OMG im a vampire

It was a normal day just like any other a nice cool breeze gently flowed through the small town of Hampton Falls. I was walking to Norpeker High home of of the peacock with my best friend Karina and as usual she talking about some boy she saw in the hall yesterday. I usually listen to hear but today I had a weired feeling that something odd was going to happen but the feeling was interupted by the piercing sound of the school bell i didnt even realize I walked into the school but I did realize I needed to hurry up and get my stuff before the next bell rung.I quickly put in my combination got my books and went to first period. I walked into Miss Zalles class and she was looking as uptight as ever. I claimed my original seat next to Karina and my boyfriend Sony.

"Hey baby how are you" Sony said as he lightly kissed me on the cheek. Ive been dating Sony since the 6th grade and sure we've had our ups and down but we continue to love each other no matter what. I was interupted from my romantic thoughts with sony when the fire alarm rang.

"Scarlet are you as tired of these fire drills as I am" said Karina as she looped her arm threw mine

"I thought I was the only one but if it gets me out of class its my best friend well the type of best friend that won't leave me alone kinda like someone i know" I said as I looked at karina. She smiled and playfully punched me in the arm

"Just for that I should become your creepy stalker" said Karine we giggled to ourselve as we walked outside. "O wow who is that" said karina as she looked at some guy who didnt look familiar at all.

"Yea who he is a never seen him before and I know pretty much everybody in this school". The guy looked to be about six foot something he was really pale and wore all dark clothes and really dark sunglasses he looked very out of place, but he also was extremly beautiful not as beautiful as sony but pretty darn close. He was looking around like he was looking for someone then his eyes landed on me and stayed there it was like his icy blue eyes were staring into my soul then someone stood infront of me blocking my view. It was Sony and he looked a little annoyed.

"Who's that and why is he staring at you like that said sony as he put his arm around me".

"I dont know i've never seen him before but is some body jelous" I said as I poked his stomach he poked my stomach back and said "no im not jelous because your mine and nobodys going to take you away from me" then he kissed me ever so gently which always make my heart flutter. The bell rang signaling the end of the fire drill and we started to walk back in.

Karina reached up and started playing with my ear and said "wheres your other earing".

"O man I guess it fell outside i'm going to go look for it ill be back". I started scanning the ground and I finally found it my favorite silver hoop earing glistining ever so elegantly in the grass I picked it up and put it back in my ear. As i was walking back to the building somebody attacked me from behind put there hand over my mouth and dragged me behind the school building. I started screaming but it seemed no one could hear me I was so sacred I thought I was going to die he took my neck bent it to the side and pressed his sharp teeth into the side of my neck it was a sharp pain was starting to fade as I started to pass out.

"I give you a gift and a curse use it well and defeat the queen" I realized it was the guy that was staring at me during the fire drill then it was lights out for Scarlet Carter.

When I woke up the side of my neck was throbing and I was wondering how I got outside then it all came back to me i was bit by the creepy guy. I quickly got up from the ground ran into the building zoomed down the hallway and burst into the bathroom and examined my neck in the mirrior. The side of my neck had two deep little holes in it. "whats going to happen to me" I wondered as i touched the side of my neck.

"What are you doing you where suppose to come back to class after you found your earing" said Karina almost scareing me to death.

"Karina i'm so glad you here taht guy who was staring at me during the fire drill kidnapped me and bit my neck look" I said trying to show her the bite mark.

"What are you talking about you were only gone for like five minutes and I dont see anything" karina said while looking at me like i've completly lost my mind.I turned from her and looked in the mirrior at my neck and she was right there was nothing there. why wasnt there anything there. I know I didnt imagine the whole thing.

Karina listen to me I know what I saw he kidnapped me a draged me behind the school building and bit my neck like he was some kind of........vampire I said realize that I just spoke some pretty crazy words but i believe with every fiber of my being that i was bit by a vampire. That theory was soon proven when Karina draged me out the bathroom to finish class and I finally got home.

I was walking up the stairs to my room when my mom called me from the kithchen "yes mom" I yelled out just inches from my room

"Come here Scarlet" I did what she said and walked back down the stairs and sat in the chair across from my mother. Whats wrong you just walked in the down and strait up to your room like I wasnt even here is something wrong.

