The Move

Today was the day!

Oh, I'm sorry, how 'rude' of me, *smirk* I'm Tia. Basically me and my family are moving. Also, important news; we're werewolves. Not to scare you or anything. Anyway we're moving 'cause I got into too many fights apparently. Lies, I just did some graffiti, had over a hundred fight and got my stomache and tongue pierced. What's wrong with that?! Gosh! Adults these days.

Wanna know what I look like? Well, here it is.
I am 5'7, I have dark chocolate coloured hair with a golden brown in some parts. No I DONT'T have highlights. Quit guessing, my hairs natural! Also, I'm mixed race, meaning I've go quite dark skin. And I HATE racism, I'm part white and black, can you see why? Anyway, I have stormy gray eyes, which to you it would look like I'm holding a secret, which I am, haha.

"Tia! Are you done yet?!" My mom called up the stairs. I groaned.

"Yes mom! Hold on! You should know my bags are heavy!" I shouted to her.

"I'll get Stefan and your dad to help you!" She screamed.

"Okay! But hurry up!" I called back and plopped down on my bed. As if I'm actually going to carry my bags downstairs.

I heard my dad and brother going up the stairs and they glared at me when they realised I was going to make them carry ALL of my bags. I smirked at them and pointed to my bags. They rolled their eyes but grabbed my bags. WOW, isn't that hard?! My bags are actually quite heavy now that I think about it... Oh well, their loss.

"Oof, Tia what the hell do you have in these bags?!" Stefan moaned.

"Hmmm, my clothes, shoes, make up, laptop, phones, other electric equipment... Why?" I asked innocently.

"You are EVIL!" He shouted at me.

"I know, no need to remind me." I said smirking.

He groaned and walked down the stairs, dad just glared at me and went after him. I shrugged and followed them. I walked out the door turned around and said.

"Farewell, beautiful house. HELLO THE MANSION WE'RE MOVING TO!" I screamed excitedly. The rest of my family groaned and I just grinned. We all got into the car since the rest of our cars have already been taking to the small town. Great, small town. How exciting, oh well. I can't wait till the rest of our pack move in. Yes I said our pack, we are the alpha family and I'm the rebel, or as people would like to call it, Omega.

"Mom... What was the town called again?" I asked.

"Aldrio hone, why?" She replied with a question of her own.

"Oh, jw." I said.

"Jw?" My mom asked confused, I groaned.

"Just wondering, mom catch up! You need to learn slang, like now!!" I said getting frustrated.

"I don't want to, so when you're at home speak properly." My mom said with a role of her eyes.

I huffed and realised I was quite tired. I got comfy and let the lovely blackness consume me.


"Tia wake up," I was being shaken. Ugh, I HATE getting woken up. I growled and snapped at who ever was shaking me.

"Woah, sorry, but I though you'd like to see the mansion..." Stefan said.

I opened my eyes and jumped out of the car. It was beautiful, the mansion was huge and made of white, expensive marbel. I loved it already.

"Hmmm, I like it, I think it needs a bit of my personal touch though." I said smirking.

"Don't even try it, Tia!" My mom said coming up behind me. I rolled my eyes.

"Fine, doesn't mean I'll spare the rest of the town." I said.

My mom groaned knowing I was going to cause alot of trouble, even in a small town.

"Guys..." My dad said frowning.

"What dad?" Stefan asked, also frowning.

"There is another pack here, we are going to have to call a treaty so no one gets hurt from either pack." He said frowning even deeper.

I growled. They all looked up at me, and then to where I was staring. It was a beautiful grey wolf with the normal werewolves' yellow eyes. I had ice blue, haha suckers. Probably 'cause I'm Omega though...

The guys shifted and smirked at me looking me up and down. I cleared my throat and he looked up at me. I raised my eyebrows and he grinned. I rolled my eyes.

"Put some clothes on." I said smirking at him as he blushed.

He ran back into the woods and came out with shorts on.

"How can we help you?" My father asked.

"I am the alpha's son of the pack here and my dad told me to tell you that he would like a meeting with you and your pack. Oh, and what pack are you?" He asked.

"Yes, I would like to arrange a meeting. We are the Dark Lightning Pack." My dad replied.

