If We Ever Meet Again

1. If We Ever Me Again

If We Ever Meet Again” Timbaland featuring Katy Perry

What’s somebody like you, doing in a place like this?

Say, did you come alone, or did you bring all your friends?

Say, what’s your name, what you drinking?

I think I know what you’re thinking.

Baby, what’s your sign; tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine.

Say, what’s somebody like you doing in a place like you?

(One, two, three, come on!)

I’ll never be the same,

If we ever meet again!

Won’t let you get away

If we ever meet again.

Jace Greenway was one of the few who hadn't dressed up for Halloween. Well, it was more like he was not allowed to. But it’s not like he wanted to anyways.

He was always curious though about how his classmates would dress like for that day when the school rules slightly lowered their restrictions. It was one of the few things he had enjoyed throughout his years in high school.

It was as if several personifications, some good, some bad, had taken time out of their schedule to invade school grounds and come to an English class. Like there was an awfully similar couple costumed as Black Widow and the Winter Soldier, an Edward Scissorhands without the Scissorhands, a ‘Queen Bee’, a Dark Knight Joker, even a girl dressed as the principal with the tight bun, the suit, and the glasses that covered half of her face.

Even though he wasn't allowed to celebrated, he enjoyed the tradition a lot.

“Hey, Jace!” His friend, Meredith sat next to him. She was in a costume too.

“Hey…” He raised his head from resting it in his arms. He stared at her get-up, no longer impressed when he realized what she was supposed to be, “An angel?”

Meredith’s smile faded, “Yeah, what’s wrong with it?”

“Nothing, its fine…just not original…There’s like seven other girls in school wearing the same costume as you.”

“How was I supposed to know that? It’s the first time my mother allows me dress up for Halloween and I chose this.” She took out a paper from her backpack and settled it on her white marble desk along with a pink pen. “Have you seen Joshua?”

Josh,” Jace corrected. Their friend Josh hated his complete name so he asked to be called by his nickname, “Is not here yet. He texted me saying he’d be late today because he’d be going to his little brother’s play at the church.”

Meredith ignored everything Jace had said, “If only they had allowed you guys to dress up! We’d all look so good! It’s our senior year and your parents won’t let you enjoy it!”

“You know how they are…” Jace’s parents were religious. That’s where their life revolved, and they wanted to pass it on to their three children. Sure, when Jace was younger, he didn’t mind, at some point he even joined them in the harshest of their beliefs…

Until freshman year when he realized he was in love with the captain of his soccer team.

Not with Meredith, who he’d been set up with back in seventh grade but with Jonathan Stacey, the handsome soccer player that made Jace’s heartbeat drum in his ear and made him have the naughtiest of fantasies.

Of course, he’d never tell anyone that.

Although most of his school and town overlooked the fact of someone coming out as queer, there was still that percentage of people that did anything to keep it from ‘staining society’, Jace’s parents being one of them.

“It’s a good thing we only have seven more months before graduating. Then you’ll be able to do what you want…you are still going to Washington State, right?”

Jace nodded, “Totally. There’s no way I’m letting that one go.”

“Good.” She smiled. “Also, I was thinking we could go to Sky’s after school. There’s going to be this band playing and Marcy told me it was really good.”

He chuckled, “Since when do you listen to what Marcy says?”

“She wasn’t the only one who saw their performance. Everyone who went says they’re really good.”

“People also said the same thing about the Twilight movie back in middle school and look how that turned out.”

“You think your parents would let you go with me?” She asked.

“I’m sure they will if your parents convince them.”

“If they say yes, I’ll be expecting you at seven thirty.”

“Seven-thirty it is.” Jace noticed the teacher walk in. She was also dressed up for the occasion as a Hogwarts teacher. “I’ll meet you there.”

“Don’t be late.”

“That’s if they even say yes.”

“Your parents love my parents; I know they’ll say yes, you’re just being a Negative Nancy.”

Jace raised his eyebrows in surprise, “You did not just call me a Negative Nancy.” Meredith had called him so many ridiculous names that she’d heard her younger brother say, but this one had to be the silliest of them all.

“I did, and I’ll do it again if you keep up with that ugly attitude of yours.” She smiled and turned to the front. This is why they were friends.


When Jace got home, he was not expecting to see his sister’s car in the parking lot. He should’ve, though, she was always coming over when she was not wanted.

He wondered why she was here. Probably something completely unimportant that happened in her life or that her ‘too perfect husband’ did for her. School that day had been a pain already; he didn’t need to hear his sister’s life to make it worse.

For a thick moment, he considered staying in his car and wait for her to leave, she had to leave at some point, but he knew if he stayed, he’d be in his car for a very long time.

Slowly, with the keys in his hand, he walked to the door. He paused for an entire minute before opening the door.

The first thing he heard was his sister’s loud voice. The girl had no idea how to whisper, “I couldn’t believe it when I saw Tom’s report card; he had all A’s!”

His father spoke next, “We’re going to have another smart one in the family.” He stopped when he saw Jace walking by the living room, “Like Jace!”

Damn, he could’ve gotten away, “Hey dad, mom,” He turned to his sister, “Lily.”

Unlike Jace’s chocolate colored hair, Lily’s was golden brown, sometimes blonde depending on the lighting of the room. If it weren’t for their same blue eye color, and their pale skin color, people wouldn’t be able to guess they were sibling, especially with their height and age differences. Jace, seventeen, was five-eight, Lily, twenty-six, was five-one.

“How’d it go in school, little brother?”

“It was okay; I got homework, but nothing I can’t finish before seven-thirty.” He thought if he hinted the meeting Meredith had planes, maybe his parents would get it.