"No nothings wrong I just had a long day" I said trying to sound as casual as possible "I'm sorry I walked by without saying anything"

"It's alright scarlet I was in high school to so I know how you feel go take a shower and relax" said my mother and gave me one of her everythings going to be alright smile. That smile would always make me feel better but I still couldnt shake the feeling that something big was about to happen. I walked up the stairs undressed and turn on the shower and stepped inside and stood there feeling the warm water wash over me. I looked at the shower floor and started panicking when i saw blood and saw that I was the one bleeding both my wrist were pooring blood from them but thats not what scared me. I looked at my wrist and become mesmorized by the steady flow of red liquid dripping from me. I lifted my wrist to my mouth and as my tongue touched the blood it was like something came over me. I sucked the blood from both my wrist and was amazed by the wonderfull taste. I realize what I was doing and quickly took my wrist away from my mouth and watched as the remaining blood started moving and circling around my wrist my nails started to grow and I could feel my teeth growing which caused them to bleed as well the pain was undescribable the blood on my wrist went back into my skin but left behind an odd mark that looked like a closed eye crying one black tear the same was on my other wrist. I stood there not beiliveing what i'm seeing then I filled my lungs with air and screamed.

"Scarlet whats wrong" said my mom from downstairs I dint want her to know whats happening to me untill I knew my self so I said "nothings wrong mom I just saw a uhh spider".

"Okay honey geez you scared me to death" said my mom I quickly got out the shower and saw that I stopped bleeding from my hands and mouth and it looked like I wasnt even bleeding in the first place I put on my pajamas and went into my room studyig the marks and looking at my nails and feeling the sharpness of my teeth and cutting my finger with my tooth and fighting the strong feeling of wanting to drink my blood. I jumped into bed trying to go to sleep and hopefully wake up from this nightmare. I closed my eyes trying to sleep I layed there for hours but I couldnt drift off to dream land. I tryed opening my eyes but before I could open them all the way someone covered my mouth. I saw it was the guy from school and also the guy that bit me.

"Be quiet im not trying to hurt you" said the boy I calmed down and my fear was replaced with anger.

"What did you do to me" I said with as much anger a whisper could hold.

"I gave you gift and a curse. I turned you into a vampire it was time you took your rightful spot on the throne. You must defeat the evil queen and become the new ruler of Quixen you scarlet are the real queen. You must defeat her".

"Whoa whoa wait i'm the queen of what. I must defeat who and you turned me into a what" I said trying to make sense of this whole situation.

"I'm sorry this is a lot let me start over" said the boy "My name is marcus and i'm your brother".

"say what I dont have a brother im an only child my mom never told me anything about me having a brother" I said

"Please let me finish" Marcus said and continued i'm your brother and your really from Quixen"

"Scarlet whats going on" said my mom as she walked in my room

"Mom its not what it looks like I..."

"Hello Mrs. Carter hows life on earth treating you" said Marcus as he hugged my mom. I was surprised when she hugged back and said "i'm fine how have you been"

"Okay can someone explain what is going on" I said getting a little irritated. My walked over to me and sat on my bed and started strokng my head and took my wrist looked at it and smiled.

"You finally got your marks its time to tell you the truth about your life. You scarlet are not just a vampire but a vampire queen and it's time you took back your kingdom".

My story

My mother looked at me like she had something important to tell me, and she did she said its time i learned about my real life. The life im living right now as far as im concerned is my real life.

"scarlet i've been waiting for the right time to tell you this you are not from here. You are from Quixen home of the vampire nation.

"Whoa i'm from where what the heck is a quixen" I was so confusd I thought I was from Hampton Hills i had the pictures to prove it and everything.

"listen scarlet" my mother continued do you have a friend that you can trust with anything.

"Yes....why" I said instantly thinking of Karina.

"I need you to call her shes going to help you through this"

"Okay" I said not knowing how Karina is suppoe to help. I mean she didn't even believe me when I told her that guy I mean uhh mark bit me. I obeyed my mother and picked up the phone and called Karina.

"listen here girl I told you about calling me in the the middle of the night" said karina immediatly after sheanswered the phone.

"I need to to come to my house now" Ignoring her earlier comment

"ill be right there" she said hearing the seriousness in my voice and realizing this is not play time. We al waited for Karina in the living that apparently dont belong to me since im not from here everything now seemed so foriegn to me. The couch where I would always watch tv by myself or with my friend. The big screen tv that I was so glad my mom bought because it made all my favorite show look so much better. Every little thing from the lavender walls right down to the light brown carpet seemed like a stranger I would see on the street. It made me want to cry. As soon as karina came over she was shocked by seeing mark. "you said you didnt know him"

"Well it turns out he's my brother" I almost burst out laughing when karina's jaw droped at the shocking new but this was no time for hearts and giggles.

"Come sit" said my mom pulling Karina to the couch. "First off .... Scarlet i'm not your mom. this news shocked me so much i couldn't even speak

"What do you mean your not my mother" I was so confused and upset.

