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I walked down the stairs barely able to grasp what was going on all i new was that mum and dad and uncle Joe were gone Joe and dad wouldn’t hurt me anymore and mum wouldn’t make me come meet her ‘new’ friends, i loved them both but they all seemed to hate me or couldn’t bare to be near me the only one who could was my brother Danny i loved him with all my heart he looked after me helped me when i was stuck i needed him he WAS my only family as far as i was concerned.

I walked down holding the picture of me mum dad Joe and Danny on are holiday that i ended up in hospital because mum throw me down the stairs and Joe and dad kicked the crap out of me until Danny saved me from them, i owe him my life, i loved them so much and they didn’t care about me at all, and to this day i still love them though im glad there is no more abuse but i still miss them, i looked up at Danny and he took my hand in his, his big hand clutching mine i looked at are hands and then smiled for the first time in 2 days, Danny saw and smiled at me and walked me to the car he put me in the back then went round to the drivers side and drove to are new house that mum and dad had bought.

They were going to send us to this house when i turned 15 and Danny would be 19 so he would be able to take care of me until i moved out but i was only 13 and Danny was only 16 i looked up at the house and didn’t understand how or why they would leave us such a big house it had over 15 bedrooms that had a walk in wardrobe and a bathroom in everyone and two bathrooms downstairs there was also a games room a kitchen, a dinning room, living room, dance room, ball room, bar, cinema room, an inside pool, an outside pool and a calming down room that was padded and filled with soft stuff im guessing to take your anger out on then there was also a gym and a basement and a wine cellar and a food storage thing that was already filled to the top of everything we will need this made me think that they truly did love us but i could just be mistaken and this is so they didn’t have to look after us, i walked in and looked at Danny “go find a room jojo” he said smiling at me i smiled back and hugged him and ran upstairs to find my perfect room i found it.

it was the first one i walked in to it was massive it had a big Balcony and a tree right out side it to the left i could climb that if i wanted to sneak out i giggled and then looked outside i had an amazing view, i looked up and there to the right was a ladder stuck to the side of the house i looked at it the smiled ‘cool i can get on the roof’ i smiled to my self knowing that nobody would be able to find me if i went up their and i could just think by myself i smiled to myself and closed my eyes and leaned against the wall looking out towards the view, just then Danny walked in and i jumped out of my skin and screamed at him he realised he scared me “im sorry jojo come hear” he said holding his arms out i ran to him and smiled “its ok old habits die hard” i smiled at him he nodded “jojo what do you think about me asking some of my mates to move in with us and you can ask one friend to move in as well as long as its a girl” he said sternly i smiled at him and nodded “good iv already arranged mine to come round so they will be hear later ok jojo so go and get dressed” i nodded and hugged him and then ran back inside i loved his friends but they were to protective of me and they also thought i was cute and fit and hot but Danny always made them stay away from me when i didn’t want it or he smacked them when they stared at me i giggled remembering the first time i met them (their is keegan, josh, cody, brady, bryan, james, zack, drake, tony, peter, stuart, sam and dennis) then i herd Danny shout to me “jojo hurry up im doing lunch” “ok” i shouted back,

then i walked over to my dresser and then got out my black v-neck top and a tight skirt that stopped mid thigh i new Danny wasn’t going to like it but he doesn’t get to chose what i wear he is not my dad i cringed remember the bad times but then jumped in the shower and shaved my legs and under my arms and then washed my hair and jumped out i got dressed and then put on my dollies.

Then i walked slowly down the stairs and then stopped half way down the boys had arrived and they were all looking at me i blushed and smiled they all smiled except for Danny of course “FOR FUCK SAKE GUYS STOP LOOKING AT HER AND GO SIT DOWN” he growled they all took their eyes of me except for Bryan i looked at him and he looked at me then i walked down stairs and walked past him but he still didn’t move his eyes followed me and i just rolled my eyes then Danny came over to Bryan “BRYAN” he growled and Bryan shock his head as if to bring him back to reality “JOJO” Danny growled i walked into the living room where everyone else was and he stared at me with flames in his eyes “go change now” he spat through his teeth i flinched at the venom in it and fought to keep the tears from coming i blinked a few time and then took a deep breath “why” i said quietly although i already new the answer it was because of them staring at me but now they were watching his every move “because how are they so-post to concentrate when all they can do is stair at you!” he said slowly trying to lose all his anger “jojo im sorry” he said and walked over to me i didn’t realise i was crying then all the boys stood up and apologised to me and Danny and said they would try not to stair i laughed,

