“Grace, honey. Is that you?” My mom asked from the kitchen as I walked in the door

“Yup.” I answered, walking into the kitchen

Mom was rushing around, cooking.

“Why are you cooking?” I asked with narrow eyes

She never cooks.

“We’re having special guest over in a hour and I just

started!” She groaned loudly

“I can help.” I offered, washing my hands

She looked at me gratefully, “Thank you, sweetie. You can cut the potatoes up and boil them, then mash them up. Also, dice up some onions and boil them with the potatoes. Please?”

Nodding, I got to work. Mom was making grilled chicken, potatoes, and corn. I’m allergic to chicken.

Staying as far away from Mom as possible, I continued mashing the potatoes.

Dad walked into the kitchen, looked around, then gasped.

“Alison! What’re you doing?!” He yelled, grabbing the chicken

Dad threw it in the trash, rage clear on his face.

“Gary! I worked hard on that!” Mom screamed in his face

“Grace is allergic to chicken!” He pointed to me, “You alright, honey?” He asked me softly

I nodded, “I didn’t touch it or anything.”

“I can finish this. Just go up to your room.” He smiled slightly but the anger was still in his eyes

“Okay.” I smiled and washed my hands before walking up to my room

Walking passed my sisters room, I heard her music playing, loudly. She annoys me.

Plopping down on my bed, I closed my eyes and fell asleep, thinking about mystery man.


“Christian.” My fathers gruff, hard voice called me as I walked passed his office

Sighing, I pushed his door open and walked in. “Yes, father?”

“We are going soon.” He stated, not looking at me

“Going where?” I frowned

“To the Lexington home.” He finally looked up at me

I nodded and walked out, to my room.

“We’re are going now!” My father yelled angrily

“I’m just going to change.” I glared at my door before
pushing it open

Slamming my door shut, I walked over to my closet. Pulling out a white button down shirt, I pulled my blue t-shirt off and put the shirt on, buttoning it up. I rolled he sleeves up to my elbow.

“Christian!” My fathers voice rang loudly through the house

Growling, I walked out of my room and ran a hand through my hair. I ran down the stairs and bumped into my fathers chest.

He hissed at me and stormed out of the house. Rolling my eyes, I followed him to the limo.

Mom was already sitting there, a fake smile on her face.

She was always fake smiling.

I sat down, ignoring both of them.

“Why are we going to the Lexington house?” I asked, not looking at them

“Your wife.” Mom had a smile in her voice

My head snapped up, “My what?”

Dad smiled evilly, “Your wife.”

I shook my head, “I found my mate. No. I’m not marrying the girl.”

“You’re marrying her.” He snarled

“No.” I said, finality clear in my voice

Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain in my head, making me hiss in
pain. My eyes lifted up to my dad, glaring at him.

“Fine.” I croaked as the pain grew

He smiled and I sat up straight, the pain instantly subsiding. My eyes slid to the floor as the limo came to a stop.

The door opened, revealing Jackson, our driver. He smiled at me as I stepped out of the limo. I nodded back and shoved my hands into my jeans pockets.

Mom got out, followed by Dad. They walked ahead of me to the little pink house. Grace's scent hit me, making me smile. Mom looked at me weirdly before latching onto Dads arm.

Dad raised his hand and knocked on the door.

"Honey, can you get that?!" I heard a man yell

"Sure." A girls voice answered

A second later, the door opened. A girl with blonde hair and blue eyes opened the door.

"Hi?" She frowned

A women came to the door, "Hello. This is my daughter Cecilia."

Mom and Dad looked at me. I glared at them as we walked in. Grace's scent got stronger. This is where she lives.

Feeling eyes on me, I looked towards them. Cecilia was staring at me. I looked her up and down in disgust. Don't women these days have any self-respect. I mean, come on!

Who wears two inch skirts and tube tops?!

"What?" I hissed, my lip pulling back in a snarl

She quickly looked away and walked into the kitchen. The women led us to the living room. Mom and Dad sat down on the couch and I sat down in their little recliner.

