

I bumped his shoulder and nodded while smiling widely. He smiled and shook his head.

I suddenly started laughing. I don’t even know why! Benji turned to me,

“What the hell?” He asked

I shrugged still laughing, “I dunno know!”

He shook his head and looked forward, “You’re a freak.”

“Meanie!” I pouted and crossed my arms, “I disown you…again.”

“Fine with me.” He smirked down at me

I glared and pouted, then stomped over to Derek. “Hey, Brolio!”

He chuckled, “Hey.”

“You know your eyes are like blue and white?” I asked staring at him

“So are yours.” He argued

“Nu-uh! Mine are blue with white AROUND it.” I stated

“That’s how mine are.” He said with wide eyes

“Noooo! Your eyes are like, light blue and white.”

“I’m confused.” He informed me

“How?! Are you stupid?!” I asked

“No! You’re confusing me!” He yelled

“How?! All is said was: You know your eyes are like blue and white? Then you turn it into some big Ol’ argument!” I pocked his cheek and glared

“You turned it into a big Ol’ argument!” He said poking me forehead

I glared harder, “Nu-uh, freak-turd!”

“Yeah-huh, crack baby!” He yelled

I glared EVEN harder, “I am not a crack baby.”

“Says you.” He retorted with an arch brow

“Ask Thyme!” I flicked his ear

He thought about it, “Oh, yeah. Thyme, is she a crack baby?”

“No.” Thyme chuckled

“What now?!” I asked getting in his face

He put his pointer finger on my forehead and pushed me away. I laughed and he soon started laughing too.

“That was funny.” I laughed

“You’re so small! You actually moved.” Derek laughed hard

I stopped laughing and put my pointer finger on his forehead, I pushed but he didn’t move. I did it again, but harder this time.

I pulled my finger back and cradled it, “Ow! I think you broke my finger! This is my favorite finger…well, besides my pinky.” I smiled showing him my pinky

He grabbed it and brought it up to his face, “Hey!” I yelled

He inspected it, “It’s tiny.”

“It’s not my fault you have a man pinky, freak!” I pouted ripping my pinky out of his hand

“I have a man pinky because I’m a man.” He stated

“Noooo! You’re a boy.” I said

He frowned, “How?”

“You’re like…18, right?” I asked confused

“22, thank you very much. But thanks for thinking I was so young.” He smirked

“Well, your 29 in my book then.” I stated

“29?!” He cried

“29.” I repeated

“That’s ridiculously old!” He said

“Then I guess you’re ridiculously old.” I smirked, “Now that I think about it, you’re too old. Goodbye.” I said walking to Justin

“Hey, Bro-skee!” I yelled at him

“Wazzup, Sis?!” He yelled back

I nodded, “Good, good. Tired, but good. Do you guys ever sleep? Can vampires sleep? Cause you know that twilight movie? How Edwin’s a vampire and he watches Belle sleep because he can’t sleep. If I was Belle I’d knock the shit outta him out for watching me sleep. Creeper.” I muttered the last part

“It’s Edward and Bella.” Aliyah informed me

“You watch that movie?” I asked with wide eyes, “And it doesn’t creep you out?”

“Yes I watch those movies and no, they don’t creep me out.” She said

“That movie creeps me out. Like, really bad. Who watches people sleep?! That’s just weird! Edwin is a freak-a-dink!” I finished with wide eyes

Everybody started laughing but I’m dead serious right now.

“I don’t see how it’s funny. If anybody watches me sleep they’re gonna get sliced.” I said with a straight face

They laughed harder and I frowned.

“What’s so funny? I’m serious. If Kyle EVER watches me sleep he’s gonna die.” I stated

They laughed even harder, while I stared at them like they were crazy which I was beginning to think was true.

“What the fuck is wrong wit’ ya’ll?” I asked with wide eyes

Again this only made them laugh more. What the hell is going on?

I raised my hand and smack Justin on the back of his head, hard.

It got him to stop laughing, “Hey! That hurt!”

“It wasn’t suppose to feel good!” I retorted

He glared at me and the others just kept laughing. Gursh! Freak-nuts!

I let my walls down, "Wazzup, KeeKee?”

“You know they’re trying to kill me?”

He asked

“How’s that workin’ out for ‘em?”

I smirked

“I’m not dead, so not good. Why am I not dead?”

“Huh? Oh, no reason.”

I lied

"You know every time you lie you say, ‘Huh, oh.’ before you tell the lie?”

He chuckled

“Huh? Oh, nu-uh.”

Damn it! Damn it all!

“You just did it!”

He laughed

“Huh?O- Shut up!”

I snapped

He laughed, “So, you guys almost here?”

“Yup. Elijah and Thyme know where you are. They’re showing us the way.”

“Elijah and Thyme?”

He question

“Yes, Kyle. E-li-jah and Th-y-me.”

I said slowly

“Meanie, I was just asking.”

I could tell he was pouting

“Well, you asked a stupid question. I had told you Elijah and Thyme were showing us, then your moronic self asked if it was Elijah and Thyme. Who the hell does that?”

I asked with a crazy frown on my face

“Well, I’m soooorry that I questioned it! It’s just a natural reaction to do that if you thought the persons were dead.”

He defended

“A natural reaction for who?!”


“No, it’s not! I don’t question it if someone TELLS ME!”

I retort

“Well, then you’re a weird freak that doesn’t question things.”

“You’re the weird freak that does!”

I yell exasperated

“Proud of it!”

He states

“Bet you are, KeeKee, bet you are.”

I say sympathetically

“I’m leaving. Just hurry up and get me out of here before they try to cut of my balls again.”

I laugh, “They tried to cut off your…balls?”

“Yeah! It was Sooooo weird. I guess you can bleed to dead like that! Who knew?! They did that because nothing would kill me.”

I laugh again, “For your question Kyle, everybody knew that. Buh-bye!”

“Love you!”

He yells before my walls go up

I looked around and saw a HUGE building in front of us. Damn!

“Damn! The see-ers be livin’ large!” I yelled staring at the building

“Shhhhhh!” Everyone glared

“Calm the frick down, Ricky Bobby’s.” I muttered

“There are still bag guys alive, Ley-Lee Bear.” Benji informed me

“Oh…” I trailed off looking around, “I don’t see anyone.” I whispered to Benji

“Can you even see?” He chuckled

“…No.” I admitted

He laughed, “They’re surrounding the building. They’re in black so you can’t really see them.”

“…Oh.” I said lamely, “What do we do?”

“There’s not that many.” Jonny stated looking ahead

“Then why aren’t we going yet?” I asked confused

“We have to wait. They’ll be freaking out in a minute because Miko was suppose to be back already.” Elijah said softly

“Miko?” I questioned

“See-ers leader.”

“Ah, Dude.” I smirked

They shook their heads and stared into the darkness some more. Why the hell can’t I see? It’s not fair!

“They’re getting worried.” Rick stated looking intently at nothing, well nothing to me

I strained my eyes to see what they were seeing but it was useless. Stupid werewolves!

“They’re leaving.” Derek stated confused

“I know. They’re not suppose to leave unless it’s something serious.” Jonny said worried

“Miko in an unsafe position is something serious to them.” Benji said in a ‘Duh’ voice

They all nodded, “Let’s go.”

We all started forward slowly, I was swinging my arms beside me. Utterly bored.

“Can’t we walk any faster?!” I complained in a loud whisper

“Shhh!” They all hissed

I shook my head, “Pitiful. Just pitiful.”

“How are we pitiful?” Benji asked

“I don’t know. Wait…what does pitiful mean?” I asked confused

“Exactly. You don’t even know what it means.” Derek chuckled

I smacked the back of his head, “Shut it!”

He laughed, “Nope.”

I rolled my eyes and started walking faster, “C’mon slow pokes. We haven’t got all night…or should I say day?” I asked looking at the rising sun

“You should say day.” Declan yawned, “Let’s get Kyle fast and get out of here.” He added sleepily

“I’m with you there.” I raised my hand, “Let’s go.” I said walking ahead of everyone

“Kelsey!” They yelled behind me

I turned around, “Yeeees?”

Then I felt a presence behind me. Actually, a lot of presences. I sighed and turned around to come face to chest with a bunch of ugly people.

“Damn! Why ya’ll so ugly?!” I asked staring at them in disgust, “Are all demons ugly?” I asked them

They growled and I stared at them, unfazed.

“Well? Are you gonna answer my question. Next time no growl please.” I said nicely

Guess what my answer was? Yup. Growls.

“Do you speak English? Do I need to speak Spanish for you?” I asked slowly, “Son todos los demonios feos?” I asked in Spanish

They growled again, guess they can understand English and Spanish. Eh.

“If you can understand me, why aren’t you answering my question?” I asked glaring

Again, all I got was a growl.

“What the hell is up with all you demons. Do you guys have mates? If you do I feel bad for your mates. Unless they’re ugly too. Then you guys are a perfect match.” I said thoughtfully

While stuck in my thoughts one of them tried to hit me. I grabbed It’s fist and twisted it.

“I really don’t like being touched by strangers, so I’d suggest you not try that again.” I whispered to It

It growled and tried to get free. I wasn’t having that so to say.

“No use in trying to get free. You’re not really strong, you know.” I said blowing my fringe out of my eyes, “My hair’s poking my eye!” I yelled letting go of the demon

He quickly went to stand by his fellow demon friends…or brothers. Dang, I’d hate to be the parent of those ugly things.

“Are your parents ashamed to be your parents?” I asked after I got my hair out of my eye

They all growled. Not good enough. I have to get them furious. Te he. I like that word.

“Are your mates ashamed? Do you guys even go out in public? I wouldn’t cause you are DAMN UGLY!” I exclaimed smirked

Once again, they growled in response to my meanie-ness.

“Can I meet your mates? I wanna see if they’re ugly like ya’ll are.” I shrugged looking innocent

This time they didn’t growl! Yeeeees! We’re getting there!

“Or you can just tell me if they’re ugly…or show me a picture. People do that right? Have a picture of the ones they lurrrrv?” I asked

They didn’t respond I heaved a sigh, “Okay, I already know you have mates and that they’re ugly. Just wanted to hear it from you handsome fellas.” I smiled fakely, “Well, I gotta go save my boyfriend. So, if you dint mind. I’ll be going now. Maybe we can do this again sometime. Nice talking to ya.” I said walked straight forward

They didn’t move. Awww! *Major pout*

“Please, move.” I said sweetly as I looked up at them, “You’re so tall!” I said straining my neck

He finally had a real reaction! He smirked! Applause for moi.

“Aha! I got a reaction!” I yelled poking his forehead

He snapped at me with his teeth. This freak-a-dink bit me! Hell to the mother fucking no!

“Kelsey!” They all yelled

I turned around slightly, “I’m kinda busy at the moment. A message would be accepted. Please talk after the beep. Beeeeep!” I smiled

I then felt pain shoot up my arm. When I looked down at my arm I gasped. My beautiful arm was all ugly and blue and…stuff.

I glared up at the demon who was smirking, he back away and stood my his homies.

“This fucking hurts!” I yelled at him holding my arm

They all smirked and stood there, “It’s suppose too.” The freak that bit me stated

“Well, congrats…cause it does!” I yelled

They all smirked again and so did I. They frowned at each other. I closed my eyes and pushed energy and power into my arm.

I could feel the pain ease a little. This feels funny. Like you’re having an out of the body experience.

I felt more energy leave me so I opened my eyes and looked at my arm. All better!

“Ha ha! Thought you could kill me that easily I see.” I smirked at the Demons who looked angry and shocked, “Next time, stab me or something’. But then again, not even that would kill me. Sucks to be you. You can hurt me as many times as you want, but me live for long time.” I said like a child

They glared at started running towards me. That was when I started screaming. They fell like flies.

I stopped when they were unconscious. I hopped over their bodies,

“C’mon guys!” I yelled to the others as I skipped to the wall that surrounded the kingdom

When I turned around they were staring after me, “Darse prisa!”

“What?” They asked confused

“Hurry up.” Sophia said walking over to me

I patiently waited for the others.

“Guess what Soph?” I asked skipping into the huge door thingy

“What, Kels?” She chuckled

“I saved a cookie for Kyle but Shhh he can’t know.” I whispered

“I thought you ate them all.” She laughed

“Noppers! I saved ONE for Kyle but that’s it. They were mine anyway. He doesn’t deserve this one.” I said pulling the cookie out of my pocket

“I don’t think he’d want it anyway.” She said in disgust

“What? Why?” I asked sad

“It looks nasty!” Benji yelled staring at it

“Ya mama!” I yelled at him as I put the cookie back in my pocket

Everybody laughed and Benji glared, he eventually started laughing as well.

“So, where is he?” Jonny asked Thyme and Elijah

“Over here.” Elijah said as he led us to a big black door

He grabbed the handle then immediately let it go.

“Ow!” He yelled

“What?!” Thyme and I yelled in worry

“They out something on the door.” Elijah groaned

I took his hand and pushed one current of energy out of me.

“All better!” I smiled

“How are you a healer? No one in our family is a healer.” Thyme said confused

“I’m Kelsey, that‘s how.” I shrugged like it was the most obvious thing in the world

Benji laughed and ruffled my hair, “You’re so conceded.”

“How?! Ah, you’re so gonna pay when we get home!” I glared hard at him

This just made him laugh harder. I punched his shoulder.

“Ow!” He yelled rubbing it

Aliyah went to his side instantly.

I turned around and saw Thyme going up to the door. She grabbed the handle and had the same reaction as Elijah.

“Jonny, you try it now.” I pleaded

“I don’t want to get hurt!” He looked weird

“Fine, I will.” I glared and walked up to the door

I raised my hand slowly, for dramatic effect.

“Hurry up!” Benji sighed loudly

“Nope. You do it.” I said backing away

He shrugged and walked up to the big scary door. He lifted his hand and pulled the handle. He jerked his hand back,

“That hurt!” He whined at me

“Did I say it was suppose to feel good?” I asked pulling the door handle

Pain shot through my arm but I kept pulling and pulling until the door opened.

I let go, “That hurt!”

“Good.” Benji said grumpily as he walked in

“Benjamin!” I yelled

He instantly turned around as I said his full name.

“Get back here, NOW!” I said fiercely

He frowned, “Why?”

“Now!” I growled loudly

His frown deepened and he began walking back over to us.

“Faster!” I said frantically

He started running back to us and he FINALLY stepped out of the door.

I smack the back of his head, hard. “You can’t just walk into a place that has a spell on it, dip-shit.”

“But nothing was wrong.” He groaned rubbing his head

“Really?” I glared

He nodded, “Yeah.”

“Tell me what that is then.” I said pointing to the string that would set off an alarm

He looked, “…Oh.’

“Yeah.” I sighed, “You could have been hurt, loser.”

“Awww, does the little Ley-Lee Bear care about me?” He teased

I gave him a hard glare and he stopped, “That’s an idiotic question only an idiot would ask.”

I turned back to the string, “What do you think the spell is, Thyme?”

“I don’t know. Usually spells can’t hurt witches.” She said

I sighed, “Guess were about to find out, then.”

I started walking forward, only to be pulled back. Benji pulled me to his chest.

“You’re not going in there.” He growled

“Awww, does the little Benji Bear care about me?” I teased, using his words from earlier

“That’s an idiotic question only an idiot would ask.” He smirked

“Good boy. Now let me go.” I wriggled in his steel grasp

“Nope.” He said tightening his hold him me

“Benji, I don’t want to hurt you.” I sighed, “So, Aliyah, tell him to let me go before you try to bite my head off for hurting him.” I said looking at her

“Why would he listen to me?” She asked

I sighed and rolled my eyes, “Mates tend to listen to what their mate says.”

“Benny, let her go.” She sighed

I could feel his hold on me loosen slightly.

“Okay, now, puppy dog mode.” I whispered to her

“What?” She whispered back

“I can hear you, guys. I’m right here.” Benji pointed out tightening his hold on me

“I think he’s on to us.” I whispered to Aliyah

She chuckled, “Me too.”

“Benji! Let. Me. Go.” I said struggling

“What if you die or get hurt?” He asked worried

“Benji, I am the mother fuckin’ Uniter, dude. I don’t die.” I pointed out, “And if I get hurt, I can heal myself.” I added

He hesitated, “…Fine.” He still didn’t let go

“Um, Benji, you have to let me go first.”

“Huh?? Oh, right.” He said still not letting me go

“Benjamin! London! Toyley! Let! Go! Of! Me! NOW!” I yelled each word separately

I heard him whimper as he let go, “Sorry Benji, I had too.”

He playfully glared, “Why do you have to be my Alpha?”

“Cause I am AWESOME!” I yelled puffing my chest out

He laughed, “You’re really not.”

I glared and walked into the kingdom. I walked over to the string and pulled it with my foot. A loud alarm went off.

“Ooops! My bad!” I yelled running back outside

Benji was laughing when I got out there.

“Y-you.” Laugh, “You run s-so.” Laugh, “W-weird!”

I flicked his ear, “Shut up.” I grumbled, “I run faster than you.”

Dec laughed, “She’s got you there, bro.”

Benji glared at Dec and then glared at me.

“Woof.” I smiled

“Did you just woof like a dog?” He asked shocked

“Yuppers!” I yelled

“We are not dogs.” He frowned in disgust

“You growl like a dog.” I stated

“So?” He scoffed

“You have fur like a dog, you have ears like a dog, you have a nose like a dog, you have paws like a dog. You are basically a mutated dog.” I said with a straight face but inside I was laughing as his face turned red from anger

“We are not dogs!” He yelled furious

“Yes, you are.” I tried to hid my smirk

I looked around and everybody was smirking, trying to hold back their laughter. They probably already knew I was kidding.

“No, we are not!” Benji yelled

“Yes, you are too.” I said calmly, “But don’t worry, I like doggies! Oooooh, Derek? Will you buy me a puppy?” I asked him

“Hell no.” He stated

“Justy?” I asked Justin

He shook his head.

“Seb?” I asked

“Nope.” He smirked

I glared and turned to Lucas, “Lukey?”

He laughed, “Nu-uh.”

I turned to Jonny, “PLEASE? All I want is a freakin’ puppy! I promise to take care of it! PLEASE, JONNY?! PLEASE?!” I begged with wide eyes

He stared at me, shocked by my outburst.

“And if you say no, I will slice you.” I threatened holding up my pinky, “With my pinky nail.”

He smirked, “No.”

“That’s it!” I yelled lunging at him

I jumped into him and wrapped my legs around his torso. I held my pinky against his neck,

“Buy me a puppy or you die.” I glared

His hands curled around my hips and he lifted me off of him, holding me in the air.

“Hey, dude! Not cool!” I yelled dangling in the air

I stuck my hand out and tried to reach his neck with my pinky.

“Ugh! I don’t like you.” I pouted and crossed my arms

I was still in the air! Stupid, Jonny!

I felt a change in my surroundings. Shivering I looked behind me.

“Oh, looky there. More people trying to kill us.” I sighed as I saw people running towards us

Jonny immediately put me down and He and Rick stood in front of us. I scoffed and went to stand by them.

They pushed me back. What the hell?!

“I’m stronger than both of you combined when I want to be!” I yelled pushing Rick so I could stand between them

“Kelsey!” Jonny yelled at me

“Stop yelling at me and pay attention!” I yelled back

He growled and looked forward. The people were getting closer. Ah, hell.

“What’re we gonna do?” Benji yelled

I shrugged and started to walk forward. Jonny grabbed me and pulled me back.

“What’re you doing?” He growled

“Stopping them.” I said in a ‘Duh’ voice

“No. You’re not.” He growled AGAIN

“Why not?” I asked defiantly as I looked at the people who were jus standing there, waiting for the perfect moment to make their move

“Because you could get hurt.” He said

"I could get hurt, doesn’t mean I am.” I stated

“Yes, you are.” He growled

“Then I am going to get hurt. Who cares? Not me.” I said pulling out of his grip

I started walking forward, he tried to grab me but I dodge his hand. I’m dealing with some demons, minotaur’s, a werewolves. Well, I can't hurt the wolves because that didn’t work out so well last time.

‘Demons and Minotaur’s.’

I chanted in my mind before I started screaming in a bored…scream. If that makes sense.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” I yelled

The ugly people and the other ugly people fell to the ground. I stopped and the werewolves stood there, staring at me in anger.

“Jonny! Rick! Anybody! Get over here. NOW!” I yelled backing away

I heard feet running behind me. Then the wolves were by my side.

“Wazzup?!” I smiled and nudged Seb

He looked at me quickly before looking at the other wolves.

“Why couldn’t you scream at them?” Rick asked

“If I do it’ll hurt every wolf around me.” I said

“Ahhh.” He sighed

Then I heard bones popping. I gagged. Really need to get used to that!

“Go get Kyle. We can handle this.” Jonny whispered to me

I nodded and silently stepped away.

“We’re coming. We know where he is.” Elijah said walking ahead of me

“Yes, sir.” I saluted and followed him

I looked back and saw a wolf with lime green eyes glaring at me. I narrowed my eyes and stopped walking.

“What?” I asked it

He stared at me then nodded and looked away. He stepped away from the fight and cautiously walked over to me. Like I would hurt it or something.

“Kelsey! Don’t let him near you.” Elijah growled and stood protectively in front of me

“He won’t hurt me.” I said stepping around him, “Change.” I ordered Limey

He nodded his huge head and hid behind a curtain thing. I heard bones pop and I shuddered. A young boy, about 16 came from behind the curtain in baggy sweat pants.

“Heyllo!” I waved

He nodded, “You’re the Uniter.”

“Yupper!” I smiled

He frowned, “Miko didn’t say anything about the Uniter being involved in this.”

“What’s your pack name?” I asked

“Shadow pack.” He said

“You’re not the moonlight pack?” I asked confused

“No. They were sent out earlier.” He said staring at me

I nodded, “So they’re dead.”

“Guess so.” He muttered


“Okay, well, I am going to go get Kyle. Have fun standing there.” I said turning around

“Wait!” He yelled, I turned around, “I’m sorry.” He said in a sad and regretful tone

“Call off those wolves and I’ll forgive you.” I crossed my arms over my chest

“I can’t do that. I’m not Alpha.” He stated

“You have the Alpha gene.” I pointed out, “You have the power to make them stop.”

“I’ll try.” He sighed and walked over to the fighting wolves

“Stop!” He yelled in a powerful tone

His pack stiffened but Jonny’s pack kept at it.

“Same as you guys!” I yelled standing by Limey’s side

Jonny’s pack froze. They all looked at me expectantly.

“Change, all of you.” I commanded

His pack growled. I raised a brow and smirked.

“Listen to her.” Limey said

Bones popped and I felt my eyes roll to the back of my head momentarily. Ewwww!

The popping stopped and I opened my eyes to naked people AGAIN!

“Put some clothes on!” I yelled covering my eyes

Chuckles erupted around the room then I heard shuffling.

“Most of us are dressed.” Benji said

I removed my hand from my eyes and looked ahead.

“Okay, good.” I sighed as I saw people with shorts on, the others were hiding behind curtains

“So, what’s going on?” Jonny arms crossing his arms over his bare muscular chest

“Damn, Jonny! You’re ripped!” I exclaimed laughing

“He he he.” He laughed sarcastically and pulled Jasmine in front of him

“It’s not a bad thing.” I laughed

He glared at me and wrapped his arms around Jasmine, “I’m taken.”

I gagged, “Ewwww! Like I would want you! Kyle is more ripped than you are.”

Jonny laughed, “Sure.”

I glared knowing he was right. Kyle was buff but not as buff as Jonny.

“Yeah, why’d you stop us?” A guy asked Limey

“She’s the Uniter.” Limey stated

They gasped and turned to me, “Nu-uh!”

“Look at her arm.” Limey said

Their eyes went to my arm and they gasped again. I looked down at my arm. I didn’t see anything but my birth mark.

“What’s wrong with my arm?” I asked covering my birth mark

“That mark tells us you’re the real Uniter.” Limey said

“We defied the Uniter. I think I’m gonna pass out.” A guy with light brown hair and blue eyes said swaying on his feet

“Don’t!” I yelled

His eyes snapped open all the way and he stared at me, “The Uniter.”

“In the flesh!” I said waving my hands over my body

He swayed again.

“Please, sit down.” I sighed shaking my head

He nodded and plopped down on the floor, staring at me.

“I feel uncomfortable.” I admitted looking away from him, “I’m going to get Kyle. Peace out Homies!” I added walking over to Elijah and Thyme

“Let’s go.” I said grabbed them

Elijah walked ahead as thyme walked beside me. I could feel her staring at me.

“Hi.” I said when the staring got REALLY awkward

“You’re so old.” She smiled

“Um…are you saying I’m wrinkly and stuff?” I asked offended

“No, no. It’s just that…I haven’t been this closed to you in 17 years.” She frowned

I smiled, “Well, if it makes you feel better, I never forgot about you guys.”

She smiled widely and I felt Elijah hesitate in his step. He turned around and scooped me up in his arms.

“Can’t…breathe.” I gasped with wide eyes

He loosened his grip slightly, “We missed you.”

“You…too.” I smiled, still slightly out of breath

He let go and Thyme hugged me. Her hug was soft and gentle.

“Let’s go find your mate.” Thyme said letting me go

“Yup!” I said as we started to walk

As we walked down thee long corridor we passed several big red and black doors.

“What are behind those doors?” I asked

“It’s where the see-ers live.” Elijah said stopping in front of a black door

“He’s in there?” I asked

Elijah nodded, “Yeah, but I’m can’t go in.”

“Why not?” I asked

“Miko was scared of certain creature. Wizards and Angels specifically. He put a spell on all the doors so we can’t get in. That’s why when I barely touched the door earlier I got hurt.” He explained

“Okay.” I said reaching for the handle

“You’re part wizard and Angel.” He informed me

I shrugged and grabbed the handle. Pain shot up my arm but I ignored it and pushed the door open.

I walked in. It’s so dark in here!

“Helloooooo?” I called out into the darkness

Suddenly I was slammed into the wall.

“Ow!” I yelled, “Kyle, get off!”

“Kelsey?” He asked not loosening his grip

“Duh!” I yelled

He loosened his grip and crashed his lips onto mine, kissing me roughly.

He pulled back and rested his forehead against mine, “Oh, I missed you.”

“Missed you too.” I pecked his lips

“Are you hurt?” He asked worried

“Nope.” I said popping the P

“Are you not going to ask if I’m alright? They tried to cut my baby maker off.” He said in disbelief

“Why would I ask when I know your alright?” I questioned

“How do you know I’m alright?” He asked

“I know.” I smiled

“Fine. I am alright.” He sighed

I laughed and pushed him off of me, “Let’s get out of here.”

“With pleasure.” He said happily as he grabbed my hand

We walked out of the room and everyone was standing there. Jasmine ran up to Kyle,

“My baby! Are you alright? Did they hurt you? I’ll kill them.” She said with a serious face

I tried to hold in my laughter but I couldn’t. I bust up laughing and everyone looks at me.

“You are so random.” Benji commented

I laughed harder. Oh, gursh!

“You already did kill them Jasmine.” I chuckled, sobering up

“Oh…you’re right.” She smiled and let Kyle go

Kyle chuckled, “Was it a good fight?”

“No! You’re little mate here doesn’t listen at all.” Jonny glared at me

I shrugged, not caring.

“I wasn’t just going to stand around while you guys fought. It’s my fault anyway.” My eyes narrowed slightly, daring anyone to tell me differently

“No it’s not.” Kyle said pulling me onto his chest

I turned around so my back was to his chest, “It’s not? Miko took you because he wanted me.”

“None of us would let him get you, Ley-Lee Bear.” Benji said pulling me into his chest

I hugged him back, “I know. Bu I would-” I cut myself off when I heard Kyle growl, probably already knowing what I was about to say

“You would what?” Kyle growled

I stepped away from Benji and turned to Kyle, “Huh? Oh, nothing.”

He smiled slight, “Huh? Oh, really?”

“Huh? Oh, yeah.” I winced as I said that

He shook his head and pulled me over to him. I buried my head in his chest and wrapped my arms around his torso.

Then I remember something. I pulled away from Kyle and stalked up to Jonny.

“You are buying me a puppy.” I said menacingly

He raised a brow, “No.”

I raised my pinky, “Then say Hello to Mr. Slicing Pinky.”

“Hello, Mr. Slicing Pinky.” He waved

I glared and poked him in the neck with my pinky.

“Ow!” He cried holding his neck

“Buy me a puppy.” I glared

“No! You POKED my NECK!” He yelled rubbing his neck

“Yes, I did.” I said calmly, “What’s wrong with that?”

He stared at me like I was crazy, “Everything! Everything’s wring with that!”

“Nu-uh.” I said before poking his neck again

“Stop that!”

“Buy me a puppy.” I said poking his forehead

“Your pinky is boney! It hurts!” Jonny yelled backing away from me

I followed him, “It’s not suppose to feel good.”

I poked his nose, “Buy. Me. A. Puppy.”

“No!” He cried

I poked his bare chest, hard. “Puppy.”

“Kyle! Get her!” Jonny yelled

“Nahhh, this is funny.” Kyle laughed

I flexed my pinky before poking his cheek. “Pup-py!”

“N-o!” He pouted, “You’re mean.”

“Yes, I am.” I said poking his chest repeatedly

“Stop it!” He whined trying to cover his chest

I stomached his stomach, when his hands went down there I poked his chest. This kept happening until he found out my system.

I poked his forehead, “Puppy.”

“Fine!” He yelled in exasperation

I poked his chest before hugging him, “Thank you!”

I let down and skipped over to Kyle.

“You are SO bipolar!” Benji gawked

“So?” I pouted/glared

“So, that’s weird.” He stated

“Ya daddy!” I yelled and kicked his shin

“Loser!” He yelled holding his shin

Once again, Aliyah ran over to his aid. Like a loyal dog. Ironic, huh? Seeing as they are mutated dogs.

“We are not mutated dogs.” Kyle whispered in my ear

His hot breath made me shiver, “Sure you’re not.”

“We aren’t.” He said before nipping my ear lobe

I jumped away from him, “Benji, Justin the seducer is back! Help meh!”

Justin and Benji laughed and stood in front of me.

“Leave our little sister alone you seducing werewolf.” Benji smirked

Kyle sighed, “I’m not seducing her!”

“Sure.” Justin laughed

Kyle sighed again and ran a hand through his short brown.

“Ha ha.” I teased

“Shut up!” He laughed

I fake glared, “I like talking, Thank you VERY MUCH!”

He smiled lovingly.

“Stop with all the lovey dovey stuff! Let’s goooo!” Dec groaned

“You’re just mad because you haven’t found your mate.” Kyle glared

Declan’s eyes grew sad and he looked away.

“Apologize.” I told Kyle as I walked down the corridor

He didn’t say anything. I turned around expectantly.

He looked at me and rolled his eyes, “Sorry.”

“What are you sorry for and who are you apologizing too?” I asked narrowing my eyes

“Declan, I am sorry for saying you don’t have a mate. Even though it’s true. I know it hurts you. So, I’m sorry.” Kyle muttered

I smiled and turned around, walking down the rest of the hall. I could hear laughter behind me. Shrugging I turned the corner before stopping.

“Where’s Miko’s mate at?” I asked as they stopped beside me

“Why?” Kyle asked wrapping his arm around my waist

“I’m bringing her back.” I stated

“Back where?” Kyle asked confused

“To life.”

Kyle gasped and I felt his hold on me tighten, “He killed his own mate?”

I nodded and turned to the Shadow pack, “Do you guys know?”

“I do.” A guy that looked like Limey said

“Show me?” I asked

He nodded and started walking down the hall we just walked down. I followed him as everyone followed me. Kyle grabbed my hand and walked beside me.

“You know, you look sexy all dirty and stuff.” He whispered in my ear

I scowled, “Shut up.”

He just chuckled and pulled me closer.

Limey look-a-like stopped at a big red and gold door. It was huge! It had flowers and symbols all over it.

He pushed the door opened. Inside was better then the door! It was all gold, red, and white.

I saw a white and gold casket in the middle of the room. When I started to walk in the others followed

“Wait out there.” I told all of them

Kyle frowned but followed everybody else. Limey look-a-like shut the door. I walked up to the casket and saw a beautiful women with golden blonde hair.

Even in death she’s was pretty.

“Well, here we go.” I said before putting my hand on her chest

I summoned my power, loads of it. I felt myself drain quickly.

I took a deep breath then pushed more power into her. Swaying on my fee, I gripped the casket with one hand while the other stayed on her chest.

When I regained my balance I put my hand back on her chest and pushed more energy into her.

I felt her chest move slightly beneath my hands. After one more current of energy, I heard a low cough.

I looked down as her eyes opened, revealing deep brown eyes.

“Hi.” I smiled

She looked around, “Where am I?”

“You’re in a casket.” I informed her

Her breathing turned ragged and tears started flowing down her face, “M-my b-b-baby.”

“Shhh, shhh, I can bring her back.” I soothed

She hiccupped, “You can?”

I nodded, “I just need you to relax. And when you feel her kick, tell me. If I push to much energy in her she’ll die…and then I can’t bring her back. So you have to tell me right away.” I warned

“What if…she…doesn’t kick?” She sobbed

I smiled, “She will.”

She nodded and took a deep breath. She took a couple deep breaths, “Okay, I’m ready.”

I nodded and set my hands on her baby bump.

“You’re ready?” I checked

She nodded, “Yes.”

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I thought of the brown haired, green eyed baby being born into the world.

I felt energy leave me quickly. My eyes fluttered and I felt my bottom lip quiver. I felt sick to be honest.

“Are you okay?” She asked worried

I nodded and kept my eyes closed. I took a deep breath and exhaled it as I pushed more energy into her baby.

“She moved a little.” She said happily

I nodded and pushed a little more energy into the baby.

“Okay…she’s kicking.” She gasped

My teeth chattered as I removed my hands from her stomach. I felt her sit up.

“Are you okay?” She asked again

“Yeah.” I said quietly


I whimpered

The door burst open and Kyle was by my side in an instant.

“What’s wrong?” He asked worried, ushed tears in his eyes

“She used to much power.” Elijah said with worried eyes

“What do we do?” Kyle asked as a tear ran down his cheek

I raised my hand and wiped it away, “I’m okay. I want water…and some peanut butter cookies.”

Chapter 20: I Never Blush!

=KeeKee’s POV=

“I’ll go get the water.” Declan offered

I kept my eyes on Kelsey.

“Are you okay?” I asked in a thick voice, trying to hold back the tears that threatened to invade my eyes

She nodded and smiled, “Yeah, just a little dizzy.”

I tried to return her smile but I couldn’t. She should’ve used so much power.

“You sure?” I asked

She sighed heavily, “Shut up before I slice you.”

The corners of my lips twitched slightly, “Okay.”

“Thank you!” She yelled exasperated

“I got the water, I don’t think they have cookies.” Declan said handing me the water

“It’s okay.” I said unscrewing the cap

“No, it’s not! I want my DAMN COOKIES!” Kelsey yelled standing up

“Sit down!” I yelled gently pushing her back on the coffin

“I want my cookies.” She whimpered lazily, “Oh, wait! I have your cookie!” She yelled digging into her pocket

She pulled out a disgusting looking cookie, “What the hell is that?” I asked eyeing it

“It’s was your cookie.” She said stuffing it into her mouth. She moaned and I groaned.

“Stop.” I groaned handing her the water, “And I thought it was my cookie?”

“I said it was your cookie. I decided you didn’t deserve it, getting kidnapped and all.” She shrugged before downing the water

“It’s not my fault I got kidnapped.” I pouted, she opened her mouth but I cut her off, “It’s not your fault either.”

She huffed and glared at me, “Says you.”

“Says everybody.” Benji glared

“Says you.” She repeated glaring at Benji

“Nobody thinks it’s your fault.” Derek stated

“Says you.” She scoffed

“Seriously, nobody blames you!” Justin yelled throwing his arms in the air

“Says you.” I could see her hidden smirk

They all frowned at her, “We don’t think it’s your fault.” They all said

“Says you.” She said getting up

“Oh, GOSH! You’re SO STUBBORN!” Benjamin yelled with wide eyes

I stifled a laugh.

“YES, I AM!” Kelsey yelled glaring

“It’s not something to be proud of!” Benjamin said loudly

“Then why am I proud?!” Kelsey asked throwing her arms in the air

“Cause you’re a freak!” Benjamin stated

“I’m proud of that too!” Kelsey yelled standing up

“Good!” Benjamin yelled glaring

“Good!” Kelsey repeated getting in his face


“Fine!” Kelsey poked his forehead

“Ow!” Benjamin whined holding his forehead, I saw Aliyah run over to him

Gosh. Is that how I am with Kelsey? I hope not.

“Are you okay?” Aliyah asked worried as she put her hand on Benjamin’s forehead

“Yeah.” He mutter then looked at Kelsey, “I hate you.” He stated

“Feelings mutual, dickhead!” She pouted/glared

“Dickhead? Real mature.” Benjamin muttered wrapping his arm around Aliyah’s waist

“I know!” Kelsey yelled before drinking her water, “I’m so mature, it’s crazy. I should be the president or something. Oh, I know! I could get a sex change, get so many tans that I turn black, get a huge head, and a weird lookin’ mole, then I could be the next Obama.” She stated thoughtfully

“No sex changes for you!” I yelled pulling her into my chest

“But I wanna be OBAMA!” She whined

“You could be Obama with a v@gina.” Jessiah stated smirking at me

Olivia smacked him upside his head, “Shut up!”

He pouted and crossed his arms, “I was just sayin’!”

Olivia shook her head and rolled her eyes. Jessiah laughed and wrapped his arms around her shoulder.

“Hey! So, I’m in dire need of some peanut butter cookies. If we can get this rodeo moving. I’d be more than happy.” Kelsey said walking towards the door

My eyes scanned over her. I bit my lip as my eyes landed on her ass that was swaying as she walked. Damn!

“Stop staring, KeeKee.” Kelsey said walking out the door

I flushed as the others laughed and followed her. Benjamin patted me on the back,

“I know how you feel, man.” He said staring at Aliyah

I laughed, “We’re whipped.”

He laughed too, “We are and I’m not ashamed to admit it.”

He walked away laughing. I started to walk away when someone yelled,


I turned around, “Yeah?” I question staring at the blonde lady

“Can you tell her I said thank you?” She asked

“You can.” I smiled

Her eyes widened, “Oh yeah!”

I laughed and jerked my head to the door, “Better hurry. She’s an impatient one.”

She nodded and swung her legs over the casket. She jumped down with ease.

I walked towards the door, with Blondie following me.

“What’s your name?” She asked me

“Kyle, you?”

“Elizabeth. What’s your mates name?” She asked smiling

“Kelsey.” I said dreamily

“I didn’t even know healers still existed.” She stated thoughtfully

“Neither did I. She always surprises me.” I chuckled

“She seems like a lovely young lady.” Elizabeth smiled

“She’s the best.” I said simply

“So, why did Miko

abduct you?” She asked sneering at his name

I looked at her, “Do you know who Kelsey is?”

She shook her, “Should I?”

I smiled, “She’s the Uniter.”

Elizabeth’s eyes got wide as she gasped, “No!”

“Yeah.” I chuckled as we turned the corner that led down another hall

The others were nowhere in sight but I heard their laughter ahead of us.

“She’s the Uniter?!” Elizabeth yelled excited


“Oh my gosh! I met the Uniter! This is the best day of my life! Other than finding out I was pregnant but…Oh my gosh!” She ranted

I just stared straight ahead, kinda freak out. I mean, it’s not that big a deal. Kelsey’s just, Kelsey.

We stepped out of the mansion. I felt a chill run up my spine. Shivering, I looked around. My eyes caught red eyes hiding in the bushes.

I stopped walking and narrowed my eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Elizabeth asked standing beside me

The figures began to move out of the bushes, I stood in front of Elizabeth as she gasped.

Once they were out of the bushes I saw how many there were. Hell! About 20...things came out of like, one bush. How the hell did they manage that?!

“Kyle, what are we going to do?” Elizabeth’s scared voice rang behind me

I looked behind me and she was holding her stomach protectively which I just realized had a bump on it.

“Kelsey, bring all the others. We got trouble.”

I thought to Kelsey

“What kind of trouble?”

She asked hesitantly

“About 20 ugly things just came out of a bush.”

I said eyeing them

“I’ll be right there.”

She said in a rush

I nodded but then felt stupid because she can’t see me. The ugly things started walking closer. They were about 10ft away when I felt a gush of wind and two of the ugly people fell down.

I was Kelsey’s black hair flying in the wind as she attacked another thing. Frozen in shock, I watch. Smart huh? Not.

At once they all closed in on her. I was about to run to her when she smirked.

“Well, boys, Wazzup?!” She grinned widely at them, “Are you demons or minotaur’s?” She asked

They remained silent as they glared at her in hate which resulted in me glaring at them in hate too.

“I’m just gonna go with both, ‘kay?” She said before screaming

They fell to the floor, holding their heads in pain. I know how painful it is. I’ve had it first hand and it did NOT feel good.

Her usual bright blue eyes were black and she was glaring. She stopped screaming and scowled at the three people that were still standing, looking at her in shock and anger.

“Would you like to know how it feels?” Kelsey smirked as her eyes went back to blue

They growled; wolves. Greeaaat! That means she can’t use her freaky scream.

The other ran through the trees, panting slightly.

“What’s wrong?!” They yelled looking around

Their eyes landed on Kelsey who was smirking evilly. They looked back at me and slowly walked over to me.

“What happed?” My dad asked

“20 ugly people came from a bush, started walking toward us, I told Kelsey to bring you guys, she came in running like a fucking vampire, dropped two guys, then screamed, which resulted in demons and minotaur’s dropping, now three wolves are right there.” I explained

“She didn’t tell us anything. Just ran off.” Benjamin frowned and glared at the ground

“Hey, can I ask you guys a question?” I heard Kelsey ask

I looked over at her and she looked upset. My stomach clenched as anger took over my body. As I was about to kill those son of a bitches, Kelsey looked over at me and gave me a meaningful glace. Basically telling me to stay still and shut up.