The guy gasped eyes widening, we were the top ranking pack in the whole world, with over 500 members in the pack and we weere also unbeatable.

"Oh, erm, okay. We are the Black Rose Pack." The guy replied. Hmm, first and second ranking pack in the same place. Not good.

I smirked at the boy when I realised he was checking me out. To be honest... He's actually quite hot, okay very! He's about 6'2, tanned skin, hair the colour as mine and those soft baby blue eyes full of lust as he stared me up and down. The guys also got a 12 pack... I mean 12?! Woah! This guys my type, I'm gon' do some messing round here! Ahaa, unless he has a mate, but by the way he's looking at me, he doesn't.

Actually he does!

My wolf said suddenly.
Aww, that killed my fun!

I replied.
No actually it made it better, your his mate stupid dog.

I grinned well then, I have a mate, victory dance, woohoo.

"Your my mate," I stated loudly staring right at him, he smirked.

"Why, yes I am, beautiful," Ooooo, such a charmer, I grinned at him showing my canines. He gasped.

"Don't those retract?!" He asked wide eyed.

"Noo, dick head, I'm Omega!" I said smirking evilly.

"Hmm, so my mates a trouble maker?" He asked grinning.

"Oh boy, you got that right!" My father chimed in. I laughed.

"DAD, how many times do I have to go through this... It was ONLY over 100 fights not 1000, and I got my belly button and tongue pierced BIG DEAL!" The guy stared at me.

"You're kiddin' right?!" He asked.

"'Fraid no hun," I stated cassually.

"This one's way badder than the one in our pack!" He stated staring at my father, who laughed.

"I would say so, her powers are incredible!" My dad said, I rolled my eyes.

"Why, what are her powers?" He asked.

"She can control anything; Living, dead or object, she can read minds, she can control ALL of the elements, she can talk to the dead; when and if she wants to, the weather depends on her mood,she is faster than the fastest vampire on earth, also stronger than the strongest, she can see the future, she can smell 1000 times better than the average werewolf and she can see in the night as though it was day." My father said.

"Wow, are you sure she's ONLY werewolf?" He asked.

"That we cannot tell you," My mother butted in, "I do not mean to be rude, child, but it is our pack law that only pack members know if we are full werewolves or not, sorry hun."

"Nah, that's fine." He said smiling.

"ANYWAY, what's your name? I don't wanna call my mate 'guy' for the rest of my life!" I said grimacing at the thought.

"Ha, my name's Kayden, but you can call me Kay," He winked, "What's yours?"

"Tia, but you can call me Tee," I said mocking him.

"You shouldn't mock me!" He said grinning.

"Well I just sho' did, and bitch, I do what I wan', when I wan'." I scoffed. He laughed.

"Shooo' bitch!" He winked.

"Yaa hoe,fo' sho'!" I stated smirking.

"Mhm, anyway see ya'll around, I gotta be headin' back home now." He waved and ran into the woods.

I stared after him for a few seconds and turned around.

"Sooo, lets get unpacking?!" I said, changing the subject away from mates before it even started.

"When were you gonna tell us he was yo' mate?!" Stefan asked mocking me.

"Look bruvva, yo' wan' mock the way this bitch speaks, yo' gon' get a good 'ard slap, nigga!" I sad getting up in his face.

"Don't avoid the question!" He said smirking.

"I wasn't gwanna tell ya'll, but naw ya'know, so yaa." I said sticking my tongue out at him.

"Why do yo' talk black?" He asked mocking me A-fucking-GAIN!

"So ya'll can ask stupid questions so meh, can kick yo' half black ass." I smirking when he paled and ran inside. I realized mom and dad were staring at me amused.

"What?" I asked. They shook there heads and went inside. Thats what I thought bitches! I headed inside and found a good room, then started unpacking.


I was now settled in and ready for school, not that I wanna go, but my mate goes there and I kinda wanna get to know him... Yeah, call me hard? I have a softness for my mate.

So, tomorrow, I start school. Hmm, what should I wear? Ohh I know, black ripped skinny jeans that show of my curves, a dark red vest tops that says 'Careful I Bite' my denim all star converse and a PB jacket. Perfect.

I went and headed for a shower. I stripped off and turned the shower head on. I got in and washed all the dirt away from the day. I then got out dried myself and put on some shorts and a plain vest top. I headed for my bed and fell asleep in seconds.

