A Dark Room

A dark room
With a dark corner
And so much gloom
No one can enter
Without being killed
Or getting a splinter
If you get out
Without being harmed
Then no doubt
You were armed
With big guns and knifes
The size of buildings
And porky pines
With sharp filling
And in that dark corner
In that dark room
No one will wonder of;
Whatever looms
Because no one knows of the dark room
With it's dangers
Because when you

You can't live to tell it

Don't Be Scared

Don't be scared
Don't worry or fret
Or he will find you

Drag you into the night
Despite your screams of terror
And kill you

So don't fear or worry
For you have been warned;
Of the horror of the walking devil


Tag der Veröffentlichung: 30.01.2012

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