I decided i would help out the boys and go change, i walked up stairs only to find that Bryan was in my room looking out the big window at the view “hello what are you doing in hear” i said then i walked in and touched his shoulder and he flinched when he noticed that i was looking at him “oh sorry jojo i didn’t realise someone came in i was just looking at the view its beautiful” he said “its ok i know i couldn’t stop looking at it earlier it is beautiful i have to agree with you their” i said smiling and looking at the view i heard him mumble something but then he stood up and walked out

i changed into skinny jeans and but kept my top the same and put my brothers hoddie on and my black ugg’s and walked back downstairs i walked in the living room and smiled at Danny he looked at me and then mouthed thanks i smiled at him

I noticed their was nowhere for me to sit i frowned “hey where am i so-post to sit and don’t even think about saying the floor” i said to them all they all looked at me and smiled then i realised that they were all walking towards me with grins on their face i screamed and ran and they followed me but me being stupid ran out side and the stopped right before the pool and then took a deep breath and turned around and Brady and Bryan looked at me and smile and pushed me i screamed “sssshhhhiiiiittttt” when i plunged into the pool water filled my lungs and i fond it impossible to breath i heard gasps and shits but i couldn’t bring myself up to the top to breath so Danny dived in and pulled me to the top again and i started choking and coughing everyone was looking at Bryan and Brady and they looked shocked

“im-im sorry i didn’t realise...” Brady started to say but James cut him off “Danny shouted that she couldn’t swim and look she almost died” he growled “sssssssttttttoooooooppp” i whispered through my chattering teeth they all looked at me “iitt was j-just a gameeee ok they dddiiidddnntt no ok leave it at ttthhhaatt” i said slowly and then keegan looked at me and helped me out of the pool and then helped Danny out josh ran and got me and Danny a towel and then i went upstairs to change

I looked around my room but i couldn’t find my trackies i looked out my room and outside a door there were some ones trackies i didn’t think they would mind so i ran and got them i checked to see if they were clean and then put them on and grabbed the hoddie that was next to it and then walked down stairs they all looked at me and laughed and then i looked down theses clothes were big but i didn’t have any left until i unpacked i looked around the room and saw keegan smiling at me and blushing a bit “sorry keegan i didn’t have anything left until i unpacked” i said blushing he stood up “its ok don’t worry about it you do look cute and very tiny in my clothes though do you want a hot chocolate” i smiled he always new how to make me happy i nodded and then jumped in his seat Danny chucked me a pair of his fluffy socks and i smiled “thanks Danny” “its ok sis and don’t worry we will all unpack in the morning and i need a favour” he said with a cheeky grin all the boys smiled “what do you want Daniel” i said using his full name they all laughed but Danny he didn’t like it when i used his full name i don’t no why “don’t call me that and i need you to do two rotors for me jolene” he said sweetly at the end i growled at him i hated my name so much “NOT WHEN YOU CALL ME THAT” i spat at him the others looked so shocked especially as they didn’t no why i hated it so much but Danny soon realise why i hated it sooooo much- when i was being abused by Joe and dad (Danny didn’t no about dad iv never told anyone) they used to call me my full name and call me their little princess- i started crying Danny jumped out of his seat and ran over to me “SSSSHHHHHIIIITTTT i completely forgot jojo im sorry please forgive me” he said softly i nodded my head “i PROMISE i wont ever call you that again” he said letting go of me and whipping my face,

Just as he had finished wiping my face keegan came back with a hot chocolate for me it had a big marshmallow on it i giggled and looked up at him and smiled he lifted me up and then sat me on his lap i hugged him “thank you i really do need this” i said and smiled at him “its ok sweetheart anytime” he said and then i drank it and then fell asleep on keegan but before i was zonked out i heard them talking about me

“why did she flip out when you said her full name” i heard Brady ask “because when she was at home our uncle Joe used to abuse her and call her Jolene or princess so don’t whatever the circumstance call her that or you’ll meet with my fist i don’t care that you guys are like family NO ONE AND I MEAN NO ONE IS GOING TO TOUCH HER AGAIN OR CALL HER THAT WITH HAVING TO DEAL WITH ME GOT IT” he said quietly but anger showing in his voice i heard gasps and year and i promise i wont and omg’s i felt keegan stroking my hair it felt nice “why would anyone do that to her look she is so tiny and cute” i heard keegan say i heard loads of people agree then i heard someone growl i opened my eyes and rubbed them i looked up and saw everyone smiling
“sorry keeg’s i didn’t mean to fall asleep on you” i said once i finished yawing only to be followed by another yawn i heard them all laugh “its ok” i blushed “what are you lot talking about” i asked all of their face went into shock as if they thought I’d caught them “we were talking about when you used to live at home and what hap..” Bryan started to say and then he got elbowed by Brady then my face fell “jojo it was just about how small and tiny you look in keegan clothes” Brady said “your lying to me what were you really talking about” i said i felt my heart beat faster and so did keegan he also felt me tense up he put his arms around me to calm me down but it wasn’t working i looked over to Danny he looked so guilty “y-y-you told them d-d-didn’t you” i asked him i felt tears come to my eyes he went to stand up so i jumped and was about to run when keegan caught me and stopped me “we don’t think any different of you hunny please don’t cry” he said trying to comfort me “jojo I’m sorry they erm i thought they had the right to know now they can protect you more and keep you safe I’m, I’m sorry” he said he went to walk to me but i fell to the floor and cried i heard him tell them but i couldn’t grasp the fact that it wasn’t a dream.