I groaned, and hit my alarm clock. I got up slowly and realised my hair was a curly mess, I quickly straightened it and brushed my teeth. I got dressed in the outfit I picked yesterday and headed downstairs.

"Hi mom," I greeted.

"Hi sweety, now I JUST KNOW you're not going to get in any fights on your first day." I smirked.

"We'll see." My mom rolled her eyes and set some pancakes in front of me.

I quickly ate it all and put the plate in the dishes.

"Where's Stefan?" I asked.

"Oh, he's getting ready." Mom replied.

"Okay tell him I've headed out and to leave my cars alone or he's dead and anyway, I've hidden all my keys, I'm headin' out, see ya mom." I said walking out the door.

"Bye sweety." Mom called.

Today, I decided to go on my pride, my motorbike. It was a glossy, red YZF R1, my baby. I tied my hair up and put my helmet on. I then raced out onto the road. I headed towards school and saw a bump, perfect. I went at it at top speed then made impact, I was flying over the gates. Everyone was staring at me as I landed perfectly into a parking space. Everyone started clapping. I grinned and took off my helmet and smirked as everybody gasped as they realised I was a girl. I took my hair down and headed towards the reception. All the boys drooled and the girls stared at me enviously.

"Nice stunt out there." Kayden said walking up to me.

"Hmm," I replied walking around him towards the reception. He fell into step next to me.

"Wanna sit at my table at lunch?" He asked, "You could meet some of my pack," I smiled at him and shrugged.

"Sure, I'll find you." I replied.

"Sure thing!" He said and waved to some boys then ran off.

I headed into the office and smiled at the receptionist.

"Hi, my names Tia and I just moved here." I said. She smiled at me, might as well be nice to her, I'm gonna be here alot.

"Ahh, yes Tia. Hold on a minute and I'll get everything you need." I stood there waiting, she came back two minutes later with my time table.

"Thanks." I said and walked off. I walked up to Kayden and jumped on his back.

"Boo," I whispered. The guys he was with stared at me shocked I jumped on his back.

"Well hello there Tia," He said looking up at me. I smirked and showed him my time table.

"Show me where I need to go?" I asked.

"Sure, oh and these guys are Derek, Josh, Cole, Callum and Xavier."

"Heey," I said waving, they all said a quick greeting then the bell went, they all went off to their classes. I was still on Kayden's back.

"You gonna stay there?" He asked laughing.

"Yup, I like it here," I said biting his earlobe. He growled he stared at me his eyes full of lust.

"Com'on lets get to class," He said, "Oh, by the way, you have all the same classes as me."

"Well at least I'll be with some one I know," I said winking at him.

He walked into class with me still on his back. The girls all rushed up to him then stopped when they saw me. I stuck my tongue out at them and they all glared at me. I jumped of Kay's back then went to the teacher.

"I'm Tia and I'm new here." I stated.

"Okay, go sit down where you want." He said.

I walked over to Kay and plopped down next to him. I turned to him and smirked, he eyed me carefully and I decided it was time to link our minds.

'Well hello there Kay!' I said into his mind. He turned to me with his eyebrows raised, I grinned.

'One of your powers?' He asked.

'Yeah, we would only be able to talk through our minds if we mated.' I said that while grimacing. He laughed throught the bond.

'Hmm, I don't think we need to do that quite yet.' He said.

'I completely agree there.' I said smiling.

Without even realising we'd spoken so much the bell went signalling for second lesson. We headed to our next lesson where I was told to sit next to some next slut. Ugh, I mean, bleach blonde hair, skinny, big boobs, not bad curves, blue eyes, mini skirt, short top showing ALOT of cleavage and a cheerleader. Fo' sho'.

"Hey," She greeted with a fake smile.

"Look, we both know what you're gon' say, ooo stay away from my man, which yo' would be refferin' to Kay, and wan' to kno' sumtin' hoe?" I asked, she nodded, "WELL, my half black ass ent gon' stay away from 'yo' man'." She looked shocked, I mean her eyes were wide and her mouth was hanging open. Talk about ugly.

"How dare you talk to me like that! I mean, I literally own this school, I am queen bee here, and I'm going to make your life a living hell, so don't come to me chatting shit, slut." She said TRYING to act hard. She just looked a total mess.