I huffed and then sighed, nodding.

She looked back at them and she looked upset and sad now, “Can I?”

They didn’t reply, just looked at her expectantly.

“Why do you guys hate me?” She asked quietly

The three wolves shifted uncomfortably. They looked away from Kelsey, obviously not having an answer to the question.

“Do you even have a reason? Or do you jus hate me to hate me?” She asked not as sad anymore

Once again, they didn’t respond. I saw her bottom lip quiver slightly and my heart broke some more.

“Look at me!” She yelled

The pack jumped as did the three wolves. I just stared with a smile on my face.

Gotta love Kelsey Montgomery.

§ Kelsey §

I looked at the wolves in anger. If I’m talking to you, you should at least look at me.

They slowly slipped their gaze to me, looking frightened.

“Why?” I asked slowly

“Because we do.” The biggest wolf stated shrugging

My eyes pricked, “But why?”

“Our world doesn’t need change.” He sneered

“Obviously it does if you’re so willing to kill.” I glared

“So? We don’t kill all the time.” He shrugged, also glaring

“Oh, so it’s alright if you do it sometimes?” I asked trying to calm down my anger

He nodded and anger took over my body as I found my fist swinging at his face.

I smirked in satisfaction as I heard a crunch. He held his jaw, crying in agony.

“Here’s the thing, I don’t give a rats ass if you don’t like me. You can go rot in hell, the devil will be waiting with open arms.” I sneered

He looked up at me, in pain. “Go to hell.” But it sounded like ‘go ooo ell’

“Not me.” I smiled but my eyes remained hard

He glared at me, “Dis es why we hayte yoooou!”

“That’s nice to know. I only hit you because you’re a jackass that deserved to get hit.” I shrugged sitting down on the ground, tired and exhausted

I picked up a shiny red pebble and examined it. Pretty! I’mma keep it! I stuffed it in my pocket and looked around to see if anyone saw me. The other were smirking slightly which told me they saw.

I smiled sheepishly, “It was pretty.”

I looked down and saw bare feet standing in front of me. I heard the others gasp in anger as they made their way towards me. I held my hand out, telling them to spot. They heaved a sigh and stopped walking.

I looked up at the second biggest wolf, “What can I do for you, Sir?”

He glared at picked me up by my hair. I heard a loud growl and saw Derek, Declan and Blake running over to hold Kyle down.

Sighing, I shook my head and looked at Wolfie. Te he. Wolf-ieeeee!

“Waddup?” I asked checking my nails

His hold on my hair tightened and I gasped in anger.

“My hair!” I yelled pushing him away from me roughly

He let go of my hair, falling to the ground. I ran my hand through my hair.

“I hate you.” I pouted childishly

He glared at me as he got up, towering over me menacingly.

I backed up, “Haven’t you ever heard of person space? Gursh nursh! You just popped my bubble! You have to blow me a new one.”

He scowled, “We’re doing the world a favor in killing you.”

“Hey! That’s exactly what Miko said!” I laughed, “You know, when he was alive.” I smirked as he turned vivid

“You killed him?!” He boomed

“I didn’t, my partner in crime did.” I smiled

He suddenly turned around, “Who?!”

“Me!” Benji sang stepping away from Aliyah who was tugging his arm

I ran over to him and jumped on his back, “I wanna go home!” I whined loudly raising a couple of chuckles

Wolfie started walking over to us, I hopped off of Benji’s back and stood in front of him.

“Come any closer to him and I will castrate you.” I threatened looking at my nails. How’d they get so dirty?! Gosh! It’s gonna take FOREVER to get all this dirt out! I hate Miko! Ugh!

“Can we get whatever this is over with? I’m TIRED!” I whined and stomped my foot

“With pleasure.” Wolfie growled as he swung his fist towards me

I held my arm out and blocked his punch. I guess those three years of Taekwondo do help.

He swung his left fist which I also blocked.

“Me know Taekwondo.” I smiled as I threw a round house kick at his head

He staggered a bit before snarling at me. I stood still, carelessly.

“You’re going to regret that.” He sneered

“Whatcha gonna do?” I smirked

He glared one more time before he turned into a big black wolf, then he turned around and ran into the forest.

“Bitch.” I muttered climbing back onto Benji’s back, “Giddy up!” I yelled slapping him but

He jumped, “Stop doing that!”

I did it again, “Nope. Now take me home.” I rested my held on his shoulder

“Hey! Kelsey!” Someone yelled, I turned my head around and came almost face to face with Elizabeth

“Yes?” I asked politely

“Thank you. For everything.” She smiled

“No problem. Bring my baby cousin to see me when she’s born. ‘Kay?” I asked

She smiled and nodded, “Okay.”

“Okay, NOW giddy up!” I yelled slapping Benji’s butt again

He curled his hands around the back’s of my knees and started walking. I felt my eyes get heavy then sleep consumed me.


I felt Kelsey’s breaths get lighter into my neck as she feel asleep. Sighing, I pull her around and carry her bridal style

“I’ll take her.” Kyle said from beside me

I shifted her and handed her over to him. Then I grabbed Aliyah’s hand. I saw her blush and I chuckled. I am whipped.

“Shut up.” She mumbled, embarrassed

“I love you.” I blurted out like the idiot I am, “Um…sorry.” I muttered embarrassed

She pulled me to a stop as the others kept walking. I looked at her curiously. She grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me to her roughly, crushing our lips together.

I moaned at the feeling of her lips on mine and wrapped my arms around her, pulling her closer to me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I nipped her bottom lip.

She moaned and opened her mouth. She tasted so good!

“Benjamin! Spot seducing Aliyah and get in this truck!” I heard Kelsey yell

Why?! Why’d she have to wake up?! Doesn’t she ever sleep properly?! For more than five minutes?! Gosh!

I groaned in frustration and pulled back.

“Way to ruin our first kiss!” I yelled at Kelsey

“My bad.” She laughed as she slid into the truck

Annoyed, I stepped away from Ali, “Sorry.”

“It’s alright.” She said grinning widely, “Let’s go.” She suggested walking away

I looked at her. She has LONG LEGS! Long, sexy legs. Dayummmm!

“Stop staring and hurry up before Kelsey has an aneurism.” She laughed, not looking back

Do girl have a radar or something that beeps when guys are checking them out? I think they do.

I chuckled and started walking towards the truck. She started walking towards Rick’s truck but I grabbed her waist.

“You’re riding with me.” I whispered in her ear

She shivered, “Okay.”

I smiled and waved at Rick who was glaring slightly. I opened the door and got in, pulling Aliyah on my lap.

She blushed scarlet as I shut the door. I laughed at her and sat back to get comfortable. Jonathan started the truck and turned around, driving home.

“Benji?” Kelsey asked from the back of the truck

“Yes?” I sighed

“I want a nephew, soon.” She said

I turned around in shock, “What?”

“I want a nephew. Girls are too annoying.” She stated

“What?” I repeated

“She wants a nephew, dork.” Aliyah laughed

I looked at Aliyah in shock, “What?”

“Gosh, you are so stupid!” Kelsey yelled, “Me said me want nephew soon. ‘Kay?” She said slowly

I glared at her, “That was unnecessary.”

“You didn’t understand so I had to talk to you like that.” She shrugged

“I understood but why would you say that?” I demanded

“Because I really want a nephew.” She stated with a seriousness I never knew she had

“Don’t expect any soon.” I scowled

“Ali-bug wants me to have a nephew soon.” She pouted and stuck her tongue out at me

I looked back at Aliyah who was blushing and glaring at Kelsey.

“Do you?” I tried to hide my smiling

“No!” She said quickly

I smiled, “Whatever you want, you can have.”

She blushed a darker scarlet, “Thanks, Kels.”

“No problem!” Kelsey said not noticing Ali’s sarcasm or maybe she just doesn’t care

I smiled at Ali and she blushed again. Chuckling, I lean in and capture her lips with mine. She immediately responded and wrapped her arm around my neck, pulling me closer.

I wrapped one arm around her waist and the other one cups her face. I nip her bottom lip, asking for entrance. She doesn’t give it to me and I groan in frustration.

“Whooo! Live porn!” Kelsey yelled

Oh. My. Gosh. Really?!

I pull back and glare at Kelsey, “Really?!”

“Really.” She smiled

My glare softened. I just can’t stay mad at her. “I hate you.”

“Love you too, Benji-Boo!” She laughed

I sighed before laughing with her.

Gotta love Kelsey Montgomery.

§ Kelsey §

I was sitting in the back of the truck, laying on my stomach. Kyle was on my left side and Adam was on my right.

“Adam, why are you still here?” I asked as I turned my head to look at him

“I need a ride back into town.” He smiled

I nodded then heard a growl from beside me.

“You’re the bastard that knocked me out.” Kyle snarled

What’s up with wolves and snarling?! Seriously!

I looked at Adam and he look scared, apologetic and remorseful all wrapped into one.

“I’m sorry.” Adam muttered quietly

“Sorry doesn’t fucking cut it. Kelsey could’ve died tonight and it would have been your fault.” Kyle said shaking in anger

Sighing, I sat up. “Calm down.”

He looked at me and relaxed, still shaking slightly.

“It’s all good. Everyone's fine.” I reassured him

He nodded and glared at Adam, “You got lucky.”

I felt Adam stiffen slightly before relaxing. I shook my head and laid my head in Kyle’s lap. He ran his hands through my hair and I moaned in approval.

He groaned and shifted around, uncomfortable. “I told you not to do that.” He whispered in my ear

I shivered but hid it with a chuckle, “Sorry.”

He mumbled something incoherent and I laughed. I shook my head and he groaned again.

“What?” I asked turning my head to look up at him

“Stop moving.” He whispered fiercely but I saw the lust in his eyes

I laughed and sat up, “Whatev.”

He glared and sat me on his lap with my back to his chest.

I raised a brow and he gave me a pointed glared.

“It starts with a B and ends in Er.” He whispered wrapping his arms around my waist

“Ahahah! Kyle’s got a BONER!” I sang loudly

They all laughed as he buried his head in my neck. I was still laughing but abruptly stopped when he kissed my neck.

He smirked and ran his tongue down my neck.

I shivered, “Stop.”

“Nope.” He murmured kissing my neck again

“I am so done with you.” I stated getting off his lap

He smirked, “Sure.”

I glared and crossed my arms over my chest, “I am.”

“No you aren’t.” He smiled widely

I narrowed my eye, “Yeah-huh.”

“Nu-uh, you love me too much.” He grinned

I glared, “Shut up!”

He laughed and I glared harder. He’s right though, I do love him too much. Grrrrr!

I set my chin on the seat in the middle of Benji and Derek’s head. “How many babies can werewolves have at once?” I asked Benji

He slowly turned to me with a scowl plastered on his face, “Drop it.”

“I just asked an innocent question.” I gasped with wide eyed, “Okay, Aliyah, how many nephews can I get out of your v@gina?” I asked

Benji’s jaw dropped to the floor and he looked at me in shock.

“Stop!” He yelled in embarrassment

“I just wanna know!” I yelled back

“Well…stop!” He glared

“Hell no! If I wanna know something I ask! I’m asking!” I pointed out

“Ask somebody else!” He yelled

“Fine!” I yelled turning to Elias and Amabelle who I just noticed was in here with us, “Belle how many nephews can I get out of your v@gina?” I repeated my question

Elias glared at me, “Don’t.”

I ground my teeth, “Was I talking to you?! Hell to the mother fucking no I wasn’t! I was asking Belle, so shut up and let her answer!” I yelled while glaring at him intensely

He winced, “You’re so annoying!”

I smiled, “Thank you! Belle, you may answer.”

She laughed, “It all depends.”

“On?” I asked

“Your mates ranking in the pack.” She said

“Okay….what are you Eli?” I asked Elias

“I’m 5th.” He stated glaring at me

“So you’re going to have five children?!” I screeched at Belle

“No! Up to five. Not all at the same time!” She explained quickly

I took a deep breath, “Oh…What ranking are you Benji?” I asked

“8th.” He muttered

“I feel bad for yooooooou!” I sang to Aliyah, “Jonny what ranking are you?”

“1st.” He said looking at me in the rear view mirror

“But you guys have two kids.” I said confused

“Once the first kid hits werewolf puberty you can have another one.” Jasmine said

“Oh….” I trailed off then smirked while turning to Kyle, “When did you hit puberty?”

He flushed and looked down, muttering an age I couldn’t hear.

“What was that?” I smirked

“Thirteen.” He said a little louder

“Thirteen? Gosh!” I said in shock

He flushed darker, “Yeah.”

“That’s quite early.” I smirked

“Shut up.” He muttered looking down

“Awww! Don’t be embarrassed.” I laughed pinching his cheeks

Everybody laughed as he got redder.

“Hey, some girls hit puberty when they’re 10 or 11.” I shrugged leaning onto his side

They nodded in agreement, then we pulled into Lorraine’s driveway.

“Cookies!” I yelled flinging the back door open

“Kelsey!” They groaned behind me

I ignored them and frantically knocked on the door.

Lorraine opened the door and sighed in relief, “Is everybody okay?”

“Yup! Do you have more peanut butter cookies?” I asked with wide eyes

“No, sorry, hon’. I have sugar cookies.” She offered with a smile

My shoulder slumped, “Thanks but no. Sugar cookies are nasty.”

“Okay, sweetie.” She smiled and moved out of the way so we could all walk in

I sulked into the living room and plopped down on the couch by Lily’s sleeping form.

Both packs came in, for what reason? I have no clue. Most of them sat down on the furniture or on the floor while the others stood up.

Benji suddenly sat on my lap and I gasped.

“Dayummmm! You’re fat!” I yelled trying to push him off

Lily stirred next to me but didn’t wake up. Whew!

“Thanks.” He smiled wiggling around to cause me more pain

“Get off!” I whined

“Nope.” He said popping the P

I flexed my pinky before poking his neck. He jumped up and off of me.

“Ow!” He whined holding his neck

I shrugged, “I told you to get off.”

He glared and pouted at the same time making me laugh.

“I’m having cookie withdraws.” I stated after I stopped laughing

They rolled their eyes. Well, I am! Gursh!

I sank back into the couch with a deep scowl on my face and my arms crossed over my chest.

“You guys are mean.” I muttered

Once again, they rolled their eyes.

“We’ll be going so you can get some sleep, Mom.” Jasmine smiled and hugged Lorraine

Jonny picked up Lily and put her head in the crook of his neck.

“Goodnight, everybody. I hope you are all okay.” Lorraine smiled and hugged Kyle

“Bye, Nan.” Kyle said as he pulled away from her embrace

“Bye, Kelsey.” Lorraine smiled sheepishly

“…Bye.” I said standing up

It’s still quite awkward since she chewed me out for getting Kyle kidnapped.

Everyone said Goodbye, then we all walked back to the trucks.

“Hey, Dad? I’m gonna go to Jonathan’s house, okay?” Aliyah asked with a sly smiled

Chuckling, I shook my head. If you want something you don’t ask, you tell.

“HELL no.” Rick stated walking to his truck

“But, Dad!” Aliyah whined

“No! You’re not going to spend the night with your mate. I already know what you guys would do.” He glared at Benji

“Benji is a little seducer.” I smirked at Benji

He clenched his jaw and sent me a glare telling me to shut up.

I laughed and slid into the back of the truck.

“Hey! Where’s Adam?” I asked Kyle who was laying down looking like a huge, buff starfish

“I think he left.” Kyle shrugged

“He left without saying goodbye? Awww! Oh, and I didn’t even give him his powers back.” I said

“You took his powers? What’s his powers?” Kyle asked turning his head towards me

“Shape-shifter.” I said laying between his legs, holding myself up on my elbows

“That’s cool.” He said in a husky voice

He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me on top of him.

“I’m gonna squish you.” I said trying to get up

“No you’re not. You’re like a stick with curves.” He laughed

“Nu-uh!” I said sitting on his hips

I lifted my shirt up and squeezed my non-existent fat.

“Look at that.” I said trying to roll up my stomach fat

“You’re not fat.” He stated in a lust filled voice

“Yeah-huh! It jiggles!” I defended jumping up and down to show him

I immediately stopped when he moaned loudly.

“Ummm….” I said looking around

Mostly everybody was in the car but Aliyah was still trying to convince Rick that they wouldn’t do anything with means Benji is with her.

Eli and Belle are making out in the middle of the lawn. Okay! Freaks!

Everybody else was talking so they didn’t hear Kyle’s…moan.

My eyes slowly slid back to Kyle and he was staring at my exposed stomach. I quickly put my shirt down and held it down.

His eyes slid to my face, his eyes showed love and a whole lotta LUST!

“Ummm….” I repeated not knowing what to say

His hands gripped my waist, “Ugh!” He groaned in frustration

“…Ummm…” Was all I could say

He took a deep breath, “Don’t ever do that again…unless you want me to do what I’m fantasizing about right now.”

“Never again!” I said quickly

He nodded, his erection going down slightly. I tried to stay still but my knees started to hurt.

I started to move but he gave me a glare that made me stop. This is VERY awkward! I don’t think I’ve been in a situation this awkward in my entire life.

“Don’t move.” He commanded in a strict but lust filled voice

“You know I don’t like being told what to do.” I stated crossing my arms over my chest

He rolled his eyes, “I suggest you start liking it.”

“Nope.” I smirked before moving my hips roughly

I quickly got off him and jumped over the seat, into Derek’s lap.

“Wazzup?!” I smiled widely

“Um…hi.” He frowned

He looked back at Kyle who was still laying on his back, the tent in his shorts was very visible.

Derek looked back at me accusingly, “You’re the seducer.”

“What?! How could you?! I though we were siblings! Oh, you are SOOO disowned! Get off me!” I yelled pushing him away but then I forgot I was on his lap, “Get me off of you!”

“With pleasure.” He grunted and threw me onto Declan who threw me to Blake

“Why, hello there, Sexy Accent.” I smirked

“Why?” He demanded from Declan

Dec shrugged, “I don’t want her on me.”

“So that left you.” My smirk widened

He glared at Declan before glaring at me, “Get off.”

“I don’t wanna. Talk more.” I smiled bouncing up and down

“No.” He said shortly WITHOUT his accent

“What the hell?! Just talk!” I yelled and he winced

He shook his head and I pouted.

“Don’t talk to me.” I said turning so my back was to him

“My pleasure.” He muttered

I jumped up and fell back down on him. He groaned in pain and I smirked in satisfaction.

“That’s what you get.” I stated not looking at him

“Shut up. Your butt is boney.” He grunted before pushing me onto Declan

“Heyllo, Deccy!” I smiled and waved

“Hi.” He said shortly glaring at the smirking Blake

“You guys are mean brothers. Get off me.” I pouted crawling over the back of the seat

Kyle was sitting in the corner smirking at me evilly while I was sitting in the corner the farthest away from him, sulking and pouting.

“Ha ha. Your brothers don’t care as much as you thought.” He teased

“Ha ha. You’re not getting kissed or anything tonight.” I taunted puckering my lips

He lost his smirk real

fast while mine widened.

“What now, punk?” I asked

“Jerk.” He muttered crossing his arms over my chest

“Yes, I am.” I stated proudly, “Can we get this show on the road?! I need some cookies!” I yelled to Jonny

“Benjamin and Aliyah aren’t here yet.” He stated

I groaned loudly and hopped out of the truck, over to Benji, Ali, and Rick.

“Just let them go. They probably won’t be able to do anything with me there anyway.” I smirked at Rick

“True!” Ali yelled nodding frantically

Rick looked at me, “You won’t let them do anything?”

“Not even a kiss.” I smirked at Benji’s glare, “I’ll watch them the WHOLE time.” I stated

Rick nodded, “Okay. Bye, Baby girl.”

“Bye, Dad!” Ali said excitedly as she kissed his cheek

Rick walked over to his truck and got in.

“I am so not watching you guys.” I rolled my eyes walking towards the truck

I heard Benji sigh in relief.

“Thank you, God.” He muttered getting in the back after me

I laughed and jumped into Kyle’s lap. He groaned in pain,

“Why would you do that?”

“It’s fun.” I shrugged playing with his fingers, “You have chubby fingers.” added

“Thanks.” He said sarcastically

“You’re welcome!” I said happily, “Jonny? Can you turn on the music?” I asked

He nodded and turned the radio on. Stupid songs started playing. Like Kesha. EEEEEEEWWWWW!

“Turn it off.” I grumbled

He laughed and turned it off. I leaned towards Benji and Ali.

“Guess what?” I asked cupping my mouth

“What?” Benji sighed but smiled

“I like cookies.” I whispered, “Specifically peanut butter cookies.” I added

Benji rolled his eyes while Ali smiled. “Everyone knows that, Kels.” Ali laughed

“Oh…just thought I’d tell you again.” I whispered leaning back

She nodded, “Good to know.”

I nodded back with a serious look on my face, “It is.”

Benji scoffed and pulled Ali onto his lap. She blushed and he laughed.

“You know Kelsey, I’ve never seen you blush.” Benji stated thoughtfully

“Because I don’t blush.” I said playing with Kyle’s fingers again

“Everyone blushes.” Ali argued with her cherry face

“I don’t.” I stated

“That’s crazy.” She said frowning

“Nu-uh!” I yelled looking up at her with a mean glare

“Yeah-huh!” She yelled matching my glare

“Shut up, Ms. Cherry Head.” I grumbled and then smirked as she got redder

“Rude!” She snapped sinking back into Benji’s arms

“Yes, I am.” I smiled

“It’s not a good thing.” Benji glared

“Yeah-huh.” I insisted

“No, it’s not.” He argued glaring harder at me

“Whatev, Benjamin, Whatev.” I muttered laying my head on Kyle’s shoulder, “Not my fault your girlfriend turns into a cherry every time you touch her. No offense, Ali.” I added

“Offense taken.” She said

“Sorry,” I shrugged, “My BAD!” I yelled

She rolled her eyes. Kyle kissed my forehead and wrapped his arms around my waist.

“Wazzup?” I asked lazily

“Nothing much.” Kyle said

I yawned and nodded, “Cool.”

Then, I fell asleep.

Chapter 21: My Family

%Kyle’s POV%

I heard Kelsey’s breaths get lighter and knew she was asleep.

“Did anything happen to her?” I asked looking up at Benjamin

“What do you mean? She’s fine.” He said confused

“Did she get hurt in any way?” I asked

He hesitated, “…NOPE!” He yelled with wide eyes

“You’re a horrible liar.” I stated without emotion

He coughed and I saw his hands tighten around Aliyah. “N-no, she didn’t get h-hurt.”

“Just tell me.” I said exasperated

“Lemma see.” He frowned in concentration, “Um, there was Lashawna, Alfred, Miko, a demon bit her, um…then that werewolf pulling her hair but I don’t think that hurt her.” He finished

I was livid and asked in a deathly calm voice, “Miko?”

He froze, “Did I say Miko? I meant…Spongebob?” He offered with a wince

“A demon bit her?” I asked in the same tone

“Did I say demon bit her? Psh! I was….lying.” He said lamely

“What happened with Lashawna?” I ignored him

“Oh, yeah. Turns out Lashawna was working with Miko. She helped kidnap you.” He stated playing with Aliyah’s fingers

“Alfred?” I asked in a tight voice

“Him too.” Benjamin said not looking up

“He hurt her?” I asked looking down at Kelsey

I brushed her hair out of her beautiful face.

“No. She the Uniter, Kyle. She doesn’t really get hurt. The only thing that hurt her was the demon bite, but she healed herself.” He shrugged

I looked over her and froze when I saw the faint bite on her left arm. Gingerly, I picked it up and brought it close to my face to look at it.

I set her arm down and could help the loud growl that rumbled in my chest. Everybody looked back and my dad frowned at me looking in the mirror to see me.

“What’s wrong?!” I heard a panicked voice ask, “Kyle?! You okay?!”

I looked down at Kelsey and smiled tightly, “Fine.”

She arched a brow and turned to Benjamin, “What happened?”

He looked at me and I frantically shook my head. He smirked at looked back at Kelsey.

“Oh, nothing, just him being a man.” Benjamin shrugged looking innocent

I frowned. Nice one, Benjamin. Real original.

“Just being a man?” Kelsey repeated in a disbelieving tone

“Yup.” Benjamin smiled

“Liar.” Kelsey stated leaning back against my shoulder, “So, what really happened?” She asked again giving Benjamin ‘The look’

“Huh? What? Oh…huh?” He stammered

Kelsey’s eyes glazed over and then Benjamin jumped staring into space.

“Kelsey?” I asked as Aliyah asked, “Benny?”

I looked between the two. Benjamin still had a frown on his face while Kelsey was smirking.

I frowned, “I’m so lost.”

Aliyah nodded and shook Benjamin, “Benjamin?”

Kelsey’s eyes unglazed and she laughed while Benjamin shuddered.

“What’s so funny? And what just happened?” I asked confused

“She was just reading my thoughts.” Benjamin shuddered again

“Haha, Aliyah. Wherever you guys finish the mating bond you’ll have some SUR-PRI-SES!” Kelsey laughed loudly

“Shut up!” Benjamin yelled angrily

I growled loudly and pulled Kelsey tighter against me.

Kelsey stopped laughed, “Say sorry.”

“He just yelled at you.” I stated angrily

“Benjamin, apologize. Kyle, apologize.” She said in a strict voice

Benjamin winced, “Sorry, Kelsey.”

“Sorry.” I muttered rolling my eyes

“Like you mean it.” Kelsey snapped elbowing me in the ribs

I grunted, “I am so, very, truly sorry, Benjamin. I’ll never growl at you again.” I said sarcastically but it came out like I meant it

“Sarcasm is bad.” Kelsey stated picking at her nails

“What?” I asked with wide eyes, “That wasn’t sarcasm.” I added

“Puh-lease. I am the QUEEN of sarcasm.” She looked up at me and nodded

I thought about it, “No, you’re not.”

“Yeah-huh!” She pouted angrily

“Whatever.” I chuckled running a hand through my hair

She poked my forehead, hard.

“Ow!” I whined loudly, rubbing my forehead

“Say I am.” She glared poking my stomach

“No.” I said childishly

She flicked my ear, “Say it.”

“Mommy!” I yelled

My Mom looked back and chuckled, “Yes, Kyle?”

“She hurting me.” I said pointing to Kelsey

My Mom just chuckled again and turned around.

“Muhahahahaha! She’s on MY side!” Kelsey said evilly, “Jonny, are you on my side?” She asked sweetly

“No. You are forcing me to get you a puppy.” He said grumpily

Kelsey laughed, “I forgot about that!”

My Dad groaned, “Damn it! Why’d I have to bring it up?!”

Everyone laughed and Kelsey sat criss-cross-applesauce. She started poking her purple Vans.

“Why are you poking your shoes?” Benjamin asked frowning

“Why not?” She retorted not looking up

She poked harder and grunted in the process. I raised my brows. She’s one strange girl.

“Seriously, why?” Benjamin tried again

“Seriously, why not?” She poked harder

“You’re so annoying and aggravating!” Benjamin complained

“You’re so ugly and stupid.” She retorted angrily

Benjamin gasped and quietly asked, “Ugly?”

Kelsey nodded, “Yup.”

“That’s just cold.” Benjamin glared

Kelsey shrugged and set her hands on her knees, “I don’t care.”

“What’s wrong with you?” Benjamin frowned

“There’s nothing wrong with me.” She stated picking at her jeans

“Obviously there is. What is it?” He persisted

“I said nothing Benjamin.” She growled quietly

I raised my brows in surprise as Benjamin frowned in hurt. Everyone gasped and looked back at us.

I set my hand on top of hers. She stiffened then relaxed, only to shake my hand off.

“We’re home.” My Dad announced quietly

Kelsey got up and threw the back door open. She walked up tot the front door, opened it and walked in.

I frowned after her.

“What’s wrong with her?” Derek asked worried

I shrugged, “I don’t know. Just give her some time alone.”

They all nodded and we walked into the house. We all went into the living room and sat down.

“So, um, Elijah, Thyme, why didn’t you let anyone know you were alive?” My Dad asked quietly

Regret flashed through Elijah’s eyes while Thyme looked sad.

“It would’ve put you guys in risk.” Elijah said in a soft voice

“We could’ve handled it.” My Dad stated looking down

“They would’ve killed you.” Thyme said

“Why?” My Mom asked sitting by my Dad

“If they knew you guys were our friends they would’ve came here to ask about Kelsey. We could’ve have that.” Elijah said putting a hand on my dad’s shoulder

“Why’d you guys pretend?” My Dad asked in a tight voice

“Pretend to be dead? Because if they knew we were alive, they’d track us.” Thyme blinked

“So? You could’ve just put another protection spell on you guys again.” My Dad shrugged

“They would’ve found Kelsey.” Thyme said softly

“So you guys hand to give up your life…to keep me safe?” I heard Kelsey’s voice come from the door way

I looked over and her face was all puffy and red. She’d been crying. She walked in and stood in front of Elijah and Thyme.

“We didn’t ‘give it up’.” Thyme laughed, “We just…I don’t know. We wanted to protect you.” She smiled

Kelsey nodded, “People knew I was the Uniter?”

“When you were a baby. Witch Malone, I told her you were the Uniter. Only because all witches used to be friends. Little did I know she was on Miko’s fathers side.” She laughed sadly

“She told Miko‘s daddy.” Kelsey stated walking towards me

I held my arms opened and she sank into my lap. I wrapped my arms around her torso and set my chin on her shoulder.

“Yes. As soon as I told her she said she had something important to do. Me, being the dense person I am, didn’t think anything of her leaving so suddenly. The next day, Makhi, sent his guards out to take you.

“I saw them coming and quickly put you with a friend” Kelsey tensed but Thyme continued, “while I put a spell Elijah and I. We went out to stop them. They ‘killed’ us and proceeded to find you.

“When they found out you weren’t there they went back to Makhi and he sent out a search team. We went to our friends house but weren’t allowed to go in because even they thought we were dead.

“But we never left you. We were always with you.” Thyme finished smiling at Kelsey

Kelsey was still tense as she plastered a smiled on her face, “Yeah. And friends? You were friends with my foster parents?”

“Yes. Best friends other that Jonathan and Jasmine.” Elijah grinned at My Mom and Dad

My parents smiled back happily.

“That’s nice.” Kelsey fake smiled again

“What’s wrong?” I whispered in her ear

She shivered, “Nothing. Just…wondering.”

My eyes narrowed slightly but I let it down, nodding at her.

“Were Mallory and Marc good parents? Did you ever call them Mom or Dad?” Thyme asked smiling

Kelsey stiffened again, “They are not and never will be my parents.” She growled quietly holding my hand so tight that it started to hurt

“Baby?” I asked quietly, she relaxed slightly.

“Sorry.” She muttered looking down

Thyme and Elijah’s smiles had dropped a little.

“Well, were they good parents?” Elijah asked

“No.” Kelsey stated getting out of my arms

“What-” She cut thyme off

“I’m tired. Good night.” She said walking up the stairs

A couple seconds later I heard my bedroom door shut. I looked around and everyone was looking at the stairs Kelsey had just gone up.

“What just happened?” Declan asked

I shook my head and got up, “Night, everyone.”

“Night.” They muttered back

I ran up stairs and opened my bedroom door. Kelsey was laying on my bed in a tight ball.

I shut the door, “Kelsey? What’s wrong, baby?”

I laid down beside her and pulled her back to my chest.

“Nothing.” She said resting her arm on mine

“You sure?” I asked

She nodded, “Yeah. Night, KeeKee. I love you.”

I chuckled at the ‘KeeKee’ part, “I love you, too.”

We both fell asleep at the same time.

@Kelsey‘s POV@

I woke up and looked over at the clock. It read: 12:07 pm

I yawned and removed Kyle’s arm from around my waist.

Standing up, I stretched and walked over to Kyle’s side of the bed. I picked up his phone and silently creep out the door. I cautiously walked down stairs and out the back door.

I sat beside the pool, my feet dangling in it. I flipped the phone opened and started dialing the number I remember so many years ago.

‘Please don’t be home. Please don’t be home.’

“Hello?” Asked a deep voice

I sighed in relief, “Tyson?”

“Who’s this?” My foster brother asked confused

“Wow! You forget your ONLY big sister?!” I asked laughing

“Kelsey?” He asked quietly

“Who else, dip-shit?” I asked

“It’s really you.” He whispered in shock

“Yup.” I smiled

“’ve you been?” He asked and I could practically see the smile on his face

“Good. You?” I asked quietly, “How’s Jimmy, Caroline, Talon, Talia, and Easton?” I asked in a whispered

“…They’re all good.” He hesitated, “W-why didn’t you come back for us?” He sobbed quietly

Tears started dripping down my face, “I-I don’t have enough money yet to support all you guys. But I’m coming soon. I promise.”

“Swear?’ He cried

“I swear. Where’s Mallory and Marc?” I asked in a growl

“Work as they say. But we all know their not.” Tyson answer sniffling, “Guess what?” He asked suddenly happy

“What?” I smiled

“I got a job!” He exclaimed

“Where?!” I laughed

“My best friend’s dad owns this mechanic shop and he gave me a jog to clean up and stuff.” He said proudly

“That’s awesome, Ty.” I laughed

“Yeah. I have, like, $400. Is that enough to come get us?” He asked

“I have about $2,000. So, I don’t know.” I shrugged

“Where are you staying?” He asked

“My boyfriends house.” I smiled

“You have a boyfriend?” He laughed loudly

“Hey!” I yelled offended, “I am VERY pretty!”

“Sure!” He chuckled

“You haven’t seen me face-to- face in FIVE years! People change!” I frowned into the phone

He stopped laughing, “Don’t remind me.”

“I’m sorry, Ty. But you’ll see me soon. Then you’ll never get away from me!” I then laughed evilly

“Ty, who’re you talking too?” I heard a little girl ask

“Kelsey!” He yelled

The little girl shrieked, “Kelsey?! Like, big sister?!”

“Yeah!” Ty yelled

“Kelsey?!” Her voice rang into the phone

“Hey, Tali.” I chuckled

“Oh my gosh! Jimmy, Talon, Easton, Caroline! Get over here!” She yelled INTO the phone

“Gosh, Tal, calm down.” I laughed

“Shush! Hurry up!” She screamed

“What?!” I heard Talon’s voice yelled, followed by Easton’s, Jimmy’s, and Caroline’s

“Kelsey’s on the phone!” She announced

“What?” Talon’s voice asked quietly

“Kelsey is on the phone, ding-bat.” Tali said quietly

“Give it to me!” He yelled and I heard struggling before a breathless Talon spoke,

“Hello? Kelsey?”

“Hey, Lonny.” I smiled

He started breathing heavy, “Please! Tell me this isn’t another dream!”

“You little perv! You have dreams about me!” I said feigning disgust

“It’s you.” He stated, “So, um, how’s it been?”

“Alright. Now you, tell me how it has really been. Tyson lied.” I said

“Oh, um, it’s been…good.” He lied

“Give the phone to Jimmy.” I ordered

“Here, Jim. She wants to talk to you.” I heard Talon mutter

“Kelsey?” Jimmy squealed

“Yes-sir-e-bob. What’s cookin’ good lookin’?” I laughed

“Nothing much. Mallory and Marc are still being the ugly ignorant bitches that they were when you left.” He chuckled

I grit my teeth, “Let me talk to Carry.”

“Okay.” He said

“Hey, Kelsey.” Carry said

“Has he touched you?” I said getting straight to the point

“…Um, no, he hasn’t.” She lied quietly

“I have to go. Tell everyone I love them. Bye.” I said before hanging up

I stood up and angrily walked back up stairs. I opened Kyle’s door and he was tossing and turning on the bed.

I set his phone down quietly and went to his dresser. I pulled out a green shirt that wasn’t as big as the others and the pair of pants Sophia gave me the other day. I went to my suit case and got out a bra and a pair of panties.

I went to the bathroom and took a quick shower, washing all the dirt off. Getting out, I wrapped a towel around my body and dried off. After that, I slipped my underwear on and then slipped my clothes on.

I brushed through my hair and left it to dry. I set my clothes in the hamper thing and walked out of the bathroom.

I grabbed some socks, put them on, then slipped my green Vans on.

“Where are you go?” Kyle croaked behind me

“To handle some business.”

He sat up, “What kind of business?”

“No kind.” I shrugged

“Can I come?” He asked standing up

“If you hurry up.” I said impatiently

He nodded and jumped up. He ran to the bathroom, came out dripping wet a minute later, naked. I looked around, whistling.

“Done!” He announced

I looked back to see him fully dressed.

“Good. Let’s go.” I said grabbing his arm

We walked down stairs and I grabbed the car keys on the way out. I unlocked the doors and got in the driver seat.

“This is my car.” Kyle stated standing at the drivers side door

“Yes, it is. Get in the passenger side.” I said starting the car

“But, this is MY car.” He repeated

“I understand that but you don’t know where we’re going.” I said kindly

He grunted and walked over to the passenger’s side. He grumpily got in and buckled up.

“This is my car.” He said again, “Don’t crash it!” He yelled suddenly

“Calm down Ricky Bobby! I won’t.” I said pulling out of the drive way

I started down the road.

“Where’re we going?” Kyle asked

“Foster parents house.” I answered stiffly

“Oh. Well, what happened last night. When Thyme mentioned Mally and Mike you totally tensed.” He frowned

“Mallory and Marc. I just don’t like them.” I lied with a shrugged

“Don’t lie. Just tell me.” He pleaded turning to me

“You’ll get mad.” I said quietly

“I promise I won’t.” He said

I nodded, “He...touched girls.”

“Touches? Like…inappropriately?” He asked

I nodded and tightened my grip on the steering wheel

He was silent for awhile then asked, “Did he touch you?”

I shook my head, “I was the only one that stood up for everyone. I would’ve told. I was the oldest.”

“So, he touches the other girls?” He asked trying to control his anger

“I didn’t know. I swear.” I cried turning to him, “I-I didn’t know he touched them. They didn’t tell me!” I sobbed turning back to the road

“Shhh, Baby. It’s alright.” He tried to sooth

I shook my head, “It’s NOT alright! I left and he touched them. I shouldn’t have left. It’s all my fault!”

“It’s not your fault. You didn’t know.” He said softly as he pried my hand from the steering wheel

“I could’ve prevented it. If I stayed, I could’ve stopped him. Did something, ANYTHING!” I yelled wiping my tears

He stayed silent but held my hand tightly and ran his hand through my damp hair.

I speed up and I saw the familiar McDonalds I used to take them too. I turned down the familiar street and jerked to a stop on front on the small yellow house.

I got out and walked up the drive way. Kyle came up behind me and grabbed my hand.

“Just stay calm.” He whispered

I nodded and knocked on the door. Shuffling went on inside.

“W-who is it?” Tyson’s scared voice rang from the other side

“Open the gosh damned door!” I yelled opening it

Tyson, Talon, and Jimmy all jumped back scared.

“Pack your stuff.” I ordered walking into the house

“Kelsey?” Talon asked with ushed tears as his bottom lip quivered

I turned to him and smiled, “Wazzup?!”

Jimmy squealed and ran up to me, giving me a breath-taking hug. The they all ran up to me and squeezed the life out of me.

“I can’t believe you’re here!” Ty sobbed into my shoulder

“I said I was coming soon.” I chuckled and patted his head

“Y-you’re really here! With us!” Carry cried

I wrapped my arms around her, “I was always with you guys.”

“But not physically!” Tali cried loudly as tears ran down her face

“Yeah.” I sighed

I looked up to see Kyle smiling at all of us.

“Guys, this is my boyfriend, Kyle.” I smiled

They jumped away from me and turned to him.

“Dayummmm!” Carry yelled eye raping Kyle

He cleared his throat awkwardly, “Um, Hi.”

“He’s HOT!” Carry yelled at me

“I knoooooow!” I chuckled

Tali was looking at him with narrowed eyes while the boys were glaring at him.

Kyle smiled and waved, “Nice to meet you guys.”

The boys walked towards him, trying to look menacing.

“What do you want with my sister?” Ty asked standing in the middle of Jimmy and Lonny

“What do I want with Kelsey?” Kyle asked confused

“Did I stutter? Why are you dating her?” Ty growled angrily

“Ty!” I snapped

They ignored me.

“Because I love her.” Kyle answered truthfully

“Awwwwww!” Carry and Tali squealed jumping up and down

“Do you really love her?” Lonny asked crossing his arms over his chest

“With all my heart.” Kyle smiled

“I like you!” Jimmy exclaimed hugging Kyle

Jimmy likes everyone. He’s a weird boy.

“Thank you.” Kyle chuckled nervously as he looked at the still glaring Lonny and Ty

“Go pack your things.” I said to the girls

They nodded excitedly and ran down the hall.

“Lonny, Ty, leave him alone.” I sighed walking up to Kyle

Jimmy released him and ran off to his room.

“What’s your purpose with my big sister?” Lonny asked

“To…marry her.” Kyle said slowly as he wrapped his arm around my waist

They watched the movement then shrugged.

“Cool with me.” Ty shrugged

“Yeah…cool beans.” Lonny nodded

“Go pack.” I said nodding down the hall

They nodded and walked down the hall.

“That was…fun.” Kyle laughed pulling me to his chest

“Yeah. They’re weird.” I chuckled, “I just don’t know where they could stay. I mean, I can’t leave them here.” I whispered looking down

“We’re going back to my house soon. We have extra rooms. They can stay at My Dad’s till we go.” He offered

I looked up at him, “You don’t have to do that. No.”

“You’re happier with them. They’re apart of the pack now.” He smiled

“I’m not sure that’s a secret you’re suppose to tell everyone.” I said with a serious face

“Family can know.” He stated kissing my forehead

I nodded, “Only till I can get them a place to stay. Ty is 17 so he can watch them. Also Talon and Carry are 16.”

“Carry looks 19.” He said

“She’d love to hear you say that.” I laughed

I detangled myself from him and pulled him down the hallway. The girls rooms were first.

I poke my head in and saw that their room was almost bare. Chuckling, I went to Jimmy’s room.

He was frantically shoving clothes into his suit cases.

“Calm down.” I laughed

He jumped, “Don’t do that!”

