A Cold Winter

Snow falls
It buries me
I feel the cold
Freezing me

My bones are cracking
Under the white
A lone tear falls
To its frozen death

I begin to spill
My crimson regret
Bleeding, crying, dying
In silence

Our friendship
Her life
They were both ended
With your stupid games

Dominance and submission
It’s just a game to you
To beat, whip, and abuse her
The results were too severe

I’d look in her eyes
And see myself
Broken, dead, desolate
A fractured image
In a shattered mirror

You killed her
Though she’d already died
She showed light, promise
In her sea-green eyes

That light died more
With each blow
With every strike
And I would know

I lay next to her grave
Wearing nothing at all
And let the snow bury me
To end the suffering

We used to be friends
You and I
But for what you’ve done
You’ll go to hell

The Devil will become
Your Dominant
And then you will see
Our Hell on Earth

The blackness consumes me
And then gives way
To the Pearly Gates of Heaven
Relief, happiness, release

On the other side
Grinning with Freedom
She waits with Our Lord
Waiting for me



Tag der Veröffentlichung: 09.02.2010

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