i felt someone pick me up and carry me to my bed i looked up and saw keegan i smiled and then grabbed his hand he looked at me and smiled and then i fell asleep i woke up at 3 in the morning screaming i opened my eyes to find Danny holding me and all the boys in my bedroom sitting on the floor “im-im sorry i-i didn’t mean to wake you up” i said he laughed “jojo its fine, go to sleep, your safe i promise you” Danny said all the boys were about to go so i sat up and grabbed josh’s keegan’s hands “will someone stay with me” i said when all the boys turned to look at me “who wants to do it tonight” Danny asked “well i think she wants josh or keegan” Sam said smiling i blushed and then let go of their hands “ill stay guys she didn’t mean to wake you lot up go on i don’t mind” Danny said “naa its ok mate ill stay you need your sleep and plus she grabbed my hand and not yours” keegan said i laughed at them then they all looked at me “what you laughing about” josh asked “you lot fighting to see how is gunna stay with me” i giggled then they laughed and keegan said goodnight to them lot and then went to lay on the floor i grabbed his hand and pulled him to the bed he didn’t hesitate and laid down under the covers with me i put my head on his chest and fell to sleep while he was stroking my hair this was the first night i didn’t have a night mare.

i woke up and saw Danny smiling at me and keegan laid down together i blushed and then got up and walked to the bathroom and had a hot shower when it started to get cold i got out and went into my walk in wardrobe and got out a pink v-neck top and black revs and my pink and black high-tops and then i walked out and straightened my hair and put a headband in and my earring and matching necklace that Danny got me for my 10th birthday and said it was because i was now double digits i smiled and then walked out and saw that keegan had gone so i put on some make up not a lot though it was just eyeliner and mascara and some lip gloss then i walked down stairs and into the kitchen

i got myself an apple and a bit of toast and then i walked strait into Brady he looked mad i touched his arm and he move back “don’t touch me” he growled and walked of i was standing their shocked and decided i was going to talk to him “Brady wait” i shouted he stopped and turned around “what” he growled “what’s wrong” i asked him he went to walk away “if you do i will scream don’t test me, now tell me what’s wrong” i said “nothing i just didn’t get a lot of sleep thanks” he said i flinched and then i felt like crying “im sorry i said i didn’t mean to wake you up i just had a bad dream” i said quietly but i didn’t realise that all the boys were downstairs now “what’s going on” Danny asked “nothing” Brady said smiling at him “jojo” he asked me “i said i was sorry its not my fault i really didn’t mean to” i said letting a sob escape my throat “what are you going on about hunny” it was keegan that spoke this time “i didn’t mean to i really didn’t im sorry i woke you up” i whispered then Danny finally got what i was going on about “what the hell did you say to her” Danny whispered to Brady “nothing” he said quickly Danny walked up to me at first i flinched thinking he was going to hurt me “jojo its me what did he say to you the truth” i hugged Danny and then i spoke quietly into his hoddie “ he was in the kitchen and i touched his arm and he moved back and told me not to touch him then walked of so i walked up to him and asked him what his problem was and he said that it was nothing and it was just because he didn’t sleep very well and then said thanks” i took a deep breath waiting to be shouted at for making a big deal out of nothing but it never came i was being dragged out of the house by keegan when we was outside on our own he hugged me

“I’m so sorry sweetheart he should have never said anything it wasn’t your fault” he said then he let go of me and looked me in the eyes and kissed my head i smiled and hugged him and then sat in the back of his car and waited for the others when the came out everyone was mad i could see it in their faces though they tried to hide it they all got in the car and we drove to school i was nervous i looked at keegan and he smiled in the mirror and i blushed iv always loved him but i never wanted to admit it then i looked around when we pulled up at school and didn’t see Brady anywhere “where is Brady” i said grabbing hold of josh and Danny they turned and looked at each other then to me “don’t worry jojo he isn’t going to be around you anymore” josh said smiling i saw Bryan stair at me i looked at him he walked over to me and pulled me away from the group “hey ...” Danny started to say but he had already pulled me away, josh saw my frightened face and told the rest of them