I shook my head and went to Ty and Talon’s bedroom.

“Where do you think we’re going?” I heard Lonny ask

“I don’t know but I hope it has a pool and our new school has hot girls.” Ty shrugged

“Fo sho.” Lonny agreed

I laughed and walked in, “What are you? Black?”

“Actually I am! 2%!” He yelled with attitude

“2% doesn’t mean anything!” Ty laughed taking down a poster of a girl with a bikini on

Kyle wrapped his arms around my waist, “I have a pool at my house and there are very hot girls where I live.” He laughed

I elbowed him, “Shut up!”

“I was just kidding!” He groaned in pain

“Hellz yeah!” Lonny and Ty yelled high fiving each other

I laughed and hooked my arm around Kyle’s neck. He sighed into my ear and tightened his hold around my waist.

“What’s going on here?!” I heard a voice boom

The boys stiffened and tears came to their eyes. I heard whimpers down the hall.

I got out of Kyle’s arms and walked out of the room. At the end of the hall was Marc, holding Carry’s arm tightly.

“Hey, Marc. Long time no see.” I laughed with a wave

Mallory was standing behind him, looking down at the ground but her head snapped up when she heard my voice.

“Wazzup, Mallory?!” I asked walking towards them

“Kelsey.” She sneered

“Kelsey? That bitch we used to watch?” Marc asked Mallory

Mallory nodded glaring at me, “What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to take my siblings home.” I stated standing a few feet away from them

“This is their home!” Marc yelled

“No. Wherever I am, that’s home.” I said

He turned to Carry and yelled in her face, “You’re not going anywhere!”

She whimpered and tried to pull away. My rage was growing quickly. He suddenly slammed him lips against hers and I took off with inhuman speed.

I pushed him off her and he fell back, on top of Mallory.

“Go finish packing.” I said to Carry

She stared at me in shock and nodded, scurrying into her room. Marc got back up.

“You bitch!” He yelled lunging at me

I side stepped and he flew into the ground. He got back up and I slammed him into the wall.

“Who’s the prey now?” I growled in his face

He got ready to spit on me.

“Spit on me, I will kill you.” I sneered

Fear flashed in his eyes before he masked it, “Whatever, little bitch! You’re still MY PREY! And Caroline it too.” He smirked looking over at Carry who was staring wide eyed at us

I grit my teeth, “See, that’s what you think. You’re my prey now.”

He tried to get free but I tighten my hold around his neck and he started panting.

“Mall-ory! Get this b-b-itch off me!” He yelled

I heard Mallory get up and she started running towards me. I held my other hand up and caught her my her neck, slamming her against the wall. The whole time looking at the panicked Marc.

“I’m not the little girl I once was, Marc.” I whispered to him, “But I wasn’t scared of you then and I’m not scared of you now.” I added softly

He was beet red from the lack of oxygen. Mallory was struggling. I let Marc drop and he started gasping for air. I moved to stand in front of Mallory.

“Mallory, it’s great to see you.” I smiled, “…Not really, just though I’d say it.” I shrugged innocently

She weakly raised her hand and punched me in the face. I laughed softly.

“You can’t hurt me.” I laughed shaking my head, “Can’t believe you though you could.” I added chuckling

“Tell me, how does it make you feel to be the one in need? The one in danger?” I growled, I could feel my eyes changing

“I’m not in danger!” She chocked out

“But you are.” I laughed letting her go

I looked around and all the kids were staring at me in shock. Kyle was laughing. Jerk.

“Go finish packing.” I said sitting down on the ground

“What the hell just happened?!” Ty yelled

“I’ll explain everything later.” I sighed

“No! Tell us now!” Ty yelled crossing his arms over his chest

“First of all, little boy! Don’t you DARE yell at me! Second, finish packing NOW!” I yelled glaring at him

He flinched, “What happened to you? You never yelled at me before.”

“You yelled at me first.” I shrugged

His eyes watered and he stomped into his room, followed by an angry Lonny. They slammed the door shut.

I sighed and ran my hands down my face. Great. Now they’re angry with me.

Kyle sat down next to me, “You alright?”

“Yeah.” I said exhaling loudly

“Kelsey?” A timid voice asked

I looked up to see Carry standing a little a ways. “Yeah?”

“Thank you.” She smiled and ran into her room

I nodded even though she couldn’t see me.

“I’m gonna go talk to the boys. Can you watch the girls?” I asked Kyle as I stood up

He jumped up, “Yup.”

He walked into their room and I walked over to the boys’ room. I turned the door handle and pushed it open.

They both looked over and glared, “Get out.”

“Lonny, can I talk to Ty alone?” I asked pleading

Lonny looked at Ty as he shook his head.

“No.” Lonny answered

“Fine. I’ll talk to you both.” I said shutting the bedroom door

I walked over and sat on Ty’s bed, across from them.

“Talk.” Ty glared

“I’m sorry that I yelled at you. Really sorry.” I said looking at Ty

His face softened before hardening again, “How can you run so fast?”

“Um…I don’t really know but I have…powers.” I replied frowning at the ground

“Powers?” Ty laughed

I nodded and looked up. Lonny had a large cut on his arm that I just noticed.

“C’mere, Lonny.” I said waving him over

He hesitated and walked over to me. I grabbed his arm and put my hand over his cut. I pushed power into his arm and pulled away.

“There.” I smiled looking up

Lonny was staring in shock at his arm and Ty looked…scared. I frowned and played with my fingers.

“How’d you do that?” Lonny asked with wide eyes

“I’m part healer.” I said looking at the ground

“What’s your other powers?” He asked excited

My head snapped up to see him smiling at me.

“I have lots of them.” I answered smiling slightly

“So cool!” He yelled beaming at me

I nodded and looked over to Ty. He was looking at his bedspread, actually glaring at it.

“Ty?” I asked quietly

“What?” He snapped

I flinched, “You know what? Stay mad. I don’t give a fuck. Lonny hurry up.”

I stood up and started walking towards the door when Ty yelled, “Wait!”

I turned around, “What?”

“I’m sorry.” He whispered

I smiled and ran over, jumping in his lap. He chuckled and hugged me back.

“I love you!” I gushed

“Love you too.” He laughed kissing my hair

I laughed and got up, “Finish.”

“I hate packing!” Ty groaned shoving a pair of jeans in his suit case

“Start liking it.” I said walking out of their room

I looked down the hall and saw Kyle holding Marc and Mallory by the neck, pushed against the wall.

“What happened?” I chuckled standing by Kyle’s side

“They don’t give up.” Kyle grumbled

They looked like they were about to pass out.

“Let ‘em go.” I laughed walking into the girls’ room

He groaned and let them drop to the floor. I shook my head and laid down on Carry’s bed.

“Almost done?” I asked

“Yup.” They sang together

“Good.” I sighed sitting up

“How can you run so fast?” Tali asked

“Tell you later.” I smiled

She nodded and put her blanket in her bag.

“I’m done.” She grinned

“Me too!” Carry yelled

“Kelsey! Kelsey! I’m dooooone!” Jimmy sang running into the room

He jumped into my arms and buried his head into my neck.

“Jimmy, you’re 14 years old. You’re acting 5.” I chuckled wrapping my arms around him

“I’m just so happy! We’re finally leaving this place.” He smiled into my neck

I kissed his cheek and stood up with his still in my arms.

“Damn! You’re strong!” Tali yelled in awe

“I know.” I smiled and walked out into the hallway to see the boys harassing Kyle

“What’s going on here?” I asked setting Jimmy down

“They think I have powers too.” Kyle chuckled

“Well, you sorta do.” I said thoughtfully

“Hmmm, yeah I guess I do.” He nodded

“What powers then?” Lonny practically yelled

Kyle looked at me and I shrugged.

“I’m a werewolf.” Kyle stated

Lonny and Ty looked over at me and I nodded. Jimmy was squealing and bouncing up and down.

“Oh mah goodness! Werewolf?!” Jimmy yelled jumping on Kyle’s back

“Uhhh…” Kyle muttered with wide eyes

“Jimmy get off him. He can kill you!” Ty yelled

Kyle frowned, “I don’t kill people.”

“Oh…my bad!” Ty grinned sheepishly

“Yeah! Your bad!” Jimmy yelled sticking his tongue out at Ty, “Don’t assume! Werewolves can be nice!” He added flicking Ty’s ear

I taught him well.

“Jimmy!” Ty scolded

“Huh?” Jimmy asked innocently

“Don’t do it again!”

“Do what?” Jimmy asked genuinely confused

“Ugh! Gosh you have a short attention span!” Ty yelled going back into his room

I laughed because it’s true. Jimmy can’t focus on anything really. He always has too many things running through his head.

“Hey, do you guys have peanut butter cookies?” I asked suddenly

“When do we ever have cookies? We never had them when you were here.” Tali stated

“I had to stay hopeful.” I shrugged

“How do you put up with this?” Lonny asked Kyle

I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms over my chest. “I’m an amazing person. That’s how.”

At that they all rolled their eyes, even Kyle.

“I hate you guys.” I glared

They laughed and walked away, leaving me in the kitchen alone.

Who does that?

Me + Kitchen = Mess

Chapter 22: Cookies and Skittles!

“What did you do?!” Ty screamed in horror

I looked up sheepishly, “I was looking for peanut butter cookies.”

“The kitchen is thrashed!” Lonny yelled at me

I rolled my eyes, “I see that.”

“I told you we didn’t have any cookies!” Tali screeched

“And I told you I had to stay hopeful.” I retorted jumping off the counter

“Seriously?! How do you deal with her?” Lonny asked Kyle with wide eyes

Kyle shook his head, “I really don’t know.”

I flounced up to him and kissed him hard on the lips, “Because you love me.”

He smiled with at me with lustful eyes, “I do. Still don’t know how I put up with you but, eh.”

I grinned up at him before raiding the cabinets again.

“There. Are. No. Cookies. In. There.” Carry said slowly, “Can we leave already?” She asked

I shrugged, “Sure. I have to handle Marc and Mallory first.”

“What’re you gonna do?” Kyle asked cautiously

“Make them forget me ever being here.” I stated walking out of the kitchen

“Make them forget? Like, erase their memories?” Lonny grinned

“Kinda.” I said tilting my head to the side slightly

I bent down beside Mallory and Marc’s unconscious bodies. I put a hand on each of their foreheads before chanting a memory erasing spell quietly.

“Done.” I said as I stood up

“You erased their memory of you?” Ty frowned

“Not all the way. Just me coming here today and taking you guys.” I shrugged, “Go get your bags and meet us outside.” Added walking towards the door, Kyle trailing after me

“So, it’s alright is they live with you for a while?” I asked leaning against the car

“It’s alright if they live with us for a while.” He corrected laying his body on top of mine and wrapping his arms around my waist

I wrapped my arms around his neck, “Thank you.”

“No problem.” He smiled and leaned down to kiss me

I leaned up so he wouldn’t have to bend down that much. His lips met mine and those familiar sparks ran through my body making me shiver.

I pressed my lips harder to his and nipped his bottom lip. He growled and tightened his grip on my waist as he opened his mouth. I slid my tongue in and massaged his.

I caught his tongue between my teeth and smirked as he moaned into my mouth.

I let go of his tongue and kissed him hard.

“Ewwww!” A voice yelled

I tried to ignore it but couldn’t. Groaning, I pulled back to glare at Ty.

“I hate you.” I glared before getting out of Kyle’s arms and walking over to the passenger side

I threw the door open and grumpily got in. I could hear their laughter. Even Kyle’s. Who does that?! Traitor!

Kyle slid in and leaned over to me, “Don’t worry. I’d be more than happy to finish that later.”

I shivered and glared at him, “I’mma slice you.”

His lips twitched before he burst out in laughter, “Haha, oh my gosh! Wow, Kelsey! Just, wow.”

“I’m serious.” I stated as I blink casually

He stopped laughing and coughed as the others got in, “Um, let’s go home.”

“Good choice.” I smirked

He started the car and backed out of the driveway, onto the street as he drove towards Jonny’s house.

“I’m so excited!” Jimmy squealed, “Maybe I’ll finally get a HOT girlfriend!” He added even more excited-if that’s possible

“Yeah cause all your other girlfriends were ugly as hell!” Ty exclaimed laughing

“I know.” Jimmy frowned in disgust

I laughed, “You dated ugly girls? Wow, Jim.”

“Yeah, they were hideous.” Tali stated

Kyle laughed, “I’ve had ugly girlfriends too. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“Is Kelsey one of your ugly girlfriends?” Ty laughed loudly

I glared, “Prettier than you’ll ever be.”

“Psh! I’m so gorgeous I can be a super model!” He yelled flipping his imaginary hair over his shoulder

I rolled my eyes, “You’d be the ugliest super model the world ever had with those hairy baboon legs of yours.”

Everyone laughed as he turned beet red, “Shut up!”

Kyle’s laughing faulted a little bit before laughing whole-heartedly again. I shook my head at him and rolled my eyes.

We slowly pulled up to Jonny’s house before pulling into the driveway.

“Is that blood?!” Jimmy shrieked jumping into Ty’s arms

Tyson threw his onto the floor and got out, “Is it?”

“Huh? Oh, no, that’s ketchup. From our ketchup war.” I lied quickly

“Liar.” Carry said in a bored tone as she got out

I scoffed and opened my door, getting out. “I’m not lying!”

“You always do that ‘Huh? Oh,’ before you lie.” Tali said smartly

I winced, “Do not!”

“Yes, you do.” Lonny laughed throwing an arm around my shoulder

I threw his arm off and muttered, “Not. Helping.”

Laughing, he went to the trunk and got his things out. Everyone went to get their things, Kyle helped while I walked into the house.

Everyone jumped up, “Where have you been?!” Jonny freaked as he hugged me tightly

“Ahhh! My breast-es-is!” I gasped

He loosened his hold on me, “Sorry. But where have you been and is Kyle with you?”

“Marc and Mallory’s for your first question. Yes for your second.” I said a he pulled away

Kyle walked in and wrapped his arm around my waist, “We have some new pack members.”

“Oh, yeah.” I nodded

“New…pack members.” Jonny said cautiously

“Hi!” Jimmy yelled jumping onto Jonny, “Are you a werewolf too?!”

Jonny’s eyes widened, “Really, Kelsey?! You told him?!”

My eyes widened, “Why do you just ASSUME I told him?! Huh?” I glared, “Kyle did it.” I added quickly

“Kyle!” Jonny yelled disapprovingly

“Well, they’re Kelsey’s brothers and sisters. She wouldn’t want to lie to them. If I didn’t tell them she would be keeping that secret which is lying.” Kyle said tightening his hold on my waist

“Why would you do this?!” Josh screamed, “You can’t just tell any human!” He added

I growled, “Watch yourself.”

“NO! I’m not going to listen to you anymore! You got Shawna killed!” He yelled getting in my face

Kyle pulled me back and growled, “Get out of her face.”

Josh winced but didn’t stop, “You got my cousin killed! She’s dead because of you!”

“First off, she’s not dead. Merely knocked out. Second if she IS dead she brought it upon herself.” I shrugged as I unwrapped Kyle’s arm from around my waist

I started walking forward when I was slammed against the wall by someone gripping my neck.

I chuckled as growls erupted around me, “Calm down, Ricky Bobby‘s.”

“You killed her.” Josh snarled

“I thought we already established this! I. Did. Not. Kill. Her.” I said slowly as I flicked his ear

He tightened his grip on my neck, “Yes, you did!”

I flexed my jaw before gripping the wrist of his hand that was around my neck. I squeezed it tightly.

“Let go before I break your wrist.” I said calmly

He winced but didn’t let go. I squeezed tighter but he still held his grip.

“I don’t like killing people. I hope you know that but if you don’t let go RIGHT NOW I won’t hesitate to kill you.” I growled

He STILL didn’t let go! I took a deep breath to calm myself before grabbing his neck roughly with my other hand.

“Let go.” I sang

He was already sputtering for air but he remained solid.

“I have to admit, you’re tough. But for you to think you could chock me. That’s just ridiculous and stupid on your side.” I laughed as I ripping his off me

His nailed scratched my skin. I could feel the scratch marks healing already.

“When are people going to learn I can’t be hurt physically?” I voice my thoughts

I dropped Josh and bounced into the kitchen, “Ya’ll got peanut butter cookies?”

Everybody laughed at my mood change.

“No.” Jasmine chuckled walking into the kitchen

“Awww! Kyle!” I yelled, “Get in here!” I added

“What, Baby?” He chuckled

“We have to go to the store for peanut butter cookies.” I smiled up at him

“Sure.” He smiled taking my hand

“…You guys can stay in the pack.” I heard Jonny say

We walked into the living room to see Jonny talking to the kids.

“But you can’t tell anyone what we are.” Jonny added in his Alpha tone

“Yes, sir!” Jimmy squealed jumping on Jonny again

“And nobody can jump on me.” He added trying to pull Jimmy off but Jimmy had a tight grip on his back, “Get this kid off me.” Jonny struggled as he grabbed Jimmy’s leg that was hanging on his shoulder

I laughed, “Jim, we’re going to get peanut butter cookies!”

“Peanut butter?” Jimmy asked cautiously as he looked up at me, I nodded and he jumped off Jonny before running out to the car

“He’s just like you.” Benji laughed pointing at me

“He’s like my red headed twin.” I smiled, “Anybody else want to come?” I asked looking around

My eyes landed on Drake who was staring intensely behind me. I turned around and saw that he was staring at Carry.

My mouth dropped open and I ran over to Drake, “Awwwwww!”

I plopped into his lap, laughing. “Someone found their mate!”

“Who found their mate?” Benji asked stupidly

I looked at him, “Idiot.”

He scoffed, “Meanie!”

“I wouldn’t be mean if you didn’t ask the most obvious questions.” I rolled my eyes

“Who’s his mate?” Benji asked

“No one.” I said hopping off him, “He can tell you. But you have to tell her first, mister.” I poked his forehead

He smiled at me, “Okay.”

I laughed and skipped over to Kyle, “Carry, Lonny stay here.”

“Why me?” Lonny whined

“Fine, only Carry. Goodbye!” I yelled dragging Kyle and Ty out of the house, Lonny right behind us

“Caroline’s Drake’s mate.” Kyle stated getting into the drivers seat

“Yes, ma’am.” I saluted him before getting in

“I’m not a girl.” Kyle glared playfully

“I don’t know that.” I retorted

“Do you want too?” He smirked

My eyes widened, “Hell no!”

He laughed and started the car, “Thought so.”

“Thought so.” I mocked

Everyone laughed and I glared at them as Kyle backed out of the driveway.

“Peanut butter cookies! I luuuuuurv peanut butter cookies! They’re the luuuuuurv of my liiiiife! Oooooooh!” Jimmy sang loudly, “They’re my baby! All of them in the world! They’re my MATE!” He yelled beaming at Kyle

I laughed loudly at Kyle’s disturbed face, “Peanut butter cookies are my Maaaaaaaate! I love them soooooo much! Whooooooooooo!”

Kyle glared at the mate part but stayed silent.

“Look what you did. You brought them together again.” Ty accused Kyle as he punched Jimmy’s arm

“Stop, you peanut butter cookies stealer!” Jimmy yelled flicking Ty’s forehead

“You’re so annoying!” Ty yelled moving away from Jimmy, Jimmy just scooted closer to him and leaned against him

“Jimmy, you remind me of that kid Fregly from Diary of a Wimpy kid.” Kyle commented looking at him from the rear view mirror

Jimmy looked up at him in adoration, “Thank you! I just don’t have a secret mole.” He pouted

I laughed, “I want one too!”

“Maybe we can draw one. With permanent marker!” He suggested grinning at me

“Yes!” I cheered fist bumping Jimmy

“I kinda hate you, Kyle.” Ty stated

“What?” Kyle frowned, “It’s not my fault.” He defended pulling into the supermarket parking lot

“Is this not your car?” Ty raised his brows

“…It is.” Kyle hesitated

“You should’ve said no.” I shook my head disappointedly, “I thought I taught you differently but I was WRONG!” I glared getting out of the car

“Yeah!” Jimmy yelled backing me up as he pounced on Kyle as soon as he got out of the car

I held back a laugh, “Jim…”

He stopped biting Kyle’s head and looked up at me, “Huh?”

“Get off him.” I laughed

He pouted and slowly slid off of Kyle. As soon as his feet hit the floor he ran towards the supermarket.

Walking up to Kyle, I grabbed his hand and swung it with mine.

“I lurv you!” I grinned up at him

He chuckled and kissed my forehead, bringing me closer. “I ‘lurv’ you too, baby.”

I smiled and took forward. Ty was trying to calm Jimmy down who was harassing a sale’s person.

Lonny and Tali were ignoring them, acting like they didn’t know them.

Suddenly, Jimmy jumped onto the worker. Oh Gosh!

“Jimmy!” I yelled running up to them

I pulled him off with ease and set him down. “Nice work, Ty.”

“He’s just as crazy as you. Like I could stop him.” Ty snorted as he walked off

I thought about then nodded, “So true. Apologize, Jim.”

“He wouldn’t tell me where the cookies were! I’m not apologizing to this cookie thief.” Jim glared at the frightened man

“Now.” I said lowly

“Fine!” He huffed, “I’m sorry- that you’re a cookie stealer.” He said quickly as he ran away from me like a mad man

I sighed, “Sorry.”

The man nodded and quickly walked away from Kyle and I. I shrugged and started looking for the cookies when I heard a familiar voice sneer,

“Hey, slut.”

I smirked and turned around, “Megan, long time no see. Wazzup?!”

(A/N: Megan was the girl from the park when they were playing soccer if you don’t remember. ‘Kay! Back to the story! Byyye!)

She rolled her eyes and smiled seductively at Kyle, “Hey, sexy.”

I started to walk away when Kyle pulled me back and whispered, “You leave me alone with her, I’ll kill her.” in my ear

I nodded and wrapped my arm around his waist, “How’ve you been, Meggy?”

“Shut up! You’re going to pay for killing Lashawna.” She snapped

I frowned, “Lashawna?”

“Yes!” She yelled furiously

“I didn’t kill her. How the hell do you know?” I asked

“I’m a Nymph. Lashawna’s best friend.” She smirked

“Nymph? One of those short things off of Snow White?” I asked confused

“No. A Nymph can control people’s body and feelings.” Kyle whispered wrapping his arm tightly around my waist

I nodded in understanding before quickly putting a spell on Me and Kyle.

“So, you’re Lashawna’s bestie.” I sighed shaking my head, “I thought you had more class.” I said sadly

She growled and stepped closer to me. Nymph’s growl too?!

“I should have known you were trouble.” She sneered

I laughed, “My middle name is trouble.”

She growled and I shrugged.

“You got something stuck in your throat?” I asked backing into Kyle, “Don’t hack it on me.” I added

Kyle laughed, “Well, we gotta go. Piece!”

“Get back here you worthless, witch!” Megan hissed loudly

“Witch? Oh, yeah. I am one.” I nodded, “But that’s not all I am.” Smiling, I started to walk away

“What are you then?” Megan snarled

She snarls too!

“A lot of things.” I said vaguely as I looked for my delicious cookies

“What. Are. You?” She growled lowly

Kyle tensed behind me and pulled me closer.

“The Uniter.” I said still looking for the perfect peanut butter cookie package

Megan gasped, “The Uniter?”

I nodded and grabbed a pretty package of peanut butter cookies. Two of them. Shhh, don’t tell Kyle.

“I’m leaving.” The girl I just noticed behind her said

“Why?” Megan glared

“She’s the fucking Uniter. She can kill you, bring you back, and kill you again for the hell of it.” Another girl said backing up the first

“I don’t kill people.” I decided to intervene

“You killed Shawna.” Megan glared

“She isn’t dead.” I laughed

“We’re going now. Sorry, girl, we didn’t know you were the Uniter.” The first girl said as they walked away

Only a boy stayed and he looked angry.

“What’s wrong with you?” I frowned at him

“I wanna leave.” He growled glaring at Megan

Megan smirked, “Too bad you can’t.”

“Why can’t he leave?” I whispered to Kyle

“I think he’s under her powers.” He whispered back

“Ah…” I sighed, “Don’t you know it’s bad to you your powers for evil?” I asked Megan

She rolled her eyes, “I don’t care.”

“Would you care if I took away your powers?” I asked crossing my arms over my chest

The boy smiled, “Please do. Then I can LEAVE!”

I gave him a weird look before releasing Megan’s power off of him.

“You can leave now.” I said

He looked up at me in shock, “Her powers are gone?”

“No. They’re off of you.” I said turning around

I heard footsteps running down the isle and I knew the boy was gone.

“Who the hell do you think you are?!” Megan screeched

“Kelsey Elaine Montgomery.” I said grabbing Kyle’s hand, “Let’s go.” I looked up at him

He nodded and we walked away from the fuming Megan.

“Where are the kids?” Kyle asked

Suddenly I heard a loud squeal. “Jimmy.”

I sighed and we started looking down the isles until we stopped Jimmy hanging off of Tyson like a spider monkey.

“Kelsey! Please, get him off!” Ty begged as he struggled with the squealing Jimmy

“Jim. Get off him.” I said in a strict tone

Jimmy sighed heavily, “You got lucky.” He glared at Ty as he slid off him

I laughed and he walked backwards to me, still glaring at Ty.

“I got the cookies. Anything else we need?” I asked looking around

“Popcorn, candy, ice cream, candy, lollipops, candy, more cookies, candy…” Jimmy ticked off his fingers, “Candy.” He said again

“You said candy, like, six times, idiot.” Ty rolled his eyes

“Shut up, ass-wipe! Was a talkin’ to you? Hell no I wasn’t!” Jimmy yelled getting in Ty’s face

“Oh gosh. What have I done?” Kyle groaned quietly behind me, “It’s like there’s two Kelsey’s.” He muttered

I turned around and put my hand on my hip, “Do you have a problem with two Kelsey’s?”

He smiled nervously, “Of course not, baby.”

I pursed my lips, “That’s what I thought.”

He laughed and pulled me to his chest, “I love you.”

I tilted my head back and smiled at him, “I love you, too!”

“Get off me!” I heard Tyson yelled

I looked over and saw Jimmy biting Ty’s forehead.

“Kelsey!” Ty yelled punching Jimmy’s leg

“What?” I laughed

“Get him off!” He yelled

I shook my head, “Nope.”

“Talon! Help me!” Ty screamed at Lonny

“I’m good.” Lonny whistled and walked away with his hands in his pockets

“Talia?” Ty asked hopeful

“Do I know you?” She asked walking after Lonny

“You have nobody!” Jimmy yelled in victory as he hopped off of Ty

“Ugh!” Ty groaned fixing his hair, “You’re so…ugh!”

“Rude person!” Jimmy yelled before kicking Ty in his baby maker

“Ah!” Ty squeaked as he fell to the floor, holding his crotch

Jimmy laughed before running away.

“I need a doctor.” Ty said with tears rolling down his face

“Kyle…go get him.” I said pushing Kyle towards Ty

“What do I do? Just pick him up?” Kyle frowned

“Duh!” I yelled

“No need to yell.” He muttered picking up Ty

Ty clung to Kyle with one hand while the other was still holding…himself.

“Let’s go.” Kyle said jerking his head to the cashier thingy

I nodded and started walking until I passed a big bag of skittles. I inconspicuously grabbed it and shoved it up my shirt. I kept walking like I didn’t do anything.

“I saw that.” Kyle laughed

I narrowed my eyes at him, “Saw what?”

“You grab that big bag of skittles.” He stated setting the now okay Ty on his feet

Grinning sheepishly, I pulled in out from under my top. “Sorry.”

He laughed and kissed my forehead. I set the cookies and skittles on the little conveyor belt…thing.

“How’re you today?” The cashier dude smiled at me

I smiled back, “Great. Chocked a few people. You?”

He blinked before he started laughed, “Funny.”

“I’m serious.” I stated wrapping my arm around Kyle’s waist

Shock and alarm dawned upon his face as he silently scanned the sweets under the…scanner.

“Don’t worry. They’re not dead.” I assure, smirking slightly

He nodded, “Three dollars, please.”

I looked up at Kyle, “You heard the man.”

Kyle laughed and pulled out a black PLAIN wallet. Why would you get a plain wallet? Get some rhinestones up on there then it will be called a wallet.

He handed the guy a five dollar bill. The guy gave him back two dollars and handed him the bag.

“Thank you, Guy.” I smiled and waved as we walked out of the supermarket

We walked to the car and noticed Jimmy wasn’t in it.

“Where’s Jimmy?” Kyle asked

I shrugged and opened the door, “Where’s Jim?”

“I thought he was with you!” Ty yelled with wide eyes

“Ugh!” I groaned before running back into the supermarket

I ran up to Guy, “Can I use your speaker thingy?”

“Why?” He narrowed his eyes at me

“I’m missing my little brother.” I said quickly

He nodded and handed me a cool lookin’ microphone.

“Jim Reid Montgomery! Get your ass in the car NOW!” I yelled into the microphone

I heard a loud squeal before I saw a red head running out the doors.

“Thank you!” I said sweetly to Guy as I handed him the microphone

He chuckled, “Have a good day.”

I nodded and skipped out of the store, all the way to the car. I threw the door open and dove in.

“Heyllo!” I waved at Kyle as I put my seatbelt on

“Hi.” He chuckled

“Y-you scared me!” Jimmy panted as we drove out of the parking lot

I turned around, “You should’ve been in the car.”

“You yelled into a microphone! Don’t you know you’re not suppose to do that?! Especially to a Jimmy?!” He glared

Lonny laughed, “Not to a Jimmy, eh? So, you have your own species?”

“I can have one of those?” Jimmy asked with wide eyes, “Hell yeah, I do!” He yelled jumping into Ty’s lap

“Get off me!” Ty yelled trying to push Jimmy off

“Nu-uh, big brother! I luuuuuurv you!” Jimmy smiled widely as he kissed Ty’s forehead

Ty sighed and muttered, “I love you too.”

“Awwwwww! I love you more!” Jimmy beamed hugging him tightly, “Now you say you love me most.” Jimmy whispered in a not so quiet voice

“I’m not saying it again.” Ty stated as he glared straight ahead

“Say it!” Jimmy yelled biting his nose

Who bites noses?!

“No!” Ty yelled rubbing his nose

“Say you love me most!” Jimmy screamed punching Ty’s chest

Ty whimpered, “No.”

“Say. It.” Jimmy said in a cold voice

We all stared at him in shock.

“You sounded possessed!” Tali frowned at Jimmy and scooted away from them

“Cool!” Jimmy grinned, “Say it.” He blinked at Ty

“I love you most.” Ty muttered with a pout

“I love y-” Ty cut him off

“Shut up.” Ty snapped punching Jimmy’s shoulder

“Ow!” Jimmy whined cradling his shoulder, “Kiss it better.” Jim commanded glaring at Ty

“No.” Ty said grumpily as he pushed Jimmy off him

I sighed heavily, “So crazy.”

“You did it!” Ty accused

“What did I do, little boy?!” I yelled turning back to glare at him

“He’s not always like this! It’s because he saw you again!” Ty stated

“I’m awesome! He should be happy to see my awesome self!” I said before turning back around

Kyle shook his head in amusement as he pulled into the driveway. As soon as the car stopped I heard a loud smacking sound and saw Jimmy fly into the house.

I turned back to see Ty holding his red cheek, whining in agony.

“That really hurt!” He whined with wide eyes

I laughed and pointed at him, “That’s what you get for messing with a Jimmy!”

I got out of the car, still laughing at Ty’s expense. Everyone got out and we walked into the house.

“Kyle.” Jonny said

“What’s wrong?” Kyle asked pulling me into his chest

“This girl…she’s here for you.” Jonny said stepping to the side

A blonde girl with a bunch of makeup came into view. She was huge! Well, her belly anyway.

“Hi?” Kyle said but it came out like a question

“It’s me, Melissa.” She smiled and looked at me, “Who are you?” She sneered

“Girlfriend.” I said pulling out of Kyle’s arms and walking to the kitchen

Kyle followed, leaving the girl in there.

“Who is she?” I asked opening the cookies

“I don’t know.” He said looking back at the girl who was standing there, staring at him

‘Melissa’ walked into the kitchen, followed by Jonny, Jasmine, and my bro’s.

“Why is she here?” Kyle asked Jonny

“She says you’re the father of her child.” Jonny said grabbing a cookie

Chapter 23: The Who Of Her What?

“The who of her what?” Kyle asked slightly amused

He thinks this is funny? If he’s really the dad I’ll show him funny. Me slicing him will be hilarious.

“I’m pregnant. You’re the dad.” Melissa rolled her eyes as she wrapped her arm around Kyle’s waist

I stared at her in shock, “Who the hell do you think you are?”

I wasn’t that mad before but now I’m furious. I’m not even the jealous type. But she has NO right to touch him.

“The mother of his child.” She sneered

Kyle gently pulled her off and walked behind me, “I’m sorry. But that’s impossible.”

“It’s not impossible. You’re a daddy.” She beamed at him

He wrapped his arms around my waist, “No, I’m not. I’m really sorry. But it’s absolutely

impossible for me to be the father of your child.”

“Why?!” She yelled in outrage

“It just is.” Kyle said

“Why is it absolutely impossible?” I asked him

“I can only get my mate pregnant.”

He said tightening his arms around my waist

I relaxed completely and nodded.

“Answer me with a good answer!” Melissa yelled stepping closer to us

Kyle pulled me tighter against his chest, “That is a good answer. I’m telling you. I can’t be the father of your baby. I’m sorry but maybe you should leave.”

“You are my baby’s daddy! You will take care of it!” She screeched in my face

What did I do?!

“Why are you yelling at me?!” I asked getting in her face

“You’re the reason why he’s denying me!” She yelled

“He’s not denying you! He’s not the baby’s dad!” I yelled back

Kyle pulled me back, “Just go.”

“NO! You’re going to take care of this thing!” She pointed angrily at him

“It’s not my baby.” Kyle said calmly

“YES, IT IS!” She screamed with a red face

“I’m pretty sure he’s not the only dude you’ve slept with.” Benji rolled his eyes as he grabbed a cookie

“SHUT UP! I WASN’T TALKING TO YOU!” She yelled at him

Ali growled loudly, “Don’t talk to him like that!”

I’m sure she was more angry than I was.

“Get the hell out of here!” I yelled at Melissa

“NO! He’s the dad of this thing! He’s going to take care of it!” Melissa shrieked

Kyle sighed, “Alyssa, Makaila. Whatever your name is. I can confidently…and proudly say, I am not the father of your baby.”

I grabbed a cookie and shoved it in my mouth. Heaven on earth! God, I love you! Thank you for my cookies!

“You are the father!” She yelled ripping his hand-that was laying on my lower stomach- off, scratching me in the process

“Damn! You have sharp nails!” I yelled lifting my shirt up to check the scratch marks that were already healing

“C’mon, Kyle! You’re a dad! Be happy!” Melissa smiled as she ripped him away from me

She pulled him into a tight hug and he held his hands up in the air, trying not to touch her.

“Um…can you please get off me.” He said as she kissed his chest

She didn’t reply, just hugged him tighter. I laughed because you could tell how creeped out he was

I grabbed another cookie, still laughing.

“You’re a daddy.” I heard Melissa mumbled quietly

“No, I’m not. Please, get off me. Now.” He said loosing his calm tone as he grew annoyed

She’s so lucky she’s pregnant. If she wasn’t, she’d be bloody. Not dead. Just bloody. Real bloody.

“Kelsey.” Kyle whispered urgently

I turned to him with a smile, “Yes?”

“Get her off.” He frowned

“She’s pregnant. I don’t want to hurt the baby.” I said turning back around

Ali stared at me in shock, “You’re not mad she’s hugging Kyle? If someone was touching Benny I’d kill them.”

Benji laughed and pulled her onto his lap, kissing her cheek. She blushed. Big shocker there.

“Why would I be?” I asked opening my skittles

“Oh, I want some!” Jimmy yelled as he ran in and saw the cookies

He grabbed two and stuffed them in his mouth. He turned and saw Melissa hugging Kyle.

“Why is she hugging Kyle?” He asked, cookie pieces falling out of his mouth

“She thinks he’s the father of her baby.” I said throwing skittles into my mouth

“The who of her what?” Jimmy asked with big eyes

I laughed, “That’s what KeeKee said!”

“Is that even possible? Seeing as he’s a…ya know?” He asked frowning

“No. It’s not possible. Well, for her to be pregnant by Kyle anyways.” Jonny shrugged, “Can I have some skittles?” He asked me

I nodded and handed him the bag.

“Can somebody HELP ME?!” Kyle yelled

I turned to see Melissa still hugging him, looking up at him with wide eyes.

“You don’t want to be a dad?” She asked

“I’m not a dad and won’t ever be until I get that girl RIGHT there pregnant.” He said pointing to me, “When she’s pregnant I’ll be a dad. Only her.” He said in a stern tone

“But you’re going to be a dad in a few months!” She yelled hugging him tighter, “You can’t change that!”

He looked at her like she was crazy, “You have the wrong guy. I don’t even know you!”

“I remember you! From Evan’s party!” She screech, stepping back to look at him fully

He took the opportunity to run and hide behind me, “I don’t know an Evan!”

“YES YOU DO! He’s your best friend!” She screamed

“Hold up!” Dec yelled with his hands in the air, “I’m his best friend. So is he and that guy.” He said pointing to Derek and Blake who nodded

“Yeah!” Kyle yelled nodded frantically

“NO! I REMEMBER!” Melissa yelled

“Kelsey! Get her out!” Kyle whined

“She’s so fucking persistent.” Ava commented glaring at Melissa, “If you don’t get her out I will.” She offered

“Me too!” Sophia said also glaring at Melissa

“If I do, I’ll hurt her.” Olivia said casually as she grabbed the skittles from Jonny

I shrugged, “Just don’t hurt her.”

They smiled at me before grabbing Melissa’s arms roughly.

“Ow!” She whined

“I said don’t hurt her.” I snapped

“Sorry.” They said sheepishly as they dragged her out of the kitchen

Kyle sighed looking at the ceiling, “Thank you, God! I love you!”

I shook my head, “She was pretty persistent.”

“You didn’t help at all!” He said as he roughly shoved a cookie in his mouth

“I would’ve. I just didn’t want to hurt her.” I shrugged

“Who cares?” Derek frowned, “She was holding your man!” He said in an overly girly voice

All the girl and I looked at him, “We don’t talk like that.”

He held his hands up, “Sorry.”

We rolled our eyes and suddenly a scream sounded.

“What the hell?” I frowned getting up

I walked into the living room and outside. Sophia and Ava were trying to push Melissa into her car.

“What’s going on here?” I asked walking up to him

Ava grunted and pushed harder, “She won’t get in!”

“You can’t force her in!” I yelled in exasperation

“I can.” Tali stated walking up to Ava and Sophia, “Get in the fucking car before I break your neck.” She growled in Melissa’s face

Melissa stiffened before quickly getting in. They all stepped back and she slammed the door shut, driving off.

Laughing, I started walking back inside. Kyle pulled me to his chest and buried his face in my hair.

“She touched me.” He whimpered tightening his hold on me

I laughed and wrapped my arms around his waist, “Man up.”

Chapter 24: She's Your Mate

We all walked into the house and I noticed that all the others were gone.

“Where’s the rest of the pack?” I asked

“I told them they could go home. Until…yeah.” Jonny said awkwardly

“Until what?” I asked confused

“Until…yeah.” He said again before practically running down the hall

I frowned, “That was…very weird. More weird than Jimmy.”

“Thank you! I luuuuuurv you!”” I heard Jimmy yell from the kitchen

I turned to Kyle, “Until what?”

“Huh? What? Nothing.” He smiled before quickly walking into the kitchen

What. The. Hell?

“What’s going on?!” I yelled throwing my arms in the air

“He sent them home until you and Kyle finish the mating bond.” Benji said as he walked into the kitchen

“Oh…” I trailed off

Benji ran back in, “Did she blush?!”

“No.” Ali said grumpily as she sulked into the kitchen

I laughed, “Something like that wouldn’t make me blush, Benjamin.”

He sighed and stomped back into the kitchen. Laughing, I walked into the kitchen and saw them eating all MY cookies.

“Peanut butter cookies!” I yelled charging towards Benji who had the box

“What?” He asked, cookie pieces falling out of his mouth

“Gimme some!” I whined stomping my foot

“You just did that chick-foot-stomp thing. Give her damn the cookies, Dude.” Nikko frowned

Benji quickly handed me the cookies and I sighed happily.

“Thank you, Benji!” I smiled and kissed his cheek

I went to sit down in my own chair when Kyle pulled me onto his lap.

“Heyllo!” I waved and grabbed a cookie

He kissed my forehead, “Hey.”

I looked around, “Has anyone seen Carry and Drake?”

They shook their heads. I shrugged and leaned back against Kyle.

“I’m bored!” I stated with a pout

“It’s like the first day we met her all over again.” Derek muttered

I smiled at him, “Yeah, when we hated each other.”

“I never hated you.” He said

I arched a brow, “Really now? You’re saying that you didn’t hate me when we first met? What a liar.”

“Okay, okay. But only a little bit.” He admitted sheepishly

“Don’t worry. I hated you too.” I chuckled

He laughed and shook his head. Kyle set his chin on my shoulder.

“I wanna take you out tonight. Just us.” He whispered

I turned my head to look at him, “Like a date?”

He smiled and nodded, “Like a date.”

My eyes widened and I bit my lip, nodding frantically. I hopped off his lap.

“I’m going on a date!” I yelled in Benji’s face

He leaned back, “That’s nice.”

“YES! IT IS!” I grinned widely

Benji nodded, creeped out. “You’re freaking me out.”

“I know!” I yelled happily as I sat back down on Kyle’s lap

Benji pursed his lips and narrowed his eyes at me as he pulled Ali onto his lap.

I stared back evenly until he frowned and looked away.

“Victory is mine!” I yelled waving my hands in the air

“Victory is not yours! My eyes started to burn!” Benji yelled defensively

“Suuuuure!” I laughed grabbing a skittle from Jimmy’s hand

He quickly snatched it back, “Mine!”

