I don’t like my dreams they make me very tired.
I thought that going to sleep was to help me get rested.
But the dreams I have are wild and alive,
And when I awake I feel more exhausted.

Could it be my insecurities, my worries or concerns?
Maybe it’s the life I lead that is varied and consuming?
Is it things of the past that haunt my mind?
It could be the things of the future I’m presuming.

I’m thinking I eat too late and maybe that can’t help.
I certainly have more than my share of cups of tea.
But how does my digestion affect my brain,
And why does it seem to happen only to me?

I love to get in my bed because it’s soft and squishy,
It was worth every penny I spent at the store.
But going to sleep to have those wild and crazy dreams,
Well I don’t think I want to sleep anymore.


Texte: Will Chandler
Tag der Veröffentlichung: 21.03.2012

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To Crazy Dreamers Everywhere.

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