“do you want to know where he really is” he said with a lot of anger i nodded “well put it this way he saw you and lover boy this morning in your bed and then got mad so he has now been kicked out” he said “why was he mad and keegan doesn’t like me like that he likes someone else” i said “because he fancies the fuck out of you don’t ask me why all i see is a tramp” he said glaring at me i slapped him round the face and walked to first lesson, the day went so slow i met up with the boys at lunch but Bryan was their i didn’t think he would come to lunch and just stared at me i growled and all the boys looked at me i noticed he still had a hand print on his face i smiled

“babe was the matter” keegan said “I TOLD YOU DIDNT I” Bryan said jumping up from the table and walking off i stood up and chased after him all the boys followed i bumped into Alex and fell on the floor everyone in the hall laughed except Alex and the boys, Alex helped me up and i smiled at him “I’m sorry” i said blushing and looking down “hey its ok and don’t hide that pretty face” he said pulling up my face i smiled and he kissed me on the cheek i smiled and then josh was shouting at Alex to go and me to get away from him i turned round to see some the boys giving Alex the evils and the hurt in others eyes Alex grabbed my had and pulled me away from them but they started to chase us i giggled and Alex was laughing to he pulled me into him and hugged me and told me to go to lesson i smiled and then walked into maths my final lesson the teacher came in and smiled and told us to get are books out we were about 10 mins in when i was called to the head office everyone “oooooooo”

i blushed and walked over to the office to find my brother and all the boys waiting as soon as they saw me the all ran over to me and hugged me i giggled and they put me down and bombarded me with questions like “are you ok” “what happened” “where is the prick” “what did he do to you” i felt a head rush so i shouted “SHUT UP AND ILL TELL YOU” they all went quiet and i saw keegan running up the hall “i couldn’t find her” he shouted then he saw me “JOJO” he screamed i giggled and he picked me up and twirled me around “where the hell have you been, iv been looking every where for you babes” “keegan put me down we are in school” i said laughing he put me down and then josh said “well, well, well what have we got hear” we looked away from each other and looked at josh puzzled “huh what you mean joshie” i said blushing “don’t play dumb ass with us young lady” Danny said “erm Danny can i speak to you for a minuet please” keegan said “err yer sure mate” Danny said

he was looking at me they walked away and into a class room and i ran to the door to listen “i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i like her” i heard keegan say “YOU WHAT” Danny shouted back “im sorry man i really am” “i cant let you man she is she’s my sister man and i cant let her get hurt” Danny said and then opened the door to see me and josh standing their like an idiot “WHAT, JOJO, WHAT THE FUCK, WHAT PART OF PRIVERT CONVERSATION DONT YOU GET” he growled and raised his voice i couldn’t speak he went to touch me and i flinched back and fell on my bum “JOJO” he screamed he went to pick me up but i scooted away from his touch he looked so sorry and guilty he moved forward and i kept moving back till my back was against a wall i screamed and Danny froze i jumped up and ran as far as my legs would carry me all i saw in Danny’s face was my dad when he leaned over me to abuse me i fell on the floor in the forest outside the school and cried and cried until i couldn’t cry any more and fell asleep exhausted.

i woke up to people calling my name loads of people boys and girls and i herd dogs barking i tried to answer but i couldn’t then i hared someone shout “iv found her” it was a man iv known my whole life he was a police man mum used to take me to meet him and i was aloud to play in a cell while they where ‘having fun’ before we went back to dads, he went to pick me up and i screamed load and high pitch he looked at me in shock and didn’t touch me again just then josh came over “JOJO” he shouted “josh” i whispered “yer baby girl its me its ok now every things alright i promise im going to pick you up now ok” he said i nodded he lifted me in his arms and then carried me over to a panicking Danny as soon as he saw me he ran over to me “JOJO” he shouted i jumped out of joshes arms and ran to Danny he lifted me in his arms and hugged me i hugged him back “im sorry Danny i should of never ran off” i said through my tears “NO im sorry i shouldn’t of chased you or shouted at you look lets go back and then you can tell me what you haven’t told me” i stiffened how the hell did he know, i looked around and saw all the guys they had all been crying i hugged them all i saved keegan for last and hugged him and he lifted me up into his arms i smiled at him and he kissed my head all the guys where looking at us he put me down and smiled at me he took my hand and then walked over to Danny and gave me to Danny i giggled and then Danny carried me to the back seat where i sat on Cody although keegan would have been nicer but Cody volunteered and Danny said he could