I stared at him before swiftly grabbing another one, throwing it in my mouth, chewing and swallowing.

“Ha ha.” I teased

He glared at me and slowly brought his hand up. I looked at him in confusion. His hand went forward and grabbed my lips before I could even comprehend what he was doing.

He stood up and walked around the table to me, “Open.”

I shook my head and pressed my lips firmly together.

“Open. Now.” He commanded glaring at my lips as he pointed to them

I shook my head again and tried to get his hand off my lips. He had a really tight grip.

Jimmy shrugged before plunging his finger into my mouth. My eyes widened in shock as I tried to pull away again. It only hurt me.

“Himmy!” I mumbled around his finger

“Where is it?” He grunted as his finger went all around my mouth

“I aweady ate et, dip-shit.” I glared

“Oh…” He trailed off awkwardly as he pulled his finger out of my mouth

I wiped my tongue on my shirt, “I don’t know where your finger’s been!”

“I don’t know where your MOUTH has been!” He retorted running his finger down my face, I felt the wetness of my saliva on my face

“Jim Reid-” He cut me off

“I know my name!” He yelled exasperated as he plopped into his seat

“Douche.” I glared

“Bitch.” He said moodily



“Gasp! I am a virgin THANK YOU VERY MUCH!” I yelled leaning towards him

“Gasp! I find that hard to believe!” He yelled leaning forward too

“Gasp! Well, believe it!” I pursed my lips

“Gasp! I don’t wanna!” He pouted and slowly crawled into Ty’s lap, “Hug me, big brother.” He gave him the puppy dog face he was so good at

You could practically see Ty melting. Ty sighed and hugged Jimmy. Jimmy squealed and hugged Ty back, tighter.

“I LUUUUURV YOU, BIG BROTHER!” Jimmy screamed in Ty’s ear

“Jim Reid Montgomery! Get off me, NOW!” Ty yelled using Jimmy’s full name, which he never uses

Jimmy shook his head stubbornly, “No, big brother.”

Ty grit his teeth before pushing Jimmy to the ground. Jimmy hopped up and attack Ty.

Ty started screaming like a little girl and flailing his arms around as Jimmy bit his cheek, hard.

I cracked up laughed at the same time as Benji. Everyone else started laughing with us as Ty continued to scream in pain.

“G-get him off, K-Kelsey! P-please!” Ty stuttered, close to tears

I laughed, “Nahhh!”

“P-please! It hurts!” He whined as Jimmy switched cheeks

I heaved a loud sigh, “Fine!”

I got up and walked over to them. Jimmy, ever since he was a baby, has always had this soft spot in the back of his neck. Whenever someone touched it he would freeze and turn stiff. Only I knew about it.

I pinched the back of his neck and he froze instantly with a squeak of surprise.

“You’re going to get off him, okay?” I said like I was speaking to a child and in this case, I was

Jimmy nodded slightly, “S-stop.”

Ty quickly pushed Jimmy off, releasing Jimmy from my hold

“You said you would never do that again!” Jimmy yelled standing up

“I lied.” I shrugged

“You promised.” He whimpered as he grabbed the back of his neck

“I didn’t promise!” I argued, “I’d never make a promise I couldn’t keep!” I added flicking his ear

Jimmy glared before flicking my ear back. I frowned and flicked his forehead. He grit his teeth and flicked my nose. Scowling, I punched his shoulder.

“You’re so lucky you’re a girl!” He yelled poking my forehead, hard, “If you weren’t I’d kick you in the nuts!” He added

I punched his stomach and he doubled over in pain, “Don’t mess with, Kid.”

I flounced over to Kyle and elegantly sat myself in his lap. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer.

“Where we going tonight?” I asked

He smirked, “Surprise.”

“I HATE surprises!” I groaned

“Start liking them.” He chuckled leaning back

“I will never like surprises.” I stated giving him the evil eye

“Too bad.” He said simply

I glared and turned forward on his lap. He laughed and tightened his arms around my waist.

“Get off me.” I pouted

“You’re on my lap.” He pointed out

“Get me off you.” I said

“I’m good.” He breathed

Glaring, I grabbed a cookie and slowly put it in my mouth. Kyle laughed,

“You’re so weird.”

“I know.” I nodded chewing my cookie slowly

“Na-na-na-na-na! I LUUUUURV MY BIG BROTHER!” Jimmy suddenly yelled as he jumped into Ty’s lap again

“Why do you only annoy me?” Ty groaned

“Because you’re the only one who reacts to it. Tal doesn’t care anymore. Lia and Liney don‘t either.” Jimmy shrugged before he started nibbling on Ty’s forehead

“Jimmy!” Ty yelled grabbing Jimmy’s head and pushed, trying to get Jimmy to stop biting him

Jimmy wasn’t having that as he wrapped his arms around Ty’s neck tightly and bit harder.

“Ow!” Ty whined

The table burst out in laughter. Benji and I pointed at Ty, laughing our booties off.

“Shut up!” Ty snapped glaring at Me and Benji

We all laughed harder. When Jimmy was done Ty had red bite marks all over his face. When Ty figured we weren’t going to help me just sat there, taking it like a man.

“Ah, wonderful.” Jimmy sighed happily as he leaned back and checked Ty’s face

Ty raised his hand and it connected to Jimmy’s cheek with a loud ‘SMACK!’

Jimmy stared at him in shock, “What the hell?”

Ty stared back evenly. Jimmy’s eyes darkened as another smacking sound went though the kitchen.

Ty winced and smacked Jimmy again. Jimmy gasped with wild eyes and punched Ty’s forehead.

“Who punches forehead’s?!” Ty groaned holding his head in his hands, “I have a headache.” He stated

“Good, jackass.” Jimmy spat getting on his lap

Jimmy skipped over to me and plopped into my lap. Kyle groaned in pain.

“Jim, get off. You’re hurting Kyle.” I said

He gave me a wet, sloppy kiss on my cheek then Kyle’s, “I LUUUURV you guys!”

Kyle wiped his cheek off, “That was nasty.”

I nodded and wiped mine off too, “I think he used tongue.”

Kyle gagged, “Oh, gosh.”

I laughed, “Ha ha.”

He glared at me before glaring at the smiling Jimmy, “You’re going to regret kissing me.”

Jimmy shrugged carelessly, “If you mess with me you’ll regret that.”

“Don’t underestimate him.” Ty told Kyle

Kyle sighed angrily, “I hate not being evil.”

Jimmy and I laughed, high fiving each other.

“We’re the most evil people you will ever meet when we’re together.” Jimmy and I said together

Everybody stared at us.

“That was creepy.” Derek said walking out

Jimmy and I laughed as he hopped off my lap. Kyle sighed in relief,

“He’s so heavy.”

“Meanie!” Jimmy pouted stomping out of the kitchen

Kyle laughed and stood up with me in his arms.

“Put. Me. Down.” I glared

He blinked casually, “Nahhh.”

I clenched my jaw, “Now.”

He shook his fat head and walked out of the kitchen. There was a knock at the door.

“I’ll get it!” I yelled struggling to get out of his arms

Kyle laughed and tightened his hold on me as he walked to the door.

He pulled the door open and a girl with dark brown hair and hazel eyes came into view.

“Kyle?” She asked hesitantly as she curled her hands around her stomach

I looked down and saw that she was pregnant, “Who are you?”

She glared at me, “His girlfriend.”

I raised my brows in amusement, “Really now?”

She nodded and looked at Kyle, “Can I talk to you? Alone.”

“Mila. It’s so not nice to see you.” Kyle smiled politely, “What are you doing here?” He practically growled as he pulled me closer to his chest

“Can we not talk about this with her here?” She sneered

“No. We can talk about this with my mate here.” Kyle stressed Mate

She rolled her eyes, “Whatever. I’m pregnant.”

Kyle laughed, “I noticed. You’re huge.”

“You’re the father.” She stated

I stared at her, “What’s going on in the world?!”

“Who sent you here?” Kyle growled lowly

“The baby in my stomach.” She said sarcastically, “Look. You may have a mate but you’re going to take care of this baby.” She said sternly

I got out of his arms, “He’s not taking care of anything. Buh-Byyye!” I smiled slamming the door in her face

I turned around and smiled at Kyle before walking up stairs. Kyle followed me silently.

I pushed the bedroom door open and plopped onto the bed, sighing. Kyle laid beside me and pulled me to his chest.

“She wasn’t really pregnant.” I muttered wrapping my arm around his torso

He laughed, “I don’t think Alyssa was either.”

“Melissa.” I corrected

“Same difference.” He shrugged resting his head on mine

I smiled, “I’m tired.”

“Go to sleep.” He whispered

I nodded, “Love you.”

“I love you too.” I heard him say before I slipped into a dreamless sleep

*Kyle’s POV*

As soon as Kelsey was asleep I slipped out of her arms and got up, silently walking over to the door and walking out.

I ran down stairs and into the living room. Everyone turned to me and stared.

“What?” I asked looking over my body. Was I not wearing pants or something?

“Another slut came claiming you’re the dad of her rodent.” Jimmy shrugged like it was the most obvious thing in the world

I sighed, “I don’t know where they’re all coming from.”

My Dad shrugged, “Whatever. It’s not like you’re really the father.”

“Thank God for that. All the girls I’ve slept with were ugly whores.” I said carelessly as I plopped down beside Dec

Dec laughed, “I know! Did you see Alyssa?!”

“Her name was Melissa.” Caroline said from Drake’s lap

“Who cares?” Dec and I asked glancing at her before we looked back at each other

“Yeah, man. She had a whole makeup salon on her face.” I smirked

Derek laughed, “That was a good one.”

Dec and I laughed with him.

“And did you see how short her skirt was? It was invisible. I thought girls had more class then that. I swear, if my mate is a slut. She’s gonna die.” Declan stated, completely serious

Derek, Blake, and I all looked at him. He’s so strange.

“Anyway! The girl that came to the door a minute ago. She was a hot mess. I don’t even think I can call it ‘hot’ mess. She was just a mess.” Derek frowned in disgust, “I think I’m with you on the whole ‘mate-slut-she-die’ thing Dec.” He added

Dec laughed, “Exactly! Who would want their mate when she’s already fucks hundreds of other guys?”

That kind of hit home. I’ve been with hundreds of girl. Would Kelsey still…want me…if she knew?

Blake noticed my change in attitude, “She’s love you, idiot.”

He’s like a mind reader or something. I swear.

I nodded and looked away from his intense grey eyes. Ever since we were kids he was always the quiet, mature one. Declan…is the same. The immature one. Derek is in-between. A little bit of both.

“I’m not a mind reader.” Blake chuckled

“Because you knowing what I just thought makes me think otherwise.” I said sarcastically

He laughed and stood up. He ran upstairs and I heard his bedroom door shut.

“Jimmy!” I heard someone yell

I looked over and saw Jimmy pulling Tyson’s hair. Something is wrong with that kid. He’s not…normal.

“Kelsey!” Tyson yelled flailing his arms, “Help meh!”

Talon started laughing, “I feel bad for you, Ty.”

“Why?! TyTy luuuuurvs me!” Jimmy smirked at Talon

“I really don’t.” Tyson muttered

Jimmy looked at him with hurt eyes, “What?”

Tears shined in Jimmy’s eyes and I don’t think they were fake. Jimmy jumped off Tyson’s lap and ran upstairs, with tears running down his face.

Talia sighed, “Nice going, Ty.”

“What did you do to him?!” I heard Kelsey’s voice yelled

I looked over and saw her. She was mad.

Tyson’s eyes widened, “Huh?”

“Jimmy is in their crying saying you don’t love him. What. Did. You. Do?” She said in a deathly low voice

I was scared. Tyson whimpered, “Nothing!”

“Go tell him you were kidding.” She growled

Her eyes turned black and she clenched her fist.

“Duuuuude! Your eyes are black!” Talon grinned with excitement in his eyes

Kelsey’s eyes immediately went back to normal and she turned away from us, “Just apologize.”

She then ran up stairs, leaving us to wonder what’s wrong.

☼Jimmy’s POV☼

He said he doesn’t love me. Big brothers are suppose to love their little brother, right?

“Jimmy, it’s okay.” Kelsey comforted

“But what if he wasn’t lying? What if he really doesn’t love me? A-and I’m a bad little brother?” I cried into her shoulder

She rubbed my back, “He was just kidding, Jim. He loves you. You’re his little brother.”

I sniffed, “B-but then why did he say he didn’t?”

“He’s a jackass.” She growled

I smiled a little and pulled back. She smiled at me and wiped my tears. Leaning forward, she kissed my forehead.

“Love you, Jimmy.” She whispered

I beamed at her, “I lurv you too!”

She laughed, “I missed you so much.”

“I missed you more!” I yelled throwing my arms around her neck

Someone knocked on the door, “Jim?”

I froze at the sound of big brothers voice, “Huh?”

“Can I talk to you?” He asked

“No.” I pouted and hugged Kelsey tighter

“Talk to him.” She said pushing me off

I glared at her as she opened the door and walked in. Big brother walked in and shut the door behind him.

I pouted and looked at the wall.

“Jim. Stop being so stubborn. You know I was just kidding.”

I continued my pouting, “Don’t talk to me.”

“Jim…” TyTy sighed, “I’m sorry. I didn’t think it would hurt your feelings. But you know I was just kidding.”

I shook my head, “You knew it would hurt my feelings.”

“No, I didn’t. You know I love you. You’re the best little brother in the world.” He said

“Better than Tal?” I asked quietly

“Better than Tal.” He confirmed

I squealed and jumped into his lap, “I forgive your mean, hurtful comment!”

He hugged me tightly, “Love you, little brother.”

“I lurv you too, big brother!” I bit his forehead

TyTy sighed and stood up, with me in his arms and walked down stairs.

I lurv you guys! Byyye!


Tyson is an asshole. He knows Jimmy is sensitive.

Ty came walking down the stairs with the squealing Jimmy in his arms. Jimmy is so easy to please.

I turned to Carry with a smirk on my face, “So, Carry, Drake, where were you guys earlier?”

Carry blushed, “Huh?”

“We were making love.” Drake said in a ‘it’s obvious what we were doing’ tone

Carry blushed harder and smacked his arm, “Shut up.”

They move fast. All the guys laughed and hooted as they saw how red Carry’s face was. Behind me, Kyle chuckled and shook his head.

Seeing how Carry and Drake already mated makes me feel…guilty? No, just…Kyle and I haven’t even mated and we’ve known each other longer.

Drake and Carry had only known each other for what? 10 minutes. I know Kyle says we can wait until I’m ready but I know he needs his mate, fully.

I frowned and looked down a my lap.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Kyle asked worried

I smiled, “Nothing. Benji, can I talk to you real quick?”

Benji nodded, “Yeah. I’ll be right back.” He said kissing Ali’s cheek

I pecked Kyle’s lips, “I’ll be back in a minute.”

He frowned but removed his arms from my waist. I smiled and got up, leading Benji to the backyard.

We sat down beside the pool.

“What’s wrong, Ley-Lee Bear?” He asked worried

“Is it weird for mates to not be mated if they’ve known each other a while?” I asked

“It’s not…weird. Some mates want to take it slow. Get to know each other first. The bond that you have with your mate when you first meet makes you want to complete the bond right away. But some mates just don’t want that.

“Either they want to wait or their mate does. It all depends on what your wolf wants. Powerful werewolves can fight their wolves though. Alpha’s. They’re the only ones. But sometimes…they cant fight their wolf and their wolf ends up raping their mate.

“And once you mark your mate, fighting your wolf off only gets harder. If mates wait too long the wolf comes out.” He finished looking at the water

“So….Kyle is…fighting his wolf right now?” I asked slowly

“I don’t know. It may not come to that. Kyle is strong. If it does he can fight his wolf off. He loves you.” He smiled at me

“But why would he even have to fight his wolf off? Isn’t his wolf…him?” I asked confused

“They’re not really the same people. Kyle is…Kyle. He wants to wait until your ready but his wolf doesn’t. All of the male wolves want to claim their mate when they first meet them. But the human in us lets us wait.

“Our wolves are horny little bastard.” He laughed

I smiled, “So, it’s alright if I’m not ready?”

“It’s perfectly fine. You just can’t wait too long. You know when Kyle marked you? He said you have some sort of two week deadline?” Benji questioned

I nodded so he continued, “Over the two weeks the bond grows stronger. Everyday closer to the deadline you become more…physical with your mate. But, on the last day. The wolf rapes you. If it came to that- Which I doubt it will because you guys‘ll probably already be mated- Kyle won’t have any say in it. He won’t even know what’s going on.”

I stayed silent, letting it soak in.

“The only reason you guys have that deadline is because Kyle’s Alpha. Alpha wolves are more aggressive and needy. If you were mated with a regular wolf you could wait years if you wanted too.” He added swinging his feet in the water

“You and Ali don’t have a deadline?” I asked

“Nope. But I don’t think we’d need it anyway.” He smirked

“Oh, gross!” I laughed scooting away from him, “You so didn’t need to say that!”

He laughed, “What? We don’t. I was just sayin’.”

I gagged and stood up, “So nasty.”

He laughed harder and got up, “How is it nasty?”

“I don’t want to here about you and Ali’s sex life, dork.” I rolled my eyes walking into the house

He laughed and followed me in, “We don’t have one. Yet.”

I turned around and punched his arm, “Shut it.”

He threw his arm around my shoulder, “Nahhh. But I bet she’s great in bed. She looks flexible.”

I looked up at him, “I’ll slice you.”

He laughed, throwing his head back. “Okay, Ley-Lee Bear. We’ll see.”

“If you keep talking about sex, yes we will.” I glared

We walked into the living room just as the doorbell rang. Kyle was the closest so he went to get in. I sat down on the couch next to Derek and poked his leg.

“Waddup?” I asked nodding my head once

He laughed at my failed attempt to be hard, “Nothing.”

Suddenly Kyle bark, “Blake, get over here!”

Blake frowned and got up, walking over to Kyle and a blonde girl.

“Go on.” Kyle urged

Blake, still confused reached out to grab the girls hand. When he touched her hand he immediately brought his hand back like he was touching fire.

“Is she?” Kyle asked

Blake narrowed his eyes at the girl before glancing at me then back to Kyle, “Yeah. She’s your mate.”

I frowned but stayed silent. Kyle looked at the girl with a…loving? Smile on his face. The same smile he gives me.

Kyle held his hand out for her to shake and when she did he jumped like he had been electrocuted. He beamed at her, “You really are my mate.”

I felt a sharp pain go through my chest, making me gasp. Another shot of pain went through my chest and I clutched at it. The pain spread through my body quickly.

“Kelsey? What’s wrong?” Derek’s worried and concerned voice rang through the pain

“I-it’s hurts.” I panted

“What hurts?” Benji asked with worried eyes

“E-everything!” I writhed in pain on the couch, “I-I need to get out of here!” I yelled in pain

I looked up and saw Kyle still holding the girls hand, looking into her eyes. More pain came making me scream.

I stood up quickly and ran out of the house, right passed Kyle who didn’t even see me.

I ran all the way to the park, ignoring the pain that was subsiding in my body. Sitting down on the swings I started to cry. Harder than I’ve ever cried before.

That pain in my chest, showed me that Kyle had found his real mate or whatever. That I was no longer his and he wasn’t mine.

There was a rustling in the bushes behind me. I looked back and saw four pairs of red eyes glaring at me. I turned back around, “Might as well come out.”

I heard an evil laugh, “Yes, might as well.”

They all stood in front of me with grins on their faces. The leader was the wolf that had ran away from me saying he was going to kill me at the See-ers kingdom and what not.

“Hello Kelsey. Remember me?” He asked

“How could I not? You’re hideous.” I said in an emotionless tone

He laughed and shook his head, “Even in pain you’re still annoying.”

“It’s a gift.” I chuckled humorlessly

“Stand up!” He ordered

“Don’t take orders.” I shrugged looking up at him with cold eyes, “But I’ll stand up because his swing is boring.” I said standing up, “Why are you here?”

“To kill you of course.” He answered cheekily

I put my hands up at me sides, “What’s stopping you?”

And that was when he threw the first punch.


I smiled at the beautiful girl in front of me.

“What’s your name?” I asked

“Jackie.” She smiled, tightening her grip on my hand

She truly is beautiful. She’s my real mate. Chelsea wasn’t. Or was it Kelsey? Who cares?

“Beautiful name for the most beautiful girl in the world.” I smiled lovingly

She blushed, “Thanks.”

Suddenly, it felt like I was being punched in the face. I stumbled back and Chelsea’s face came into my mind. She was being beaten. Kelsey. My mate. My only mate.

“Where’s Kelsey?!” I asked frantically looking around

“Oh, Kelsey? You actually remember her? I though you would’ve forgotten all about her now that you found your ’real’ mate.” Derek hissed looking at me in disgust as he stormed out the door

Now that I look around everyone was staring at me in disgust. What did I do?

Benjamin bared his teeth, “You threw away Kelsey for that?! You don’t even know her! Kelsey is out there crying and in pain because of you! You’re not good enough for her, you never were! You don’t deserve a women as good as Kelsey…You wanna know the sad thing about all this? Kelsey probably still loves you. So go to your cheap slutty mate right there and complete the bond. See if she‘s really your mate!” He growled before running up the stairs

Even my Mom and Dad were looking at me in disgust. My Mom had tears in her eyes as my Dad glared.

“What did I do?” I frowned

Declan’s eyes widened in shock before going narrow, “What did you do? What the fuck do you mean?! How do you not know what you did?! You broke the heart of the only women besides your Mom that actually loves you! You’re not easy to love Kyle! So, for Kelsey to love you she must be pretty understanding…You make me sick.” He spat looking at me with disgust and hatred written all over his face

The look on my best friends face had me doing a double take. He looked like he wanted to kill me.

“I’m sorry.” I whispered looking down

“Sorry doesn’t fucking cut it! It doesn’t make Kelsey feel better. It doesn’t change what you did. You’re a cold hearted bastard.” Blake sneered

Blake never cusses. I stared at him in shock as he stalked off down the hall. All the girls were glaring at me. Tyson and Talon looked like they wanted to rip my head off. But those looks were better than the disappointment on my Moms face.

“You don’t even know how disappointed I am in you.” She shook her head, the tears falling

My Dad hugged her, staring at me. “You know your mate is the Uniter. Kelsey’s the Uniter. So, for you to even think that girl is your mate she must have some powerful Nymph’s or witches on her side.”

That hadn’t even crossed my mind. I looked back at Jackie who was smirking slightly.

“You’re not my mate.” I stated

She shook her head, “I’m the distraction.”

I was about to ask what was she the distraction of when Benjamin came stumbling down the stairs.

“K-Kelsey!” He cried with tears streaming down his face as he stumbled to the door

I felt a shot of pain in my stomach, causing me to double over in pain. I saw Benjamin do the same.

“What’s happening to them?” Aliyah asked with wide eyes

“Kelsey’s in trouble.” Elijah growled running out the door

Everyone took off but me and Benjamin. He glared at me.

“This is all YOUR fault!” He screamed at me as we both fell to our knees

“I didn’t know!” I yelled back

“You should’ve have believed that girl was your mate! You already have the perfect one!” He panted

“I know! I’m sorry!” I cried

“Shut the fuck up! Kelsey is the only one that should be crying!” He yelled angrily

“I-” He cut me off

“Don’t say you’re sorry! Don’t fucking talk to me. Ever again. I don’t care if Kelsey does forgive you. I won’t!” He spat looking away from me

Pain went through my stomach like someone had kicked me.

“Ahhh!” We both screamed in pain as we fell flat on the ground

I understand if Kelsey’s hurt, I’d feel the pain. But why is Benjamin?

More questions that will most likely be left unanswered.


I doubled over in pain as the wolf guy punched me in the stomach. He punched me in the right side of my face, making me lose my balance, I fell to the floor. Then, he started kicking me.

I took it all without making a sound. I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of hearing me beg or cry and I was too exhausted to fight back.

He repeatedly kicked me in my stomach. I heard before I felt my ribs breaking. I still didn’t scream. Beating me wasn’t going to kill me. My body was already healing.

He dragged me up by my hair, smiling viciously. I stared back coldly.

“Not even gonna ask for me to stop?” He smirked

I blinked. His face grew enraged at my silence and he reached into his pocket, pulling out a pocket knife.

He flipped it open and examined it. “Lovely knife, huh? Used it to kill many people. But, killing the Uniter. That’s the best task in the world and I’m about to complete it.”

I kept my gaze on his face, stubbornly. He ran in across my neck lightly.

“Why are you not fighting back? Too cried out and tired?” He teased

I kept my face emotionless, not letting anything show. He may think he’s got me where he wants me but he must not have met me.

I never give up.

He chuckled humorlessly, “It’s not as fun when you don’t fight back.”

I lifted my chin defiantly. He shook his head and ran the knife down my arm, with a little more pressure.

He pulled the knife back and looked into my eyes as he plunged it into my stomach. My eyes gave nothing away. But I gasped quietly at the pain. He didn’t hear it though.

He started twisting the knife around, smiling like he just won a peanut butter cookie.

I felt the blood- my blood - dripping down my stomach, making my shirt stick to me uncomfortably. I saw something out of the corner of my eyes. It was Derek.

I quickly looked back to the guy. He was glaring at my lack of pain. What he didn’t know is it really hurts.

I stared at him blankly and pursed my lips. My jaw clenched slightly as he pulled the knife out slowly, twisting it along the way. He pulled it out and quickly plunged it into another spot of my stomach.

This time I didn’t even gasp. It didn’t hurt at all. Behind the guy was his three other wolves, behind them was Declan, Blake, and Jonny. They quickly grabbed the guys around their mouths to keep them quiet before snapping their neck. They quietly set them on the ground.

I looked back at the guy. He pulled the knife out slowly again. As soon as he did I kicked his leg, making his buckle slightly. When he knelt down, my knee came in contact with his face.

He let go of my hair and I stepped away from him. Someone grabbed me from behind and I looked up to see Derek’s hard face. I relaxed against his hold and looked forward just in time to see Jonny kill the guy.

“Are you okay?” Jonny asked walking towards me

“Yup.” I answer quietly

I looked over and saw all the girls ganging up on Kyle’s mate.

“She is not his mate.” Blake said coldly as he glared at her, “She has people on her side. Strong people for them to be able to mess with my power.” He added looking back at me

I nodded and shrugged. Derek turned me around and hugged me.

“It’ll be alright. We set him in his place.” He chuckled quietly

I smiled slightly and hugged him back. We parted and I looked around.

“Where’s Benji?” I frowned as I didn’t see him

Everyone looked around, “I thought him and Kyle were with us?” Jonny frowned

I winced when he said his name. Derek wrapped his arm around my shoulder and squeezed.

I lifted up my shirt to check out my stab holes. They were already healing.

“He stabbed you?” Declan growled staring at the holes

I shrugged, “Didn’t really hurt.”

Elijah came forward and hugged me tightly, “I was so scared.”

I smiled and hugged him back, “Can’t get rid of me that easy.”

He chuckled, “I just got you back. You’re not leaving. Ever.”

I rolled my eyes and pulled back. Everyone came over and hugged me. Jasmine had tears in her eyes.

I smiled at her, “What’s wrong?”

“My son is a disappointment.” She mumbled wiping the tears that fell

I didn’t know how to respond to that so I just stayed silent. Jimmy came over to me with tears in his eyes.

I laughed, “You’re a hot mess.”

He looked appalled, “Me? We need a mirror over here! This girl thinks I’m the hot mess. I’m sexy.”

“Suuure.” I laughed

He hugged me and kissed my cheek. I hugged him back, “Okay, enough with the mushy stuff. I need some peanut butter cookies.”

They all laughed as we started walking back to the house.

“Why weren’t you fighting back?” Derek asked quietly as he scowled at the ground

I shrugged, “Why would I?”

He looked at me, “You have people that love you. You’d just die and leave them?”

“Beating me wasn’t going to kill me. I can’t die.” I stated looking up at him

“Yes, you can. They could’ve cut your head off or something.” He snarled

“They can’t do that! I’m under the Royals’ protection.” I laughed

“Oh…” He trailed off

I nodded, “Yeah.”

We turned onto the street that the house was on and I didn’t want to go in there. Call me a coward but I did not want to see Kyle yet.

Even after he did what he did…I still love him. Is that bad?

We walked up the driveway and I saw the door wide open. Then, I saw Benji on the floor with blood on his shirt.

Panicking, I started to run. I ran into the house and knelt beside Benji. I saw Kyle a little away, with blood on his shirt too. I saw pain and regret flash through his eyes as he looked at me.

I quickly looked away and looked back at Benji.

“What’s wrong?” I asked

“We felt your pain.” He whispered

I lifted his shirt and saw the same knife holes that were on my stomach. Looking at him fully, I saw his bruised face.

I set my hand on his stomach and pushed energy into it. That made me more exhausted. I did it again, until the holes were gone.

“I use my power on you a lot, Benjamin Toyley.” I chuckled

He smiled and sat up. He looked over at Kyle and glared in hatred. I slowly stood up and walked over to Kyle. He looked up at me as I knelt down beside him.

I looked away from his eyes and lifted his shirt. I set my hand on him stomach, ignoring the tingles that shot up my arm. I closed my eyes and pushed energy into it.

“Kelsey.” He said quietly

I opened my eyes and closed them, pushing more power into him.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered in a broken voice

I opened my eyes and nodded, standing up. Benji pulled me to his chest and away from Kyle.

Everyone followed, leaving Kyle in the doorway, looking broken. That broken look on his face made my heart break even more.

Benji pulled me beside him on the couch and Ali onto his lap. Declan sat next to me and smiled slightly.

“I need peanut butter cookies.” I sighed standing up

They all shook their heads and chuckled as I walked into the kitchen. Kyle was leaning against the counter with his head in his hands.

Ignoring him, I walked to the table, grabbing the cookies and skittles.

“Kelsey…” Kyle whispered

I turned around and looked at my feet, not wanting to meet his eyes. “What?”

I saw him flinched from the coldness of my voice, “I’m so sorry. I-I didn’t mean too. I swear. I love you.” He sounded so…sad

I looked up and saw tears running down his face, “Sorry doesn’t cut it, Kyle.”

He nodded, “I-I know. But…tell me a way I can fix this. Please.”

I shook my head, “I’m not going to help you fix your mistake. You made it, you fix it.”

A sob escaped his lips, “I’m so sorry.”

I shrugged, “It is what it is. I’m over it.”

His eyes widened and his bottom lip quivered, “Over it? Over what? Us?”

Again, I shrugged. “I don’t know, Kyle.”

He took a deep breath and looked at the wall, “Okay. I understand.”

I smiled slightly, “Good.”

I started walking out when he grabbed my wrist. I yanked my wrist out of his grip, trying to get away from the feelings he gave me.

“I j-just want you to know that I’m s-sorry. And that I love.” He looked into my eyes

“I know you’re sorry.” I nodded

He looked hurt that, that was all I said. He was expecting me to say I love him back. It’s not happenin’ like that playa.

“Really sorry.” His chest was rapidly falling up and down and he started to look a little green

“I know, Kyle. You don’t have to keep telling me how sorry you are. I know, okay? It still doesn’t change what you did. What you did was disrespectful, embarrassing, and hurtful. The fact that you so quickly excepted her as your ‘mate’. I would never do that to you, Kyle. So for you to so easy do it to me…I don’t even know what to think.” I chuckled humorlessly

He winced and looked at the ground, “I know you wouldn’t do that to me. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“Honestly, neither do I.” I shrugged, “But, whatever.”

“What can I do?” He begged, more tears falling

“Give me time.” I said walking out

Again, he caught me by my wrist. He opened his mouth to speak when a threatening growl erupted in the room.

I looked over at the door and saw a furious Benji, glaring at Kyle’s hand on my wrist.

“Let her the fuck go.” He snarled, his bright blue eyes had gone black, emotionless besides anger

Kyle squeezed my wrist before letting go, stepping away. Benji pulled me to him and glared at Kyle.

“Stay away from her.” Benji growled

I looked up at him, shocked by how mad he was.

“She’s my mate.” Kyle whimpered

Benji put on a surprised face, “Really? So when the blonde bimbo was in front of you, she was still your mate. You don’t treat your mate like that, Kyle. You don’t treat anyone like that.” He hissed dragging me out of the kitchen

He practically threw me on the couch and plopped won beside me, stiff as a pole. Ali looked at him worriedly then at me. I shrugged and she sighed.

“You’re staying in my room tonight.” He stated, not even asking

I scoffed, “With you and Ali getting your freak on. No thanks.”

They all laughed, Ali blush (Of course) but Benji’s face remained the same, cold.

“Wasn’t an option.” He said in a fierce voice

“I’ll sleep in Justin’s room.” I said, ignoring him

His head whipped to me, “You. Are staying. In my. Fucking. Room.”

Everyone stared at him in shock. My eyes narrowed, “We’ll see.”

He shrugged, “I’ll drag you.”

The tone of voice he used made me realize he actually would drag me to his room.

“Not if you can’t find me.” I said childishly as I jumped up from the couch

I started running, only to be thrown over a shoulder three seconds later.

“Damn.” I muttered

Everyone laughed and Benji started walking up stairs, dragging Ali behind us.

Benji pushed open a door and threw me on the bed. I bounced and glared at him until I stopped.

“Ass.” I hissed

He shrugged, “Call me what you want.”

“Dick.” I glared, “Shit-face. Moron. Idiotic baboon. Douche. Dumb-” He cut me off by slapping his hand over my mouth

“Didn’t mean call me ever word that comes to your mind.” He said amused

I nodded and he let go. “Dumb-ass.”

He shot me a look and I smirked, laying down like a starfish.

“I’m not staying in here.” I said closing my eyes

“Yes, you are.” Benji shrugged walking out, closing the door behind him

Ali shot me a sympathetic look.

“Don’t look at me like that.” I glared

“Sorry.” She smiled sheepishly

Nodding, I stood up. “I’ll see you later.”

“Where are you going?” She asked

I lifted up the window, “Justin’s room.”

“Bye.” She laughed

I waved and climbed out the window. Looking down, I began to get nervous. Why the hell does his room have to be on the second floor?!

I growled lowly and walked over to the window next to Benji’s that happened to be Derek’s. I knocked on the window. He jumped up, into a fighting stance. I laughed as he glared at me.

He came over and opened the window, “What the hell?”

I pushed him and climbed through the window, shutting it after me.

“Lock your door.” I ordered

“Why?” He asked walking over to it

“So Benji can’t get in.” I said laying down on his bed

He nodded and locked it. He walked over and sat down.

“You okay?” He frowned

I nodded and lied, “Perfect.”

“Liar.” He rolled his eyes and laid down

“Not lying.” I closed my eyes

I felt him shrug. I interlocked my hands behind my head and started humming Bedrock by Young Money.

A loud banging sounded at the door.

“Kelsey Elaine Montgomery! Open this fucking door. NOW!” Benji yelled

I put my finger to my lips, “I’m not here.”

Derek rolled his eyes, “Kelsey’s not in here!”

“Then where is she?!” Benji growled

“I think she’s in Blake’s room!” Derek smirked

“Oh…sorry, Der.” Benji muttered and walked away

“Thank you.” I grinned, closing my eyes again

“No problem.” He yawned

“I need pajamas. Give me some.” I ordered sitting up

“Psh. I don’t take orders.” He scoffed, not moving an inch

I pushed him off the bed, “Now.”

He groaned and pushed himself off the floor, jumping up. “Jerk.”

“Yes, I am.” I puffed my chest out proudly

He rolled his eyes again and went over to his dresser. He pulled out a pair of short with a draw-string and a big t-shirt. He threw them at me and pointed towards a door, “Bathroom.”

I got up and skipped over to the bathroom, humming. I shut the door and stripped out of my clothes, putting on Derek’s.

I opened the door and froze, standing in the middle of the room with his arms crossed over his chest was the smirking Benji.

My mouth formed an O, “Wazzup?”

He rolled his eyes, “My room. Now.”

“You’ll never catch me coppers!” I yelled running past him

“Kelsey!” He yelled running after me

Derek is a traitor that shall never be forgiven! Ever!

“Help meh!” I yelled flailing my arms around as I ran down the stairs

“Kelsey!” Benji groaned reaching out to me

I jumped off the fourth step up and landed on my feet.

“Help!” I screamed

I scrambled into the kitchen and ran around the center island, creating a barrier between Benji and I.

“Ha ha.” I teased as he stopped on the other side of the island

He panted, “Get up stairs.”

“Mmmm. Let me think about it…NO!” I yelled smirking

He glared, “Now.”

“Ah, ah, ah. Don’t get angry with me, Benji-Boy.” I wagged my finger

Everyone was in the kitchen, looking at us. I saw Kyle behind everybody. He was still a little sick looking. I quickly looked away from him and back at Benji.

“Why are you so difficult?!” Benji asked aggravated

“It’s a gift.” I smirked

I started playing with the draw-string on the short.

“Look at this!” I smiled lifting it up to show everyone

Benji growled, “Get. Upstairs.”

I shook my head, “Nope. I like it down here. It’s so…purtty.”

Jasmine laughed, “Leave her alone, Benjamin. She doesn’t want to stay in your room for the rest of her life.”

“Thank you! At least someone understands!” I grinned

Benji sighed, “Fine.”

“Now, where did I put my cookies and skittles?” I frowned looking around

They were by Kyle. Fate is out to get me!

I slowly walked over to get them, keeping my eyes on the ground. I could feel everyone watching me.

I grabbed them and turned around but someone’s hand was on my shoulder, stopping me. By the tingles and sparks that went through my body I already knew who is was.

I closed my eyes, “What do you want, Kyle?”

“I’m sorry, Kelsey.” He whispered

I pulled away from him and turned around, facing him. “I. Know. You. Are. Doesn’t change anything


He whimpered and ran away, up the stairs and out of sight. I stared after him for…I don’t even know how long.

“Kelsey…?” Benji asked hesitantly

I shook my head, “Don’t want to talk about it.”

“Ley-Lee Bear.” He sighed grabbing my shoulder

I gently got out of his hold, “I’m gonna take a walk. Be back later. Don’t wait up.”

I walked out of the kitchen, cookies and skittles in hand. I walked out the front door, ignoring their protests and pleads for me to come back.

I started walking left, not even knowing where I was going. It was getting late and it was really cold. I took out a cookie and started munching on it.

I heard footsteps and laughter behind me. I was going to turn around but stopped when I heard them whispering about me. Three voices, all male.

I poured some skittles in my mouth and turned the corner. Their footsteps sped up and soon they were behind me again.

“Hey, Sexy! Why don’t you stop walking so fast and hang with us?!” A guy yelled

I stopped walking and turned around, “Huh?”

They smirked and walked closer until they were a few feet away.

“What’s a hot girl like you doing out here all by herself?” The guy in the middle smirked

“Walking.” I said in a ‘Duh’ tone.

“Sassy. I like it.” The guy on the left laughed

I raised a brow, “That’s nice. Now, if you three baboons will leave me alone so I can continue my walk I‘d be more than happy. Thanks. Bye.”

I turned around and continued walking.

“Hey!” The first guy yelled as they fast walked after me

I kept my pace and stuffed another cookie in my mouth. Heaven!

Someone grabbed my shoulder and I froze.

“Don’t touch me.” I growled jerking away from the guy

He laughed, “She is sassy. I love it.”

I rolled my eyes and started walking again. They were starting to annoy me.

Once again, someone touched me. I stopped walking and threw my elbow back. It came in contact with something and the hand was off me.

The guy groaned in pain, “Ahhhhhhhh!”

I laughed and skipped away. The other guys were consulting their ‘leader’.

I have come to a conclusion.

I’m lost.

These streets were unfamiliar territory to me. I had no idea where I was. No phone to call anybody. No nothing. It was pitch black except the street lights.

Footsteps sounded behind me.

“Get back here, bitch.” Someone spat

I turned around to see the same guys except the leader hand blood running down his nose.

“Ewwww! That looks nasty.” I frowned and gagged

A guy ran behind me as one went to my side and the leader stayed in front of me.

Now.” The leader growled

Arms grabbed mine and bent them behind my back. I smirked as the leader stepped forward menacingly.

“You need to be punished.” He hissed

“Are you going to punish me?” I laughed

Pain filled my right cheek and I glared at the guy.

“It’s bad to hit a girl, douche.” I pouted

“K-Kelsey, are y-you alright?”

Kyle whispered in my mind

I hesitated, “Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Because I just got punched in the face by air.”

He said quietly

“Sorry. I’m fine.”

Then I blocked him out

“Sorry we have to end this a little early. My brother and…” I don’t really know what to call Kyle, “My complicated boyfriend are getting hurt because of me. So, please, let me go.”

The guy looked confused for a moment before making his face emotionless again as he punched me in my stomach.

“I got stabbed their earlier, meanie!” I scowled getting out of the guys arms by poking his stomach, hard

“What the hell!” He yelled rubbing his stomach

I shrugged and picked up my cookies and skittles, “Peace!”

I started jogging up the street, retracing my steps until I saw the ice cream parlor that we had gone too before. I ran to the house to check on Benji, see if he was hurt.

“I’m baaaack!” I sang plopping on the couch

They all ran in, “Are you okay?!”

I nodded slowly, “Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Cause I got punched. Twice!” Benji pouted sitting down beside me

“Sorry.” I smiled and patted his head

He glowered and pushed my hand away, “Stop that.”

I poked his forehead, “I’m good.”

“Kelsey!” Jimmy yelled jumping into my lap

“Jimmy…” I groaned shifting under him

“I missed you.” He mumbled into my neck

“O-kay.” I patted his back

He bit my neck and I gasped.

“That hurt, Jim!” I glared as he pulled back

“That’s what you get for scaring us.” He smirked getting off me

I kicked his leg and he buckled into the ground.

“Jerk!” He yelled standing up

“That’s what you get for biting me.” I mocked him with my eyes

He glared at me before attacking the distracted Ty.

Chapter 25: Mating

A week. Seven days. One hundred sixty-eight hours. That’s how long Kelsey has been away from me.