"Bitch please. I'm goin' ta strip ya from yo' title, 'cause ya'll ent gonna be no 'queen bee' when I'm finished with ya." I said rolling my eyes.

"Okay, fight at lunch?" She asked.

"Be ready. I've had alot of fights and I won all of 'em, watch yo' back bitch." I said grinning when she paled but she tried to look hard and flipped her hair.

The bell went signalling lunch. Ugh, finally! I walked over to Kay.

"Yoo, m'man." I said, grinning.

"Yoo, m'bitch." He said with a grin of his own.

"I gotta fight this lunch yaa, so I might not see ya too much, 'cause I'ma be at the principle's office for beating the shit out of the gurl, mannn." I said.

"Who ya fightin'?" He asked.

"That bitch I sat next to." I said.

"Are you sure? She's a werewolf..." He said looking concerned.

"Babe, please! I did read her mind, and I'm Omega so ya'know," I said winking.

"Oh yeah, you're gonna win, ain't ya?" He asked remembering I can see the future.

"Fo' sho' m'man. Oh look there's 'queen bee', time to kick some ass." I said and walked towards her.

'Queen Bee' Becomes Queen Loser

I walked up to her and tapped on her shoulder.

"Ready fo' this fight bitch?" I asked innocently. I was taller than her and I had abs, not that she knows but, hey. This girl is damn short for a werewolf!

"Sure bitch." She said and tried to punch me which I saw and ducked.

"Thanks fo' startin' the fight, you'll get in more trouble naw." I said.

"Hmph, like the teachers will believe YOU!" She screeched and went to kick me which I neatly blocked and grabbed her foot she stared at me wide eyed.

I quickly flipped her onto her back she got up and I let her, 'cause I'm nice *Innocent look*. She tried to punch me with her left hand, which I grabbed then she tried with her right, which I also grabbed. I stared her in the eye and using the alpha in me I said...

"You really shouldn't have messed with me!" There was thunder outside.

I grabbed her to hands in one hands and kicked her in her chests she immediatly banged into the lockers but she still got up. She got up and ran to Kayden, she kissed him. Then she looked at me and smirked. I growled. NOW she's got me angry. I walked up to her deadly calm.

"Get off him." I said still calm. "NOW!" I shouted alpha in my tone. She flinched and backed off.

"That's what I thought." I said.

She glared at me and showed me her canines. She's Omega, good, yet she still flinched. I have alot of power in me, my family are the lost royal family. We are here for that reason. That is why I have so many powers also I am part Angel, my mother is fully Angel and my dad is a mix between were and vamp. That's why I'm so strong and have so many powers, I also have huge, black angel wings. No one except my mom knows. Not even dad or Stefan.

I showed her mine. Her eyes widened and I smirked.

"Now, that we both know that. Meet me in the woods after school." I said, she WILL learn her place under me. It is very dangerous to mess with a royals temper.

"Sure will." She said and walked off with her posse of humans, the werewolves that were with her crowded around me. She turned around.

"Are you guys coming or what?" She asked.

"Naa, your old naw," A black skinned girl said. 'Queen bee' screamed frustrated and walked off.

We all went and sat down at the table and the girl that said that queen bee's old sat next to me.

"So your an alpha's daughter and an Omega. Wow," She said. Then she whispered in my ear, "And your a royal, your also part vampire and angel." I already knew she knows, I decided to read her mind and found out that when she touches someone she finds out EVERYTHING about them. I like this girl. She knows I can read minds and added 'I won't tell no one, unless you want me to' she said in her mind. I smiled at her grateful, she smiled back.

The bell went and we went our seperate ways to class. The last three hours of the day passed by quickly and I headed to my motorbike and got on then headed towards the woods. Kayden's pack and the queen bee were also following me.

The Woods

I got out at a clearing and waited for everyone else. They all got out and queen bee stood oppisite me. I smirked at her and quickly got undressed then shifted. Everyone gasped at they saw my wolf and my eyes. The eyes of a royal.

They stared. And stared. And stared. And stared. So I got bored of it and growled at them. They flinched, hey I thought I growled lightly, not enough to caus them to flinch. Damn, I have too much power, I can make my own father flinch! And he's royal!

