Henry drove his old Hillman Minx down the single track road in the pouring rain. The old wipers could barely keep up. Henry bought the car on a whim, wanted a classic but one he remembered from his childhood. It was mink brown with a cream roof. The seats were cream with a brown trim. The dash board was metal and echoed American cars of the fifties with the wire steering wheel. It was made in 1967 when he was eight years old. As he drove the single track towards the sea he wondered what memories his old Hillman had.

The sky was dark and heavy as the thunder clapped. Henry pulled the car onto the grass and wound the window down a little. He reached for the dashboard and switched off the ignition. This was nice not a sole around just dunes and sand and grass and birds. How peaceful he thought. He drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

Henry was awakened by a whispering sound, “Henry, Henry” the voice whispered in his ear. “Who is there” said Henry, half sleepy, half scared out of his wits. “Its me Greta”. Now Henry was scared. “Who the hell is Greta”? “Where the hell are you”? “You’re here inside me I am Greta”. Henry noticed as the voice spoke to him the lights on the clocks in the dash flickered on an off. “You’re the car”? “Yes Henry a car”. “You wanted to know my history my memories well I remember you and I am so sorry Henry, so very sorry”. “Well not really Henry”. “Many years ago you lost your brother in a fatal accident”. The voice changed and roared at Henry. “Well I killed him”. The voice became insane as it screamed and roared with crazed laughter. “Twenty six I’ve murdered, and now its your turn”

Henry tried to open the drivers door but it would not unlock, he tried to get the window down but it wouldn’t budge. The car shook and the engine started with a roar. Again the car said, “Its your turn Henry”, as the car moved of its own accord towards the cliff edge. “Jesus this isn’t happening, tell me it isn’t happening” as he again tried to escape. The laughter got louder as Greta gained speed. “We are going to die together Henry” “No dear Lord no” said Henry as Greats hurled herself to a watery grave at the bottom of the steep cliff near Penzance.

The next day the local paper read ‘Classic car collected found dead in his 1967 minx’ The verdict suicide.


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To Greta

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