I’ve been sick every minute this week. What makes it worst is that my wolf is yelling at me to get her to talk to me again. The deadline is coming up. Three more days, it’s already hard and whenever she’s near me my wolf goes crazy.

I don’t know what to do. I doubt she’s going to talk to me anytime soon and I can’t hurt her anymore. When the deadline is up I’ll…rape her. I can’t leave because my wolf will make me come back. There’s really nothing I can do.

Except maybe lock myself in my room but I need someone to do it from the outside. Nobody talks to me anymore. I can tell Kelsey is sad about that part. Everyone choosing her over me. But I don’t blame them.

Right now I was sitting beside my door, with the door open, waiting for Benjamin. He can help. When he walked passed I quickly stood up and walked into the hallway.

“Benjamin!” I called out

He stopped walking and turned stiff. I took this as a chance to talk.

“Can you help me? Please.” I begged

He scoffed and turned around, giving me a look that was asking why would he ever help me.

“The deadline. It’s coming up. Three days. I-I can’t hurt her. Can you just lock the locks on the outside of my door?” I asked, pleading with him to say yes

He glared and nodded. He was only doing it for Kelsey.

“Thank you.” I smiled slightly

He glared at me motioned for me to get in the room. I had already put the locks on there I just need someone to lock them.

I walked in and he slammed the door shut. The sound of the eight locks on my door clicked and I heard him walk away. I pushed my dresser in front of the door.

Sitting down on my bed, I started to cry again. I haven’t cried since I was 13 years old. I always put a shield up so nobody can get close and hurt me. But now? I don’t care. I’ll probably die of dehydration from all the cry.

Suddenly, I had the urge to puke. I ran into my bathroom and leaned over the toilet. Dry-heaving. I haven’t drunken or eaten anything in seven days. I have nothing to throw up.

I leaned against the wall and wiped the sweat off my forehead. This has to be the worst seven days of my life.

I buried my face into my arm and stayed in that position for the rest of the day.

A knock sounded at my window. I got up and slumped into my room, looking at my window. My Dad was sitting there.

I walked over and unlocked the window, “Yes?”

“Your Mom made you some food. You need to eat.” He said pushing a plate to me

I grabbed it, “Thanks.”

I went to close the window when we stopped me, “Make the right choices.”

Then he jumped down, running into the back door. I slowly shut the window. What can I even do? I’m sick. I can barely walk from how sick I am. Make the right choices to what?

I locked the window and walked over to my bed. I will stay in this room until Kelsey forgives me. If she doesn’t. I will stay in here for the rest of my life.

I pulled the aluminum foil off of the plate and grabbed a biscuit that was on the plate. I munched on it, sulking into my bed.

My stomach churned and I hopped off the bed, throwing the biscuit aside as I ran to the bathroom to puke again.

I leaned against the wall, feeling to exhausted to keep my eyes open. Letting the exhaustion take over, I close my eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

I woke up with a massive headache. My neck was so stiff from sleeping against the wall. I slowly got up and stumbled over to my bed, hugging Kelsey’s pillow to my chest as I cried into it.

Her scent drove my wolf crazy but only made me cry. The sound of locks being clicked made me jolt up. I stared at the door as the door knob turned.

The person pushed on it but it wouldn’t move because of the dresser.

“Move. The fucking dresser. Now.” Kelsey growled

My eyes widened and my wolf made me jump up, practically running towards the door. About half way there, I fought for my body. And won.

“Kyle.” Kelsey hissed pushing against the door

“What?” I whispered clenching my fist so I could stay where I was and not move the dresser

“I will slice you.” She said slowly, threateningly, “Move. The dresser. NOW!”

I jumped, startled by the anger in her voice. I slowly walked forward and moved the dresser, jumping all the way across the room when she pushed the door open, making it fly into the wall.

“What do you want?” I asked quietly as I looked at my feet

“Get dressed.” She ordered

“Why?” I frowned

“Do I have to have a reason? No, I don’t.” I could feel her glaring at me

I shook my head, “No.”

“Good. Shower, brush you teeth. Number one thing. Cause you breath is kickin’. Get dressed and I’ll be back in 30 minutes.” She said walking out, shutting he door behind her

What does she want?


“Shut up, Ali! You know it’s not fair!” I glared at Ali as she took the last peanut butter cookie

“You got all the rest! It is fair for me to have one!” She snapped back

I stared at her for a moment before tackling her back, “Give. Me. The. Cookie.”

“Never!” She struggled beneath me

“I’m stronger, wimp!” I laughed, “Cookie. Now.”

She arched her head, trying to get the cookie from her had to her mouth. I grabbed her hand and tried to pry the cookie out of her grip.

“It’s mine!” She whined

“Nu-uh!” I hissed as I bit her hand, she still didn’t release my cookie

What the hell is wrong with her?!

I decided to voice my thoughts, “What the hell is wrong with you?! It’s mine!”

“I touched it first!” She glared

“I looked at it first!” I retorted, biting her hand again

“Stop biting me, freak!” She winced

“I’m not a freak!” If looks could kill, she’s be 80 feet under!

Suddenly, it felt like I was being lifted into the air. Ali smirked as she stuff my cookie in her mouth.

“Don’t think that’ll stop me.” I growled

Benji threw me on the bed, “Calm down.”

“She took my cookie!” I yelled, glaring at him

“You ate all the other ones.” Benji rolled his eyes

“So.” I pouted

He sat down beside me, “I think you should forgive Kyle.”

I stared at him for a full three minutes, “…What the hell? Why?”

“The dealine is in three days. I-I didn’t tell you this before but…if Kyle has no access to you on the last day, when the wolf is suppose to rape you or whatever. You guys…die.” He frowned

I stared at him again then blew up, “You didn’t think it was important to tell me that?! That we’ll die?! Why didn’t you tell me?!”

He whimpered, “I didn’t think it what happen would happen. I though you guys would’ve already finished the bond. I’m sorry.”

I sighed, losing my anger. “Do you really think I should forgive him?”

He nodded, “Yeah, I kinda feel bad for him. Being away from your mate for a week can hurt you. He looks horrible.”

“Horrible?” I winced

“Yeah, he has bags under his eyes. Deep one. He so pale he looks green, he’s dirty, and his breath stinks.” Benji frowned in disgust

I laughed at the look on his face, “Okay. I’ll go talk to him. Hey, Ali?”

She looked at me, “What?”

“I’mma get you.” I glared before walking out the door

Kyle’s door had eight locks on it. What the…? I unlocked them and pushed on the door. This fool put a dresser in front of the door.

“Move. The fucking dresser. Now.” I growled, why would he put the dresser there?!

I heard him hop up and he started running, but half way to the door he stopped and looked like he was fighting himself.

“Kyle!” I snapped as I pushed on the door, trying to get the dresser to move

“What?” He whispered brokenly

“I will slice you. Move. The dresser. NOW!” I was growing impatient

He jumped and walked toward the door. He pushed the dresser away and I threw the door open. He was all the way across the room.

How’d he get there?

“What do you want?” He asked quietly as he looked down

“Get dressed.” I commanded in a strict voice

“Why?” He frowned in confusion

“Do I have to have a reason? No, I don’t.” I glared because he wasn’t listening

I’m here, trying to make things right and he wants to play 20 questions.

He shook my head and looked up slightly, “No.”

“Good. Shower, brush you teeth. Number one thing. Cause you breath is kickin’. Get dressed and I’ll be back in 30 minutes.” I then walked out, shutting the door behind me

I skipped back to Benji’s room. Benji and Ali were in a full on make out session.

“Gross!” I screamed, just to scare them

Ali hopped off Benji’s lap, blushing.

“Awwwww!” I cooed as she turned redder than usual

Benji smirked, “What happened?”

“I need clothes.” I nodded, rilfing through Ali’s suit case

“A dress?!” Ali squealed

“No.” I shot her a dirty look

“You’re wearing a dress.” She growled

I raised my hands in the air, “Calm down, Ricky Bobby.”

She grinned and hopped up, going into Benji’s closet.


I think Kyle has had enough time to know what he did was wrong.

Being away from your mate, and having her mad at you, I wouldn’t be able to handle it.

I watched as Kelsey walked out the door. Ali was a little scared because of Kelsey’s threat.

Laughing, I beckoned her over. She grinned and walked over, she sat on my lap, straddling me.

She pushed me onto my back and smashed her lips to my own. My hands found their way to her hips as hers tangled into my golden curls.

I nipped her bottom lip and she moaned, causing me to groan. She grinded her hips into mine and a growl sounded though the room.

My grip on her hips tighten and I rouchly grinded against her. Her cheeks heated up and she pulled away from the kiss, burying her head in my neck as she placed hot kisses on it.

She licked, bit, and sucked until she found my soft spot. I moaned loudly and she smirked into my neck.

“Mark me, Benny.” She whispered

I growled and pulled her face to mine for a passionate kiss.

“Gross!” Kelsey screamed loudly

Ali jumped off me, blushing harder than usual.

“Awwwww!” Kelsey cooed

I smirked, proud that I caused her to blush “What happened?”

“I need clothes.” She stated, going through Ali’s suit case

“A dress?!” Ali squealed

“No.” Kelsey shot her a dirty look that made me chuckle

“You’re wearing a dress.” Ali growled threateningly

Kelsey raised my hands in the air, “Calm down, Ricky Bobby.”

Ali grinned and hopped up, going into my closet. She has a lot of clothes here that Amabelle brought over.

“Perfect!” Ali suddenly screamed

“Where’s the rest of it?” Kelsey frowned

The dress had no straps and was pretty short. It made me mad that Ali wore this and other guys were looking at her.

“This is the whole dress.” Ali laughed

Kelsey’s face turned cold, “I’m not wearing that.”

Ali’s face also turned cold, “Yes. You. Are.”

Kelsey looked at me, “Your mate is possessed.”

I laughed and laid down, closing my eyes.

Kelsey and Ali were arguing because Kelsey refused to wear the dress. Ths went on for five minutes until Kelsey gave in.

They’re crazy.


I am so tempted to smack Ali right now! You don’t even know! I can feel my hand itching just to make contact with her face.

She was doing my hair right now, curls. She has already done my makeup. She’s evil!

“Are you don’t yet?” I asked for the thirtieth time

“Kelsey.” She said in a threatening voice, “Don’t ask again.”

I huffed and crossed my arms over my chest. Wanna know what I’m wearing right now? Underwear! Yes, you heard right. She is making me sit in my bra and panties with Benji in the room.

I told him that if he left I’d kill Ali. I was lying. He was sitting in the corner, facing the wall, playing patty cake with himself. It was pretty funny.

“Done!” Ali chirped happily

“Thank the Lord!” I yelled, standing up

Ali rolled her eyes and grabbed the dress, slipping it onto my ‘curvaceous’ --as she put it-- body.

“Now, you can look in the mirror!” She grinned as she ripped the sheet off the mirror

I glared at her and the heels she’s forcing me to wear on before walking out.

She grabbed me by my bicep and pulled me back into the room.

“Look.” She hissed

I swear, this girl has Satan in her. Not just a regular demon. Satan. The DEVIL!

I sighed and looked into the mirror.

“Cool.” I said trying to be nonchalant but I looked…beautiful

“You look gorgeous.” Ali bit her lip, “Do you like it?”

I nodded and hugged her, “Thanks, Al.”

“You can get out of the corner, Benny.” Ali laughed

“Hallelujah!” Benji yelled as he hopped up

He turned around and his eyes popped out of his head, “Where’s the rest of that dress?!”

“I know!” I agreed with wide eyes, “Well, I gotta go.” I waved and walked out the door, to Kyle’s room

He was sitting on the bed, chanting something. He was wearing a white button down shirt, the first two buttons unbutton, dark wash jeans, and white nikes. He looked hot!

“Ready?” I asked

His head snapped up and his eyes turned black as he looked over me, his eyes staying on my expose legs a little longer than necessary.

“Uh…yeah.” He mumbled, standing up

His legs shook slightly as he walked towards me. I grabbed his hand as he stood in front of me.

He growled and I looked up at him, shocked by his reaction. Did he not want me to hold his hand?

I let go and looked down, hurt. “Sorry.”

I walked out of his room and down stairs, him following, breathing hard. Everyone that was in the living room turned to us.

“Bye, guys.” I walked out before they could say anything, grabbing Kyle’s car keys on the way

Nobody talks to Kyle anymore. Not even Jasmine. It make me feel bad because it’s my fault.

I opened Kyle’s door for him with a grin. He tried to smile back but it came out as a grimace. He got in and I shut the door before walking over to the drivers side.

I got in and started the car. “You look hot.”

He nodded, “Thanks. You too.”

I rolled my eyes and backed out of the drive way. Reaching over, I grabbed him hand, entwining out fingers.

“I’m sorry.” I said quietly as I glanced over at him

“Nothing to be sorry for.” He chocked out, “I’m sorry, though.”

“No. I’m sorry for reacting the way I did. I was childish of me to avoid you this week and I apologize for that.” I said sincerely

“What are we doing?” He asked bluntly

“Going on our first date.” I grinned

“Why?” He frowned

Hurt washed through me again, “Do you not want to do on a date with me?”

He didn’t reply. I pulled my hand out of his, “I’ll take you home then.”

“No. I want too.” He whispered

I nodded briskly and kept driving to the restaurant I wanted to take him too. Olive Garden. I love they’re soup!

“Do you like Italian?” I asked, trying to spark a conversation

He nodded and looked out the window. I gulped and looked forward, really hurt my his reactions.

Does he not love me anymore? My bottom lip quivered at the thought and I fought back the tears.

The ride to Olive Garden was completely silent. I didn’t know what to say or do because he wouldn’t talk to me. I shut the car off and turned to him, “Let’s go.”

He nodded and opened his door. He got out and shut the door. I sat there for a second before getting out. He jammed his hand into his pants pockets and walked towards the restaurant.

The tears pricked my eyes and I bit my lip, not letting them fall. I walked after him slowly. He opened the door and walked in, letting the door shut behind him.

I took a deep breath and opened the door. Kyle was standing by the cashiers desk. I walked up beside him.

“Table for two, please.” I smiled at the lady

Kyle looked away and stepped away from me. I looked at him and frowned.

“Follow me.” The lady smiled at Kyle

He smirked back and my heart stopped briefly before pounding hard. What’s wrong with him?

The lady led us to a table and set our menus down. Kyle and I sat down at the same time.

“Can I get you guys anything to drink?” She asked, staring at Kyle

He smirked up at her, “Yeah, coke, please.”

She wrote it down and turned me, “What can I get you?”

“Sprite, please.” I said looking at the frilly table cloth

“I’ll be right back with those.” She smiled and walked away

There was an awkward silence until Kyle broke is.

“Why am I here?” He asked coldly

I lifted my head and looked him in the eye, “I want things to go back to normal. I miss you.”

His eyes were the coldest I’ve ever seen. “Why now?”

Anger bubbled up in me, “You’re trying to pin all of this on me. It’s not all my fault, Kyle. You’re too blame, also. So, don’t go all cold and shut out on me.”

His eyes narrowed, “So, what you’re implying is that it’s all my fault.” It wasn’t a question, just a statement

“I didn’t imply that, Kyle. Both of us are to blame. I take responsibility of my actions. You, Kyle, you don’t. You pawn them off on other people. I’m here right now because I want to make things better. Something you were too much of a coward to do.” I glared, I felt my eyes turning black with anger

He pursed his lips and looked away, just as the drinks came.

She set the drinks down, “Are you ready to order?”

“Um, no. Sorry, can you give us a couple minutes?” I asked

She nodded, “Sure. Take your time.”

She walked away, Kyle’s eyes followed her. I stared at him in wonder, wondering why…he’s acting like this. His eyes snapped to mine,


I flinched from the coldness of his voice and shook my head, “Nothing.”

He nodded curtly and grabbed his drink.

“Kyle, what’s wrong with you?” I bit my lip

“You.” Was all he said

Tears welled in my eyes but this time I couldn’t bit them back. They spilled over.

“I see.” I whispered, wiping my tears

His jaw was clenched tightly as he looked anywhere but me. I picked up my menu to hid my face, even though he wasn’t looking at me. I just wanted soup.

I set the menu down and saw that Kyle wasn’t sitting down. I looked around and saw him walking to the bathrooms. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply through my nose, exhaling out my mouth.

He came back ten minutes later with a grin on his face, hair disheveled, pants zipper half way down. I frowned as he sat down. Then, I saw the waitress come out of the bathroom--The men‘s bathroom-- looking flustered with the same grin as Kyle.

My eyes slowly slid back to Kyle. He was looking at his menu, grin still intact.

I gulped, hard and reached into the clutch thing Ali gave me. I pulled out his car keys and set them on the table beside him.

“Bye, Kyle.” I whispered as I stood, fighting the tears

He looked up at me, still grinning but his eyes were cold. He didn’t say anything so I walked away.

I pushed the door opened and let the tears fall. Tonight was suppose to be fun. I started walking down the street. My feet started hurting so I took the heels off.

The tears were flowing like a dam. Every time I wiped them more would follow. I passed and alley and walked into it, sliding down the wall until my butt hit the floor. I buried my face in my forearm and cried.

Have I lost him forever?

I stayed in that alley for hours until I heard Benji calling my name in my mind.

“What?” I croaked

“Where are you? Kyle came back and you weren’t with him.” Benji said panicked

“I lost him, Benji.” I started sobbing

“Just tell me where you are. I’m coming.” He said softly

“I-I don’t know. I’m in an alley.” I hiccupped

“Damn it, Kelsey!” He growled, I could see him running his hand through him golden locks

“I’m sorry.” I whimpered

He sighed, “It’s not your fault. Can you get out of the alley and tell me a street name?”

“Yeah.” I sniffed, standing up

I walked out of the alley and down the street.

“Wilbur Street.” I whispered

“I’m on my way.” He said quickly before his presence disappeared from my mind

Fifteen minutes later the truck pulled up in front of me. Benji jumped out and ran to me. He pulled me to his chest.

“I was so scared.” He cried into my hair, his warm tears hitting my scalp like fire

I buried my head in his chest, “Let’s go.”

He nodded and pulled away, dragging me to the truck. He opened the door and I got in. He ran to the drivers side and got in.

He looked at me before starting the car.

“What happened?” He asked quietly

I shook my head, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

He nodded and dropped it, staring straight ahead. We pulled into the driveway and I got out. Benji and I walked up to the house in silence. I could tell he wanted to know what happened but didn’t want to pressure me into telling him.

He opened the door and let me go in first. Everybody surrounded us and gasped.

“What happened?” Ali whispered as she wiped my tears and smeared makeup

“Nothing.” I shook my head and pushed passed them

I walked out to the backyard and sat down in the grass, staring at the stars.

Feeling someone looking at me, I turned to the eyes. Kyle was staring at me from his window. I looked away and buried my head in my knees as more tears fell.

I had planned for this to be a great night. Have fun, finish the mating process because the deadline is coming. It’s funny how the things you plan to be great turn out in disaster.

I stood up and walked back into the house. Everyone was still in the living room. I walked out, not looking at them.


What did Kyle do?!

I stood up, everyone looked at me. I stormed up the stairs and to Kyle’s room. I threw his door open.

He looked up in shock, “What?”

“I’m done with your fucking bullshit! What’s wrong with you?! Is Kelsey not what you want anymore?! Do you want me to go get that blonde slut?!” I screamed, fueled by my anger

He blinked, “Sure.”

My anger got the best of me and I lunged at him, knocking us onto the floor. I threw punch after punch to his face. When someone pulled me off him, only then did I notice what I was actually doing.

I stared at Kyle’s limp and bloody body on the ground.

“Benjamin.” Derek sighed as he shook his head

“I-I didn’t mean too.” I whispered

Declan knelt down beside Kyle and shook his, “Kyle. Wake up.”

Declan ran his hand down his face and sigh, “Call an ambulance.”

“I’m sorry.” I gulped

“It’s not your fault. It’s your job to protect Kelsey.” Elijah smiled slightly

“Job?” I asked

“You guys are each others protectors. You’re suppose to protect each other. That’s why you can feel her pain and she can feel yours.” Thyme said

I frowned, “O-kay.”

There was a knock down stairs and Blake ran out to get it. The paramedics came up with a stretcher and lifted Kyle onto it. Guilt was eating me alive!

“Benny, it wasn’t your fault. You just lost your temper.” Ali smiled comfortingly

I nodded, “I’m gonna go find Kelsey.”

I kissed her forehead and walked out of the room and downstairs. I slipped on my shoes and walked out the door. The ambulance was driving away.

An hour. I had been searching for Kelsey for an hour. And she ends up being on the side of the house. Seriously, Kelsey?!

“Why was the ambulance here?” She asked as I sat beside her

I hesitated, “…For Kyle.”

“Why?” She asked without emotion

“He got beat up. Bad.” I said vaguely

“By who?”

“…Me…” I said slowly

She nodded and brought her knees up to her chest, laying her cheek on them, looking away from me.

“What’d he do?” My anger was coming back

“I don’t want to talk about it, Benji.” She sighed

“Okay.” I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and pulled her to my side

She laid her head on my shoulder, “Why does he hate me? I-I didn’t mean to make him hate me. I just needed time.”

“I don’t know, Ley-Lee Bear.” I answered honestly

“I don’t want him to hate me. I love him.” She whimpered, “So much.”

“Please, tell me what he did?” I begged

“Nothing. But that’s the bad thing.” She whispered

“He did something else.” I stated, hurt that she didn’t trust me enough for the truth

She sighed, “H-he went to the bathroom…and was in there for ten minutes. When he came out…h-his z-zipper was down and he was grinning. Then our waitress came out of the men’s restroom…with the same grin as Kyle.” She started sobbing

“He wouldn’t.” I whispered

“Well, he did.” She snapped, pulling away from me as she stood up

“Where you going?” I asked standing up

“Hospital.” She waved, walking to the front

I followed and noticed all the cars were gone except Kyle’s. Kelsey came out of the house with his keys.

“You comin’?” She asked as she got in

I jogged to the car and got in. Kelsey backed out of the drive way and sped down the street. My hands gripped the seat tightly.

“Slow down.” I said

She shook her head, “Nahhh.”

We were at the hospital in five minutes. She drives fast!

We got out and walked in. Everybody was in the waiting room.

“Is he alright?” I asked quietly

“Yeah. Nothing serious. His face is just bruised a little.” Jonny smiled

I sighed, “Thank God.”

“Are people allowed to see him?” Kelsey asked coldly

Everyone’s head snapped to her in shock.

“Uh, yeah.” Jasmine nodded

“Room number?”


“Thanks.” Then she walked off

This can’t be good.


I pushed Kyle’s hospital door open. He was laying down, watching T.V.

The door shut softly and he turned to it.

“K-Kelsey?” He stuttered

“No, I’m her twin.” I said sarcastically as I walked closer

He looked over my face. My eyes felt puffy and my mouth was sticky and felt weird.

“Why?” I whispered

He gulped, “I-I don’t want to hurt you anymore. So, I’m going to leave you alone.”

My anger flared, “You don’t get to make that choice, Kyle! You won’t hurt me again because I will slice you this time.”

“It is my choice.” He shook his head

I leaned close to his face, “No, it’s not.”

His breathing sped up, “Yes, it is.”

“What I say goes.” I glared

His eyes turned black as he grabbed the back of my neck and crushed his lips to mine. I moaned and climbed on top of him, straddling him. His hands cupped my boot-ay and pulled me closer.

“I didn’t have sex with that women. I promise.” He murmured

I nodded, “I believe you.”

“I love you, more than you’ll ever know.” He whispered, pulling away to press his forehead against mine

I kissed him again, putting all I had into the kiss, showing him how much I loved him. He growled and roughly ground against me.

“I’m not losing my virginity in a hospital.” I panted as I pulled away

He nodded and sat up, “Let’s get out of here.”

I laughed as he jumped out of the bed, me still in his arms and quickly walked to the door.

We passed the pack.

“Don’t come home for…at least three hours.” Kyle called back

“Oh, gross.” Ty and Lonny gagged as they covered their ears

All the girls laughed and pointed. I blushed.

“She’s blushing!” Ali screamed

“Walk faster.” I hissed at Kyle

He nodded and sprinted out of the hospital. He gently set me in the car, grabbed the keys, and ran around to the drivers side. He started the car and back out of the parking space. He sped out of the hospital and down the road.

We got to the house in three minutes. He beat my five minutes. He jerked the car to the stop as we pulled into the drive way. He got out and ran to my side, flinging the door open.

“Calm down, Rick-” He cut me off as he lifted me out of the car and slammed his lips onto mine

I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled myself up a little. He started walking, stumbling slightly. He opened the door and walked in, shutting it with his foot.

I pulled away to breath and he leaned down, kissing my neck. I moaned and he bumped into a wall. I pulled his face back to mine, kissing him hard.

He got to the top of the stairs and pushed me against the wall.

“I love you.” He growled against my neck

I nodded, “Love you, too.”

He pulled me off the wall and walked into his room. He threw me onto the bed, I bounced slightly. He ripped his shirt off before crawling over to me.

He grinned, “I love you.”

I smiled back, “I love you more.”

He leaned down and kissed me roughly and passionately. Then, all my clothes were off.

Chapter 26: Completed!

Kyle rolled off me and pulled me to his chest.

“Oh my gosh.” He breathed

“I know.” I laughed

He grinned, “Round two?”

“No!” I yelled

“Why not?” He pouted

I pulled out of his arms and jumped up, wincing in pain. “You’re huge! That’s why! I’m taking a hot bath.”

“I’ll join.” He smirked and got up

I narrowed my eyes at him and walked into the bathroom. Arms wrapped around my bare waist and pulled me against a very, very muscled chest.

His hand slipped down to my…area and I jumped.

“No.” I scolded, poking his nose

I turned around and started the bath, putting lots of bubbles. I got in, ignoring Kyle as I spread out on my back.

“I’ll just lay on you.” Kyle shrugged as he climbed in, setting his body on mine

I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled his face to mine for a hard kiss. His…thing pressed against my thigh and I jumped again.

I pulled away and his eyes were black, “No! Your wolf is too rough. Yeah you, Mr. Black eyes. You’re mean.”

Kyle’s laughed as his eyes turned blue again, “What the hell?”

“What? Just sayin’.” I shrugged and dipped my head under water

Kyle grabbed my boobies and I lifted my head out of the water to glare at him, “No.”

He leaned down and kissed me. I huffed as I felt myself kissing back.

“I love you, baby.” He murmured

“No, you don’t.” I glared, playing with him

His eyes widened, “Yes, I do! Why would you even think that?”

My eyes narrowed, “Because you hurt me with that…tramp. What’d you guys do?”

“Nothing. I swear.” He shook his head

“Yeah the freak right. What. Happened?” I asked slowly

“All I did was talk to her and she got all red and stuff. It was weird.” He muttered the last part

“Why was your zipper down?”

“Because I unzipped it.” He said it like it was normal to walk out of a restaurant bathroom with your zipper down

No the hell it isn’t!

“Why would you even want to hurt me?” I frowned

“I thought it would keep you away. But I forgot how stubborn you are.” He chuckled

I glared at him, “Shut up. Stubbornness is a gift that not many people have. I’m thankful for it.”

“So am I.” He smiled and brushed my hair our of my face

I rolled my eyes and smiled, “Now, let me take my bath on peace. Get out.”

He sighed, “Fiiiiiine.”

“That you are.” I smirked as he got out and I got a view of his butt

For a guy. His butt is really…how do say this. Bubbly. Yeah, bubbly. Bubble butt. He he. BB. Bubble Butt. Get it? You don’t? Hmph, whatever then.

The rest of my bath was peaceful, until I had to get out. I was still sore. Who knew losing your virginity to a sex deprived werewolf would hurt so much? Yeah…didn’t really think it through.

I wrapped a towel around myself and went into the room. Kyle was laying down, eyes closed with a wide grin on his face.

Chuckling, I opened his dresser and pulled out a pair of boxers and a shirt. I slipped them on and laid down. Kyle pulled me to his chest and my eyes dropped.

“Love you.” I muttered sleepily

“I love you, too, baby.” The grin was still there

I fell asleep with a smile on my face.


Oh. My. Goodness! Ahhhhh! I’m so happy right now. Possibly the happiest man on earth.

I hugged Kelsey tighter to my chest and fell asleep with a grin on my face.


We were all at the pizza parlor. Not wanting to risk going home too soon. That was just nasty. Kyle put an unwanted image in my head and now I can’t get it out. Who would want to think about someone having sex? Especially when the chick is like my sister.

I want to puke.

“Benny, you okay?” Ali asked in amusement

Everybody else was smirking at me.

“No. I want to puke and kill Kyle…at the same time.” I took a deep breath to hold back the puke that threatened to come up

Everyone laughed.

“I think it’s safe to go home now. Kyle doesn’t have that much stamina.” Declan smirked

I laughed, “Yeah, let’s go.”

We all got up, boxed the pizza’s up, then walked out to the cars. We got in and drove home.

Declan sat up straight and got this faraway look as we neared the house. Then he relaxed, smirking.

“Vision?” Blake asked

Declan nodded, “I have to talk to Kelsey. She’s gonna be shocked...and angry probably.”

I frowned, “Why? What’d you see?”

“It’s not for me to tell.” He smiled sadly, “As much as I would like too. She has too.” He grunted

Jonathan pulled into the driveway and we all got out. The others parked behind us. All the lights in the house were off. Maybe they’re asleep?

We all slowly walked up to the house, glancing at each other once an a while. Jonathan took a deep breath and pushed the door open. Everything was quiet.

“Hallelujah!” Derek yelled and walked in

We all followed, said our goodnights, then went to bed. Ali walked into my closet to get into her pajamas. I’m really lucky to have her. Don’t know what I would do if she wasn’t in my life.

I stripped out of my clothes, leaving me in my boxers. I laid down, over the blankets, and interlocked me fingers behind my head. Ali jumped on me, in nothing but a little night gown.

“Hello, Benny.” She smiled and waved

“Hey.” I whispered huskily

She growled lowly before slamming her lips to mine. I instantly responded and wrapped my arms around her, pulling her to my chest as I kissed her back.

She rested her hips on my and I growled in the back of my throat. She giggled against my lips and pulled back, smiling.

She laughed and I smiled.

“What?” I asked

She shook her head, her brow curls followed. “Nothing.”

I set my hands on her hips, “Nothing, huh?”

She nodded and grinned, “Nothing.”

I rolled my eyes, “Suuuure.”

She laughed, her green eyes sparkled. She rolled off me and snuggled into my side. I turned on my side, facing her and wrapped my arm around her, pulling her to my chest.

“Night, Benny.” She yawned

“Good night.” I smiled and closed my eyes


I woke up to someone shaking me. I almost growled.

“Who dare wake me?” I whispered, as too not wake up Kyle

A laughed sounded. Declan?

“Dec?” I asked, turning towards him

“Yeah, I need to talk to you.” He said, not lowering his voice

Kyle stirred and pulled me closer.

“About what?” I asked

“Something important.” He said vaguely

“Can it wait?” I groaned

He shrugged, “Sure.”

“Thank you.” I smiled and closed my eyes

He sighed and I heard his footsteps, then the door closed. I grunted lazily and pulled Kyle’s arm off me. I stumbled to the door and pulled it open.

Where is Declan’s room? Meh, gonna have to look into everyone of them then. I walked to the door next to Kyle’s and pushed it open. Declan’s head snapped up.

Who would’ve guess? Me. That’s who.

“What’s so important that you woke me?” I shut the door and walked over to his bed

“I had a vision.” He said cautiously

“About?” I asked impatiently

“You.” He backed away from me

“What was the vision about?” I growled

“Do you like kids?” He asked

I shrugged, “Sure.”

“Would you like to have kids?”

“Why? Where are you going with this?” I groaned

“You’re pregnant.”

Chapter 27: Spa Day! Yay. Note The Sarcasm.

“What?” I frowned, not believing my ears

“You. Are. Pregnant.” He said slowly

My eyes widened, “Nu-uh! It’s too early to find out anyway.”

“I can see the future. Besides, werewolf mates find out quicker.” He shrugged

I squeaked and jumped up, “Oh my gosh.”

I started hyperventilation, “What am I going to do?”

“I don’t know. Tell Kyle?” He offered

I shook my head, “No. I want to make sure. Take me to the store.”

“Mmkay.” He smiled and slipped his shoes on

“I need a paper bag.” I panted

“Shut up and breath.” He rolled his eyes

I sent him a cold glare as I opened the door. I went to Kyle’s room and grabbed my purple Vans before running downstairs. Declan was waiting with key, whistling. How is he so calm?!

I put my shoes on, “Let’s go.”

He unlocked the truck and we got in. After starting the car, he pulled out and drove to Walmart. Didn’t even know there was a Walmart around here.

He pulled into the parking space and I jumped out.

“I’m freaking out right now.” I stated, wringing my hands together

“Just calm down. We’re not having a crisis.” He chuckled, shoving his hands in his jean pockets

My eye twitched and I looked at him, wanting to rip his head off. We walked into the store and looked for the…pregnancy tests. When we found them, Declan grabbed arm full’s just as I did.

We walked to the register and the ladies eyes widened as we set them all down.

“That’s a lot.” She pointed out

“Nooo, it’s little.” I snapped angrily

“Excuse her. She’s freaking out.” Declan laughed

I clenched my jaw and slowly turned to him, “Shut. The. Hell. Up.”

He arched a brow, “I’m good.”

The lady started ringing them up, “You the father?” She asked Declan

Dec’s head snapped up and he looked at her, then at me, then back at the lady. “HELL NO!”

I laughed and punched his arm. He turned to me with wide eyes.

“That’s a ridiculous question.” I chuckled, wiping the tears

“Who’s the father?” The lady asked

“My boyfriend.” I said, “If I’m even pregers.” I added quickly

She looked down at my stomach and shrugged, ringing up the last of them. Declan grabbed the bag and we ran to the bathrooms.

“I’ll wait out here.” Dec said, leaning against the wall beside the women’s bathroom

I glared, “Get in there.”

He groaned and pushed the door open, “You’re so evil!”

“Shut up.” I snapped, ripping the bag from his hands as I went into a stall, “How do these work?” I called out, confused as I pulled the stick out of the box

“I think you pee on it.” He said

“What? Why would I pee on? That’s nasty.” I frowned at the stick

“Just do it. So I can go home.” He huffed

“Fine.” I said warily as I unbuttoned my jeans

I sat on the toilet and tried many different angles to get it to where I could pee on it. This is so hard!

FINALLY, I figured it out and started peeing.

“Na na na na.” I said, bobbing my head as I squeezed my legs together to stop the pee

I set the stick on the shelf that was in there and got out another stick. Peed on that one. Peed on the others too.

“La la la la.” I grinned

“Are you almost done?” Declan asked

“I’ve only done five tests.” I said

“Only five?” He asked sarcastically

“Just one more.” I said, opening another pee stick

This is kind of fun! The whole peeing thing, not possibly being pregnant. I peed on the stick and set it down by the others.

“How will I know if I am?” I asked, wiping

“The pink plus sign.”

I pulled my pants up and opened the door, walking out. I washed my hands and dried them.

Declan walked into the stall and looked at them, “Why isn’t it showing anything?”

“I don’t know. It’s says to wait three minutes.” I shrugged, standing beside him

He nodded and rubbed his eye.

“Is someone tired?” I teased, pinching his cheek

He growled, “Yes. Oh, look a pink plus sign.”

I pushed his out of the way and looked at all the test. Pink is evil!

I started hyperventilating again, “Oh my gosh. Why is it so hot in here?”

Declan set his hands on my shoulder, “It’s not that bad, if you think about it. You’re a mom. Be happy.”

I thought about it then whimpered, “I’m young.”

“You’re 18 years old. You’re not that young.” He rolled his eyes, “Now, clean up those pee sticks so we can go home.”

I threw all the sticks away and sulked out of the bathroom.

Can you believe it? Me. Kelsey Elaine Montgomery. Pregers. Oh, gosh.


My arms curled around air and my eyes snapped open. Kelsey wasn’t here. Hurt flooded through me as I clutched my pillow. Girls are always sad when they wake up in the morning when you had sex or whatever the night before and you’re gone but it hurts us, too.

The door opened and I turned to it. Kelsey was taking off her shoes.

“Where’d you go?” I asked quietly

Her head snapped up to me, “You scared me! I thought you were sleeping. Oh, and I went for a walk.”

She isn’t a very good liar.

I nodded, acting like I believed her, “Mmkay.”

Why does she always think she can lie to me?

She laid down and gave me a small smile before turning her back to me. I frowned and shrugged before wrapping my arm around her waist. She scooted into me and leaned her head against my chest. I kissed her forehead and closed my eyes. But, I’m not tired anymore. She wasn’t asleep either.

“What are you thinking about?” I whispered

“Life.” She shrugged and turned to face me

I nodded and set my head on top of hers, breathing in her scent. She sighed and slacked into me. I pulled her closer.

Her breathing evened out, a sign that she was asleep. I looked at the clock on my nightstand. 8 o’ clock. Was I really asleep for that long?

I slipped out of bed and walked over to my dresser. I grabbed a pair of dark wash jeans and a white button up shirt. I take a quick shower before barging into Derek’s room.

He jumped up, into a fighting stance. He always does that. Creeper.

“What?” He groaned once he noticed it was me

“We’re going on. Get ready.” I ordered, walking out

I walked to Declan’s room and threw the door open. He rolled over and growled, “Get out.”

“Get ready.” I said before turning around, walking out his room

Blake’s room was a little away from ours. Declan, Derek, and I are all next to each other. Blake’s isn’t. I opened his door and walk in. He’s a heavy sleeper.

I push him off his bed, “Get ready?”

“Huh? Why?” He squinted his eyes

“We’re going out.” I said

He looked at his clock and glared, “It’s 8 in the f*cking morning!”

“I know.” I shrugged and walk out

I ran down stairs, to the kitchen. I grabbed a bottle of orange juice and opened it, taking a large gulp. Derek sulked down the stairs, dead on his feet.

He glared at me as he opened the fridge. I laughed and jumped up on the counter. He opened his apple juice, still glaring at me.

Blake came down stairs and growled before getting out an orange juice. A jolt went through him and he grinned. Orange juice wakes him up. Don’t know how or why, but ever since we were kids the adults would have to hid all the orange juice from him. Even go to all the local store, giving them his picture and telling the manager ‘Don’t EVER give this kid orange juice.’

Now, they don’t care.

“I love orange juice.” Blake sighed happily before downing it all

I laughed as Declan came down stairs. His head snapped to me and he growled loudly, “Shut up! Let’s go.”

I jumped down from the counter and walked towards the door, grabbing my keys on the way. We all got in the car, Declan and Derek still grumpy, Blake on an OJ high. I started the car and backed out.

“Where are we going?!” Blake practically yelled

I shot him a look, telling him to quiet down. “Jewelry store.”


My eyes slowly open as I realize Kyle’s no longer in the bed. I sit up and look at the clock. 8:34. I rub my eyes and lay back down, hugging his pillow.

What if he doesn’t want the baby? Or doesn’t want to be a dad? Would he still love me even when I’m all fat and stuff?

I get up and slowly walk down stairs. Jonny is in the kitchen, sipping coffee.

“Good morning.” He smiled

“Morning.” I smiled back slightly

I opened the fridge and grabbed an orange juice. I opened it and took a drink.

I sit down at the table and lay my head on it.

“Something wrong?” Jonny arched a brow

I shook my head, “Nope. Where’s everybody?”

“Asleep. Lazy people.” He muttered the last part

I laughed and took another gulp of my deliciousness. The front door opened and Kyle’s laugh sounded through the house.

Declan, Kyle, Derek, and Blake walked into the kitchen, grinning. Declan’s eyes met mine and his grin widened. I gave him a weird look.

Kyle wrapped his arms around my waist from behind, “Morning, baby.”

“Morning.” I smiled and tilted my head to kiss him but being the short person I am, I kissed his jaw

He chuckled and pecked my lips, “Shortie.”

I glared at him, “Shut up.”

I pulled away from him and go over to the cabinet. Standing on my tip-toes, I grabbed the peanut butter from the third shelf. I set it on the counter before opening the fridge to get the jelly.

“Who want’s one?” I asked

“Me!” Declan screamed, waving his arm in the air frantically

“I do.” Jonny, Derek, Blake, and Kyle all say

“Declan, come help me.” I ordered

He groaned, “Why me?”

“Fine. Sexy accent.” I shrugged, grabbing the bread

He huffs, “Fine! But only because I had my OJ. Don’t go gettin‘ any ideas, women.”

I looked at him in shock, “That’s the most words I have ever heard you say.”

“OJ!” He sings, grabbing two knives from the drawer

My brows raise in amusement, “Mmkay.”

He hands me a knife, still singing ‘OJ!’. I open the peanut butter as he opens the jelly

“How many do you guys want?” I asked

“Six!” Declan grinned

“No.” I said flatly, “Two each.”

He fake cries, “Why do you hate me?”

Ignoring him, I spread the peanut butter onto the slice of bread before handing it to Blake

He slams the jelly bread and the peanut butter bread together, “Done!”

I stare at him, “You’re weird…I like you even more, now!”

He grinned and his eyes widened as he skipped away.

“What about the sandwiches?!” I yelled at him

“Do them yourself!” He sings from down the hall

I glared at the jelly knife Blake used, “Douche.”

“Hey, now, don’t be mean to the knife.” Derek laughed as he grabbed it and started spreading jelly on Blake’s unfinished bread

Derek and I finished the sandwiched and gave them to Kyle and Jonny. Blake came running in, grabbed two sandwiches, then ran out. Wow.

Jasmine came in the kitchen and glared at Jonny, “Who gave him orange juice?”

Jonny raised his hands in the air, “Not me.”

She rolled her eyes and opened the fridge. Jasmine growled and held up the bottles of orange juice.

“Everyone knows orange juice is banned from this house when Blake is here.” She sighed and put them back, she walked over to Jonny and snatched his sandwich from his hand, took a bite, smiled, and walked out

“My sandwich.” Jonny whimpered

I laughed, “You have another one.”

“Oh, yeah.” He grinned and picked it up

I shook my head and bite into deliciousness, “Mmmm, good.”