You could see disgust and disapproval in my fathers eyes. He was expecting something different. Something better.

I cleared my throat, "Excuse me. May I use the restroom?"

"Yes, CeCe can show you." The women smiled

Standing up, I followed Cecilia to the restroom. We walked up stairs and stopped in front of a white door.

"Thank you." I nodded and walked in

I could hear her heartbeat. She was standing outside the door.

"You may go now." I stated, trying to hold in my anger

Her heartbeat picked up and she walked down the stairs. I opened the door and followed Grace's scent. It led me to a red door. I turned the knob and pushed the door open.

Grace was asleep. She looked so peaceful. I softly closed the door behind me and walked over to her bed. Kneeling down beside her, I brushed a strand of her blonde hair out of her face. I looked over her face and winced as my eyes passed her swollen lip.

I bit it too hard. I didn't mean to hurt her. She shifted in her sleep and leaned into my hand. I smiled and cupped her cheek.

"What're you doing to my daughter?" I heard a voice hiss quietly

Slowly, I looked over at her dad. "Nothing, sir. I would never hurt her."

He glared at me, "Get out."

I stood up, "I'm sorry."

He moved out of the way so I could get threw. I looked over my shoulder, Grace was still sleeping. Sighing, I walked out of her room and down the stairs.

"Grace, sweetie. Time to wake up." I heard him whisper to Grace

I walked into the living room. Everybody turned to look at me. Again, I looked at Cecilia in disgust. Some women are disgusting. Therefore, they deserve to be looked at in disgust.

Sitting down in the recliner, I pulled out my phone.

Suddenly, someone was on my lap. Hissing, I pushed Cecilia off my lap, making her land on the ground.

I stood up, "Never touch me again!"

She looked up at me, confusion on her face. "Don't you want me?"

"Hell no!" I snarled, my chest rising and falling rapidly

Anger started consuming my body and mind. Before I did anything I may regret later on, I ran up to Grace's room with inhuman speed. She's the only one that will be able to calm me down.

Her father looked at me, "I told you to get out."

"Please..." Was I pleading?, "I will not hurt her."

He looked like he was having a battle.

"Please." I breathed, needing to feel her in my arms

Finally, he nodded and walked out without another word, shutting the door behind him. Grace was still asleep, mouth slightly open as her soft snores reached my ears.

Smiling, I walked over and kneeled in front of her again.

My finger went to her lip and I touched it lightly. Her lips curved into a smiled, making the bites on her lip reopen. Blood came out of the bites. I bit my lip and wiped it off.

Bringing my finger to my jeans, I wiped it off. I will never take blood from her again...unless she says yes.

Grace started moving, her heartbeat picked up, telling me that she was waking up. I looked at her just as her eyes open. I was already out of the room.


I was having a nightmare. Terrified, I tried to wake up. I knew I was dreaming but I was still scared.

Then, a warm feeling filled my body and mind, making the nightmare turn into a happy dream. I felt something on my lip but I still couldn't wake up. I smiled and felt the finger again.

Finally, I felt like I could wake up. I moved and quickly opened my see nothing. My mood dampened and I stood up, running a hand through my hair.

I walked into my bathroom and looked at myself. I was glowing. For once, I actually looked...happy. I smiled and licked my dry lips. Blood was on my lips.

Washing my face, I tried to get a better look at my lip. I couldn't see anything. No bite mark, nothing. Frowning, I shrugged it off and went to my closet where I stripped and put on a white Superman shirt and black capris.

I ran down stairs and into the living room. Mom, Dad, CeCe were in there with a man and a women. Looking around, I saw him

. How did he find me?!

Slowly, I walked into the living room and sat down on our loveseat.

"Who is this?" The man asked, looking at me in awe

"T-this is my...niece!" Mom stuttered

Dad and I looked at her in shock.

"What the hell?" Dad growled, "Sorry, Lord and Lady
Zarzuelle. Excuse my wife. She is being...herself. This is our Eldest daughter, Grace. Grace, Lord and Lady Zarzuelle. That is their son, Prince Christian." Dad smiled as he introduced us

"Daughter?" The lady asked, "You have two children, Mrs. Lexington? Why did we not know until now?"

