Chapter 1




Never say good-bye.


Chapter 1

It was crazy, she was crazy to be more precise; yet despite the merry-go-round thoughts of 'you can't do this', Eden was still sitting on the Greyhound bus waiting for the scratchy femine voice calling for passengers getting off at San Diego, California. Three days were spent in the blue seat and Eden was beginning to wish that she had spent a night in a cheap motel that was in the small town that was now long behind them. Instead Eden would have to make do with the small space and try to get some shut-eye, though it was highly unlikely that Eden would be able to sleep a wink.


For the fifthteenth time, Eden switched from her sore hip to gaze out the window. Not only was the seat extremly uncomfortable, but Eden's heart was pounding against her chest and her stomach was in tight knots. The stress and nerves were a dreadful combination and Eden gave up trying to sleep. Situating her head in a more comfotable position, Eden watched the blue moon. The bright light was an odd source of resurance, it's soothing light seemed to ease her worries and fears. Not enough to put her to sleep, but peaceful enough to keep her knees from bouncing free from her joints.


"Pretty, isn't it?" A gentle old voice broke through Eden's thinking, making her glance away from the moon and instead look at the frail old lady that occupied the seat next to her. Eden hadn't heard anyone walk up, but by the looks of the old woman it would take someone with sensitive hearing to hear her coming. She was a tiny, frail-looking lady; skin and bones. Eden was afraid that if she even touched her then she would shatter into a million pieces. But despite how tiny she was, her voice was strong and vibrant.


"Excuse me?" Eden whispered. She was beginning to get uncomfortable under the lady's gaze. Her clear blue eyes were unnerving, the bright color held strength and it almost seemed that the frail woman was able to see inside her soul. It may seem dramatic, but the only way Eden could explain the feeling that she was having.


"The moon."


Eden looked back at the moon and nodded in silence as she drifted off again towards her thoughts. She only looked back at the woman when she began to speak again. "It's a calming sight, really." Eden grew more confused as she listened, though she was just thinking that a few moments ago.


"How so?" Eden, though she was a bit uncomfortable around her, couldn't help but become intruged.


"The moon is almost symbolic, it's blue light always there, guiding you when you get lost in the darkness. When you lose yourself and can't see ahead of you, there is always that bright beacon in the sky, telling you to not be afraid; just follow it to get home." She smiled to herself and softly shook her head. "Look at me, caring away as if I'm some nut job. I must be boring you with my nonsense."


Eden smiled and shook her head. "It was beautiful, actually." To be honest, Eden found comfort in her words. It was as if the old woman's words were just for her; that if she followed down the bright path she would indeed be home. And home was where she wanted to be.


Smiling once more, Eden leaned her head against the cool window and closed her eyes and dreamt of being home.


. . . . . .



"All passengers getting off at San Diego, California; we'll be stopping in 10 minutes." The monotone female voice broke through the thick cloud of sleep, Eden rubbed her eyes and looked out the window. Rubbing drool off her cheek, Eden smiled to herself when she caught the sight of the large city in the distance. The sun was just over the mountains and a beautiful hue was over the city. It was gorgouse and the closer Eden got, the more excited she became. Soon it was uncontrollable, her feet were twitching and her knee were beginning to bounce rapidly.


The large grey bus groaned loudly and the loud buzz of people chattering and gathering their luggage could be heard. Eden waited silently for the large crowd to get off the bus before slipping her battered backpack onto her shoulder. She followed the trail of people through the small space way in the bus until she came to the stairs. Her eyes stared inttently at the metal steps.


"This is it. This is what I've waited for all my life. After years of waiting and searching, I'm finally going to be able to have my family back. Have my home back."


A loud cough from behind Eden drew her from her thoughts. Glancing from the stout, red-faced man, Eden took a deep breath and took the first step to a new life.


A life that Eden had been dreaming of her whole life time.



                                                             . . . . .


"So, I'm on this street and I just have to walk about two more blocks to the south..." Eden's voice trailed off as she stared intentenly at the flismy piece of paper that could hardly be called a map. Red and blue lines blurred together as Eden desperatley tried to find where exactly she was, but with a $1.00 gas-station map it was useless. 


Crumbling up the small map and throwing it into a nearby trash can, Eden tiredly drifted down the crowded side walk. The sun was high in the sky, its bright light touching everything in its sight. San Diego was just as bustling as it was shown in the blockbuster movies; something that a Montana girl wasn't used to. The combine sounds of cars honking, thousands of heels clicking on the cement, and even an occasional group of giggling girls surrouded Eden.


She had once loved the quiet life that she had in the cold state Montana, but standing in the bright sun and in the center of the vibrant life of California soon changed her mind within seconds. Mindlessly following a large crowd, Eden began a small trip of sight-seeing. The fear of being alone and not finding her desired destanation seemed to fade into nothingness, quickly replaced with a sense of releif and calmness. Something that Eden had been missing out for close to a year.


The steady stream of people soon began to diminish as Eden followed the sidewalk down a large slope. The few people who were strolling around were dressed either in swim suits or summer dresses that blew in the small breeze. Eden came to a stop and gazed at the calm and beautiful sight before her. Never had she seen such blue water, then again she had never been to a body of water besides the small creek that had run just behind her foster home back in Montana. The strange smell of saltwater tickled Eden's nose, but the slightly pleasent smell couldn't have made her moved from the orange trickle that was displayed across the ocean.


"Beautiful, isn't it?" A deep, husky voice spoke from beside Eden.


Snapping her gaze away from the sea, Eden stared wide-eyed at the man next to her. Her eyes bulged slightly and she felt her throat tighten with shock, never had she seen such a beautiful man, well teenager. Eden guessed that he was near her age, maybe even older. While he was more muscular then an average teenager and had such stormy blue eyes, it was apparent that he couldn't have been over 18.


Realizing that she had been staring into a stranger's eyes, Eden stepped backwards and softly cleared her throat. "B-Beautiful?" Eden squeaked out. Hearing the way her voice quivered made her internally groan with anger. Not only had she caught being stalkerish but she had to sound like a pathetic child.


Mr. Dream Eyes smirked which melted the insides of Eden's belly. "Yeah, I've never seen the sunset like this before and that's coming from a beach boy." He joked and the smile that pulled at his lips seemed to make his eyes twinkle. Again Eden groaned, "Eyes twinkling? Seriously?" When had she become so vomit-inducing?


"Wait! Sunset?" Eden stuttered out. Her eyes were wide as her brain stuggled to comprehend where the time went. "I-I have to go."She mumbled a 'sorry' and making sure she still had her bag, turned the way she had come and ran up the hill.


Where was she going? To find the one person she had travled all this way to see, her brother.




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