once we got back to the house Cody carried me in and put me on the bed he went to walk of and i grabbed his hand “stay with me please” i said he nodded his head and got in my bed with me and i put my head on his chest and fell asleep i woke up to find keegan laying with me i was so confused i swear i was laying on Cody i got up and noticed that i was wearing keegan or Cody’s shirt it was half way button up i smiled and wondered who put it on me i walked down stairs in the shirt and got a glass of apple juice just as i turned around all the boys were down stairs and looking i mean staring at me i giggled and blushed “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU WEARING” Danny said “i don’t know i fell asleep in clothes and when i woke up i was in this i thought you put it on me Danny” i said confused “RIGHT HOUSE MEETING” Danny shouted everyone ran to take a seat i walked in and every seat had gone “well where the hell am i going to sit” i asked looking at Danny “anywhere but keegan lap” he said quietly i looked over to see keegan was upset “why cant i..” i started to say but was cut of by Cody “look come sit on my lap ok so we can get this meeting over with” he pulled me over to his seat and pulled me down i jumped back up “NO I DONT WANT TO SIT ON YOUR LAP!!!!” i growled i walked over and sat on the floor i brought my knees up and put my head on them and my arms around my legs

“right im sorry about this guys but i cant have you looking at my sister with nothing but lust in your eyes, this house is a tip and i cant live like this so what are we going to do about it” Danny said in a stern voice “well i am not going to stop wearing the clothes i want to that will mean you are controlling me Danny and that aint fair” i said Danny nodded but then shook his head “well how about a rota” Cody said i nodded and so did all the boys i stood up “ill go do that then, oh and ill be down in a hour and ill have them finished for you” i said and ran up the stairs but i waited at the top to hear what they were going to talk about “Danny what happened yesterday i mean like why did she flip out and run” i heard someone ask “i don’t know but im going to find out stay hear all of you but keegan you can come” i heard them get up and i ran into my bedroom and shut the door quietly and sat at my desk

they knocked on my door and walked in “hey we need to talk” Danny said i froze and then turned round and saw keegan smiling at me “about two things ok” Danny continued i nodded and then walked and sat on my bed and patted the bit next to me keegan lifted me up and set me on his lap and Danny sat next to us “first is about you two” Danny said looking at us “what do you mean about us two” i said looking at Danny “i have something i need to share with you ok but i don’t want you to freak out” keegan said making me stand up i looked him in the eyes and he took a deep breath “i-i cant tell her” he said walking away i grabbed his hand and turned him round and kissed him he kissed me back instantly i pulled away and smiled i felt fireworks and butterflies in my tummy and i swear my tummy is doing flips

“ok right now keegan wants to tell you something” Danny said looking disgusted i giggled and danny shook his head “well..” i said trying to this ball rolling danny laughed and i glared at him just then keegan stood up and walked out “WAIT” i shouted running to the top of the stairs everyone ran to the bottom and looked at me but keegan continued to walk away and out the door i started crying how could he do that kiss me and then walk away yer i kissed him first but he kissed me back

Danny was by my side “we will go find him jojo” he said then shouted to the boys “RIGHT I NEED TWO PEOPLE TO STAY HEAR AND THE REST NEED TO FIND KEEGAN” they all looked shocked and im guessing wondering what happened “who do you want to stay” danny asked me “josh and cody” i said they smiled and ran up to me and danny, bryan, james, zack, drake, tony, peter, stuart, sam, dennis and chris walked out the door “can you tidy up while i do the rotas please” i asked them they nodded and walked down stairs and i went in to my bedroom to do the rotas then i had a shower and got dressed

Dannys point of view

I walked down stairs and into the kitchen and saw jojo my little sister in someone shirt and not being funny or nothing but someone must of changed her or they did something i didn’t want to think about let alone have it happening under my roof i growled and shouted at her and then we had a house meeting and then Bryan reminded me of yesterday and i had to find out what happened and what she felt about keegan so i told keegan to come with me upstairs to talk to her. As much as i didn’t want her to like him i was glad it was him and not brady

I knocked on the door and walked in and asked to talk to her about to things keegan couldn’t say that he liked her and he went to walk out but she stopped him and KISSED him i was disgusted with my sister but at least she was happy i tried to get keegan to say that he liked her but he walked of and she followed him and screamed wait she was so hurt all the boys ran to the bottom of the stairs and then keegan carried on walking down the stairs and out the door THE FUCKING PRICK NOW YOU SEE WHY I DIDNT WANT HIM WITH HER as much as i new he wouldn’t hurt her i always had a hunch that she was going to get hurt i mean keegan’s a good looking kid