Mom flinched, "CeCe is our eldest! I didn't think it was...I didn't think it would matter if you knew about Grace or not."

"CeCe is 17 years old. I am 20. Do the math, mother." I exhaled and laid down on the loveseat, my legs dangling off the arm rest

Mom shot me a cold glare and started to stutter an explanation.

"Silence!" Lord Zarzuelle boomed

Mom shook and looked down at her lap. Dad chuckled as he saw how scared Mom was. CeCe was staring at...Christian.

"We will not tolerate lying! Who is this beautiful young lady?" Lord...I'm just gonna call him Elle

"O-our eldest daughter, Grace." Mom sighed in disappointment

"So, she is your eldest. Why did you have us convinced that you only had one child?" Elle asked, his voice going hard

"Because Grace is not fit to be a Lady." Mom answered confidently

I laughed humorlessly, "Oh, and my whore of a sister is?"

CeCe gasped, "Shut up, Gracilia!"

I lifted my head up to look at her, "What a childish
remark, little sister."

CeCe was seething, "You're a slut!"

I shook my head, "No, Sir, not me. You, you on the other hand. You might have an STD for all we know."

Her eyes widened and she stood up, quickly walking over to me. She hovered above me her face beet red.

"Yes, littler sister?" I asked calmly

She raised her hand but I stopped her by talking.

"I would not do that if I were you." My hazel eyes landed on her blue ones, "You of all people know not to make me mad."

Huffing, she walked away and sat back down next to mom.

Smirking, I laid my head down again.

Elle was looking at me in awe again, "Why would you hide her, Mrs. Lexington?"

"I-I wasn't hiding her. I just know she is not fit for the position. CeCe is." Mom stated

Rolling my eyes, I sat up. "Whatever, mother. I'm hungry."

My eyes scanned Christian as I passed him to get to the kitchen. Everyone followed me and I sat down. Mom set the food on the table before sitting down herself.

"I am sorry. I made chicken but my husband threw it away." Mom apologized as she motioned to the steak

"Why would he throw it away?" Lady Elle asked

"Grace is allergic to Chicken. I'm sorry but I will not have chicken in this house." Dad said with a polite smile but his eyes were hard, daring someone to argue

Elle nodded, "It is quite alright. Steak is perfect."

Dad smiled, a real smile and started cutting his steak. I looked around and saw that CeCe was staring at Christian who had a scowl on his face. Christian's leg started bouncing, his fingers drumming it.

"Stop. Staring. At. Me." He hissed slowly, his eyes burning with disgust as he looked at CeCe

My brows raised and I took a bit of my potatoes. CeCe looked away from him and looked at me. I sent her a small smirk. Her jaw clenched and she roughly stabbed her steak.

"Calm down, Crouching Tiger. We have guests'." I smirked as her anger grew to the point where she was shaking

CeCe is the impatient, anger issue type of person. I'm more of a patient person. I only get angry at really bad things.

Cockily, I stabbed a piece of steak and slowly brought it to my mouth. CeCe flared her nostrils and threw her fork down, glaring at me. I put the steak in my mouth, and chewed.

I swallowed at took a drink of water, feeling my throat close up.

"Dad..." I whispered, my throat felt tight

He looked at me, "Yeah?"

I gasped for air, "I c-can't...breath."

Dad stood up quickly and ran to the drawer. I held myself up by grabbing the table. My throat closed completely, making my eyes widen.

Everybody was staring at me, not knowing what to do. Dad ran over to me, the epipen in his hand. He kneeled down beside me and with shaking hands, flicked the pen to get any bubbles out. I could feel myself losing consciousness.

Dad shoved the needle into my thigh and inject the medicine in me.

As soon as it did, I gasped for air and slouched against the table.

"Grace?" Dad asked shakily as he grabbed my shoulder

I sat up and blinked rapidly, "I-I'm fine."

He hesitated before standing up, he was mad. Dad's chest fell up and down rapidly. He sat down and clutched his fork in his hand, jaw clenched.

