Flakes fell heavily Christmas


Close to midnight, the snow

was deep.

Simon glanced at his canine,


"We'll frolic in the snowfall

so pristine."

Yet, in that moment,

exquisitely serene,

He reconsidered and sipped

the Benedictine.

Adjusting himself in his new


He bellowed, "Chestnuts

roasting on an open fire."

A crash in the fireplace

caused him to jump,

Queen barking incessantly at

the red clump.

"Who's there?" Simon called,

his hand on the phone.

The stranger lay stunned on

the hearth's cold stone.

Queen sniffed the young

woman dressed as Santa,

Simon impatiently awaiting

her answer.

She stood and brushed the

soot off briskly.

Then turned to Simon and

replied quickly.

"I'm very sorry. I'm new at

this," she pleaded.

"Queen, come here," its

owner it heeded.

"Please, don't call Santa,"

her plea most sincere.

"He's working overtime.

I'm a volunteer."

Confused, Simon stared at

her blankly,

She offered her hand, "My

name is Laurie."

Simon did not attempt to

extend his,

Instead replied, "Simon,

mine is."

"I have your present but it's

still on the roof."

To this, Simon remained

rudely aloof.

He smirked, "You don't need

to feel sorry for me."

"I'll get your present. You'll

see. You won't be sorry."

Simon shook his head as

she flew out the door,

Then heard mumblings on

his front lawn.

Laurie cried, "My reindeer

are gone!"

A nearing neighbor stopped,

"Reindeer? Gone?"

"Please help! Do you have a


Scratching his head, "Yes...

I do have a ladder."

He entered his home, then

with one reappeared.

It steady, Laurie climbed,

then disappeared.

She found Simon's gift then

scurried on.

"Merry Christmas to you

and your loved one."

Excited, she gave Simon

his present,

But as he groped, all

became evident.

"Let me,"

and sat at his feet.

'Merry Christmas, Simon.

Enclosed is a check for the

eye surgery. Santa'

Simon buried his head in

his hands,

No words came for such a

present grand.

Nor a greater gift could he


Than the woman sitting at

his feet.

"If you like, I'll go with you."

Simon found then kissed

Laurie's hand, and after

catching his breath said,

"Thank you."

They married and raised a

family of three,

Whom they cared and loved

most dearly.

And so it was with

every Christmas Eve,

The family gathered to be

with Simon and Laurie.

A more full life Simon

never knew,

'Til Laurie fell clumsily

through his flue.

Blind and alone until age

thirty five,

Simon loved his helper

until she died.

The End


Texte: Copyright December 2009
Tag der Veröffentlichung: 13.12.2009

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