Short Story

A Night to Remember

Emily Hunt was a typical girl, a girl who has an ordinary family, a normal group of friends, who enjoys going to school and being a typical eighteen-year-old high school student. The only non-typical thing about Emily is that she is still a virgin, she is a woman who has not had the experience of being pleasured in so many ways, the experience of a man taking her by the waist, kissing her lips and biting her neck with deep passion, the feeling of a hard cock grinding against your hot, wet skin. Emily has not had the experience of being fucked so hard and rough that you need to moan and scream until you get sweet release. This was until Ryan Lockhart arrived in her biology class.

Emily gazed with lust as a beautiful, chiselled, mysterious Ryan Lockhart entered the room. Emily was in awe of this brown-haired beauty, she felt as if time had stood still as she looked him up and down with her hungry eyes. She imagined the way it would feel to have his lips on her body, sucking on her pointed nipples, trailing down to the pink, wet treasure that hid between her legs, the way his erect dick would feel as it penetrated her tight pussy for the first time. Emily knew she wanted Ryan and she wanted him to be her first.

A wave of hotness came across Emily’s cheeks as Ryan walked towards the empty seat that was next to her. Ryan spoke with such a deep, rustic tone that caused Emily’s cherry to flutter as he introduced himself to her. Their eyes met and Emily couldn’t help staring into his beautiful blue eyes that twinkled green when the sun shone on them. His glistening smile causes Emily to go into a state of desire, weak at the knees and she could feel tingles throughout her whole body. She just wanted to take his manhood out of his ripped jeans and feel him inside every sexual hole, she wanted to feel his hard shaft pounding against her pussy as she begs for more.

Emily and Ryan talked about everything, they had so much in common and would laugh uncontrollably at anything the other would say. Emily was constantly fluttering her long, black eyelashes that complemented her gorgeous green eyes and twirling her beautiful, long, fiery red hair as she bit her plump, red lips listening to Ryan talking. She was mesmerised by this mysterious, handsome man even though she barely knew him, she knew that she needed him, she craved every part of him and she was going to have him. Luckily, they were paired to study together, Emily invited Ryan over to her house to study but she knew she was going to have her way with him.

Emily ran home as quick as she could, she had to prepare herself for a night to remember. She ensured that her parents were not home for the night, she quickly jumped into a hot, steamy shower as she thought about Ryan. She imagined that Ryan was in the shower with her, their wet bodies pressed up against each other as Ryan ran his hands all over her body, squeezing her nice, juicy ass and his fingers grazing up and down the inside of her thighs. Emily could not help but taking her hand and tracing her fingers all the way down to her pleasure burning, wet pussy. She rubbed her clitoris, moaning and thinking about Ryan. As her pleasure began to rise she moaned louder and began to put two fingers inside of her, she was so wet and the image of Ryan fucking her over and over again caused Emily to quiver as she screamed with pleasure as she climaxed.

Emily knew that if Ryan was going to take her virginity that she would need to look sexy and delicious. She rummaged through her wardrobe trying to find something that accentuates all the right places within the plain, boring sweatshirts and jeans. Emily finally found the perfect outfit, she wore a lacey, black corset top where you can slightly see her firm, perky breasts and her solid nipples with a short tartan skirt that slightly shows of her peachy ass when she turns around and bends over. Emily completed her outfit with fishnet stockings with a lace band, that she hopes will entice Ryan to take them off with his teeth and black stiletto high heels that shows of her long, kissable legs making anyone want to kiss all the way up her thighs and eat her pussy so hard that she would scream with pleasure.

Emily heard the doorbell ring, her heart immediately started pounding her chest. She took a quick look in the mirror and went to answer the door. Ryan was standing there looking so delicious with his scruffy hair because of the wind, a tight black top that outlined every muscle and those ripped jeans that Emily so desperately wanted to take off. it took all of Emily’s strength not to drag him up to the bedroom, rip off his clothes and ride his hard, throbbing cock all night long. Ryan stood at the door entrance, his jaw hit the floor as he ran his eyes all over Emily and a grin from ear to ear appeared on Emily’s face because she knew Ryan wanted her by the thick, pounding bulge that appeared in his jeans when he seen her. Emily turned and started heading upstairs, she knew Ryan was following her and looking at her, making Emily get all hot and bothered which caused a series of flutters in her pussy. They both sat at the end of the bed, lusting over each other.

Ryan’s eyes did not leave Emily’s body, the bulge in his jeans was bursting to come out making him wriggle in discomfort. Emily got up to shut the door and as she got up she felt Ryan grip her waist and a bulge in the bottom of her back, his hot breath on her neck which sent shivers down Emily’s spine. Ryan spun Emily around and pushed her up against the door, grinding his hard, throbbing cock on Emily’s hot, wet cunt. Ryan kissed Emily’s lips with such passion and desire, his tongue entered her mouth and their mouths intertwined, he kissed her harder letting Emily know that he wanted her. Ryan grabbed Emily’s round, peachy ass and lifted her up, allowing Emily to wrap her legs around his waist. Ryan carried Emily onto the bed saying

“ohhh Emily, I need you right now”

“I want you Ryan, you drive me crazy” Emily replied

Ryan in response said “I’m going to fuck you so hard, I want you to scream and moan for me but first I want you to close your eyes and don’t open them until I tell you too”

As Emily closed her eyes, obeying what Ryan asked. She felt him leave the bed and go into one of her drawers taking something out. Emily could hear Ryan returning but he lifted her up to the top of the bed, Emily opened her eyes to see what was happening she saw two ties in his hand and a blindfold “be a good girl and behave or else I’m going to have to punish you, keep those eyes closed” Ryan said with such dominance as he placed the blindfold over Emily’s eyes. Emily was burning with desire, she could feel Ryan tying both of her arms to the bed frame and every time he touched her a wave of pleasure soared through her body, making her so wet. She felt Ryan get in between her legs “ohh Emily, your little pussy is so wet for me you look like you’re ready to cum already” Ryan said with such happiness. Emily was lying, tied up, blindfolded, exposing everything for Ryan to take as he pleased.