I saw jojo crying and that killed me i was suppose to protect her so i told her we would find him i didn’t know where to look but i WILL find him i asked her who she wanted to stay with her and she said josh and cody so the rest of us went out to look for keegan we all split up me and zack went to look at the park and james and bryan went to look at the gym, drake and peter went to look at the mall, peter, stuart and sam went to look around the north of town and dennis and chris went to look the south of town we promised to stay in contact and phone everyone when we found him, i was so mad that zack was trying his best to keep me calm but he gave up and told me to try ringing him that thought slipped my mind how stupid can i be i ran him 2 times and then cody picked up “GREAT FUCKING GREAT HE’S LEFT HIS PHONE” i growled he was so gunna get punched when i get my hands on him

Keegans point of view

We walked into her bedroom and danny tried to get me to admit my feeling but what if she didn’t like me “i cant” i said and went to walk out but she stopped me and kissed me i kissed her back instantly i could feel fireworks and butterflies in my tummy WTF is a guy aloud to feel like this when we stopped we smiled at each other and then danny tried again to make me admit my feeling i stirred into her eyes and i couldn’t do it what if i hurt her what about if i like someone else later on i don’t want to hurt her I LOVE HER

I made my decision the hardest one of my life i walked away from her she screamed stop i could feel the pain in her voice i couldn’t stop and much as my body willed me to go back pick her up and kiss her and cresses her delicate cheek and tell her i would never leave her because i love her but i just couldn’t hurt her i walked out the door and walked down to the park and climbed a tree and sat their and tried to think would she ever forgive me for leaving her, would danny ever forgive me, i already new the answer to that he said i wouldn’t be aloud to get with her because id hurt her she’s been through so much and i would only make it worse and now i believe him i have hurt her i ripped out her heart and crushed it along with mine she was in tears and i left her

I HATE MY SELF was all i could think

Dannys point of view

I walked in the park and called keegan’s name he needs to go back to her how could he do that to her, crush her so bad it made me sick, but i new that no matter what it was killing him too he loved her so much but i told him that he couldn’t be with her, i hated myself for doing that to him and her they should be together he loved her and i should of known he wouldn’t hurt her but yet i always thought he would, he could get any girl and yet my whole life iv known him he was never a player he only had 3 girls and he fifteen, the reason they all ended was because the girl fucking cheated on him, he was so sweet and kind i never understood him but i always admired him “keegan come on man answer us we just need to talk” cody shouted dragging me away from my thought’s i saw keegan sitting on a tree branch he looked in so much pain

“KEEGAN GET YOUR ASS DOWN HEAR NOW” i yelled he looked at me and then jumped from the tree he was like 5 ft up he didn’t even wince in pain but i shook the thought he needed to be with jojo i wasn’t going to let him get away with hurting her so easily

“what are you doing hear” he asked “should i be saying the same thing you should be with jojo” i spat at him he looked taken back “i cant be with her” he said quietly “what are you fucking crazy man your perfect for her” cody said i new he was right “i don’t want to hurt her, i, i just cant im sorry" he said “no thats where your wrong because walking away is hurting her more than you know ok now listen you are a great man you don’t cheat, you take things at their pace, and you love her so much keegan why throw it all away she loves you so much and yet you sit their and feel sorry that you walked away well sorry aint going to do it, i know you lover her and i know she loves you and im letting you know this keegan i KNOW that you wont hurt her” i said “how” he asked “1 because you love her you have never felt this way before and 2 because you aint like that you want to protect her and keep her safe and show her how much you love her and for her to love you back now stop being a dick and go back their and tell her how you feel got it” i said he smiled and realised i was right as always

Cody phoned the other lot and told them to meet us in the middle of town we were going to help him win over jojo i smiled as i now exactly what she likes “bryan go and get flowers white roses, zack go and get a me to you bear that says i love you, tony go and get some chocolate and then meet us back home ok stay hear until we get back hear right you lot go” they all nodded and went to do their job “right peter, stuart go and do the shopping and meet us back at home” he nodded “good right go on and the rest of you come with me dennis call cody and josh and tell them to go take jojo to get a nice dress and shoes and stuff ok we need her out the house for about 3 hours” he phoned them and they reluctantly agreed and too her dress shopping hahahaha poor sods