"Scarlet let me finish" she said flashing her smile that makes me feel calm " Your real mom died trying to protect the kingdom from her evil sister who is also your aunt. Your aunt was extremely jealous of your mom. she had a handsome husband and wonderful kingdom and two beautiful kids. Your aunt hated that your mom had all this good fortune and she didn't that she was determined to get rid of your mother and take over the kingdom. She brought an awful war to Quixen. Your mother and father fought their hardest to protect the kingdom but your aunts evil was to strong. I found your mom lying next to your father who had already passed away when I got there and your mother was slowly fading away she was holding a baby in her hands and told when since I was her paradan meaning her best friend someone who she can trust above all others. she asked could I do her a favor and that's when she gave me you and told me to go to earth and raise you and...

"That's where I come in" said Marcus "I found dad lying on the floor dead next to mom. She told me to come here and told me that she had something important for me to do also. She told me that when the time is right that I needed to come find you and awaken your true powers. which I did but not in a very smart way so for that I apologize. she also gave me this" he said reaching into his pocket,mom told me that this will tell me when the time is right and when I find you that I should give you this. he held out a beautiful necklace with the most dazzling diamond I have ever seen he put it around my neck "She said that everything will be okay as long as you wheres this necklace and then she died. It was the worst pain I've ever felt in my life but i had to be strong for Mrs carter and for my baby sister even when I knew that you had Know idea who I was I never stopped loving and watching over you".

"Awwwwwwwww" said Karina just ruining the whole moment."That was so sweet but what does any of this have to do with me".

"good question" said my mom or not mom. "Scarlet said she trust you above all others so will you do the honor of being scarlet's paradan.

"yea will you be my paradan I don't want to do this alone I really need you"I said giving her my best smile.

"Of course i'll be you para-whatever" Karina said hugging me.

"we have to make this official I need you two to bound your souls". said my mom looking at us like we know what shes talking about.

"I'm sorry mom I mean ummmm"

"I'ts okay please call me mom" said the mom I've known all my life.

"Well mom how do we bound souls isn't being best friends enough.

"Well Scarlet you have to bite Karina and take her blood but not to much where you'll kill her or turn her it's a very dangerous process that could kill Karina. I looked at Karina not knowing what she's thinking.

"I trust that you wont kill me" Karina said shocking me with her answer.

"I promise I wont kill you but getting bit hurts believe me I know" I said rubbing my neck.

"I said I was sorry" said Marcus my mom told Karina and I to stand in the middle of the floor she told me to listen to the sound of Karina's blood pumping threw her vain and let my instincts take over but I had to be careful. I was surprise when I actually started to hear Karina's blood I could smell the sweet liquid coursing threw my friends vain. My mouth started to water and before I knew it my hands took a hold of my friends neck with such quickness I almost didn't believe it was me bent it side ways and put my mouth to her neck and started sucking the blood from her neck. Her blood tasted amazing way better then the taste of my blood. I didn't want to stop I knew I had to or my friend would die but i couldn't stop I almost didn't stop until I heard Karina scream with pain. At that moment I regained my senses and removed my mouth from Karina's neck.I was ashamed when I licked the rest of her blood from my mouth savoring every last drop.

"Karina i'm so sorry" I said as my friend lost her balanced and fell on the couch.

"its fine" she said and then she started screaming again and she wouldn't stop I saw that her hands were bleeding they were pouring blood.

"Its okay shes getting the marks showing that the bound is being completed" said my mother. I sat there wishing that the pain of my friend would stop. She finally stopped screaming. I ran to Karina seeing if she was okay. She was looking at her hands I saw complete fear in her eyes.

"My moms gonna kill me I promised that I would never get a tattoo and you said this would hurt not make me feel like i'm dying" Said Karina looking at her hands which now had the same tattoo that I had except her tattoo was black and crying red tears.

"It's okay Karina said my mom "only vampires and their paradans can see the marks so you have nothing to worry about. Know everyone it's been a long day lets all get some sleep".

"I'll see you guys tomorrow and i'm sorry for not believing you about being bit" said Karina as she walked out the door. I said goodnight to my mom and my new brother Marcus and walked up the stairs. I looked at my wrist examining the marks they were actually kinda pretty. I climbed into bed and got comfortable. "This is going to be a long day" Said and after hours of trying I finally fell asleep.

blood lust

I woke up in the morning to the smell of bacon and buttery pancakes my favorite. I got out the the bed once more examining my new tattoe at first it was creppy having it there but it kind of grew on and plus nobody else at my school could see it unless they were a vampire or paradon.I took a shower got dress and walked down stairs


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