allright this is my thoughts on everything im my little troubled mind.

first why do cows moo its just a wierd sound
logic. all animals make wierd sounds

why am i a night person i could be a vampire or maybe im naturnal sorry im bad at spelling
logic. i just go to sleep at six in the morning and sleep till 1 wowwww!

am i crazy well i could be crazy
logic. it runs in the family

were do i get my need to drink well i could think its cool.
logic. i just want to do it i get it from my dad

why do i think animals talk i could have super powers
logic. its the crazy kicking in

why do i have the desire to write pottery well i could help me open up my mind
logic, yeah right i just like to ryhme words like the famous sentence cat in the hat.

why is fruity pebbles fun to eat because they are food
logic they are really colorful.

is my older sister a controll freak well they are older which means they need to fell in charge
logic. there is none all older sybilings are always controll freaks

all right poem break

why cant is see through the thick grey fog
it creeps over my eyes that plays a trick
i see no other but me standing with no THOUGHT
nothing i cant do untill it brings me to the dark

wow that was deep dang know its stuck in my head because once i see hear or think i always remember

thank you for my thouhgts i think most of them are really logical this short story gets you thinking though dosnt it.


Texte: thoughts
Tag der Veröffentlichung: 05.08.2010

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