“keegan how much do you love her” i asked him he looked shocked and then blushed “i would marry her” i smiled i new he loved so much “go and get a ring then, im giving you my blessing” i said he ran of and came back with a sapphire ring i gasped that was beautiful we walked back to the house it was spotless im guessing jojo made them tidy up i looked at the wall their was two rotas on the wall all the boys turned up and smiled at them as well

“zack and tony and drake go make a nice roast for keegan and jojo” i said zack and drake went in but i new that tony would say something “what about us lot” he said “we are going to go out now go cook that meal” i said “keegan go get changed into a suit and make sure use have a shower and put some after shave on” he smiled and ran upstairs

The rest of us set up the table and put candles around and sprayed air freshener around then we all went up stairs and got ready in smart but casual clothes when i was done i phoned jojo
“heya jojo how you hanging” i said

“hi and im fine what you doing and why did you want me out the house” she asked CRAP!!!
“Well i thought it would be helpful to get you out the house so i could talk to keegan” i said slowly
“Keegan’s their omg put him on the phone tell him i love him..”
“jojo” i cut her off “listen iv talked to him he loves you so much he just didn’t want to hurt you so when you pull up don’t do anything till i come get you ok”
“ok i promise danny and can you tell him i love him please”
“i will oh yer find the perfect dress please” i said smiling
“why..” i hung up on her
“KEEGAN HURRY UP MAN COME ON WE GOT ALOT TO DO AND NOT ENOUTH TIME” i yelled up at him “ok man” he said behind me“oh and jojo said she loves you” i said smiling he blushed and i laughed at him we walked into the dining room and gasped it looked amazing but just to be sure i phoned sally (jojo best friend ever)
“hello jojo” she said i laughed
“hey its daniel” she gasped
“oh hello danny” she said quietly
“hey erm can you come over and wear something nice as we have a surprise for jojo “
“yer and does that mean i usually look like a dog” she questioned me
“shit erm no you never do erm i just mean like erm err” she cut me off
“i know what you mean and don’t worry i will dress smart but casual bye danny ill be their in 10 mins” she said
“but you live next door” i said puzzled
“yer but a girl needs to look nice” she said sort of embarrassed
“yer alright then but you do usually look nice” i said letting it slip out i hung up and punched the wall all the boys looked at me and smiled CRAP IM BLUSHING
“looks like danny’s got a crush” zack said “not funny” i said “Maybe we should make this a double date” josh said i glared at him “no but she can come with us to the restaurant” they nodded in agreement then 10 mins later there was a knock at the door james ran to get it but zack stopped him and nodded for me to get it

I opened the door and just outside their was a gorgeous girl she had blond wavy hair a black strapless dress that showed of her amazing body and black high heels that made her legs look long and sexy i blinked trying to take in her beauty she giggled and i blushed and she blushed a beat red “sorry to interrupt this love show but we need you to come and check this out to see if its good enough” josh said i punched him in his shoulder and she looked down and i pulled her head back up with my finger she smiled and looked away again blushing a deeper red i grabbed he hand and pulled he into the dining room “erm this is what we have done for keegan and jojo” i said looking at are work “wow this is amazing she is going to love it” she said looking at what us GUY’S done i laughed

“well would you like to do us a massive favour?” i asked her she looked at me and nodded “i need you to help jojo get ready but make sure she cant see down hear please and i ask one more thing?” she smiled and nodded “what’s the last thing?” she smiled “that you accompany me to a restaurant to have a meal” i asked her she blushed and nodded “but the guy’s have got to come” i said with a frown she smiled and nodded then i went to kiss her on the cheek but their was a knock at the door “sorry erm will you excuse me” i said annoyed i was sooooo ready to kiss her i walked over to the door and opened it i stood their shocked

“What the hell do you think your doing hear” i asked looking at the man then i heard noises and all the boys were behind me i grimaced as nobody new my secrete not even jojo “who this” i heard some of them ask in unison “what you aint told them” he said smiling “NO AND YOU DONT HAVE A FUCKING RIGHT TO COME HEAR NOW GET THE FUCK OF MY PROPERTY” i shouted “well is that anyway to talk to you.... well who’s this pretty little thing” he said looking at jojo “NO LEAVE HER ALONE” i growled “fine tell me who the two girls are” i grimaced great now he’s seen sally “danny what’s going on..” sally and jojo asked me i growled could this possibly get any worse

“im his dad his real dad” he said i looked down “yer ok now you have told them piss off please you have rewind jojo’s night not to mention mine and sally’s” i said getting angry “who’s jojo oh do you mean jolene” he said i saw jojo flinch and the pain in her eyes “no jojo jolene don’t exist anymore sorry” i said he looked confused “listen could you come back tomorrow then we can talk about it properly ok we just planed summin and you were not in it ok” i said he nodded and drove off