"Did you wash the pan from when you put the chicken in it? Or did you just put the steak in there without washing it?" Dad asked Mom through clenched teeth

"I just put the steak in. What happened?" She asked, looking at me

Dad's whole face changed. Anger taking over him. He looked at Elle and Lady Elle, "I'm sorry. I have to go."

"No, it is fine. Sit." Elle ordered, "Let it out."

Dad shook his head and took a sip of water, "You okay, Grace? Do you need anything?'

I shook my head, "I'm fine, Dad."

I pushed my plate away from me and set my hands in my lap.

Dad nodded and took a gulp of his water.

"What happened?" Mom demanded

Dad snapped, "Our daughter

just had an allergic reaction to the steak you made because you didn't wash the chicken out of the pan!"

My eyes widened, Dad never yells. Even CeCe was staring at him in shock.

"Why did she have an allergic reaction?" Mom frowned in confusion


Dad hands twitched, "She's allergic. To. Chicken."

"I made steak." Mom shook her head and began eating again

"I need to use the restroom." Dad stated before standing up, quickly walking out of the dining room

"I'm sorry for my husband-" Elle cut her off

"Shut up. You are in the wrong. Not your husband. Are you alright, Grace?" He asked me with a slightly smile

"Yes, Sir. I'm fine." I smiled back politely and stood up, "I'll just make me something."

"No, no, that is fine. Your mother can." Elle looked at Mom, telling her to get up

"No, I will. She almost killed her." Dad's voice was cold and hard as he walked into the kitchen, "Sit down, Grace."

I sat down and sighed. I looked around to see that Christian was looking at me. My eyes roamed his gorgeous face before smiling and looking away. We all sat around in awkward silence.

"Grace, how old are you again?" Lady Elle asked

"Twenty." I smiled at her

"Christian is 23." She replied, smiling

I looked over at Christian as he took a sip of his water.

He looked over at me over his glass and smiled, water dripping out of his cup and down his chin. Laughing, I handed him a napkin.

A few minutes later, Dad came in with four grilled cheeses'. Yum! He set them down in front of me with a bottle of orange juice. He took the stake and water away.

I took a bite of my sandwich and hummed happily, "Thanks, Dad!"

"Welcome, honey." He smiled and sat down in his seat

I took another bite and smiled, "Oh, yeah!"

Elle laughed and shook his head, "You're perfect."

I smiled and nodded, "Thanks..."

I felt eyes on me and turned. Christian was staring at the sandwich in my hand. I picked up one from my plate and held it out to him, "Want one?"

He smiled and took it, "Thank you."

His voice sent shivers down my spine. I nodded, breathless and took another bit of my sandwich.

"Did you not like the steak?" Mom asked, frowning at Christian

"No, it was horrible." He answered coldly before taking a bite of the grilled cheese

I took a sip of my orange juice and raised my brows, smirking slightly. Mom shrugged it off and took a bite of the potatoes. Elle was staring at the steak, in horror.

"What one?" I asked, pointing to my plate

He smiled, "Sure."

I handed him one and finished mine before grabbing the last one on my plate. I took a big bite, "You're amazing, Dad."

"Grace! Don't talk while you eat. I'm sorry, Lord Z-" He cut her off

"Stop apologizing! Grace did nothing wrong." Elle glared at Mom

Mom started to apologize again.

"Leave my presence." Elle commanded

Mom stood up and quickly walked out.

"Finally." Christian sighed, "I thought she'd never leave!"

CeCe laughed and laid her hand on his arm, "I know, right?!"

"I told you to never touch me again!" Christian roared,
pushing her hand off him

CeCe pouted, "I'm your fiancé! Why won't you let me touch you?"


"You are not

my fiancé. I will never

marry someone like you." Christian snarled

CeCe smirked smugly and looked at me, "Your little sister is getting married before you."

"Actually, no, you're not. Your mother lied to us and told us you were 20 and the eldest of your family. You may not marry my son." Elle stated, "Grace is." He smiled at me

Say what now?!


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