Declan looked at me and grinned before looking away. What the hell is this kids problem?

My eyes narrowed and I bite my sandwich, all the while staring at Declan. He looked at me from the corner of his eyes and shuddered,


I shrugged, “What, what?”

“Huh?” He frowned

I shrugged again, “I don’t even know, Dude.”

He laughed and got up, walking to the fridge. I feel eyes on me so I turn to them. Kyle is grinning at me. What’s with all the grins?

“What’s with all the grins people?” I looked around to see everyone grinning but Jonny who just looks confused

“Nothing.” Declan chirped excitedly

My brows furrowed and I shrugged, “Whatever.”

They just keep on grinning. I look at them cautiously.

“What’s going on?” Jonny asked, utterly confused

“I don’t know.” I said slowly as I looked over Declan, Derek, and Kyle’s faces

“Okay, okay, we’re going on a date. An actual date this time.” Kyle’s grin widened

I arched a brow and pursed my lips, “Then why is everybody grinning? Why would Derek and Declan be happy about us going on a date?”

He tilted his head to the right, trying to figure out a good enough lie. “Because, it’s special.”

I nodded, “Mmkay.”

Kyle’s eyes widened, “Kay.”

I looked at him strangely before finishing my sandwiches, quickly. Their grins were starting to freak me out. I stood up and slowly walked out of the kitchen, and up to the room.

I took a quick shower and got out. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my body. A squeak of surprise escaped me when I noticed Declan in the room.

“Oops.” He blushed and covered his eyes

I glared at him and walked over to Kyle’s dresser, I grabbed a pair of basketball shorts, a t-shirt, and underwear from my suit case.

I quickly changed, “What’d you need?”

He slowly uncovered his eyes, cheeks still slightly pink. “How’s it goin’?”

I shrugged, “…Good. I guess.”

“When are you gonna tell him?” He grinned

I shrugged again, “When it’s the right time.”

“When is that going to be?” He narrowed his eyes

“Whenever…” I said cautiously

He grinned again, “You should tell him on your date tonight. He’d be really excited.”

I arched a brow, “I don’t know. Maybe.”

Declan nodded, boucing up and down. “Mmkay. Bye!” Then, he ran out of the room

I stared after him before shaking my head, “He’s a freak.”

Suddenly, Sophia, Olivia, Madison, Belle, and Ali barged into the room.

“We’re going to the spa!” Olivia exclaimed

“I’m good.” I shook my head

Ali glared, “You’re going.”

What is up with her lately?

“What the hell? You can’t tell me what to do.” I scoffed

Sophia and Madison grabbed my biceps and dragged me out of the room.

“Help meh! Benji! Justin! Derek! Anybody!” I yelled as they pushed me out the front door, roughly, “I need shoes!”

“No, you don’t.” Madison grinned and opened the back door of the truck before shoving me in

Ali buckled my seat belt and sat on my lap.

“Why?” I asked

“So you can’t get away.” She said casually as she picked at her nails, “I need a manicure.”

“You need a physician.” I muttered

“Are you implying that I’m insane?” Ali glared

“Maybe…maybe not.” I shrugged

She huffed, “Jerk.”

“Very proud of it, too.” I smiled innocently as she growled

Olivia started the truck and backed out of the drive way.

“Why do we have to go to the spa?” I groaned, “Don’t they put huge, hot, hurtful rocks on your back? How is that relaxing or fun?”

“Shut up.” Ali snapped

I stared at her in shock, “Say what?”

“Shut. Up.” She repeated slowly

“Hell no! You better check yourself.” I glared

She huffed again and sat forward on my lap. I should push her off. But I’m going to try to be nice today. Yes, my mission is to be nice to the girls even though I want to strangle them.

I heard gasps erupt through the car. Looking up, I noticed them all glaring at me.

“What?” I frowned

“You want to strangle me? I barely know you.” Madison whispered, feining hurt

I said that out loud?

“Yes, you did.” Belle muttered

“Oops?” I offered

They rolled their eyes and Olivia slammed on the brakes. I lurched forward, “Hell.”

“That’s what you get.” She stated at she pulled me into the Spa

She stopped the car and Ali got off as Olivia opened the back door on my side. Belle unbuckled me and Olivia and Sophia grabbed me again. I struggled as they started pulling me to the entrance.

“I don’t wanna go!” I screamed, wishing they weren’t so strong, “Help meh! Rape! I’m ‘bout to get raped by…” I started counting how many girls were with me, “Five girls! Help!”

Ali slapped the back of my head and I sent her a cold glare. She flinched slightly but hid it well. I smirked smugly then lost it as I got smelled the overpowering smell of incents and some kind of perfume.

“Oh, hell.” I groaned

They pulled me up to the register thing or whatever it’s called. The lady looked up and smiled at us, “Are all of you going to be using the spa today?”

Belle grinned, “Yes, Ma’am.”

“Uh…I’m not. Just them.” I said

“Ignore her.” Madison smiled tightly

I scoffed, “I’m very hard to ignore, Madison.”

She clenched her jaw, “Shut it.”

“You shut it.” I said back childishly

The lady didn’t look amused. Does she think I’m trying to be funny? Hell no, Miss Lady, I am not.

“The changing room is right over their. Put on the robe’s when you’re done undressing then come on out.” She smiled politely

“Thank you.” All the grils smiled and dragged me into the changing room

Naked women. EVERYWHERE!

“That’s just nasty.” I gagged as I passed by a lady wearing a thong. She was bending down.

“Don’t be rude.” Olivia snapped

“It’s not like she could hear me!” I yelled

Everyone turned to us and I started whistling innocently.

“It was her.” I tried to point at Ali but Madison slapped my hand

I glared at her, “B!tch.”

She gasped but kept walking until they stopped at a place with a bunch of lockers and white robes.

“What are the lockers for?” I frowned in confusion

They ignored me and started stripping their clothes off. I covered my eyes, “Sicko’s! I don’t roll like that!”

They scoffed and I could hear them rolling their eyes. Freak-tard’s.

I slowly pulled my hand from my eyes but kept them closed. Someone started lifting my shirt over my head and I panicked.

“Don’t rape me!” I yelled and pulled away, only to bump into another person

“Shut up, Kelsey.” Belle growled

I opened my eyes to look at her, “I hate you guys. Don’t talk to me.”

I took off my clothes and snatched the robe from the hook. I stalked into the spa place and saw a pool filled with brown stuff. Curious, I walked over to it and stuck my toe in it.

“What is this stuff?” I asked the lady that was in it

“Mud bath.” She smiled

My eyes widened and I quickly took my toe out, “Why are you in mud? Are you a dirty girl?”

She blushed and I then realized how nasty that sounded.

“You’re gross!” I shrieked as I ran away from her

“No running!” A man yelled

I stopped and turned to him, “Huh? Oh, I wasn’t running. I was fast walking.”

He rolled his eyes and went back to massaging a ladies back. Is he even allowed in here?

“Are you suppose to be in here?” I glared

“Yes, I work here.” He snapped

“But…you’re a dude.” I said, confused

“Last time I checked.” He muttered

“Are you a pervert?” I asked bluntly

His head snapped up to me, “No!”

“Defensive much?” I smirked and crossed my arms over my chest

“I’m working. Leave me alone…please.” He tacked on the please

“Sure. You’re boring anyway!” I pursed my lips and walked away

“Kelsey. I found you.” Sophia panted

“Yup.” I muttered sadly

“Come on.” She smiled and dragged me over to this hot tub thing

She ‘gently’ pushed me into it. I glared up at her, “Loser.”

“Just relax.” Madison cooed

“Do I look like a child to you?” I asked, putting my hair into a ponytail

She rolled her eyes before sighing in content. I eyed them all before taking off the wet robe. I covered my boobies so no one could see them.

“Perverts.” I muttered as Ali was looking at me

She scoffed, “I have a mate. So, I’m good.”

I rolled my eyes and sunk into the hot water.

“We’re all girls, you don’t have to cover yourself.” Belle laughed, completely at ease

“There is a guy. Right over there.” I pointed in a random direction

This time, they all rolled their eyes. I shot them all a personal glare. Ali’s was the coldest.

She flinched, “Stop that.”

“No.” I answered coldly, still glaring at her

“I’m going to go get a massage.” She stated, standing up

I cover my precious eyes, “You nasty freak!”

Sophia laughed and punched my shoulder playfully. I uncovered my eyes when they all said Ali left. Sighing gratefully when I realized they weren’t lying to me, I tried to swim in the pool.

“What are you doing?” Olivia looked at me like I was the weird one

“Swimming.” Dude, it’s quite obvious what I’m doing! Gursh nursh!

“You’re not suppose to swim.” Madison gave me a stern look

“Bish! I am the Uniter. You don’t scare me.” I glared

She pouted, “Please, be scared.”

I frowned, “Freak-a-dink.”

She giggled, “Thanks.”

My eyes narrowed and I gave her a weird look. She’s a freak!

She giggles again and stood up, my hand slapped over my eyes as I groaned. They’re so nasty. I stood up, covering myself as I grabbed Sophia’s robe.

“That’s mine.” She stated

“Not anymore.” I shrugged, as I pulled the robe on

As soon as I stepped out of the hot tube, I was grabbed and dragged to a chair.

“What the hell kinda spa is this?! Are you gonna rape me! Benji!” I started struggling violently

They held me down as Ali came over and slapped me in the face. I turned to her and growled angrily, I could feel that my eyes had turned black. She whimpered and quickly walked away. That’s what she gets!

Someone grabbed my jaw as other held my legs and arms down.

“What the hell?” I asked, my eyes wide

They remained silent. The lady holding my jaw grabbed tweezers.

“W-what’re you doing?” I tried to lean away but she has a firm grip

The lady shot me a glare, “Shut up.”

I stared at her in shock, “Who the hell do you think you are?”

She plucked at my eyebrow mercilessly. I whimpered the whole time, begging her to stop. She didn’t.

“Sophia…!” I cried lazily as she started plucking the other eyebrow

Sophia looked amused, “Yes, Kelsey?”

“Make her stop.” I struggled more but they had, like, every worker holding me down

Sophia shook her head, her smirk widening. “Nope!” She had the NERVE to pop the P!

I whimper angrily, “Please!”

“They’re almost done, Kelsey.” She sighed, like it was taking energy out of her to say that

I want to rip her vocal cords out. Oh, maybe her lungs. Wait…she’s die, right? I don’t think Lucas would like that very much…

Hmmm, oh, well.

As soon as they lot me go, I tried to make a run for it but they caught me and roughly laid me down on a bed thing.

“What’s going on?!” I screamed in frustration

Guess what? They ignored me.

Two hours! Two WHOLE hours of my LIFE wasted in a CHAIR! People are crazy. I was DYING of bordem.

“Just look in the mirror.” Belle sighed

I kept my eyes on the ground, “Hell no!”

Someone grabbed my face and jerked it towards the mirror. My eyes stayed on the ground, my anger flaring.

“Get off me.” I said calmly, I was anything BUT calm

A familiar whimper rang through my ears. Aliyah. She let go and I turned to glare at her, my eyes scanned the mirror, making me gasp.

I looked…beautiful? No, gorgeous.

“Do you like it?” Sophia asked, twirling my curly hair around her finger

My black hair was curled to perfection, falling in ringlets down my shoulders and back. My makeup was light, the eyeliner making my bright blue eyes pop somehow. It was amazing.

Shocked, I nodded slightly. “It’s great.”

The girls grinned and dragged me from the chair, to this curtain thing.

“Please, no more plucking!” I whined

“Oh, shush! Your face is done. Onto clothes.” Madison started jumping up and down, clapping her hands

I gave her a look. Asking if she was mental. Madison rolled her eyes and walked away.

I shrugged and clasped my hands together, rocking back and forth on my heels. The girls came out, holding a SHORT purple dress.

“I’m not wearing that.” Shaking my head, I started backing up

I bumped into a chest and groaned. I hate my life. I hate my life. I hate my life. I hate my li-

“Put it on.” Sophia ordered, an evil glint in her eyes

Oh, hell!

Chapter 28: Hell Yes!

Roughly, Olivia grabbed me and pulled me over to Sophia. They tore the robe off, baring all my goodies.

“Eeeep!” I squeaked and tried to cover myself

They handed me a strapless bra and a…thong.

I stared at it before looking at them, “What do you want me to do with this?”

“Wear it.” Ali rolled her eyes

My mouth dropped open, “I is NOT a sl*t. Thank you VERY much!”

“If you don’t wear it, the line of your panties will show.” Belle said smartly

“I don’t care!” I raised my shoulders, my eyes went wide. “I don’t do dresses.”

“Just put it on!” Belle sighed in annoyance

Pursing my lips, I put it on, scowling. I snatched the bra from Sophia, buckling it up.

“You have really perky boobs.” Olivia said thoughtfully

I blinked, “O-kay. Creeper.” I muttered the last part

She glared at me, “I was just saying. They’re, like, really, really perky. How is that possible when they’re so huge?” She asked in astonishment

I bit back the cold remark that was bubbling at my tongue. “I’m going to ignore that.”

Olivia shrugged and leaned against the wall. “Whatevs.”

Slowly, they slipped the dress over my body. The dress looked great. It was strapless, the top part was black, then it has a silver and black belt right under my boobies, it tied in the back, creating a black bow. From the waist down, was my favorite part.

Ali called it a ‘bubble skirt’. It was so cool! Anyways, that part was all purple. I loved it!

They slipped a few silver bracelets onto my wrist and stepped back to stare at me. Freaks…

“You look amazing.” Ali breathed, her green eyes wide

“Thanks.” I smiled, “Let’s go.” I turned around and walked out, barefoot

They painted my toenails purple. They look purtty.

“You forgot your heels!” Ali yelled, catching up to me

“Didn’t forget them.” I rolled my eyes and grabbed them before bending down to put on the black high heels

Who invented high heels? Whoever you are, I curse you. Yup! Consider yourself curse by a pregnant women.

No lo Puedo creer! (I can’t believe it!)

All the girl stopped at the reception desk while I walked ahead. It was still light outside. I’d have though it would be midnight by now.

Suddenly, a black limo pulled in front of me. Tali and Carry hopped out of it, grabbed me and shoved me in, shutting the door as they walked away.

I reached for the door but heard it lock. “Benji!”

After about ten minutes of screaming I got tired and stopped. Slouching into the seat, I tried to look at the driver but there was tinted glass between us.

I’m gonna die. Oh, no! My baby!

“Hey! Jacka*s! Let me out!” I screamed, trying to unlock the door

The car jerked to a stop and the door flung open, revealing a smirking Benji.

“Hello.” He chuckled, grabbing my hand

I pulled my hand out of his and shot him a cold glare, “I could’ve died.”

He rolled his eyes, “Whatever. Let’s get some ice cream.”

Looking around, I noticed we were at the ice cream parlor. “Don’t mind if we do!”

I tried running but the heels made me fall, luckily Benji caught me before I ate cement.

“Thanks.” I sniffed and walked in the parlor, head held high, like I didn’t just almost fall

Benji laughed behind me. Ignoring him, I went to the line. The place was empty. Weird!

I ordered a peanut butter ice cream and Benji ordered rocky road or something. I started scarfing it down, not having eaten anything for breakfast, I was starved. Starved, I tell you!

On the last bite, I chocked. Something was in my ice cream! I pulled it out of my mouth and shot a weird look at Benji who was smiling. A paper. Who puts paper in ice creams?!

I threw it down and stood up.

“Aren’t you gonna open it?” Benji asked nervously

“Why would I? So it can chock me again?” I snapped, glaring at the paper

“Just open it.” He sighed

Shrugging, I bent down and picked it up. I opened it. It was blank.

I threw it down again, “Well, that was stupid.”

“T-there was nothing on it.” He stuttered, pulling his phone out

“Nope.” I sat back down and eyed him warily

He check his phone and grinned, nodding to himself before slipping it back in his pocket. “Let’s go.”

I blinked and stood up. We walked out of the parlor and I was grabbed YET again.

I looked up and saw Declan. He pushed me into the car, gently and slid in next to me. He shut the door and pulled his phone out.

“What’s going on?!” I screamed as the car started to move

He didn’t even blink, just kept texting. I tried to peek at his phone but he moved it, still texting. I pouted and scowled at him, “I wanna go home.”

“Too bad.” He muttered, smirking

“I wanna go home!” I bellowed in his ear

He looked at me, “I came prepared. Thyme put a spell on me. You can’t hurt me. Not even your annoying scream.”

I punched him in the face and he groaned, “Liar.”

Declan cradled his cheek, “I was bluffing! You didn’t have to do that!”

“Yes, I did.” I insisted, nodding my head innocently

He rolled his eyes, “I can’t feel the left side of my face.”

I laughed, “Accomplishment is great!”

Declan ignored that and resumed texting.

“Are you texting your secret boyfriend?” I whispered

His head snapped to mine, “No! I like girls!”

“Defensive much?” I smirked

He sighed deeply, “Are we almost there yet, driver dude?”

“Yes, Master Declan.” An old raspy voice said

It was scary!

“Duuuuuuuuude! Your voice freaked me out!” I yelled with wide eyes, “Don’t talk anymore! Por favor!”

Scary Voice ignored me and continued driving. Well, forget you, too, dude!

The car stopped and Declan pulled me out of the car. I was grabbed again but this time I punched the person in the face.

“Kelsey!” A familiar voice yelled; Derek

“Oops?” I offered, smiling sheepishly

He held his nose in one hand and grabbed my arm with the other, dragging me into our boarding school.

“Why are we here?” I frowned

“Shut up! You don’t deserve answers.” He sounded like Squidward!

“You sound like Squidward from Spongebob SquarePants. I like it!” I beamed up at him

He rolled his eyes and pulled me to the C hall where our dorm is. Why is everybody rolling their eyes or sighing at me? They’re meanies.

When we got close to the dorm, purple petals were all around. I frowned, “Why are these here?”

Derek shrugged, “You don’t deserve an answer to that question. You PUNCHED me in the FACE!”

“I was there.” I rolled my eyes

“Stay here.” He ordered, walking into the room

I stood in the hallway, looking around, why am I here? Reaching for the door handed, a hand landed on mine. I looked up and saw Benji.

“Ah, ah, ah, don’t be a bad girl, Kelsey.” He tsked, smirking madly

I pulled my hand back, “Huh? Oh, I wasn’t doing anything BAD!”

“Suuuure.” He chuckled and leaned against the wall, pulling his phone out

I pursed my lips, “What’s Derek doing? He’s taking SO long!”

“You can go in now.” He shrugged and walked in, shutting it behind him

“Well, thanks for holding the door open for me.” I muttered before opening the door

Nobody was in here. But, flowers were everywhere. On my bed, laid a note. I picked it up, looking around. When I saw that it was deserted, I opened the note. Kyle’s neat handwriting was on it.

I love you, Kelsey Elaine Montgomery.


O-kay, then! I set the note down and looked around. There was a note taped to the wall. This is creepy! Not gonna lie.

I grabbed it and opened it,

You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.


Nice. There was another note on the bathroom door. Sighing, I grabbed it.

The day you walked into my life, I knew that I had to make you mine.

~Your KeeKee

I smiled and set it down. A scream, my scream, sounded through the room as I turned around and saw Blake holding flowers out to me.

“Hey…Sexy accent.” I muttered, eyeing the flowers

“Take them.” He smiled, bouncing up and down

I grabbed them, they were the same purple ones from the hall way.

“They’re so pretty.” I smiled and looked up, Blake was gone, his replacement was Ty

“Hey, Ty. What’s up?” I asked

He smiled as he looked over me, “You look beautiful, Sis.”

“Thank you.” I grinned and poked my belt thing

“Shall we?” He smiled and held his arm out

“…Sure.” I laughed and hooked arms with him

We walked out of the room and down the stairs, out of the school. Someone grabbed my arm and I raised my hand but Derek’s scream made me put it down.

He sighed in relief, “Hallelujah. I think you broke my nose earlier.”

I shrugged, “You don’t just grab people, Derek. It’s straight creeper status.”

Scoffing, he opened the door and pushed me into the limo, sliding in after me. I sighed and waited until we arrived at the next place. It took an hour! A whole HOUR of my life- poof -gone! The car stopped and I got out, leaving Derek. I was standing in the forest.

I tried to get back in the car but it was locked. “Derek! Let me in!”

The car backed up a little before speeding out of the forest, leaving me alone.

I huffed angrily, “Greeaaat!”

A movement to my left caught my eyes. I turned to it and saw nothing. I’ll slice whatever it was. WITH my pinky nail!

“Kelsey.” It whispered

The voice was really familiar.



I bust up laughed, slapping my knee. “Kyle, you’re a dork.”

His laughed echoed and he stepped into view, wearing a black tux. He looked DAMN SEXY! “That’s not nice.”

I opened my arms wide and he smiled, walking towards me. He wrapped his arms around me and held me tightly. I hugged him back, burying my face in his chest. Kyle kissed the top of my head, “C’mon. Let’s eat.”

“I am down with that!” I nodded enthusiastically

Kyle led me over somewhere, covering my eyes.

“I told you I don’t like surprises.” I growled, trying to get his hands off my eyes

His breath but my ear, making me shiver noticeably, “You look beautiful, baby.”

“Yeah.” I mumbled

I could hear him roll his eyes. He turned me around, uncovering my eyes. His hands cupped my face as he leaned his forehead against mine.

“Are you ready?” He breathed, his eyes glancing down at my lips briefly

Standing on my tip-toes, I placed my lips on his before leaning back. “Yup. I’m ready.”

Kyle grinned and slowly turned me around. I looked around and bit my lips. The path was lit up by candles, leading to a circle table. The table had two long candles in the center of it, three platters, and a vase full of the purple roses.

“D-do you like it?” Kyle stuttered slightly

I shook my head, “No.”

He tensed, “I-I can do something different a-another day. S-sorry.”

Laughing, I turned around and wrapped my arms around his neck. “Kyle, you’re so gullible. I love it, KeeKee.”

Kyle took a deep breath and exhale before smiling, “Good. I was panicking.”

I rolled my eyes and smiled, “I love everything you do.”

He shot me a look and I laughed, “Okay, not everything. But you get what I mean.”

He nodded, “So, you like it?”

“Yes, Sir. I love it. Let’s eat! They starved me today. I gotsa eat, fool!” I stated

Kyle laughed, “I understand. Let’s eat.”

“What’d you make?” I grinned up at him as we walked to he table

“Your favorite.” He chuckled

My smiled fell, “Spaghetti?”

“Yup.” Kyle laughed and pulled me to his chest

My smile came back ten-fold, “Yes! I. Love. You.”

His lips twitched at the seriousness in my voice, “I love you, too.”

He pulled my chair out for me and sat down, “Thank you.”

“No worries.” He smiled and sat down in his chair

Kyle motioned for me to open my platter. I do, eagerly. Spaghetti was piled on it.

I stared at it with wide eyes, “I haven’t had spaghetti in months! Sigh. You’re amazing.” I picked up my fork and took a bite, “MMMMMMMMM! Did you make this?”

“Yeah, it’s good?” He laughed and took a bite of his

“You’re going to be the cook when we have our family…” I trailed off, my mouth forming a soft O as I realized what I said

I shyly looked up at Kyle to see him grinning at his spaghetti. He looked up and caught my eye, I blushed and looked down. What’s with me and blushing?!

I slowly took a bite and chewed, looking around. “Did you do all this?”

“With help.” He was still grinning

Nodding, I cleared my throat. “Ahem, ahem, cool.”

Kyle bite his lip, “There’s nothing to be awkward about. We are going to start a family someday.”

A lot sooner than anticipated.

“Yeah…” I nodded

How am I going to tell him I’m pregers? Maybe I shouldn’t…

Not tonight anyway.

I mean, what if he doesn’t want a kid and the whole date turns awkward? That would make it ten times worse.

“Kyle…” I trailed off, hearing him say. “Kelsey.”

“Y-you go first.” I smiled and motioned to him

He nodded and cleared his throat, “You know I love you, right?” He asked looking into my eyes

I nodded slowly, “…Yeah and I love you, too.”

He smiled, “You saying that made me a little less nervous.”

I smiled and nodded encouragingly at him, “Go on.”

He grew nervous again, “Kelsey, I love you with all my heart. You’re my everything. My baby. Even if you weren’t my mate I’d love you till the end of my days. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I don’t know what’d I’d do without you. I really don’t. From the moment I saw you dressed as a dude. I wondered, ‘Am I gay? Because the most beautiful man is standing in front of me.’

“I tried to push you away but when I found out I couldn’t. I tried to make the best of it. But then I found out you were a girl. You don’t even know how relieved I was. I’m rambling. Anyway, I love you with everything in me. I’ll never let you go until you tell me to.”

Then he stood up and walked around to me, before dropping down on one knee, “Kelsey Elaine Montgomery, will you do me the extraordinary honor of marrying me?” He said holding a purple box in his hand

I covered my mouth with my hand as tears started to prick my eyes, “Yes.” I whispered inaudibly

“What?” He was nervous again

I moved my hand away from my mouth and took a deep breath, “Hell yes, I will!”

He beamed and held the box out to me, “You can open it.”

Tears of joy ran down my cheek as I ran my fingers over the smooth box. I opened it and gasped. There lay the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. I had a sapphire ring in the middle, diamonds surrounding it.

New tears ran down my face as I looked up to see Kyle smiling widely at me with so much love in his eyes I almost gasped again.

“Put it on me.” I said excitedly

He laughed and pulled the ring out of the box. He grabbed my left hand, looking into my eyes. He stayed looking into my eyes as he slid the ring-my ring- on my slender third finger. He kissed my ring and smiled up at me.

I blinked and looked down at my finger. Squealing, I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled his face to mine for a passionate kiss.

I pulled back and looked at my ring. I bit my lip and pressed my lips to his again.

“I love it. I love you.” I whispered against his lips

“I love you, too.” He smiled and wrapped his arms around my waist, “Now, what were gonna say?” He asked looking up into my eyes

I froze slightly before smiling, “Nothing.”

Kyle frowned, “No, really. What was it?”

I shook my head and smiled, “Nothing, Kyle. It’s nothing.”

“Tell me.” He insisted, smiling

“D-do you like k-k-kids?” I stuttered

“…Sure.” He frowned

“Would you want a kid? If you had the chance?” I asked

“Yeah. I wouldn’t mind a little Kelsey or Kyle running around.” He smiled and his eyes glazed over in thought of having a kid, I assume. His smile widened.

“I-I’m pregnant.” I said as my eyes searched his face for any bad reaction

His eyes unglazed and snapped to me, “Seriously?”

I nodded slowly, testing his reaction. A slow smile formed on his perfect pink lips.

His mouth opened and closed, sputtering with a huge grin on his face.

“I’m gonna be a Daddy?” He whispered, making sure he heard me right

I smiled, “Yeah.”

He rolled his lips into his mouth as he picked me up and swung me around.

He suddenly stopped and set me down, “Oh no! Did I hurt the baby?!”

He frantically kneeled down and looked over my still flat stomach. He reached out gingerly to touch it, “Did I?”

I laughed, “No, KeeKee. You didn’t hurt the baby.”

He sighed in relief and kissed my stomach, “Good…”

I laughed again and ran my hand through his hair as he laid his head on my stomach, smiling widely.

“My baby is in here.” He bit his lip and looked up, beaming at me, “Our baby.”

I smiled down at him and scanned his face as he looked at my stomach.

Kyle rested his forehead on my stomach and started whispering to it. What the hell? That’s not creepy AT ALL!

“Kyle…what are you doing?” I asked slowly, slightly creeped out

He’s whispering to my belly! I have the right to be creeped out.

“Nothing.” He pulled his head off my stomach and smiled up at me, “I’m so happy!”

I smiled back, “I was so nervous about telling you.”

He frowned, “Why?”

I arched a brow, “I’m. Pregnant.”

He laughed, “So I’ve heard.”

I rolled my eyes, “Stand up.”

Kyle stood up and dusted his knees off before wrapping me tightly in his arms. He grinned into my hair and sighed, “I love you.”

“Forever and always.” I whispered, content in his arms

(A/N: This is NOT! I repeat NOT the end. :))

Chapter 29: Easton

Hey, guys, I had to make another BSJ because Bookrix wouldn't let me edit the other one so I couldn't update. But here ya go! 3

Okay, from now on, I'm going to dedicate the chapter to the best comment writer. This chapter is dedicated to babybear15.

omg this was the best book ever omg it beats twilight in my eyes omg, I loved it please continue it till the wedding if it’s going to happen, when Kyle was a bugger to Kelsey I just wanted to hit him like Benny did :D then u soo much Alyza Slaton hope u finish it soon xxxxxxxx kevinna

This is the Cast of BSJ:
Kelsey: Nina Dobrev
Kyle: Channing Tatum
Derek: Ian Someholder
Justin: Alex Evans
Blake: Jensen Ackles
Benji: Austin Butler
Declan: Jake Abel
Talia: Rose Byrne
Jonny: Sam Worthington
Jasmine: Jennifer Lopez
Jimmy: Adam Hicks young
Tyson: Max Irons
Caroline: Aly Michalka
Elijah: David Gandy
Thyme: Amanda Peet
Easton: Shane Harper

On to the story!

After we ate, we went to this cliff thing and looked at the moon. Now, don’t get me wrong but looking at the moon. Really, Kyle? The moon?

Who in their right mind state would make someone watch the moon?!

Anyway, he laid a blanket down on the floor and motioned me to lie down. I did, with a fake smile on my face.

While we were watching the moon, I could feel his blue eyes boring into the side of my face. I turned to him,

"Need something?"

He shook his head, smiling, "No, but do you want to go home? This is pretty boring."

"Gursh nursh! I never thought you'd ask!" I exclaimed, jumping up

Kyle laughed, getting to his feet, "Sorry, I just didn't want to go home but this idea was stupid."

"Not stupid, per say...ummm... I trailed off, frowning, "Okay, it was pretty stupid but sweet." I smiled, nodding

Laughing, he wrapped his arms around me and tilted his head to the left, looking into my eyes. I smiled softly, wrapping my arms around his waist.

"I’m so lucky." He whispered, burying his head in my neck

"Is that so?" I smirked, raising my brows

Kyle nodded into my neck, "Yeah, you are too. You have a hot fiancé."

I laughed and laid my head on his shoulder, “This is the best first date ever.”

"I know." He said smugly

I rolled my eyes, "I take it back."

"You can't do that!" He groaned in frustration, pulling his face out of my neck

"I just did." I sneered playfully

Kyle glared at me before pulling me closer, laying his head on top of mine, "I love you."

"You too." I smirked, knowing he wouldn't take just that

"What?" He growled

Rolling my eyes, I leaned my head back and kissed his jaw. "You know I love you too."

"I know. Just wanted to hear you say it." He grinned, stepping away from me, "Come on, let's go home."

I grabbed his hand and he led me back to the table. I grabbed the purple clutch Aliyah made me take and the bag of skittles Kyle brought as a dessert. He also brought cookies. I love him...

As we walked down the path lit up with candles, a thought came to me, "Kyle, how are we
getting home? There's no car here."

"I got it all covered." He smiled, just as a car came into view

"That's a Chrysler 300." I stated, emotionless, "whose car is that?"

"Yours. Dad got it for you. You like it?" Kyle smiled, dragging me over to the beautiful red car

"Hell yeah!" I yelled, eyes wide, gingerly touching it, "Why'd he get it for me?"

He shrugged, "He just told me to give it to you."

"Did it cost a lot?" I scowled, jerking my hand away from it

"It was free. He owns the car place or whatever." He said dismissally, reaching into his pocket.

He pulled out the keys and I squealed, for the first time in my life.

"Gimmie!" I grinned, snatching them from him before pulling him into a tight hug

Kyle chuckled, wrapping his arms around me, "My family is awesome."

I rolled my eyes, smiling widely, "Come on, let's go home."

"Speaking of home, I found an amazing house in Bora Bora. You'd love it. We can check it out whenever we want." Kyle smiled as I unlocked the doors

"Bora Bora? Isn't the water there like turquoise?" I grinned, opening my driver doors

"Yeah, it's perfect. The house has fifty rooms, bathrooms inside of the rooms. A kitchen, a big dining room. Everything." He smiled, making me arch a brow

"Fifty rooms? Not five, fifty? What the hell is wrong with you?" I asked, completely serious

He must be crazy if he thinks we're getting that house!

"The pack is going to have to stay there once in a while. We're Alpha so our house has to be big." Kyle said, sliding into the passenger seat

I got into my beautiful new car, still looking at him as if he were crazy, "Fifty though? Is that many rooms really necessary?"

"It is." He nodded, buckling up

Rolling my eyes, I started my car and started on the long drive home.

As we pulled onto the familiar street, I knew we were close to the house. Then, the big house came into view and I parked y car in the driveway and shut it off, getting out. Kyle got out and took his tie and dress jacket off, sighing in happiness.

"On our wedding day, I'm going to wear basketball shorts and no shirt." He smiled teasingly
"As long as I can wear the same. With a shirt, though." I stated, completely serious as we walked to the front door

Kyle noticed that I was serious and began laughing, "I was just kidding! I can't wait to see you in that beautiful white dress."

"How do you know it's going to be beautiful?" I questioned, raising my brow

"Because you'll be in it." He said immediately, no hesitation at all

I smiled, "Awww, you're too sweet."

Kyle chuckled, wrapping an arm around my waist as he pushed the front door open. As soon as we walked in, people surrounded us. Ali grabbed my hand and brought it up to her grinning face.

All the girls squealed, making me glare at them. Suddenly, Jasmine hugged me tightly. A hug that I was immediately pulled out of by a growling Kyle. I shook my head, flexing my jaw,

"Let go."

His hands loosened on my waist before tightening again.

"Now." I said lowly, making him flinch as he let go of me and stepped back

Smiling, I hugged Jasmine."Did you have a good night," She asked, pulling back, "Daughter-to-be?"

I laughed, liking the sound of that, "Yeah, it was amazing until Kyle made me watch the moon. Then it great when I saw my new car. Jonny! Get out here." I grinned, watching him walk out of the kitchen with a full mouth and a piece of pizza in his hand

Running over to him, I almost tripped, forgetting about the heels. I wrapped my arms around his muscular frame and squeezed. He chuckled, wrapping his free arm around me tightly.

"Thank you for my car." I murmured into his chest

"No problem, sweetie." He kissed my forehead and I pulled back, smiling up at his handsome face, "Damn, if you were taken or old, I'd be having my way with you right now."

"Do you always want to make me feel awkward or is it just natural for you?" He asked, shaking his head as he shoved his pizza into his mouth

"It's a gift." I smirked, making everyone laugh, "So, I'm going to take these stupid heels off and
eat pizza!" I cheered, bending down to take the heels off, throwing them at Ali

She growled, "Idiot."
I jerked my head up, "Waddup?"

"Didn't you just eat? You're hungry again?" Benji chuckled, patting my shoulder, "You're going to get big."

I smiled, "There's no stopping that."

Everyone looked at me confused except for Declan and Kyle. Kyle grinned and skipped up the stairs. Yes, skipped. He's such a dork. So, I skipped into the kitchen. Benji followed and sat down beside me as I grabbed a piece of pepperoni pizza with olives on it and set it on a paper plate.

"So, how was it?" He smiled, grabbing a piece of pizza

"It was great." I smiled, thinking back to the date

"How did he propose?"Seb asked, walking in

"Hey, Seb! I haven't seen you in so long." I smiled at him, "He proposed...I don't know! It was cool though."

Seb smiled slightly, "I'm happy for you." Something in his voice made me think otherwise but I didn't comment on it

"Thanks." I nodded, running a hand through my hair. Seb got up and walked out of the kitchen.

I took a big bite and grabbed a bottle of soda. "Hey!" Jonny whined as I unscrewed the cap

"This yours?" I mumbled through the pizza. He nodded and I shrugged, "Not anymore." I took a swig and chewed it with my pizza before swallowing, "Yum."

Jonny glared at me before turning around and stomping out of the kitchen. He's such a child...

I stood up and set my pizza down, patting Benji's head, "Night, guys. I lurv you all!"

"I luuuurv you, too!" Jimmy squealed, suddenly in the kitchen

Laughing, I punched his shoulder and he whimpered, "I'mma get you."

Rolling my eyes, I walked out of the kitchen and ran up stairs. Suddenly, I was pulled into a dark room. I started squirming around furiously, "Let me go, creeper!"

Something warm and soft touched my lips and sparks went through me, "Kyle?"

"Mmmm." He mumbled, moving his lips against mine

"What are you doing?" I murmured, wrapping my arms around his neck

His response was to press his lips harder against me. I tangled my fingers into his hair and softly bit his bottom lip. He moaned into my mouth and I froze. That's not Kyle's moan. I pulled back and let one arm drop from his neck to reach out for the light switch. Once I did, I looked back at the guy. My eyes widened in shock as did the guys.

"S-Seb?" I stuttered, pushing him away from me shakily, "Why did you kiss me?"

He bit his lip and looked at the ground, "I had to...just once."

"Had to what?" I asked sharply, crossing my arms over my chest

"Kiss you." He said, his brown eyes boring into my blue ones

"I'm engaged. To one of your best friends. I'm also his mate and pregnant with his child. Don't do it again." I glared at him before throwing the door open

"Wait, a-are you telling Kyle?" He stuttered, moving towards the door

"I'm not going to keep it from him. I won't tell him it was you but I'm going to tell him someone kissed me. I'm not going to keep secrets from him." I spat, walking towards Kyle's room

Pushing Kyle's door open, I saw Kyle lying on his back on his bed, a large smile on his face.

Maybe I shouldn't tell him...No, that's not even an option.

"Kyle..." I started hesitantly, walking towards him

He turned to me, the smile still on his face, "Yeah?"

"Someone just...kissed me." I admitted, sitting down the edge of the bed

Kyle's smile dropped instantly and he sat up straight, "Who?"

"I don't..." I bit my lip, "Promise me you won't be mad?"

"I can't promise that." He said, looking truthful

"Then I'm not telling you." I grunted, standing up

Reaching behind me, I pull the zipper of the dress down and let the dress fall off my body. I walked over to his dresser and grabbed a long shirt, slipping it over my body.

"You're really not going to tell me who kissed you? I'm your fiancé

and the father of our

child." He growled, making me turn to him

"I won't let you hurt him." I shrugged, "I let it go and it's all good."

"No, it's not all good

, Kelsey. The guy can't think kissing you is okay! Why won't you tell me?" He asked, standing up and moving closer to me

"I won't let you hurt him." I repeated, throwing my hair into a ponytail

Throwing him a glance, I walked into the bathroom and grabbed a rag from under the sink. Kyle walked into the bathroom and leaned against the shower wall, watching me. I wet the rag with hot water and began scrubbing the makeup.

"Please tell me." He groaned, pushing off the wall

I shook my head, "Promise me."

"Okay...I promise." He said reluctantly

Giving him a look, I rolled my eyes, "You're a liar, Kyle Anthony."

"I'm not lying!" He exclaimed with wide eyes

"When you really mean it, I'll tell you." I stated, wiping the makeup off my eyes

"Why are you protecting him?" He snarled, eyes turning black

"You better calm down." I snapped, throwing the rag down, "You're ruining my happy night and I won't have it, Kyle. Just drop it. You're blowing this way out of proportion! It's not a big deal. It's really not, Kyle. He knows what he did was wrong so I forgave him." I took a deep breath and picked up the rag again

Nodding, Kyle sucked his teeth, "I'm leaving. When I get back, you're going to tell me who kissed you."

I turned to him, "Kyle, you don't have to go. This night was supposed to be great. It was until you started throwing your hissy fit. Just calm down. You're ruining the night."

"No, Kelsey! You're ruining the night. I already feel insecure when you're around other guys and the way they look at you! You may not notice it but everyone else down. And it makes me sick. The way guys look at you. Every time

we go out in public, I get possessive. That's normal for a male wolf but my possessiveness scares me sometimes. It's not normal for an Alpha to feel insecure but I feel it. Every day, Kelsey. Every day since I've met you. Guys look at you're all they want. You're beautiful, sexy, and you don't even notice. You're so naive and you don't do anything about them staring at you. Every day, I think about you leaving me. I shouldn't think those things! You're my mate, my other half, I shouldn't be scared of you leaving me-" I stopped him right there, angry

"So, this is my fault? That I'm so 'beautiful'

and 'sexy'

? Tell me, Kyle. How did the table turn and I'm to blame? I'm sorry that I don't notice other guys staring at me. I don't notice because I don't care. Never in my life have I loved someone that's loved me back, Kyle. And for you to love me unconditionally, it's amazing." My eyes started water and I blinked the tears away, "You're not the only one that gets insecure. Girls stare at you wherever we go and you don't notice or say anything about it. It's not normal for a Kelsey to feel insecure but I do. Often, Kyle. I often get insecure, even if I don't show it. Damn it, Kyle. You just don't understand! Before I met you, I didn't think I was important to anybody. I mean, for my whole life, I thought my real parents didn't love or care for me. That they just dropped me off at Marc and Mallory's door step. Before I met you, I used to cry myself to sleep, wishing someone would love me. Whether it be romantically or friendly love. I didn't care.

"My only family was Jimmy, Tali, Caroline, Ty, and Easton. But when I was nine years old and scared that Marc would come into my room, they were all too young to take care of me so I had to take care of them. Even though I was just a child. No one was there to protect me and when I met you, I felt protected. Something I never felt. Kyle...I love you

. Not all the sex-starved men that look at me. I'm sorry you think about me leaving but you need to know that I won't. I won't ever leave you. I need

you, Kyle. With every fiber of my being." I finished with tears streaming down my face, "I need you." I whispered, watching tears pool in his eyes before he blink them away, his face becoming emotionless

Even though he put up the front, his eyes are a gateway to his mind and soul.

"The tables turned because you won't tell me who kissed you. I would never keep something like this from you, Kelsey. So for you to do it so easy, I'm disgusted with you at the moment." Then, he walked out of the bathroom

A sob broke through my lips as I heard him slam the bedroom door. I just spoke from my heart and he just...leaves?