Queen bee snapped out of it and shifted, we circled each other. She came at me which I easily dodged, then after repeating this for about tewenty minutes I jumped on her back and pinned her down. She immediatly showed me her neck saying 'I give up'. I snorted in my wolf form and grabbed my clothes so I could change without everyone staring at me.

"So you're a royal?" Kayden asked me.

"Well duh, dip-shit." I replied rolling my eyes.

"Hey chill, just making sure." He said putting his hands up in an 'I surrender' motion'.

"Mhm, sure yo' were bitch." I said smirking, he just rolled his eyes. Rude much?!

"Why do people have an obsession with rollin' their fuckin' eyes at me!?" I screamed frustrated.

"'Cause yo' just awesome baby G!" Kay said.

"Mhm, well I'm gon' be headin' home naw, laters bitches!" I said hopping on my bike.

The engine purred to life and I raced off towards home.

Pack Meeting

"MOM, DAD!" I screamed, "I'm home!" Mom and dad immediatly came running down the stairs clearly fuming.

"I don't believe you've had a fight already! AND; you showed the other pack that you are a royal, you are unbelievable Tia!" My mom shouted. I rolled my eyes.

"MOM! Calm down, she started my temper, you should know it's hard to control it when it's provoked. You know this, especially for me!" I screamed at her and stomped up the stairs slamming the door behind me. I screamed as loud as I could, and ended up shifting. Now I can't change back till my anger goes. Guess I could go hunting...

"TIA!" My dad shouted up the stairs. Ugh, now what. I trotted down the stairs in my wolf form. My father rolled his eyes when he saw me, and did what he had to, to make me change human, I was now in an ice blue royal dress this happens every time I shift, I don't know why, I also have a crown on my head.

"Tia, you can stay like that, we are having a pack meeting and the lower wolves should see to no challenge you and respect you." Dad said.

"Yes daddy." The doorbell rang at that moment.

"I'll get it, go sit in the room with the throne chairs," Yes, we have throne chairs don't ask why!

I heard my dad greeting the other pack and heard them walking towards the room, so I quickly sat in a throne like the princess I am. Two minutes later they all walked in. First I saw Kay who I smirked at which he returned with a wink. What a trouble maker, eh. AS the last of them sat down, I stood up.

"Welcome. I am the soon to be alpha female of the Dark Lightning Pack. I am also, as you can see, the princess of the werewolves. I have already taught someone a lesson and I WILL do it again if any of yo challenge me. Any questions?" I started off.

"Yeah, erm like is it true Kayden, our future alpha, is, like, your mate like?" This really slutty girl asks me hope in her eyes. She's hoping I'ma say no, bitch please that sexy mofo body is all mine.

"Yes, he is. Any reasonable questions?" I asked smirking as the hope in her eyes vanished replaced by disgust. She screeched coming towards me. Some guys moved to stop her, but I motioned for them to let her.

She walked up to me and slapped me. My wolf took over my body completly transforming me into my white wolf straight away. I growled at her and waited for her to shift. When she did I immediatly lunged and clamped my jaw around her neck. I shook her like a rag doll and the little bitch she is. She was whimpering. Good. She deserves everything she gets.

"Tia stop!" My dad pleaded.

I rolled my eyes and shook her one last time. Then I threw her across the room and she howled unable to move.

Teaches the bitch a lesson not to mess with me.

Dad rolled his eyes and motioned for me to shift. So I did. And everyone gasped at the fact that my clothes hadn't ripped apart. Are they that stupid? Come on! I'm a royal..

"Anyway, anyone else want to challenge me?" Silence. Well, that's a good sign I guess.

"Okay, take that as a no... Any more questions?" I asked.

A guy raised his hand. I raised my eyebrows at him and nodded thinking he'd ask what he wants if I did. He did.

"Have you and Kayden finished the mating bond yet?" He asked smirking expecting me to blush. Wrong. I never blush. I smirked at the question though, Kayden was a different story though, he was bright red.

"Nope, we haven't." He stared at me open mouthed. Ha, expected me to blush. What a fool!


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To my friends and family who helped to enspire me, especially to my uncle who has cancer, I wish him all the best and hope it was not too late. Also to other authors out there who helped me write this book just by writing on themselves.

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