School Dance 9-14-12

C: This dance costs $1 to enter and food menu is:

Cup Noodles: $1
Fruit Punch: $0.50
Pizza(Pepperoni/Cheese): $1
Brownie: $0.50
Candy: $1
Soda: $1
Air Heads: $0.25

and that's all I can remember.

I had a lot of sugar and junk food that day:

Sour Skittles+Fruit Punch

Sour Skittles+Crush Soda

Sour Skittles+Water

Some Cup Noodles

I brought jello, rice crackers, fruit snacks, nutty bars, and cups for the jello. I loved peoples' reactions to the mug of jello I brought.

There was loud music, Foosball, and a ping pong table. At the end they played Gangnam style. It was fun. Alex! Your turn to tell your version of the dance.

A: I see that Choco has already told you the menu of the dance. The dance was really fun. In the beginning, it was really boring because no one danced and we all just sat around awkwardly. Luckily, Choco had brought a lot of really *miscellanous* foods. (Pardon my spelling) Sorry about being all formal and stuff. I'm not really this boring. Choco and I put skittles in everything, but it was mostly just C. It was delicious when we put it in water. We also put jello in my cup o noodle, and it sucked. :P In the end, I had a lot of fun, especially from dancing to Gangnam style. Haha.

Cop and Seaweed 9-19-12

C= Today me and Alex came to school early and Alex had food. She had seaweed, coffee candy, and HI-CHEW. HI-CHEW is a yummy fruit gummy thing. I ate the HI-CHEW first and we started walking around the school. We walked near the parking lot and saw a cop. We said hi and asked her if she liked seaweed. She said no. And then we gave her seaweed. Apparently she doesn't like the ocean taste.


Knitting 11-5-12

C= Hi, it's been a while or 2 months. I learned how to knit about a month ago and stuff. I just finished my first scarf yesterday and boy, it looks awful. Well... it's okay. Not bad for my first try. I started 2 other scarves, one is blue and green, the other is blue with garter stitch and purl stitch.

A= So, C was knitting and joining the knitting club, and it was getting SO ANNOYING. I was kinda okay with it though, but man, was our 2 other friends MAD.

So I did the only OBVIOUS solution. I took up crocheting to annoy them along w/ C. (11-9-12)

Haircut 11-9-12

A= YAY! Getting a haircut this weekend. I'm gonna cut it like a boy's in the back and somewhat like a girl's in the front. That way, people can see me from behind and want to talk to me b/c I'm awesome. So they'll tap me on the back and when I turn around they'll be freaked out that I'm a girl. Mostly I just want to see the reactions.
A (again)= I got my haircut. C and I are gonna trick people at school into thinkin I'm a dude. Her cousin actually. XD I'd post pics but... no. See ya! (11-12-12)


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