I licked my lips, wiping my tears as I stood up straight. Taking a deep breath, I tried the calm down. I walked into the bedroom and looked for his phone. Maybe he took it. That means I can call him. I opened the bedroom door and walked over to Declan's room where I knocked on the door softly.

"Come in!" He shouted and I pushed the door open

"Hey, can I use your phone?" I asked quietly, walking into his room

"Yeah...what's wrong?" He asked, handing me his blue Android Optimums V

I shook my head, "Nothing. I'm just going to go to Kyle's room and make the call. I'll bring it back in a minute, kay?"

He nodded, lying back down on his bed, "Yeah, sure. Take your time."

I smiled slightly and walked out of his room, shutting the door behind me. Walking back into Kyle's room, I went to Dec's contacts and scrolled until I found Kyle's name. I pressed the call button and put the phone to my ear, waiting for it to start ringing.

Kyle picked up on the third ring, "Hey, man! What's up?" Oh, so now he happy?

"Kyle, please come home. I'm sorry." I said thickly, trying to fight the tears, "Can we just talk about this?" He was silent for at least two minutes and I pulled the phone away from my ear and saw that he had hung up

Frowning, I bit my lip and stood up, pacing around the room. I tried again but it went straight to voice mail. Letting my head loll back, I let out a heavy sigh before walking out of the room and to Declan's.

"Thanks, Dec." I smiled shyly, handing him his phone

"No problem. Want to talk?" He asked, pulling me into a sitting position on his bed

"Um, not really." I mumbled, looking down at my hands that were trying to pull Kyle's shirt down

"You know you can talk to me about anything, right? But, if you don’t want to, I won't make you." He smiled, setting a comforting hand on my shoulder

"Yeah, I know. I just want to go to bed, though. Night, Dec." I said, standing up

Quickly, I walked out of his room and softly shut his door before walking into Kyle's room. I shut the door and walked over to the bed, laying down on it. Curling into a ball, I hugged my pillow and closed my eyes.

"Kelsey?" Jimmy's voice asked, making my eyes open

I turned to the door and motioned him in, "Yeah? Come in, Jim."

He walked in, carrying Ty's phone, "S-someone wants to talk to you."

"Who?" I asked, sitting up

"E-E-Easton." He stuttered, walking closer to me slowly

"Really? Where is he?" I smiled, thinking about my eighteen year old foster brother

"Hospital." Jimmy whispered, clutching the phone tightly

"Why is he in the hospital?" I frowned, holding my hand out for the phone

"He's been there for a while." He gulped, "Please don't be mad when he tells you. You were just so happy to see us as we were to see you and w-we just wanted you to be happy, Kelsey. I told them we shouldn't keep it from you but Ty and Lonny said we should so you wouldn't be sad. Easton didn't want us to tell you either but he's...not doing too well and he wanted to talk to you before-I-I'm just going to let you talk to him." Tears ran down his face and he ran out of the room, shutting the door loudly behind him

Okay. Putting the phone to my ear, a smile bloomed on my face, "Hey, East. How's it going?"

A weak cough sounded from the other line, "Hey, Kels. I'm fine. How are you? I hear you got a boyfriend?"

Ignoring his questions, I asked, "Why do you sound so weak?"

He hesitated, "Can you come to the hospital by Marc and Mallory's? Tyson said it's not that far away from where you live now. So, can you? I really want to tell you this in person."

"Um, sure." I answered, thinking the worse

What if he's dying?

"I'll be there is ten minutes." I smiled warily, hearing him cough again

"Okay, I'll see you soon. I love you, Kelsey." Tears sprang in my eyes again and I smiled widely,

"I love you more." He hung up and I stood up, walking over to my suit case

I pulled out a pair of black skinny jeans and slipped them on before taking Kyle's shirt off and replacing it with a long sleeve purple shirt. I slipped on a pair of socks and my purple Vans before opening the door and running down stairs.

"Jim, Tyson, Talia, Talon, and Caroline, come on. We're going to the hospital." I turned and saw them already dressed with their shoes on, "Okay, guess we're ready to go."

Grabbing my car keys, I opened the front door and walked over to my car. I unlocked the doors and we all got in. Tyson glanced at me and his green eyes bored into mine with an intensity that scared me. I looked away and started the car, backing out of the driveway. I noticed that Kyle's car was gone. My heart sunk a little more as I finally realized that he runs away from his troubles instead of facing them. Is that how our marriage is going to be?

"So, how was your date?" Caroline asked, smiling at me through the rear view mirror

I shrugged, "Fun. Why is Easton in the hospital and exactly how long he's been there?"

"Um, I won't tell you why because I think he wants to tell you but, um, he's been in the hospital...for quite some time." Talon said, burying his face in his hands quickly but I saw the tears rolling down his tanned cheeks

"I-is there something wrong with him?" I asked, pressing down on the gas more, trying to get to the hospital faster

"...Yeah." Caroline nodded, her face puckering up as tears ran down her face like a dam

I clenched my jaw, "And why didn't you guys tell me he wasn't okay?"

"W-we thought it would be better. Easton was getting better so he didn't want you to know but, um, he worse. As if over night." Talia shook her head, leaning into her twin, Talon

I pulled into the hospital and parked, quickly getting out. Waiting for no one, I walked into the hospital doors and to the front desk.

"Um, I'm here to see Easton Montgomery." I said shakily, noticing how my right hand kept twitching

"Are you related to him?" The lady asked politely

"Yes, I'm his sister." I said, brushing a piece of stray hair behind my ear

"Name?" She asked and I clenched my jaw

"Say my name." Talia whispered in my ear, "You're not on his form."

"Talia Montgomery." I answered, watching as the lady nodded and stood up,

"His room is on level 4, room 215." I froze, that's the cancer ward

"No, no, you have to have it wrong. Level 4 is the cancer ward. Easton can't be up there." I said, shaking my head and willing myself not to believe it

I've been in this hospital enough times to know where the cancer ward is. Easton can't be in there.

"Come one, Kelsey." Tyson whispered brokenly, grabbing my arm, "Easton is waiting." They led me to the elevator and pressed the button to level 4

I let Tyson drag me out of the elevator and down the hall with the others following. My mind was blank. No coherent though came to me. It can't be true, though. Easton can't have cancer.

"Um, he wants to talk to you alone first. Then, we will come in." Jimmy smiled, gently pushing me into the room

The door closed behind me with a soft click. Even though the click was barely audible, I flinched.

"You came." A weak, raspy voice said, making my eyes snap to the bed

The sight before me brought tears to my eyes and my bottom lip quivered as I took in the frail, fragile looking Easton. The once buff, big, bubbly Easton wasn't in front of me. A dead looking, hallow person was before me. I clenched my hands tightly and walked over to him,

"E-Easton?" I asked, not believing my eyes as his dull green eyes stared back at me

"Hey, big sister." He smiled and licked his chapped lips

My face puckered up and I broke down in tears, "How long?"

"I found out three years ago." He said in a tight voice and I knew he was trying not to cry

"Three years?" I repeated, shocked, "And you guys didn't tell me? Why not?"

"You were already working hard to get us out of Marc and Mallory's house. Why bother you with something that couldn't fix?" He shrugged slightly and lifted his pale hand up

I placed my hand in his and whimpered at how cold it was, "How could you keep something like this from me?"

"Kelsey," He started gently, "I-I really don't know what to say to make any of this easier. I really don't. You couldn't do anything so why tell you? You were living your life. Being a teenager. You raised us. Took care of us our whole lives, Kelsey. But you couldn't help me through this one. Of course, it would have been great to have you there at all of my Chemo's and whatnot but...I didn't want to put you through anymore pain. We all love you, Kelsey. More than you'll ever know. We didn't want you to have to drop your new life for me. The others didn't like it but finally agreed because it was what I wanted. I didn't even want to tell you tonight but the doctor said I don't have that much longer. I couldn't leave without saying good bye to the best big sister in the world." He smiled and gave my hand a light squeeze

"H-how long do you have?" I asked in a high pitch voice as my throat felt like it was closing

"Until the end of the month." He smiled, "Wow, I feel great now, knowing that you know and being able to see you. I missed you, so much."

I smiled through my tears, "I missed you too, East."

The door opened and Jimmy's nappy red hair came into view. Then, they all walked in, smiling.

"Hey, guys." Easton smiled and pressed a button, making his bed lift up

"Hey, bro." Jimmy grinned, sitting down on Easton's right and grabbed his cold hand, "How you feeling?"

"I've been better." He shrugged, his green eyes sparkled just how they used to

"What cancer do you have?" I asked, moving to the side so Tyson could grab Easton's hand

"Leukemia." He said, still smiling, "I missed you all, so much that I was starting to go insane!" He chuckled but it quickly turned into a coughing fit

"He needs his water." Ty said, reaching over me to grab a cup full of water

After Easton finished, Ty held the cup to his lips and held the back of his head, the water slowly went into his mouth. Ty pulled the cup away and set it down.

"What made the cancer get worse?" Talia asked, standing at the end of the bed

"My bone marrow donor quit. She had to move out of state. They can't find another match and none of you are a match. I know because the doctor told me you all tested. I didn't appreciate it." Easton glared at them all, "I'm glad you guys weren't a match. Bone marrow transfusions hurt. Like a b*tch." He smiled and shook his head

"If I were a match, would it be too late?" I asked, feeling hopeful

"I won't let you." Easton stated, not even glancing at me

"I'm doing it." I said, already walking to the door

"If you do, I will never forgive you. Not even in death." He said, making me close my eyes to fight the tears

Suddenly, a though came to me and I quickly turned around, "I can heal you!" I can, I know I can with my powers

"I don't want to be healed, Kelsey. I just want to go home." He sighed, "Go home and eat peanut butter cookies and skittles till I die. That would make me happy."

"Please, please, let me. I know I can heal you! It might take a few days but I know I can." I said, walking over to his side again, "Please, Easton. We need you."

"How can you heal me?" He asked, letting out another sigh

"I'm a healer." I stated, slipping my hands under his hospital gown

"Whoa! Okay." He muttered, eyes wide, "Kelsey, stop."

"No, I can do this." I closed my eyes, blocking everything out as I channeled my healer powers

Let's hope I can do this.

A/N: Okay, I’ll admit. I cried a little writing this. Mmm, I’m lying. I cried a lot. This really hits home because my grandma died of cancer a few years back buuuuut, I was so young I don’t really remember. Anyway, I hope you liked it and I’m sorry for not updating in so long. 3:)

Chapter 30: Done With It All

Easton frowned at me, "Please, Kelsey. I don't want to go through anymore pain. I just want to go home and live my last moments with you guys."

"I'm not letting you die, Easton." I stated, gritting my teeth at how calm he was about all this, "Shut up and let me do this."

He opened his mouth to complain but quickly shut it, sighing, "Okay."

"Thanks." I said shortly, closing my eyes again, focusing

Soon, I felt he familiar rush of energy leaving me. Gasps erupted around me and I tried to ignore them. I need to focus. Easton has to get better. I need him. We need him.

I moved my hands up to his cold chest that was slowly gaining warmth. A smile threatened to break through but I held it back, pushing more energy into him.

"Where does it hurt, East?" I asked quietly, not opening my eyes

"Um..." I felt him shrug

Sighing, I set a hand on his chest and the other on his thigh. I pushed energy out of me, feeling it go all over his body.

I opened my eyes and sat down, feeling dizzy.

"Kelsey, are you alright?" Jimmy asked, rubbing my back

I nodded, "I'm fine. What about you, East?"

"Fine." He smiled slightly, "How did you do that?"

"I don't even know." I chuckled

"Uh, Declan is calling." Ty stated, confusion on his face

He put the phone to his ear, "Hello?"

"Um, yeah, she's right here. What's wrong?" He asked, frowning

Ty's eyes widened, "Here, tell her."

He shoved the phone in my hand and I put it to my ear, "Yes, Dec?"

"It's Kyle." He sighed, making my heart drop, "He was in an accident. They're taking him to Mercy hospital right now."

"I'm at Mercy right now. What happened?" I asked, standing

"I don't know. They just called me and said to go to Mercy. Everybody is on their way there, right now. He's in the emergency room. They said it's bad." Then, he hung up


"East, I have to go. I'll be right back, though. Alright?" I smiled, pecking his forehead

"Bye, big sister." He grinned, pushing himself into a sitting position

He still looked weak but not as weak as before. Smiling, I quickly walked out of the room and to the elevator. Damn, Kyle. If he would have just listened to me he wouldn't be in this predicament. But am I really to blame? That I didn't want Kyle to hurt Seb? I don't think I am.

I pressed for level 1 and impatiently waited for the elevator to go down. When the doors open, I rushed out and to the receptionist desk.

"Hello, um, Kyle Jacobs was just brought here. Can you tell me what room?" I asked the same lady that told me where Easton was

"He's in ICU right now, he's not doing too well." She said sadly before looking down at her computer, "Such a shame. He was so handsome."

"Yeah, I know. That's why he's my fiance." I smirked, turning around

Jasmine burst through the doors, carrying Lily on her hip. She looked around frantically before spotting me, "Where is he?"

"ICU." I stated, brushing my bangs back

Tears pricked Jasmine's eyes and Jonny pulled her to his chest, "Honey, he'll be alright."

"What if he's not? Oh, my baby boy." She sobbed, hugging Lily tughtly, "Lilian, you're never driving in your life!" She said hysterically

The pack was behind them, looking helpless. I clenched my jaw, angry at Kyle for doing this.

"I didn't even see him leave! He could have been dead on the side of the road and we would have never know." Jasmine had a good point, though, I knew he left, "Kelsey, did he tell you he was leaving?"

I nodded and sighed, "Yeah, we got in a fight." My eyes slid over to Seb and I fought the urge to not go crazy Mexican on him

I could feel my blood boling as I looked at him. He didn't even look sorry or worried!

"Kelsey, calm down. Stress isn't good for you." Declan said, pulling me to his chest

"I don't f*cking care. This is all your fault!" I yelled at Seb, pulling away from Declan roughly, "He could be dying right now because of you!" My whole body shook as anger comsumed me, "Don't ever come near me again, Sebastian. Don't even look at me."

Ava glared at me, "Why are you yelling at him?!"

"Ask him! Actually, I'll tell you because I know he's not man enough to. Yeah, Sebastian, your mate, kissed me earlier. That caused Kyle to get mad at me. Just because I wanted to keep Sebastian safe. But frankly, I really don't care right now. Keep your man on a leash." I spat, storming into the waiting room

Sighing, Declan followed me as did Benji. I took a deep breath, trying to calm down. I burried my head in my hands, as thoughts of Kyle dying flew through my mind.

Benji wrapped his arm around my shoulders, pulling me to his side, "Calm down. Kyle is going to be alright."

"And what if he isn't? I-I'll be a single parent." I whispered, as realization hit me

"Single parent?" Benji asked before his eyes widened, "You're...pregnant? Wow, didn't see that coming. I must admit." He shook his head, a smile playing on the edges of his lips

Jasmine and Jonny came in, Jasmine still in tears and Jonny holding the sobbing Lily.

"Sissy!" Lily exclaimed through her tears, reaching out to me

I smiled, taking her from Jonny, "Hey, Lily."

"Is Kylie going to be alright?" She sniffled, her blue eyes flooded with tears

"I hope." I smiled, sitting criss-cross-apple sauces on the chair as I sat her on my lap

"So, Kelsey, how did you get here before us?" Jonny asked, sitting down beside me

"I was already here, visiting someone." I said, my mind wandering back to Easton

"Who?" Declan asked, leaning around Benji to see me

"My little brother, Easton." I smiled, brushing Lily's brown hair back

"Easton? How come I've never heard of him?" Benji pouted, glaring at me

I shrugged, "Never came up."

"Why is he in here?" Derek asked, coming from no where

"H-he las leukemia." Tears filled my eyes again and I quickly tried to blink them back

Everyone was quiet for a moment before Jonny broke the silence, "Um, is he alright?"

I shruged, "I healed him a little but I got dizzy."

"Kelsey, that's dangerous to your baby. You can't use any of your powers. They can kill him or her." Declan shook his head, sighing heavily

"Baby?" Jasmine asked, wide eyed, "Like, a baby is in your stomach? Kyle's baby? In your stomach? Like, right now?"

I cracked a smiled and nodded, "Yeah, like, a baby in my stomach. Kyle's baby. Like, he's in there now." I mocked her teasingly

Jonny laughed loudly, "Nice, Kelsey."

Jasmine was silently staring at my stomach before she spoke, "Like, are you serious? 'Cause if you aren't. I'll kill you for playing with me about something like this."

"I'm not playing with you." I laughed, "I'm serious."

"Ahhhhh!" She squealed loudly, pushign Jonny's arm off her waist to jump up

Lily jumped from my lap and into Benji's. Jasmine lowered her head to my stomach and set her ear on it,

"I can hear the heart beat!"

My left eye twitched, "Stupid werewolf with good hearing and...stuff."

Jasmine stepped away to jump up and down, "For years, I have waited patiently for Kyle to find his mate and give me grandhcilred! Now, I have one!"

"Ahhh..." I nodded

Who wants their child to have a kid in there teens?

"Kyle hasn't been a teenanger for years." Jonny chuckled, holding Lily to his chest

"How old is he?" I asked catiously, fearing the worst

"Nothing too bad. 23." Jasmine said casually

I shrugged, "Eh, guess it's not too bad. Why does he look so young?"

"Alphas stop aging when they turn 18. Well, you can choose to but you don't have to. When I met Jasmine, I let myself start aging." Jonny said, pulling Jasmine into her seat, seeing as how she was pacing, a smile on her beautiful face

"I'm happy now, even though my soon-to-be-father son is injured." Jasmine nodded, pursing her lips
I breathed a laugh, smiling.

"Kyle Jacobs family?" A males voice asked, making my head snap towards it

A doctor was standing there. We all stood up, 'we' meaning Jasmine, Jonny, and I. Benji and Declan sat back, letting us go to the doctor.

"Is he alright? He's a father now. He has to be alright!" Jasmine glared at the doctor

"Um, he's stable. He should be fine." He smiled, eyeing Jasmine warily

"Can we see him?" I asked, making him look at me

For the first time, I actually noticed a guy checking me out. Maybe what Kyle said was true...

"You are?" He smirked

"His fiance." I smiled tightly, biting my tongue to keep the insults back

"Oh." He said shortly, "Uhh, he's sedtaed at the moment. We will have someone come and tell you went he wakes up."

"It doesn't matter if he ins't awake. I'm only going to ask once more. Can we see him?" I asked as calmly as I could, looking up at the doctor

"You can but he won't be able-" I cut him off

"What room is he in?" I asked impatiently

"103." He smiled, "Follow me. Only one at a time."

"You can go first." Jasmine smiled, wrapping her arm around Jonny's waist

"You sure?" I asked, frowning

Jonny nodded, "Yeah, we'll see him later. So Jasmine can yell at him."

I smiled and followed the doctor to Kyle's room. The doctor looked back at me and I shot him a dirty look, walking ahead of him.

"Here is his-" Once again, I cut him off by opening Kyle's door and walking in


I looked towards the lump in the bed that was covered with blankets. When Kyle gets better, I'm going to hurt him. Did he really have to do all this because of a stupid little fight? He needs to man up and face his problems instead of running like a coward. Right now, that's exactly what I see him as. A coward. He thinks he can do whatever he wants and he'll get away with it. Truth is, he won't. I'm not that type of person. If I'm wrong, I'll admit it. Kyle won't.

With my hands clenched tightly, I walked over to his bed. I uncurled my fingers and gripped the bed, scared that I might punch him. He's too weak right now, I'll punch him when he's stronger.

"When you wake up, you're going to get it. I'd hate to be you." I growled, sitting down in the little chair

A knock at the door sounded before it open, "Hey, Kelsey. We're going to take Lily home and put her to sleep. We'll be back in a little bit, okay?" Jonny said, walking into the room

I nodded, "Yeah, you don't want to be here when I beat him. It's better this way."

He laughed, shaking his head, "Okay. Call us if he wakes up."

"Yes, Sir." I saluted him, making him roll his eyes


"Peace out, A town." I nodded, leaning back in the uncomfortable chair

Jonny walked out, the door shutting with a soft click. Looking around, my eyes landed on a plastic bag with Kyle's phone in it. Oooh, maybe he has games! I grabbed the bag, opening it.

I turned the phone on and waited for it to come to life. Once it did, I typed in his password. He's so cheesy. It's 1012. The day we met. See? Cheesy, right?

Once I did the password, a text message popped up. Pursing my lips, I looked around as I clicked on it.

Hey, sorry I missed your call. I got your message. Sure, we can have lots of fun ;) Meet me at mine?


Wait! Isn't that one of his 'pregnant' stalkers? Why would he call her? My left eyes twitched as I thought the worse. Did he really call her?

I set the phone on the table and stood up, walking over to the uncomfortable looking couch and laid down. Standing back up, I grabbed the phone and went to his recent calls. Wow, I feel like a nosy, jealous girlfriend. Well, I am nosy but not jealous.

As I looked at the first name on the list, my heart dropped. He did call her. I set the phone down and sighed. I'm done. With it all.

Chapter 31: Leaving

The doctor came in, looking at a clip board.

"Can you tell me what happened? Like, why he crashed?" I asked, sitting up on the couch

His head snapped to me, "Fiance, right?"

I nodded and he squinted his eyes at the clipboard, "He was very intoxicated. Witnesses said he was on the phone." Probably calling Mila.

"Thanks." I smiled, laying back down

The doctor nodded and checked the IV, "He's still stable. He should be fine." Then, he turned around and walked out

A soft groan made me sit up on the couch immedietely. I looked towards the bed and saw Kyle move. Quickly, I stood up and walked over to the bed. His eyes fluttered open and he blinked rapidly.

"Kyle?" I said, poking his arm

Lazily, his head turned to me, "Mmm?"

"Are you alright?" I meant to sound sweet and nice but it came out as a growl

His eyes snapped open widely, "What's wrong with you? I should be the one mad at you."

"Really? You're suppose to be mad at me?" I asked and he nodded, "No, I should be mad at you because you called your ex, Mila, when we were in a little argument!" I snapped, feeling anger bubble up in me

Kyle's eyes widened before they turned into slits, "How do you know that?"

"Oh, you know, being the nosy, jealous girlfriend." I spat, clenching my hand into fists tightly

"You went through my phone?" He growled, sitting up, "Who said you could do that?"

"Certaintly not you because you were half dead in a hospital bed!" I yelled, backing away from the bed, "Why did you call her?"

"I don't have to answer to you." He shrugged, lifting the hand that wasn't connected to the IV to run it through his hair

"Why do you always run away? From every f*cking problem we have! You always run. I'm tired of being the man in this relationship. I always apologize, even when I didn't do anything, Kyle. You never man up or take responsibility. And I'm done. I'm done baby-ing you. I'm done being strong. I'm done with you. You know what, you can have your stupid engagement ring!" I ripped the ring on my finger and threw it at him, "I'm done! The night you propose and I tell you I'm pregnant, with your child, might I add, you run off and call one of your ex girlfriends? Then, you won't even tell me why the hell you called her in the first place?! You aren't a man, Kyle Jacobs. You're a coward. And that's exactly what I think when I look at you becuase when I do, all I see is a boy that thinks he can do whatever he wants. News flash, Kyle, you can't." His face held shock and he slowly looked down at the ring that laid on his stomach

"K-Kelsey, come on. I'm sor-" I cut him off, shaking my head

"You're always sorry, Kyle! This is the most heart break I've ever had in my life and you're the cause of it. You always are! Now, I know that I have my issues too but I take responsibilty of them. I admit my wrongs! You don't, Kyle. I'm always the one to make things better because I know you're too much of a coward to do it yourself. I fix things because I love you and I'm willing to look like a fool to prove that. But every time we're in an argument, you run. You just run or you hurt me further. I won't let you keep hurting me, Kyle. I won't. When I heard that you were in the hospital, all that ran through my mind was 'I'm going to be a single parent'. Your stupidity made those thoughts. I'm not going to be hurt by you anymore, Kyle. I will be a single parent. You obviously don't care about me or my baby, so bye." I turned around and threw the door open, trying to erase his broken-looking face from my mind

"Kelsey, what was all that yelling?" Jasmine asked, coming from no where

"I'm done." I whispered, fighting the tears, "I won't let him hurt me anymore." I shook my head, letting Jonny pull me into his warm chest

"What did he do?" Jasmine growled, her eyes ablaze

"Everything. Nothing." I shrugged, "He says he loves me one minute then the next, he's calling one of his ex's, asking for lots of fun. I won't be a subject of his torture anymore. I'll raise my baby by myself." I said, determined

"Are you moving out?" Jasmine frowned

I nodded, "I can't be near him."

"Well, we have a five bedroom condo across town. We still want to see our grandchild." Jonny smiled

I smiled, "No, it's okay. I'll find a place."

"No, we insist! You can't move far away and you have to take care of your brother and sisters. And I hear Easton wants to go home." Jasmine grinned, "You're moving into the condo." She stated, reaching into her purse

Grabbing my hand, she pushed the keys into them, "The peice of paper is with the adress."

I smiled, pulling her to me. Hugging her and Jonny tightly, I said, "Thank you. For everything. Visit soon and please don't tell Kyle where I am."

"Oh, he's going to be dead." Jasmine shrugged, pulling out of my arms and opening Kyle's door

Instantly, I heard yelling. Jonny chuckling and kissed my forehead, "We'll see you soon. Bye, sweetie. Also, I forged Marc's signature. Easton can leave." He pulled back, smiling at me, then walked into the room

I smiled and walked towards the elevvator.

"Kesley!" Benji yelled, running over to me

"Hey." I smiled, slipping the keys into my pocket

"You alright?" He smiled

"Yeah, hey, do you have a peice of paper?" I asked, "And a pen?"

"No." He chuckled, "But I'm sure the front desk does."

We walked over to the front desk and asked for a peice of paper and a pen. I wrote the adress of the condo down and handed it do him, "This is where I'm staying now. Give it to my bro's. Except for Sebastian." I scowled

"You're moving out?" He frowned, slipping the paper into his pocket

I nodded, "Yeah, me and Kyle are over."

"You're his mate." He stated

"That he thinks he can cheat on whenever he wants." I added, pulling him into a hug, "Love you, Benji-boy."

"Love you, too, Ley-Lee-Bear." He smiled and pulled back, "I'm visting soon. My neice needs to know me."

"It's a boy." I stated, walking away

I walked to the elevator and got in, pressing level 4. Once the elevator open, I walked to Easton's room and saw that all of them were already waiting outside the door.

"How did you get them to let me go home?" Easton smiled from his wheelchair

"Kyle's dad." I smiled, grabbing one of his bags from Talia, "I got us a place to stay." I smiled

"We're not going to live at Jonathan and Jasmine's house anymore?" Jimmy pouted

I shook my head, "No, but they'll visit."

Then, we started walking towards the elevator. Now, I have my whole family.

Now, a lot of people are asking me when the book is going to be finished. It's not going to be finished for a while. I wouldn't be that mean!

I'm Pregnant

*One Month Later*

Sighing, I opened the fridge and look around before pulling out a bottle of orange juice. Tali and Caroline walk in, mischievous smirks on their faces. Wearily, I look between them and shut the fridge.

"You guys need something?" I asked, raising my brows

"Nope but you need to get ready." Tali grinned, grabbing my elbow and guiding me out of the kitchen to Caroline's room

"What for?" I released a long sigh, wishing they would stop

For the past month, they've tried to make me go party. Saying 'You need to get over Kyle, sis. He not worth it.' It's a little too late for that. I'm already pregnant with his children.

"Party of course. The girls and I are going to make you come party. They'll be here in an hour and we need to get you ready." Caroline smiled, pushing me to sit down on her bed

"Caroline, Tali, I don't want to. Just...stop." I shook my head, looking into their eyes pleadingly

"Look away from the eyes." Tali whispered to Caroline urgently, "Don't let her sway us! She needs this!"

"I don't, really. I don't. I just want to make a good life for the babies and if Kyle wants to be involved in their life’s, he can be but I don't want him to be involved in mine." Lies. I'd do anything to have him back in my life. To be back in his arms.

"You can't lie to us, Kelsey. Come on, please. If you do this, we won't bother you about it anymore." Tali promised, grabbing hold of my hand tightly

"Why do you even want me to go, Tali? You're not even old enough to get into the bar. Hell, neither a I." I snorted unattractively, pulling my hand from hers

"The girls are bringing us fake ID's." Caroline smiled softly, sitting down beside me, "Please, we just want to help you." She whispered, her green eyes turning sad

I felt tears gather, for the past month, she's stayed away from Drake. I told her not to but she insisted that she would leave him. She already loves him and tonight might be a way for her to see him.

"Fine." I nodded, taking a deep breath, "But I don't want to see Kyle. If you meet up with Drake make sure it's away from me. Don't think I don't know you guys' plans. We'd go to the club and Kyle and the boys would magically be there." I smirked as their eyes got wide, "Now, if you'd excuse me. I'm going to shower." I stood up and walked out of the room, down the hall to mine

Taking a quick shower, I got out and looked around for my towel. I caught my reflection in the mirror and frowned, tilting my head to the side as I walked closer. Turning sideways, I placed my hands on my stomach and bite my bottom lip. My belly was already getting bigger. I though you only started getting a stomach after at least four months. Well, that's what Bing said...

I'll have to talk with Declan soon. Shrugging, I walked out of the bathroom without a towel on

"Oh God! I'm going to puke!" Easton shrieked, running back into his room with his hands over his eyes

I chuckled, rolling my eyes as I pushed my bedroom door open.

"Ummm...this is quite awkward." A masculine voice muttered

I jumped, turning to my bed to see Benji looking anywhere but me, "You scared me!"

"You scared me!" He yelled back, "Please, get a towel or something!"

Walking over to me closet, I reached up onto the top shelf and got a towel, wrapping it around my body.

"Sorry you had to see that, Benji-boy." I sniffed, sitting beside him on my bed, "So, what brings you here?"

"Just needed to see you." He smiled softly, wrapping his arm around my shoulder

A sudden banging sounded at the door, "Kelsey Montgomery! Don't you EVER walk out of the bathroom without a towel on again! You almost killed Easton!" Talon screamed through the door, his voice thick with amusement

I chuckled, "Sorry!"

I heard Talon stomp down the hall and shook my head, leaning into Benji. "Why did you need to see me?"

"I miss you. I don't like not seeing you around the house everyday." He whispered, pulling me onto his lap

"I miss you, too, Benji." I smiled, "So, how's everything going with you and Ali?"

He shrugged, "I don't know. Things are different now that you're gone. I'm just...You know how when someone leaves that you care about, you feel a void? Like...I feel empty without you." He frowned, casting his eyes away from mine, "And Aliyah doesn't like that." He finished, tighening his hold on me

Frowning, I tried to catch his eyes, "Have you talked to Jonny or my dad about that?"

"Yeah, they said it was because once we met, we were never suppose to leave each other. Because we're each others protectors." He finally met my eyes, "But...I'm losing my mate because of it. So, I thought if I visited you every once in a while, I wouldn't feel empty."

"Do you feel empty now?" I asked, snuggling closer to him

He shook his head, "No. I don't. I feel like I never want to leave."

"Mmm, I wonder why I don't feel empty when you're not here." I closed my eyes lightly, breathing in his sweet, minty scent

"Elijah said it's because you left my side. If I were to leave yours, you'd feel the void, not me." He said, laying back on the bed, laying me beside him

My towel started slipping off and I squealed, hopping up, "I need to get dressed."

"Oh, yeah...Forgot." He muttered, laying his arm over his eyes

Walking over to my dresser, I pulled out a purple lace bra and matching panties. Swiftly, I put them on.

"I'm decent." I stated, wrapping my hair up with a towel

Benji looked at me and his eyes zeroed in on my stomach before they got big, "What is that?"

"My stomach..." I trailed off, wrapping my arms around myself

"I know." He snapped, "Why is it already big? You're only a month."

I shrugged, walking over to the closet, "I don't know."

Grabbing a pair of black skinny jeans and a low cut white t-shirt, I slipped them on.

"Have you talked to Declan about it?" Benji asked, sitting up on the bed

"No, but I'm going to soon." I said, grabbing a brush

Brushing my thick black hair, I sat down and bit my lip, "Is Ali really mad at you?"

"I don't think it's me she's mad at, really." He murmured, running a hand through his blonde hair

"So, she's mad at me." I said, looking over my shoulder to see him glance at me with sad blue eyes

"Kelsey-" I cut him off, shaking my head

"It's whatever. I don't care if she doesn't like me. All that matters to me is that you don' let her break us apart." I bite my bottom lip, seeing his eyes flash

"She's my mate..." He said quietly, twiddling with his fingers

I stared at him before nodding, "I know but try."

"I will." He smiled, standing up, "Well, I'm going to go."

I stood up and held my arms out. He walked into them and wrapped his arms around me tightly, kissing my forehead.

"I'll see you." He whispered into my hair, pulling back hesitantly

"Tomorrow or Friday. Let's do something? Just the two of us." I asked

"Okay." He said in a soft voice, cupping the side of my face, "Don't cancel on me."

With that said, he walked to the door, opened it, and disappeared down the hall. I started brushing my hair again, deciding to leave it natural. Putting on a little mascara, I looked at my reflection and smiled before walking out of my room. Walking into the living room, I saw Easton watching TV. He looked over and glared at me, sticking his nose in the air as he looked away from me.

"Nasty." He muttered, crossing his arms over his chest

"You act like you've never seen a girl naked." I snorted

"I wouldn't have minded if your face wasn't attached to the body." He growled, "It's forever in my mind."

"Stop being childish."

"What if it were reversed? If you saw me naked?" He asked, eyes wide

"I'd get over it. I used to change your diapers anyways." I shrugged, plopping down on he loveseat

Easton huffed, "Whatever."

In the last month, he's gotten a lot better. The cancer is almost gone. He's just like ever teenage boy his age now. Annoying and rude.

"What are you wearing?" Talia shrieked in outrage

"Um, clothes. What are you wearing?" I spat, looking over her

Her little black dress was too short and her heels were too high. I'd fall wearing those.

"Seriously, Talia. Change." Easton growled, standing up as he towered over her

"No, I like my outfit." Tali crossed her arms over her chest

"You're not leaving out of this house dressed like that. You look like a wh*re." He glared down at her, clenching his fist

Tali looked at me with wide eyes, "You're going to let him talk to me like that?"

"He's the man of the house. And your older brother." I shrugged, "If he tells you to change, do it."

Throwing her hands in the air, she yelled, "Fine!" Before stomping out of the living room

Easton sat back down with a huff, rolling his eyes, "When did she get so disobedient?"

"She's a teenager, Easton. They all go through that stage." I muttered, picking at my nails

"You and I weren't that bad." He looked over at me, his green eyes so much wiser than his 18 years

"You were early. You were a bad pre-teen." I chuckled, watching his eyes light up

"Shut up! No I wasn't." He laughed

"You were! I remember you used to flip me off when you thought I wasn't looking. You were so mean to me." I said, shaking my head as a laugh escaped me

Easton bust up laughing, "I remember that! Caroline saw me do it one day and was going to snitch but I shut her up with a bag of marshmallows."

I smiled, tucking my fee under me, "You were a crazy child. I used to hate having to take care of you but then you got nice and I loved you again."

"You know you couldn't live without me." He teased

"I almost had to." I said without thinking

Easton lost his smile and clenched his jaw, "I'm sorry. You know that."

"I know." I nodded, looking away from him

"So, I've changed. Let's go." Tali snapped, tapping her foot against the ground impatiently

I looked over at her and took in her outfit. She had on a pair of shorts and a tank top.

"Muuuuch better!" Easton exclaimed, making Tali even more angry

"Shut up, Easton! Don't talk to me!" Tali screamed, her brown eyes dark with rage

"Talia Laurain, calm down. Easton is only trying to protect you." I said firmly, gritting my teeth

"Exactly! I'm a man, I know what guys think when they see a girl in an outfit like you had on. I don't want you to get hurt." Easton's voice turned soft at the end and I walked out, into the kitchen

Talon was in there, cooking potatoes, "Hey." He said, not turning around

"Hey, you making some for me?" I asked slyly, leaning against the counter beside him

"If you bring me back a tequila shot." He smirked, wrapping his arm around my shoulder

"Mmmm, maybe." I smiled, grabbing a slice of potato from the pan and I shove it in my mouth quickly

Talon rolled his eyes, flicking my neck, "Can you get the plates?"

"Will do." I said, sliding from underneath his arm

Opening the cabinet, I opened it and grabbed two plates, setting the down on the table. Talon and I ate quickly and I was whisked away by the girl. Caroline drove us to the club and the girls met us there. Sophia, Ava, and Madison pulled me into tight hugs.

"We missed you!" Ava grinned, poking my hard stomach, "How've you been?"

"Good." I nodded, smiling at them, "You?"

"Amazing! Now, let's party!" She cheered, quickly handing me my ID

We showed the ID's to the bouncer and he let us through. Looking around, I stopped the bar and walked over. Sitting down at the bar, I looked around for the bartender. He came over, looking over me.

"Hello, pretty lady." He grinned

Rolling my eyes, I said the two words that make most men run away, "I'm pregnant."

He laughed, "I'm gay."

Arching a brow, I leaned towards him, "Really?"

"Really. I'm Cole. So, what can I get for you?" He asked, setting his elbows on the table

"I'm Kelsey and just a water please." I smiled

"Sure thing." He chuckled, reaching for a cup under the bar

Looking around, I saw Ali and Benji dancing a little away. Ali looked my way and sent me a slight glare before turning around and kissing Benji. Rolling my eyes, I turned around and saw Cole behind me, looking a Benji and Ali.

"That was an evil glare you got there. He the dad?" Cole asked, handing me my water

"No, he's like my brother. His girlfriend just doesn't like me." I shrugged, sipping my water

"By the looks of it, the father isn't in your life anymore?" He questioned, drying a cup with a rag

"How'd you know?" I asked, looking into his dark brown eyes

"If you were my girl and I wasn't gay and all, I'd never leave you alone at bar." He shrugged

"Well, yeah, we broke up." I smiled sadly, sipping my water.

Suddenly, the water glass flew from my lips. Shocked, I looked up and was met my Kyle's glare. My heart rate sped up and I clasped my shaking hands.

"What the hell? You're pregnant!" He growled, his blue eyes piercing me to my seat

"Um, Kelsey. Do I need to call security?" Cole asked, his muscles tense

I shook my head slowly, glancing at Cole, "I-it's fine. But, can I get another water, please?" I spat the end, glaring at Kyle

Kyle grabbed my wrist gently and pulled me up, dragging me to the door. I tried pulling out of his grip but he wasn't having that. As soon as I was pulled outside, I shivered from the cold and pulled my sweater tightly around me. Kyle held his car door open, motioning for me to get in. Hesitantly, I got in and buckled up. Kyle closed the door and jogged around to the drivers side, getting in. With a glance at me, he started the car and pulled onto the road.

"Where are we going?" I asked quietly, looking out the window

He shrugged, carefully driving as he looked straight. His eyes flicked to me and down to my stomach before he looked away, swallowing hard as his hands held the steering wheel tighter. Licking my lips, I leaned my head against the window and closed my eyes.

After 30 minutes of driving, Kyle pulled onto a dirt road and stopped, looking at me. I looked over, taking him in. His usual bright eyes were dull and cold. He had dark bags under his eyes and he looked a bit thinner.

"We have to walk the rest of the way. It's too dark and I don't want to crash." He muttered, getting out

Doing the same, I shut the door after me and followed him. Looking around, all I saw was trees. Wrapping my arms around myself, I walked closer to him a little for heat. He glanced down at me before taking off his sweater and handing it to me. I threw him a small smile and shoved it on. We walked for ten minutes before I saw lights.

Then, the whole house came into view. It was bigger than the picture he showed me.

"You bought it." I said softly, looking at the beautiful mansion

"Yeah, um, yeah. I bought it." He nodded, shoving his hands in his pocket

"It's beautiful." I smiled, "Can I see inside?"

Kyle took a deep breath, nodding. I followed him up to the house and he pulled out a key, sticking it in the door. He pushed the big door open and let me in first. My eyes grew big as I saw the inside. It was beautiful.

"This is amazing, Kyle." I breath, turning to him

He was staring at me, lips parted. "Um, I want to show you something."

I smiled, "Okay."

He led me down the hall and to a blue and yellow door. This door is hideous...

Kyle turned the knob of the door and push, baring the room to me. In the left corner of the room was a white crib with a yellow bear in it and on the right side was a crib with a purple bear in it. Then, between the two was a couch that had two baby blankets thrown over it.

"This is going to be the babies' room...if they can-" He started sputtering so I cut him off

"I wouldn't keep them from you, Kyle." I said, walking into the room

Looking around, I saw a closet filled with baby clothes. I smiled, walking over to the crib with the purple bear and saw that the bear had something stitched into it. 'JACOBS' was what was stitched with white thread.

"S-should we talk?" Kyle asked behind me, his voice unsure

"Sure." I nodded, turning around to sit on the couch

He followed suit and clasped his hands together tightly, "So..."

"Why'd you do it?" I finally asked the question that had been bugging me for the last month

His took a deep breath, "That's how I handle hard things. Well, used to. When I met you I hoped that I wouldn't stoop down to that again. Whenever things got rough, I banged a girl." He said, frowning as he looked away from me to the window

I stayed quiet and waited for him to look at me. When he did, tear we pooled at the rim of his eyes.

He shook his head, pursing his lips, "I'm so sorry, Kelsey. For all the pain I've caused you. I'm sorry."

Tears burned my eyes but I blinked them back, suddenly too hot. Standing up, I started taking his sweater off. I felt my sweater and shirt lift up, baring my bulging stomach. Quickly, I took the sweater off and pulled mine down. I looked at Kyle and saw his eyes gleaming as he still gazed at my stomach. I sat back down and set the sweater on my lap.

Kyle's eyes met mine and they were brighter than I had ever seen them. My stomach fluttered and my mine got hazy. Vaguely, I felt myself leaning forward and so was he.