Ryan kissed Emily’s lips before moving down to nuzzle and bite her neck, Emily’s body was shivering with desire as she let out a slight moan “Ryan, before we go any further you should know…I’m a virgin” Emily felt Ryan lift his lips from her neck and there was a short silence which felt like an eternity. “Don’t worry I’ll be careful, if at any time, you want me to stop just say so…ohhh baby I’m going to give you the time of your life” Ryan replied, a sigh of relief came from Emily and he quickly kissed my lips before returning to the sweet tender spot on my neck, it felt so good. Emily had never felt this sort of pleasure before and it was only the start of a long night, Ryan ripped off Emily’s black corset top, exposing her perked up breasts and round, erect nipples. He moved from her neck, trailing kisses down to her breasts, he cupped one breast in one hand and squeezed her nipple as his mouth engulfed the other, flicking and biting her nipple Emily let out a gasp and then a loud moan “Ryan, please fuck me…please I need to feel you inside me” Emily responded with rasped breath. “that’s it baby, beg for it…I can’t wait to eat that juicy cunt of yours” Ryan replied. Emily wriggled, trying to free herself so she could touch Ryan, feel him, see him “ohhh no no no…someone is being a bad girl, you need to be punished” Ryan grabbed Emily and flipped her over, he smacked her ass twice, one on each cheek, Emily squirmed in pain

“I’m sorry, I’ll be good but that made me even hornier for you” responded Emily

“You better be or I’ll punish you even harder” replied Ryan

Emily couldn’t help but smile, Ryan was causing a hypnotic effect on her, no matter what he would do Emily knew that she would enjoy it to the fullest. Ryan flipped Emily back over and started kissing down her stomach, he spread her legs wider and moved to kiss up the inside of her thighs. Emily’s breathing was getting faster and faster as he reached the edge of her pussy lips “ohh my god” Emily quickly moaned as Ryan placed his mouth on her pink, soaking cunt. Ryan flicked Emily’s clit with his tongue causing her to moan louder and louder, he was sucking and biting on her clit as he slipped two fingers in her pussy “Emily, your pussy tastes so good like honey and is so tight… I can’t wait to feel it around my cock” Ryan said as he licked, sucked and fingered Emily’s pussy. Emily started to moan louder and louder, tightly gripping and pulling at the ties that retrain her arms. She felt herself climbing the mountain to climax “Ryan…I’m going to cum…oh my fucking god” she said loudly but Ryan soon removed his mouth and fingers “You’re not cumming just yet, I want you to cum all over my dick when I’m fucking you” replied Ryan as he stood up off the bed. Emily was getting increasingly frustrated as she waited for Ryan, she heard Ryan pull down the zipper of his jeans and the sound of the jeans as they hit the floor. Emily quivered with nervousness but excitement as she knew Ryan was about to put himself inside her.

Ryan removed the blindfold off Emily’s eyes, as she opened her eyes she seen, Ryan’s beautiful blue eyes staring right back into hers but she could not help but notice the 9-inch-long, thick penis that was standing at attention for her, it looked like it was ready to burst. “Emily…I’m going to fuck you now, it might hurt but I’ll be gentle until you say otherwise” Ryan said concerned, Emily nodded with nervousness but she knew what she wanted and she wanted Ryan inside of her, making her erupt with pleasure. Ryan teased Emily with the tip of his cock by flicking it up and down on her clit and between her pussy lips before slowly pushing himself inside of her, Emily winced slightly in pain. “ohhhh fuck…Emily you’re so tight… are you okay?” Ryan said between thrusting in and out of Emily’s saturated cunt, “ohhh Ryan…fuck me harder” she said moaning. Ryan thrusted harder and harder, his balls slapping on Emily’s ass, both were moaning with pleasure. Ryan pulled out of Emily, his dick as solid as a rock and flipped Emily over so she was lying on her stomach, he grabbed her waist and pulled her ass up towards him and slammed his dick into her tight pussy. Emily screamed with pleasure “OHHH MY FUCKING GOD!!” as Ryan thrusted harder and harder, one hand on the band of her tartan skirt and the other grabbing a fist full of Emily’s hair. His balls slapped against her arse as Emily engulfed his penis in her now broken in cunt. “Ryan…fuck I’m going to cum…ohhh god” Emily screamed “cum with me baby, cum all over my dick” Ryan moaned as he let out a grunt and they both climbed that mountain of climax together. As they both came with one and other, they both collapsed onto the bed “that was amazing” Emily said trying to catch her breath, “next time baby, it will be even better” Ryan replied as he tried to gather his breath, Emily grinned at the prospect of another time with Ryan.

They both laid on the bed; tired, hot and sweaty taking in the events of night. Ryan kissed Emily’s forehead and they both drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms. It was a night to remember.



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