I gaze at you taciturnly all of a sudden.
Expecting to see the geniality eyes again
with which makes me feel so warm.
The day before we reunite in the endless journey,
I will evermore cherish the memory of you.
The reminiscence of the difficulties we had gone through together.
That was faded away gradually.
I just remember the laughter which was caused by you majority.
Only if the wind is still blowing, I will miss you always.
I will look at the vastnesses of starry sky every night,
and beseech the starlight to ignite your ways.
I will din the wind into calling your name constantly.
We are apart from a very long distance, though.
Only if you would think of me gently
when I’m lonesome and tiredness.
Or you would remember me someday,
I was like a little star that flashed in your life once.
The inexhaustibly affection will link us together to the eternity…….


Tag der Veröffentlichung: 23.03.2011

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