Chapter 1: Introduction

It is not fun to take care of a cat. Well, for me, four cats. Hi, my name is Gabby (everyone calls me by my nickname) , my full name is Gabriela Hills. I live in Australia and I’m a middle school tudent at Colonor International School (CIS). 


Back to the main thing which is cats. Oh, I just hate that stupid word and stupid thing!!! I’m in the cat sitting club at Herena Plaza held by my friend Alice Kile. We have (but now it's had) a secret meeting place in the Rondey bookstore. It got cancelled forever because Alice Kile is moving and I had to take care of the four “ Cutie Pies ”. That is soooooooo unfair!!! I mean, how can one person take care of four kitties at all once?! IMPOSSIBLE.


You might think that cats (especially kittens) are adorable and cute but when you get to know them really well , and after you finish reading this, you will probably think they are truly horrible. I hate cats because those filthy, little creatures ruined my entire life!!!

Chapter 2: Two Texts


This huge mess started on a normal Sunday. I was walking to Herena Plaza for the cat sitting club when I received a message:


From: Alice Kile

To: Gabriela Hills

Subject: Cat Sitting Club


Hey Gabby,

I’m moving to California, so, Cat Sitting club is cancelled forever. I have already texted Casey and Stephanie. Can you please do me a favour of keeping the cats? Casey and Stephanie refused to do it so you’re my only hope. I’m leaving first thing tomorrow morning so maybe you should go get the cats now. Thanks a lot. P.S: Here’s my new email,





WHAT!!! How can she do that?! How can she leave and just dump the kitties at my house?!! I mean who can take care of FOUR cats all at once!!! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!! ( That


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