I saw jojo putting a blind fold on and sally ran out and helped her into her bedroom “thanks sally” i said slowly “its ok and am i still aloud to come” she asked quietly “you mean you still wanna come” i asked he she nodded and blushed i nodded my head and then spoke to josh and cody “go get dressed in smart and casual please” the nodded and ran off
The food was all done and put on their plates luckily it took a long time for jojo to get ready just then i heard sally shout that they were coming down stairs i hit the lights after josh had lit the last candle and then we all walked over to the living room and waited for the girls to come down i saw keegan fretting so i touched his shoulder and he smiled at me then i played the music and we all waited patience and silently
Jojo’s point of view

I walked into my bedroom with sally guiding me as i had a blindfold on the she told me to jump in the shower while she got out my clothes i did as i was told and i had a quick shower and then blow dried my hair then straitened it sally passed me some posh underwear i gasped and she laughed i walked out after putting them on and then she handed me a blindfold i frowned and she giggled “please for me” she said i sighed and took it and put it on i felt her put he into a strapless dress and she zipped it up “perfect fit” she sighed i giggled and then she put on some shoes “really high heals” ii said she gasped “can you see” “nooo i can feel them im like an extra 3 inches taller and i know that you have put me in a strapless zip up dress” i smiled knowing that i was right “grrr” i laughed at her when she growled

She took off my blind fold but i was away from the mirror and had a blanket round me so she could do my make up i sat down for like half an hour then she stood up strait and smiled “am i finished with?” i asked “yes close your eyes and ill put a mirror in front of you then you can see your self” “ok” i reluctantly agreed i closed my eyes and counted to 1 hundred then sally said open your eyes i opened them and then starred at my reflection “i look beautiful” i whispered i was dressed in a baby blue silk strapless dress that stopped mid thigh my hair was straitened and had a hair band in it that had a flour on it i had foundation, mascara, eyeliner, lip gloss and baby blue eye shadow i hugged sally and she smiled “you always look beautiful now are you ready” she asked me i nodded and she walked to the door and opened it “we are coming down danny” she shouted i took a deep breath and walked towards sally

She covered my eyes and led me down the stairs i couldn’t control my heart i swear it was trying to get out of my chest i took several deep breaths then i heard the music start i herd sally giggle behind me “boys we are coming in ok” she said im guessing she didn’t want the to jump out or summin but she pushed me into the room and then i herd gasps i smiled and sally counted down from 5 “5...4...3...2...1...” she let go of my eyes and i looked around in front of me stood keegan and danny dressed in smart clothes but keegan was in a tux and he looked FUCKING HOTT!!! I giggled and then saw all the other boys they were all starring at me they were all dressed smart but casual at the same time i gasped when i finally took my eyes away from keegan.

Danny smiled along with keegan and all the boys “jojo” keegan said bringing my attention back to him he took a deep breath and pulled out a ring and got on one knee, my heart was jumping out of my chest and my vision was getting blurred i wiped my eyes and then giggled “i promise to love and cherish you for ever and eternity would you please do me the honer of marring me” he asked me i giggled “yes” i said jumped in his arms he put me down and then put the ring on my hand and kissed it and then kissed me on the lips everyone was cheering, then i heard everyone go “oooooooo” and we looked and saw danny and sally kissing then keegan shout “get in their man” everyone laughed and then i hugged everyone and danny smiled at me “right well we better be off” he said taking sally’s hand “what where are you going” “don’t worry but you and your soon to be husband are staying hear” when he said that they all walked out and i smiled and hugged everyone off them

Keegan took my hand and lead me to the table i giggled and he tuned on the light “sorry i cant see” he said in embarrassment “its ok i cant stand not seeing your face” he laughed and brought out are dinner it was magnificent we ate and chatted alot and then when we was finished he took my hand and we started dancing half way through the song all the boys came in and starred at us from the door i didn’t realise but keegan did and we stopped turning in a circle i looked at keegan he was blushing like mad “woooooh well what have we walked in on” danny said smiling at us i giggled and looked at danny he smiled “well erm jojo sally’s is going to be staying round and yes that means in your room sorry keegan” i growled keegan laughed and touched my face i looked at him “listen you can stay in my bed if you want” i smiled and kissed him “ill take that as a yes” he said i nodded and kissed him again his tong traced the bottom of my lip and i let him enter, as are tongs collided it was like fireworks going off i was soon forgot that we had company until josh cleared his throat we pulled away from each other and blushed


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