Then, our lips met.


Kyle shifted to where he was leaning over me as the kiss deepened. I pulled away, my eyes meeting his. He quickly leaned away, eyes wide as he gulped nervously. I stood up stiffly and ran a hand through my hair.

"Um, can you take me home?" I asked, already walking to the door

"Yeah." He murmured following behind me at a slow pace

I walked out the door and heading into the dark forest, uncaring if I got lost. Kyle gently jerked my elbow to the left, helping me to the car. I let him lead me to the car, jaw clenched. I was angry, I could feel the anger rising and taking over. It's not Kyle I was angry at, I shouldn't have come to this house.

Stepping into the car, I quickly buckled my seat belt and looked out the window. Kyle got in and started the car, pulling out. I fiddled with my fingers, thinking of ways to ease the tension. In the drivers seat, Kyle was stiff. He held the steering wheel so tight that his knuckles began to turn white.

The car began to slow down and I looked over at him as he pulled over.

"What are you doing?" I asked, looking around into the dark trees

"I know that things aren't going to be the same for awhile...if at all but I miss you. I'm sorry for what I did, I was hurt and didn't think about the consequences." He murmured, biting his bottom lip. "I hurt you and...and I just don't know what to do without you." 

"Kyle, I want to go home." I said, glancing at him

"We're not going to talk about it?" He asked, frowning at me

"Not now. I want to go home." I growled, clenching my hands into fists

Kyle sighed, turning away from me and he put the car in drive. I pursed my lips, wrapping my arms around myself, feeling slightly guilty at raising my voice when he was being nice. 

"Kyle, I'm sorry." I whispered, feeling tears burn my eyes

"It's my fault. You need time and even though I don't want to be away from you anymore, I'll give you it." He smiled softly, his hand coming over to mine

He quickly yanked it back and shook his head, sitting straighter in his seat.

"Thank you." I murmured, nodding my head

He pulled into the condo parking lot and I narrowed my eyes at him.

"All this time you've known where I've been?" I asked, smirking at him

He blushed and cleared his throat, "Umm, yeah..."

Unbuckling my seat belt, I opened the door and stepped out. I leaned down and smiled at him.

"Bye, Kyle. Thank you." I said, shutting the door

"You're welcome." He said, rolling down the window

I nodded, turning towards the condo, feeling a tug at my heart. Quickening my pace, I climbed the stairs and unlocked the door, stepping inside. 

Jimmy jumped in front of my and grinned, poking my stomach. "Did you have fun?"

"Sure. Where are the girls? It's almost 1 AM." I asked, slipping off my shoes

"They're probably still at the club." He shrugged, rubbing my belly softly

Easton came in and crossed his arms over his chest, "You're late."

I rolled my eyes and he laughed, throwing his arm over my shoulder. Jimmy immediately pushed it off, pulling me to his side as he glared at Easton. Easton grabbed one of Jimmy's red curls and yanked. Jimmy squawked in pain, trying to reach Easton with his short arms.

"Stop." I laughed, prying Easton's hand from Jimmy's hair, "Is Talon at his friends still?"

"Yeah, he's spending the night." Easton muttered, carefully watching as Jimmy circled him

Ambling in the living room, I sat down and pulled my knees up to my chest. 

"We're going to go to bed." Easton said, poking his head into the living room, "If you need me, wake me up."

"Good night." I smiled, turning to TV on. 

The door burst open and I jumped as giggling erupted through the room. I stood up and looked at the clock; it read 3:09. I stood in the hallway and saw Natalia and Caroline standing there with Aliyah behind them. Aliyah held my keys out to me, an annoyed look on her face.

"Thank you for bringing them home. Do you have a way home?" I asked, pulling the girls into the house

"No." She muttered

"I'll take you." I said, ignoring her attitude

Slipping my shoes on, I turned to the girls, "Go to bed. We'll talk tomorrow." 

The smiles dropped off their faces and I walked out, shutting the door behind me. Aliyah walked ahead of me, anger radiating off of her. I unlocked the doors and slid it, starting the car. Silence filled the car and I pulled onto the road. 

The silence didn't last long as Aliyah decided to speak her mind.

"I want you to stay away from Benjamin. All he thinks about is you." She spat, glaring at me

I rolled my eyes, "Maybe you shouldn't be pushing him away just because him and I are close. Maybe if you put half as much of the passion you have hating me into pleasing your Benji, you wouldn't feel so insecure."

She gasped, "You want to talk to me about pleasing my man? Yours cheated on you the first chance he had."

Chuckling humorlessly, I nodded. "That's true. Although, I'm not insecure. I left Kyle. He didn't leave me. You're hating me because of things Benji nor I can explain. Push him away though. It will only make him come to me."

I pulled into the driveway of the pack house. "You're welcome."

She got out and slammed the door shut, running up to the door. I pulled out before anybody could come out and drove home.

Sighing, I got out of my car and walked up the stairs, unlocking the door.

My phone vibrated in my pocket and I pulled it out, unlocking it.

As I read the message, I slipped my shoes off.

From: Benji

Aliyah told me what you said to her. It was very rude but you were right. Tomorrow I will pick you up and we'll hang out all day. Good night.

Smiling, I text him, saying 'good night'.

Fun With Benji

"Benji, where are we going?" I asked desperately, flicking his cheek

He glared at me, "We're almost there."

"We've been driving for an hour!" I snapped, pursing my lips at him

"Hardly." He scoffed, rolling his eyes. "Thirty minutes at most." 

"Well, that's half of an hour." I huffed, crossing my arms over my chest

"Kelsey." He said, glancing over at me with a bored expression on his face

"Mmmm?" I hummed, turning my head to look at him

"We're here." He smirked, parking the car

Excitedly, I looked around and grinned, getting out of the car quickly. 

"Go-cars?!" I asked Benji as he walked around the car to me

"And the arcade. Go-cars or bowling first?" He chuckled, grabbing my wrist gently as he began walking towards the building

My eyes grew wide, "Do you have lots of money?"

"I do." He said, holding the door open for me 

"Good. Ummm, I want to bowl first." I stated, twining my fingers with his

"Okay." He smiled, blue eyes shining as he stared at me, "I missed you."

"I'm just that awesome." I said, shrugging lightly

Benji flicked my arm, "Shut up."

I smiled up at him as we stopped in front of  the counter. He rolled his eyes, leaning against the counter.

"Hello." A small blonde grinned cheekily

"Hi, can we get a bowling lane?" Benji asked, a polite smile on his face

"Yeah. Five dollars." She smiled, opening the cash register

Benji pulled out his wallet and I glowered at him. He looked at me and smirked, pulling out a five dollar bill.

"You guys are a cute couple." The blonde blurted before turning bright red, "Oh, God. Sorry. It just came out."

"We're not a couple but...yeah." Benji nodded, handing her the bill

She bit her bottom lip, nodding. "Sorry. Lane 23."

I smiled slightly, bumping hips with him. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." She smiled before quickly walking away, the blush still on her face

"You're going down, Blondie." I growled as we began walking to our lane

Benji scoffed, "Please! I'm going to beat you so hard, you're going to cry. Even better, the kids inside of you are going to feel bad for you."

"Oh?" I nodded, raising my brows as I crossed my arms over my chest

"Oh." He nodded, typing our names in Pursing my lips, I grabbed my ball and began walking to the lane.

I smirked over my shoulder at him, "We'll see."


After Bowling.


Hiding my smirk, I glanced over at Benji. His face was set in a grimace, his hands deep in his pocket. 

"Benji, it's not that big a deal. You suck at bowling. Get over it." I bit my bottom lip, holding back a laugh

He kept his eyes on the ground, a stubborn look on his face as we stopped in front of the counter again.

The blonde slowly walked up to us again, "What can I help you guys with?"

"Two wrist bands for go-cars, please." I smiled, pinching Benji's side

Jumping, he glared at me as he pulled his wallet out, "How much?"

She looked between us and muttered, Fifteen dollars." He pulled out a twenty and gave it to her, holding his wrist out impatiently. She quickly grabbed a wrist band and put it on him, putting mine on after.

Stalking off, Benji headed towards the door. Rolling my eyes at his dramatics, I followed. 

"Benjamin." I said, jogging to catch up to him, "Is it really his big of a deal?" I asked, looking up at him

He sighed, "No, but you got cocky and made me mad."

I gaped at him, "How? I just told you to get over it. It's not my fault you suck." 

"Grrr." He mumbled, wrapping his arm around my shoulder

Chuckling, I walked up to the line filled with people waiting to get a go-car. Benji stood behind me, leaning against the rail, biting his bottom lip nervously.

"What's wrong?" I asked, frowning up at him

"Is this safe for pregnant women?" He asked, looking around as if he was expecting someone to answer him

Rolling my eyes, I smiled at him, "I'm sure it is. It's not bumper cars, Benji."

"I don't know." He said uneasily, "Just don't tell Kyle or Easton about this."

I laughed, "Easton wouldn't hurt you. Kyle might." 

"How is everything between you two?" He asked as we moved up in the line

Shrugging, I wrapped my arms around myself. "We're meeting up Friday to talk."

"He wants to get back together?" He asked, shoving his hands in his pockets

"I don't know. Probably but I'm just not ready to. Ya know?" I said, taking a deep breath

Benji nodded, "Yeah, I understand. He hurt you but at the same time, in his mind you hurt him that night, too."

"He shouldn't have gotten hurt or mad. It wasn't my intention to, either. But if I could prevent drama, why wouldn't I?" I question, showing the guy my wristband before walking through the turn-y thing

Benji followed, running to a red go-car, a wide grin on his face. "You're going down."

Getting into a purple one, I rolled my eyes. "Don't think because you tried to make me feel guilty about bowling that I'm going to go easy on you."

He rolled his eyes, "I'm naturally a better driver than you."

I grumbled, putting the waist belt on. The guy came by, checking everyone's belt then we were off. Benji beat me, he is a better driver. Only because he's a werewolf, though! He has good reflexes.

"What do you want to do now?" Benji asked, steering me towards the car

"Food." I mumbled, opening the passenger side door before sliding in

Benji chuckled, nodding his head as he shut the door. He walked around and got in the drivers seat.

"Where to?" He asked, staring the car

"You choose this time." I said, putting my seat belt on

"There's this nice restaurant on the beach. Wanna go there?" He looked over at me, backing out of the parking space

I nodded, "Sure."

Pulling onto the road, he sped off. I turned the music on and grinned as Cher Lloyd's song came on.

Nodding my head, I nudged Benji.

"Who is this girl?" Benji asked, turning the radio down

"Cher Lloyd. She's from the UK." I grinned creepily, "I love the UK."

Benji looked at me, frowning. "...Ok."

Smiling at him, I widened my eyes. He glanced at me before shoving his hand in my face, glaring.

"Don't stare at me like that." He growled, making me laugh loudly as I pushed his hand away

"Loser." I muttered, a small smirk on my lips

He growled lowly, looking away from me as a smile lit up his face. Sighing, I leaned against the window and closed my eyes.

"Kelsey." Benji sang, poking my nose

Opening my eyes, I looked up at him to see him staring down at me. I sat up, unbuckling my seat belt. Benji grabbed my hand, helping me out of the car. Rubbing my eyes, I looked around and saw the beach. I grinned, shutting my door as I took s deep breath, smelling the salt water.

"Come on. They're clearing a table for us now." Benji said, setting his hand on the small of my back

We walked up to the restaurant and Benji held the door open for me. I smiled, walking in. The restaurant was a little warm but not blazing hot. There was chatter all around, laughing booming through the place. A waiter came up, holding two menus and a wide grin.

"Your table is right this way." He said, leading us to the tableBenji and I followed him and sat down in the booth, grabbing the menus the guy held out to us. 

"What can I get you guys to drink?" He asked, looking between us with soft brown eyes

"Kelsey?" Benji asked, lifting his eyes from the menu

"Do you guys have strawberry milk shakes?" I asked, looking up at him

"We do. Small, medium, or large?" He questioned, looking down at me patiently

"Medium, please." I grinned, biting my bottom lip in anticipation for the shake

He nodded, "What about you?"

"Just a coke." Benji said, glancing at me

"Okay, I'll be back with those and get your order." He grinned, walking away with a bounce in his step

I looked after him, surprised at his happiness. Looking away, my eyes slid to Benji and I saw him looking at his hands that were tracing the table.

"Benji." I murmured as he said, "Kelsey."

"Uhh, you first." I said, crossing my leg over my knee under the table

"I know this is a lot to ask, seeing as you've done nothing to Aliyah but..." He hesitated and I arched a brow, looking at him expectantly

Just as he opened his mouth to speak again, our waiter came with our drinks. He set them down and pulled out his notepad, "You guys ready to order?"

"No, sorry." I said, "Can you give us a few minutes?" 

"Sure." He nodded, bouncing away once again

"He must really love his job." Benji muttered, taking a sip of his coke

I nodded, "So, what were you going say?"

He shook his head, "Never mind. Later maybe."

Biting the inside of my cheek to stop me from talking, I nodded and grabbed my shake, putting the straw in it. I took a gulp and looked at Benji to see him looking at his phone.

"Who ya textin'?" I asked, not really caring who he was texting, just starting conversation

"Aliyah." He said, setting his phone to the side, "She wants me to come home. To talk." He groaned, burying his head in his hands. "Anyway, let's see what we're going to eat."

Pushing it off for the moment, I picked up thee menu and lifted it in front of my face, my eyes scanning the food choices. Settling on the hamburger and fries, I put my menu down as the bouncy guy came back, once again smiling.


Benji looked at me before looking back down at his phone.

"Yeah, I'll just have the bacon burger with fries. No mayonnaise, please." I said, pushing my menu to the end of the table

He wrote down on his sheet and looked at Benji.

"Umm...The sea food platter, please." He said, blindly pushing his menu to the guy as he was too focused on his phone

The menu fell to the food and the guy picked it up, grabbing mine. He threw me a sympathetic look before walking away.

"If you want to go, you can." I said, sliding my shake over to me

Benji shook his head, slowly set his phone down as he looked at me, his eyes scanning my face before he sighed. "I'm sorry."

I shrugged, "It's fine. Really though, if you want to go, go. I told you that I wasn't going to come between the two of you again."

"You're not." He smiled softly, "I told her I was spending the day with you. The whole day, not half."

Releasing a breath, I leaned back in my seat, narrowing my eyes on him. He awkwardly took a drink of his soda and avoided my eyes.

"Stop it!" He whined, a chuckled escaping his lips

Laughing, I sat up in my seat and shook my head, "Why do you look so guilty?"

"I'm not." He said quickly, shaking his head jerkily

"You know you can tell me anything." I said, setting my hand over his briefly

He chewed on his bottom lip, blue eyes wary. Sighing, he closed his eyes lightly, "I just...feel bad. Aliyah wants me to do things that I just can't."

"Like what?" I asked softly

"Stay away from you for instance." He growled, "And even though I've told her time after time that I can't, she won't stop."

Biting the inside of my cheek, I thought about what to say, "It's impossible for you to stay away from me for a long time? You talked to my parents or Dec about this?"

"No, they're still away on vacation but I talked to Declan and he told me what I already knew. If I choose to stay away from you, kind of like you did with me, I wouldn't feel any loss but you would. Also, yes, I can't be away from you." He groaned

Our waiter came by with our food, "Sorry for the wait." He smiled, setting our food in front of us

"Thank you." I grinned, eager to eat

"Thanks." Benji nodded

"You're welcome." He chirped, "If you need anything, call me."

Benji and I began eating in comfortable silence. After eating, we ordered desert and left the restaurant.

"What time is it?" I asked as we walked back to the car

"Almost eight." Benji said, wrapping his arm around my shoulder as he tried to steer me to the beachI slid from his hold, shaking my head.

"We both need to get home."

Sighing, he nodded and pulled the keys from his pocket, walking to the car. I trailed behind, taking in his tense posture. Unlocking the car, he held the passenger side door for me and I got in, buckling up. Benji shut the door and walked around the car to the drivers side. He got in and started the car, backing out and onto the road. We got to the condo quickly and I unbuckled my seat belt, leaning over to give Benji a hug.

"Thanks for today. I really needed it." I smiled as he wrapped his arms around me

"Thank you." He whispered, giving me a squeeze, "I'll see you soon."

"Yeah, and...good luck." I frowned, pulling away from me

"She's just so difficult." He groaned

I gave him a sad smile, "Bye, Benji."

"Bye." He smiled

Getting out, I shut the door behind me and walked up the path to the front door. I pulled my keys out of my pocket and stuck them in the door, turning the key. Walking in, I shut and locked the door behind me as I began taking my shoes off.

"Kelsey? That you?" Talon came into veiw, holding a mug, "How was your day with Benjamin?" He asked, sipping his drink lightly

"It was fun." I smiled, setting my keys down as I ran a hand through my hair, "Everyone else asleep?" 

"Except Easton and I. The girls have been in their rooms all day. They were scared you'd come home early." He chuckled, wrapping his arm around my waist as he pulled me to the living room

Easton looked up as we walked in and gave me a smile, "Was it fun?"

I nodded, tucking my feet under me as I sat down. "It was a lot of fun. How was your guys' day? School alright?" 

"School was school." Talon grumbled, sitting criss-cross on the couch, "Boring as always."

"Well, I've got a date this Saturday." Easton said, puffing his chest out

Talon rolled his eyes, "You've only been talking about it all day."

"Kelsey didn't know." He growled

"Congratulations, East." I smiled, cutting Talon off from his rebuttal, "What's her name?"

"LaShawna." He grinned, "She goes to my school."

My smile slowly fell off my face before I grinned. Maybe it's not her? From Kyle's pack?

I nodded my head, "Well, tell her to come here. I want to meet her."

"Kelsey! No, it's only the first date." Easton groaned, gripping his hair tightly as he glared at me

Standing up, I shrugged, "I don't care, Easton. Bring her here Saturday."

Rolling his eyes, he looked at the TV, "Whatever."

"East, don't be like that." I frowned

"Good night." Talon muttered, walking outEaston continued staring at the TV, clenching his jaw. 

"Where are you guys going?" I asked softly and he shifted uncomfortably

"To some restaurant down town." He grunted, "King's Palace."I nodded, "Well, I hope you have fun."

If it's the LaShawna I know, you're not leave this house.

Deja Vu

My alarm went off and I groaned, slamming my hand on the off button. Sitting up, I slid off the bed and began crawling towards my door. I pulled the door open and looked both ways before crossing over to the bathroom. Standing up, I turned the water on slightly hotter than warm and began stripping. Stepping into the water, I sighed, rolling my shoulders. 

Washing up quickly, I rinsed off and stepped out. Looking at the counter, I saw a fluffy white towel on it and grinned, wrapping it around myself. I put my clothes in the hamper and opened the bathroom door, walking out. Ambling into my room, I pulled out a pair of grey sweatpants and a loose fitting shirt, I dried off and slipped on my undergarments. I got dressed and brushed my hair before walking out of the room. 

Skipping into the kitchen, I smiled at everyone. Talon grinned from the stove as he flipped a pancake. Easton nodded, his mood not any better from last night. Caroline and Talia stared at the table, avoiding my eyes. Sitting beside Talia, I watched as she scooted from me.

 "Okay, what's wrong with you two?" I asked, raising my brows as I pursed my lips 

They both shrugged and I rolled my eyes. 

"Both of you need to get over it. You guys got drunk and I got mad. It's over and done with. So stop dwelling on it." I said, looking between the two 

Talia looked up first, tears shining in her eyes. "I'm sorry, Kelsey."

 "It's fine." I laughed, pulling her into a light hug 

She chocked on a sob, laughing with me. Caroline came up and hugged me as I pulled back away from Talia. I hugged her back as she burried her head in my neck. We both pulled back and Talon set a plate in front of me. 

"Thanks." I smiled, picking up a piece of bacon and taking a bite

 After he made us all plates, he sat down and began eating with us. Talia and Caroline chatted with Easton about his date tonight, saying that they were going to choose his outfit. Talon was just eating quietly, texting on his phone.

 "Where's Jimmy?" I asked, looking around the table 

"Next door. He didn't want to wake you up." Talia said, picking up my empty plate and hers as she walked over to the sink 

"I'm going to a friends house in a bit." Talon said, putting his plate in the sink 

Nodding, I took a sip of water and stood up, "I'm going nowhere today." 

Everyone but Easton laughed and I walked out, running a hand through my hair. Sitting on the couch, I turned the TV on and looked for a show to watch. Easton came in, holding his phone.

 "Why don't you want me to meet her?" I asked, making him jump as he lifted his head to look at me 

"You'll scare her away. I haven't had dated anyone since I found out about the cancer and now that I'm better, I'm going to live my life. I'm going to go out on dates like teenage boys should. You could ruin that for me." He whispered, sitting down on the couch beside me

 "You really think that? That I would ruin your chances with someone?" I asked, feeling hurt 

Easton stayed silent, staring down at his lap. 

"Whatever, Easton. Name one time when I have ever pushed a girl you liked away." I snapped, turning my body fully to his 

He remained quiet and I scoffed, "Exactly. I've supported every date you have ever been on. And you act as though by my wanting to meet this girl is going to ruin your life. You know what? Have a great time on your date. Don't bring her here." I growled 

"You're not my mom." Easton said, his voice quivering 

"Oh? So this is what it's all about? No, Easton. I'm not your mom. I'd never leave my child on the side of a highway." I spat, standing up and walking out of the living room 

Talia, Talon, and Caroline were at the living room entrance, watching me leave with shock on their faces.

Walking to my room, I shut the door behind me and locked it. Slumping to the floor, I began hating myself. I shouldn't have said that about his mom, even though it's true. Pushing myself up, I walked over to my bed and laid down. Biting my bottom lip, I stood up and walked over to my door, unlocking it before stepping out. I saw that Easton's bedroom door was shut and I hesitantly walked over to it.

Knocking softly, I waited.

 "Go away, Talon." He growled, his voice sounding hoarse 

"It's Kelsey." I said loud enough for him to hear 

"I don't want to talk about it. Just go away. You got what you wanted. I'm not going on the date." He said bitterly and I sighed 

"You know that's not what I wanted, Easton. I want you to be happy." 

"Then why do you have to go all Momma-bear? You're only a year and a half older than me." 

"Can I come in?" I asked, turning the knob lightly to see it was locked, as I suspected I heard footsteps then the sound of the lock.

Pushing on the door, I walked in and saw Easton standing my his bed, arms crossed over his chest. I shut the door behind me and walked over to his bed, sitting down. 

"Sit down." I sighed and he shook his head firmly 

"Talk. You've never asked to meet one of my dates before." He said knowingly 

"There was this girl in Kyle's pack and...she tried to kill me. Her name was LaShawna and I just wanted to see if it was the same girl." I shrugged 

"Why did she try to kill you?" He asked, his arms falling to his sides as he came and sat on the bed, eyes worried 

"Because I'm the Uniter or whatever. A lot of people don't like me." I chuckled, "And most of them, I have yet to meet."

 "And you think that my date is the same girl?" He asked, frowning 

"I didn't say that. I said I wanted to see if she was. You won't get hurt because of what I am. None of my family will. I won't allow it." I said, meeting his eyes 

"Will you feel better if I call her and tell her to come here?" Easton smiled, pulling on one of my curls

 "I thought you weren't going on the date?" I asked, smirking 

"I was going to cancel before you came." He grumbled

 Smiling, I wrapped my arm around his torso and leaned into him. He kissed my hair and wrapped his arm around my shoulders.

 "Kelsey! I'm going now." Talon yelled from the other side of the door 

"Okay. Don't be home too late though." I said, looking towards the door 

"I won't." He said and I heard his footsteps walking away 

"So, when are you going on your date?" I asked, standing up 

"At five. I have about two hours to get ready." He said, laying down 

"Brush your hair." I sang, walking out 

"Shut up!" He yelled after me and I laughed, going into the living room 

The door rang and I groaned, pushing myself off the couch as I walked to the door. Pulling it open, I saw Jimmy in front of my, covered in what looked like chocolate and mustard. Ms. Tyum stood beside him, her face red with anger. 

"What happened?" I asked slowly as I saw Jimmy's guilty face 

Jimmy is never guilty about anything.

 "He and my son got in a chocolate fight. I'm sorry but he needs to stay away for a while. He's trouble." Ms Tyum said hotly 

Pulling Jimmy into the house, I crossed my arms over my chest. "I understand that your house may be a disaster now but your son was also apart of it. Jimmy is not the only one to blame. And I bet your son was actually the one that thought of it."

 "Jesse would never. He's a good boy." She said, also crossing her arms over her chest 

I laughed loudly, "Okay. Believe what you want. Bye." I smiled, slamming my door, turning to Jimmy 

Jimmy looked up at me reluctantly, flinching from my stare. "Jim, how dare you have a chocolate fight in someone's home!?" I growled 

"I-it was Jesse's idea." He whimpered, cowering away from me 

"I don't give a damn who's idea it was. You don't trash someone's house like that!" I snapped, trying to calm myself down, "Tomorrow, you're going to go to Ms. Tyum house and apologize to her. Do you understand me?" I asked, gritting my teeth

 Jimmy nodded, twiddling his thumbs, "I understand." 

"Now, other than that. Good job!" I grinned, ruffling his hair

 He stared at me, shocked. "Good job? What have you done with Kelsey?"

 "I absolutely hate that women." I groaned 

"Oh, well. Thanks!" He chirped, throwing me a large grin before he bounced away 

"Kels, LaShawna bumped up the date, she should be here soon." Easton said, coming into veiw 

I looked over his dark wash jeans and black button down, smiling. "Lookin' good, bro." 

He blushed, "Stop." 

"And you actually brushed your hair." I smirked, looking at his head full of locks that looked tamed for once in his life 

"I didn't want it to look like I had dreadlocks." He mumbled, running a hand through his hair 

Nodding my head, "That's what they look like everyday."

 "Nu-uh! It's never gotten that bad." He glared, a pout taking over his face 

"Actually, it did. In fifth grade, you never brushed your hair." I recalled 

"Stop bringing that up." He hissed, pointing a finger at me roughly 

A knock sounded on the door and Easton looked at me nervously before walking around me to the door. He opened it and his broad shoulders were blocking my view. Pushing his arm discreetly, I looked at the pretty red head and relief swam through.

 "Hi." She smiled

 "Hiiiii." I dragged out, "Well, have fun!" I grinned, bouncing away 

Easton looked at me and nodded, a small smile on his lips, "Okay. Don't wait up." 

Raising my brows at him, I smirked and he blushed, walking out of the door. The door shut behind him and I smiled, walking into the living room. Talia and Caroline were in there, watching Jersey Shore. That is such a stupid show. I sat down on the recliner and laid back, kicking my feet up. For about an hour, we watch Jersey Shore and when my phone rang, I felt excited.

 "Hello?" I chirped, watching Caroline and Talia leaving 

"Kelsey, can you come to the restaurant?" Easton asked, making me frown 

"What's wrong?" 

"Her face just started drooping or something. I don't even know what just happened!" He whispered Sitting up quickly, I stood up and walked to the door, putting my boots on.

"Where are you?"

 "In the bathroom. I excused myself when her face started being weird." He said quickly and I could hear the panic in his voice 

Sliding on my jacket, I opened the door and walked out. "Do you think she knows you noticed it?" 

"No, I don't even think she notice." He said quietly, "Please, just get here." 

"Stay in the bathroom for as long as you can." I said, beginning to panic myself as I realized I didn't even know where the restaurant was 

"Can't I just sneak out?" He whimpered

 "No, she'll notice. I'll call you when I'm almost there." I hung up, dialing Kyle's number 

He answered on the second ring, "Kelsey." He said happily 

"Do you know where King's Palace is?" I asked, feeling helpless 

"Yeah, why?" He asked 

"Someone has Easton. He's on a date with LaShawna." I groaned, not believing that she had tricked me

 I heard movement before he growled into the phone, "And you let him go?" 

"She didn't look like the girl from your pack! The girl that came to my house was a cute button-nosed red head." I hissed, glaring at the ground

 "I'm on my way." He said, hanging up 

I called Easton back, "You okay?" I asked once he answered

 "Yeah, she came to the door and I said I was doing number two." He said quietly 

I fought a smile, "Well, Kyle's on his way."

 "Why him? Why not you so you can do that scream-y thing?"

 "I don't know where the restaurant is." I sighed, running a hand through my hair 

"It's the girl that tried to kill you, huh?" He asked 

"Most likely." I said, biting my bottom lip

 "What if she gets me?" He whined 

"She will die." I shrugged 

"What if she takes me somewhere you can never find me?" 

I rolled my eyes, "I'd find you, Easton. And if I couldn't, Kyle would." 

"I'm kind of scared." He whispered

 "Don't be. You're going to be fine." 

"Easton?" I heard through the phone and I tensed up at LaShawna's voice 

"Uhhh, yeah?" Easton asked shakily 

"We're leaving." 

"Well, sh*t is coming out of my a** so you're out of luck." Easton groaned, pretending to be in pain, "We had cheese with dinner. I'm lactose intolerant." He lied smoothly and I shook my head, chewing on my bottom lip 

"Kelsey, I know you can hear me. And I know you're going to look for him but it's best if you leave Kyle and the pack out of this. Oh, wait," She laughed, "You two aren't together anymore so I see that won't be a problem. Meet me at the See-ers Kingdom and Easton will be freed." 

Clenching my jaw, "Go with her, Easton." 

"What? No!" He yelled, "Don't fall into her trap. I'll be fine. Don't go wherever she's telling you to go."

 "I have to. They'll kill you." I murmured 

"And if you come, they'll kill you. You're pregnant. I'd rather one life be lost than three."

Suddenly, the phone cut and I swallowed hard, feeling my throat close A car sped into the parking lot and I jumped away from the curb, glaring until I saw that it was Kyle's car.

He pushed the door open, "Get in." 

Quickly, I slid in, "You were suppose to go to the restaurant!"

 "She would have taken him by the time I got there. Where does she want you to meet her?" He asked, driving down the road with great speed

 "The See-ers Kingdom." I whispered, buckling up 

His head snapped to me, "What!? Kelsey, you can't go. Call my dad and tell him to get everyone ready." 

Calling Johnny's phone, I impatiently waited for him to answer. 

"Hey, sweetheart. What's up?" Johnny answered happily 

"Kyle said to get the pack-" Kyle ripped the phone from my hand and started barking orders into the phone "...Get everybody you can. The See-ers have been too quiet, so this means they've regroup and become stronger...They have Easton and him dying is not an option." He said, hanging up as he sped past his street 

"Shouldn't we wait for the others?" I asked, gripping the seats tightly as I felt my stomach churned

 "What's wrong?" Kyle asked, glancing at me with worried eyes 

"I think I'm going to puke." I gagged 

"Why?" He frowned, keeping the same speed 

"Just pay attention to the road." I muttered, looking around for a cup 

Reaching into the back, I moved around the wrappers and found an empty Cup of Noddle. Putting it to my lips, I let the vomit out.

Kyle rubbed my back lightly and I shuddered, spitting. Leaning back, I held the cup in my lap, avoiding Kyle's eyes. 

"You okay?" He asked 

Looking up, I expected to see disgust but all I saw was care in his blue eyes.

"I'm fine. Thanks."

 He pulled onto a dirt road and I looked behind us to see cars filing in. I relaxed as I noticed Johnny's truck was in front. Kyle stopped, turning to me. 

"Stay in the car." He commanded and I rolled my eyes, staring to get out He set his hand on my arm, "Kelsey, please. You could get hurt." 

"I won't get hurt. Besides, if they don't see me, they'll kill Easton." I said, pulling my arm from his grip 

"To be honest, I'd let Easton die before you did. I'm sure he feels the same." He said, staring at me intently 

"Yeah, well, I don't." I huffed, getting out of the car I heard door slam as everyone got out.

Benji was in front of me instantly, "You doing okay?" 

I nodded, dropping the cup full of vomit on the floor and Benji sniffed, his face scrunching up as he waved a hand in front of his face.

Embarrassed, I stepped away from the cup. "Gross, Benjamin! How dare you throw that cup full of vomit on this clean forest floor!" I growled, glaring at him 

He looked at me with wide eyes before going completely blank, "I'm letting it go. But mark my words, you won't be pregnant forever and when those babies are out, you're going to feel pain." His right eye twitch and I laughing, punching him in the arm 

"Let's just go." Ali suddenly appeared by Benji side, pulling him into the forest 

Jasmine wrapped her arm around my shoulder, "Ignore her. If I could, I'd kick her out of the pack."

 I laughed, wrapping my arm around her waist, "No, Benji would probably leave with her."

 "So how have you been?" She asked, squeezing my shoulder

 "Good. You?" I asked, looking over at her 

"I miss you being around the house." She smiled sadly 

"I miss you guys too but I just feel more at home in the condo." I shrugged, "I don't know why." 

"Because it's your own home." She said, kissing my head 

"Technically, it's yours." I smirked

 "It's yours for however long you need it." I smiled, squeezing her waist.

Finally, we saw the lights and I sighed, thinking about how Kyle had been in this very building, held captive just as Easton is now. A little away, I saw the guards standing at the gate. 

"We're not going in there like last time. They're coming out here." Kyle said, crossing his arms over his chest 

"And if they don't?" Derek asked, his muscles taunt under his black shirt 

"We can't attack them. No intelligence on them has been given to us. We could be walking into our deaths." Blake said, grey eyes hard 

"And that's not an option." Aliyah growled, glaring at me as she held Benji possessively 

"Why are you here?" Kyle growled, moving closer to me protectively

 "Kyle." Benji said in warning 

Aliyah growled lowly, glaring at me. Kyle moved so fast, all I saw was a blur. In seconds, Aliyah was on the floor, Kyle above her with his arm pushing down on her neck. Derek and Declan pulled Kyle off her and Benji bent down, helping Aliyah up. Aliyah pushed Benji away, crossing her arms over her chest as she moved to stand next to her dad that was glaring at Kyle.

 Kicking Kyle in the shin, I glared at up at. "Knock it off." 

"But-" He started but I cut him off 

"Stop." I grit my teeth, looking away from him 

"Anyways," Jasmine muttered, coming to stand by my side, "Blake is right. We can't go in blind." 

"We can send some guys in to scope it out." Someone I had never seen before said 

"Who's willing?" Kyle grunted, anger clear in his voice 

Without thinking, I tangled my fingers with his and held on tightly. He looked down at me, lips parted. 

"I'll go." Benji said, pulling away from Aliyah

 "No." Aliyah and I coursed 

"I'm going." He said, staring straight at me

 "Kyle." I tugged on his hand, looking up at him, "Don't let him go."

 "So you'd rather have one of us die than then your 'family'?" Josh sneered  

 I looked at him uncaring of what he had to say, "Yes." 

Johnny met my eyes warily, "Kelsey, we can't pick and choose who's going-"

 "I can and I am." I said, looking at him defiantly 

The guy who suggested going in stepped up, "I'm going." 

"Me too." Rick said, looking down at Aliyah

 "Dad, you don't have too. If she really wants her brother, she'd go." Aliyah murmured, casting a glare at me

 "You know she would if she could but if you think anyone in this pack is going to let her, you're deluded." Jasmine growled, making Aliyah whimper

 I remained silent, quietly seething in anger as I forced myself not to hit her. "My whole pack will go in." Someone said and I frowned, looking up quickly Green Eyes and his dad were standing in front of a bunch of wolves, looking like twins. 

"You'd send your whole pack in to something we know nothing about?" Johnny asked, his eyes narrowing slightly, "How did you even know we would be here?"

 "We have eyes everywhere." Papa Green Eyes smiled

 "So you've been following us?" Derek asked, crossing his arms over his chest, "How do we know we can even fully trust you? You did try to kill us not too long ago."

 "And I apologize for my sons actions. I hadn't a clue what was going on behind those gates. My son thought he was protecting innocent people and when he found out he wasn't, he made it better. If I do recall, he helped save your own son." He said, looking at Johnny with his brows raised 

"Doesn't explain why you're here." Derek grumbled, rolling his eyes 

"To help. The Uniter is not only important to you. She's important to all. And if saving her brother is what we can do to contribute, we're all for it." Green Eyes said, shrugging his broad shoulders

 "Okay, enough interrogation. Easton needs help." Jasmine said, moving to stand by Johnny's side, "Though, I do suggest you have your pack shift back to humans. They'd think we were trying to attack them." She said smartly

 Kyle stepped in front of me as the pack began to shift. I could have just covered my eyes but whatevs.

 "Also, just to let you guys know, if one of you do get injured, our healer is off duty." Declan said, looking at me intensely 

I rolled my eyes, "If someone's dying, I going to help save them, Dec." His eyes moved to Kyle and Kyle nodded, gripping my hand tightly.

 "Does this feel like Deja Vu to anyone else?" I asked, looking around 

Blake laughed, for the first time since we got here. "Yeah, it does." 

"We're going now." Papa Green Eyes said, briefly touching my arm as he and his pack walked by 

Almost immediately after them walked in, howls of pain rang through the forest. Rick and Johnny's pack had already began running to the door. 

Kyle gently pushed me to Benji, "Watch her."

 Benji, Aliyah, and I stayed outside. Impatiently, I bit my thumb nail, tapping my foot on the ground.

 Turning to Aliyah, I looked at her, "I'm sorry Kyle hurt you." 

"He didn't." She snapped, turning her back to me Benji walked around and tried to comfort her. Frowning, I looked away from them to the door and ran a hand through my hair. I heard footsteps and saw Aliyah leading Benji into the trees.

Taking advantage, I began jogging to the open metal gates and slipped in, looking around. Walking down a long hall, I bit my bottom lip, knowing I shouldn't be in here. Oh well, too late now. Down ahead, I heard commotion and thought of the pack, quickly walking down the hallway. As soon as I saw the Demon's, I knew it wasn't the pack. They all turned to look at me and LaShawna stepped forward. 

"I see you didn't put a spell on your brother like you did with Kyle last time." She smirked, showing me her bloody hand 

My heart stopped and I stared at her, shaking my head, "You didn't."

 "But I did." She sang, grabbing a towel from a buff demon beside her, "Get her." 

He rushed forward and before I had time to react, his hand enclosed around my neck and lifted me up. I gasped for breath, my hand flying up to my neck. 

"Wow! So like, none of your powers work now?" LaShawna asked, grinning widely 

My eyes started burning as my head began to swim. I felt my eyes start to droop shut but suddenly, loud cries of pain sounded. Trying to open my eyes, I felt the hand around my neck loosen before tightening again.

Then, it felt like I was flying. I took in deep breaths as familiar arms wrapped around me and shocks flew through me. 

"Kelsey, come on baby." Kyle murmured, holding me tightly 

"Is she okay?" Declan asked and I felt a hand on my face 

"I think. I mean, she's breathing but she won't open her eyes." Kyle whimpered

 My eyes felt so heavy. Trying harder, I saw blurred figures in front of me. 

"Oh, thank God." Kyle breathed, turning my face to his 

Blinking, my eyes started clearing at I was staring into his worried blue eyes. 

"E-Easton." I cried, feeling the tears burn my eyes 

"I'm fine, Kelsey." He appeared in my line of sight and I sat up but regretted it as a throbbing pain flashed through my head 

"S-she had blood on her hands." I whispered, pulling him into a tight hug 

"There was another guy. She probably killed him." He said, holding me tightly 

Sniffling, I pulled back, "I'm sorry." 

"Don't. It wasn't your fault." He shook his head, pulling me up 

Looking around, I saw that Kyle was stalking down the hall. I began following and the others did also. Kyle was out before us and when we did walk out of the gates, I saw him holding Benji up by his shirt. Groaning, I walked closer and tried to pull Kyle back. 

"I gave you one simple order. How could you let her go in there? She also died tonight!" He growled, his eyes black 

"I-I'm sorry. I got distracted." Benji stuttered, fear in his blue eyes 

"Kyle." I said, holding his arm tightly 

"Distracted?" Kyle barked 

"Y-yeah, you get distracted by K-Kelsey all the time." He mumbled, his eyes meeting mine 

"Not when someones life is on the line." He snapped, dropping him to the ground Benji stood up and dusted himself off, walking away. I started walking after him, maneuvering around the people. Aliyah just stood there, glaring at me.

Yeah, hate me while your boyfriend needs you. Smart idea. 

"Benji." I called out, lightly running to catch up to him, "Slow down. I''m not as fast as I used to be." 

He halted abruptly, "I'm going to kill him." 

Sighing, I stood in front of  him, "You're not. Don't say that."

 "Ever since you left, he's been like that. It's like his wolf has gone mad." He clenched his jaw, looking over my head

I bit my bottom lip, not knowing what to say. Kyle walked passed us and got in his car, slamming the door. Smiling at Benji softly, I gave him a hug and walked to the car.

Easton got in as I did and I sighed, glaring at Kyle. 

"Don't hurt him again." I snapped, pulling my seat belt on

 Starting the car, he looked at me, "If you used your brain, I wouldn't have had to." 

"Don't try to put this on anyone else. You knew what you were doing when you walked out of those gates. If you didn't sleep with everyone, we wouldn't have even had to think of this happening again." I sneered, crossing my arms over my chest 

"I didn't sleep with her!" He growled, gripping the steering wheel

 "You were going to." I shrugged, looking out the window

 "It's not the same." He said 

"Yes, it is. Cheating is cheating, Kyle. You ruined us." I spat, my eyes narrowing 

"Cheating is if I had actually slept with her, I didn't." 

"Oh, sorry. You just attempted to cheat. That makes everything better." I scoffed, rolling my eyes 

Kyle stayed silent and I leaned back into the seat, feeling relieved that were weren't talking about it anymore. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot, Easton jumped out and slammed the door behind him, running up to the front door. I started unbuckling myself but Kyle set his hand over mine. 

"I'm sorry. We were getting along but I ruined it...again." He murmured

"We were. What makes it the worst is that you won't even take responsibility. You know what you did was wrong, that's why you got so defensive." I said, putting the seat belt back 

"I know." He whispered, "I just...can't control my emotions right now."

 "Well, you better work on it." I snapped, getting out of the car "Or I won't be speaking to you at all anymore."



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