Don’t Laugh at Me

Night fell as I looked at the setting sun on the calm sea in front of me.

I shook with fear or temper, I know I felt high on an emotional roller coaster. Perspiration fell from my brow to the tip of my nose and on to my chin.

Calm yourself John, let it go, let it go. I knew I could not let it go, I knew that night was the last night I would see Pearl. Even though I hadn’t a clue what I was going to do I knew it was the last time we would be together.

I lit a cigarette and drew deep on the weed, I felt a sense of satisfaction calm and things began to fall into place. I must go home for one last time one miserable last look at that bitch Pearl.

I wiped my sodden face with a tissue and took one last look at the spectacle of a sunset on the horizon beyond. Why was my life not calm like that sunset? I started the car and reversed onto the road. I should not have let her talk to me like that, it wasn’t right she needed to be punished, she needed to feel my pain, my anger, my shame. I could feel her laughing, gloating teasing me with her spiteful and hurtful barbs.

I had driven miles that afternoon to try and calm myself, to rid myself of Pearl, but nothing would console me, nothing would take that one thought from my twisted head, the twisted head Pearl had fashioned for the last twenty five years.

All at once I knew why I would never see the bag again, she was going to die and I was going to put the bitch out of her misery, not quickly, not with mercy not with remorse, but with the utmost pleasure my dear.

I sped down the narrow lanes twisting and turning in the now darkness of the evening. I narrowly missed two vehicles on two separate occasions hurrying on my way to Pearl. All I could think of was the sweet smell of her blood on my hands. The satisfaction she was dead out of my life once and for all.
My mind kept telling me it was wrong but my heart told me the world would be a better place for all concerned without the old witch.

As I neared Richmond Drive, I was filled with an orgasmic rush at the thought of her suffering. All my life I had took it and never answered back, daily ridicule, mocking, and more mocking. The word looser ringed in my ears, looser, looser, looser, looser. Loser I would show her who was the looser.

I parked the car on the drive and dimmed the lights and switched the engine off. I placed my key into number 27 and turned the latch. I could hear the television and see a cloud of smoke forming in the lounge beyond the hall. I saw one of Pearls legs perched on the old stool with a dirty slipper dangling from her foot. I saw a hand lift a glass of brandy from the side table next to the chair and the hand reappear with a cigarette butt ready to extinguish in the ashtray on the side table.

Pearl was oblivious I had entered the house. I needed her to remain oblivious for a while yet.

I entered the kitchen and gently opened the door to the adjacent garage. I found some strong rope in the corner neatly coiled and easily unravelled. I took the rope into the kitchen and picked up a cleanly laundered tea towel. I quietly opened the draw and took out the carving knife and fork. I felt a rush a thrill at my work ahead.

The television was still blasting when I returned to the hall. I laid the knife and fork carefully on the hall floor and proceeded gently the lounge. I could see the back of her chair and the bleached blonde hair tightly lacquered to her scalp.

As quick as a flash I had the rope around her and secured her as she screamed obscenities at me as I worked to becalm the thrashing legs and arms. As quickly again I secured the tea towel to her foul mouth and pearl was both motionless and silent for once in her life.

I want to see your pain for once Pearl, I want to see you squirm Pearl, I want to hurt you Pearl. For all the suffering, for all the laughing your going to pay. I walked back to the hall safe in the knowledge Pearl was secure in her bondage.

I returned with the carving knife and fork. Both Pearls eyes widened as I approached the quivering old bat, for once she was showing fear. You watched me suffer now watch yourself suffer. I took the fork and sunk it into her right eye socked and twisted till the eye popped out. Her whole body shook with fear and pain. The blood flowed from the socket onto the tea towel. I showed her the eye on the end of the fork before I flung it onto the roaring log fire behind me.

You have seen your own pain now I have one last task before you die my dear Pearl.

I removed the tea towel from her mouth and the obscenities began and she laughed, she laughed once more as she uttered the word, looser, looser. I prised her mouth open with the fork and sunk it into her tongue and pulled it out of her fat mouth. With one almighty swipe from my left hand the carving knife came down and sliced off her poisonous tongue.

I looked down at my handy work without any remorse and said, “I had the last laugh Pearl” as I plunged the carving knife deep into her heart.

I enjoyed that, I will have to do it again one day, one day soon Grandmother Pearl.


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