“Why seven-thirty?” His mother asked.

“It’s nice that you ask because I wanted to ask you something.”

“What is it?” His father looked at him, ready to protest if he didn’t like what Jace said.

“Meredith invited me to Sky’s café after school to go see a band play.”

Lily intervened, “Sky’s café? Isn’t that the place where all those kids with piercings and tattoos go to?” Of course the only reason for her to open her mouth was to say something that prevented someone else from having fun.

“A band? Bands play there?” His mother asked again, confused.

“Apparently they do, and Meredith wants me to go with her. Josh might go too.”

“I may have to call Meredith’s parents to see about this—” Jace’s father started but he was interrupted by his son.

“Please, dad.” Jace moved his bangs away from his eyes, determined to give the following method a try, “I never ask you to go out anywhere. I need a break from the first two months of school. I’m a good student and you know it—”

Jace’s father raised his hand to stop him from saying one more word, “There are faggots there.” It was the ugly trigger word. His father hated many people, but despised queer and atheist most.

“I know, but—” Jace attempted to continue again.

“I’ll think about.”

“It’s just one night. It’s my senior year; allow me to live it before I go off to the University.” His jaw hardened, anger was beginning to develop in his stomach.

His father raised an eyebrow, “You want to live your senior year in that place of hell?”

“Meredith and Joshua will go too.”

“I’ll think about it, Jace.” That was it. That was how his father ended a conversation. He knew there’d be no reopening of this topic.

Jace’s icy blue eyes turned to his mother. She said or did nothing. “Whatever.” He mumbled and stormed to his room.

It wouldn’t be the first time his father did that to him. There had been so many times before that if he tried to think about them now, he’d never end.

He didn’t understand why he’s father was like that! He never asked him to go out except for maybe once or twice and it was to his friend’s house. Jace was almost eighteen and he was still being like he was six years old.

The door to his room was opened, meaning that Lily had probably been snooping around like it was her business. Or…there could’ve been someone hiding there.

He turned the light, and waited for someone to come jumping out of his closet to scare him. But after a minute, nothing happened, no one jumped out roaring like a wild animal.

Jace knew his little brother Edgar was here because Jace never let the door opened and his stuff were still neatly organized for him to know that Lily hadn’t been digging through his business like he believed her to.

Slowly, he approached his closet door and knocked on it three times. At first it was quiet, but then a groan broke out, “Was it that obvious?!”

“A little bit, yeah.”

A small hand opened the white door and a boy with brown hair and big green eyes walked out of the dark, his head down in disappointment, “I need to find better places.”

“You need to stop coming into my room.” Jace smiled and ruffled his little brother’s hair, messing it up more than what it already was. “How’d it go in school today, kido?”

Edgar shrugged, moving past Jace to sit on the chair in front of his desk, “It was okay, I got an A on my math test.” He looked up to Jace, “What about you?”

“I got invited somewhere where dad won’t let me go.”

“Sucks to be you…” Edgar looked away and mumbled, “Loser.”

“Shut up.”

Later that night, around seven o’clock, Jace got called to go downstairs. He had just finished his two homework assignments and was about to take a break before he was interrupted by his mother’s voice to go down to the living room.

Already changed from his school clothing, a black turtle neck and jeans, and into something more comfortable, a dark red T-shirt and pajama bottoms, Jace walked downstairs and the first person his eyes caught, was the last person he wanted to see at the moment. His father.

“What is it?”

“I called Meredith’s parents and they told me she’d go…” His father said lowly. Wow, were they really talking about this after Jace thought it was over?


“Well, you may go…” Jace knew how much his father wanted to tell him that no, he couldn’t go and that he was staying home, but he and Meredith’s parents were close to his and they were important people in the church…something had to come out of this.

Maybe they were still trying to pair up Jace with Meredith.

Jace squinted, “What in it for you?”

“Nothing.” No, that had to be a lie. There had to be an ultimatum to this.

“So, if I leave now…” Jace pointed at the door, “You won’t tell me anything?”

“Just be back by ten-thirty. If not I won’t let you go out again.”

Still, Jace believed this was some kind of joke. “Okay, then, I’ll go change.” He turned around and started up the stairs to his bedroom. He didn’t change his red tee, but changed his pajamas to the jeans he had wearing in school. He grabbed his wallet and keys from his desk and headed back downstairs to have his entire family stare at him as he made his way to the door. Jace felt as he was walking towards liberty.

“Don’t let those people infect you with their—” But before he could finish, Jace had shut the door.

The sun was still out, covered by some rain clouds that threatened to let the water fall at night. That was the typical problem in the town of Putney, Vermont. The weather always switched between extreme humidity, to slight sunny but with big gray cloud, to cold rain, to snow. There was no in between. But the forestry and the scenery of the fall and winter were beautiful.

And everything was close. It only took Jace ten minutes to get there and five to find a parking lot. This band Meredith told him about must've been good to bring in enough people to fill in the parking lot of the café and the ones around it.

The place wasn't any better, there were two groups of people blocking the entrance, making Jace struggle when he was getting in but still making it inside. The place was crowded, with most of the tables available, all surrounding a low, but wide stage. Jace was sure was not the first time he’d come here three months ago.

“Excuse me.” Jace tried to get by two guys that were standing to close to each other when he spotted Meredith’s red hair, adorned with a halo. They slightly moved and bumped into some people behind them. “Thank you.”

He tapped on her shoulder when he reached her and she turned around, “I told you they’d let you go.” She smiled, pretending not to be satisfied about how right she was.

“This place is crowded.”

Joshua, a lean boy with black hair and glasses, leaned in so that his friends could hear him better, “Well, the band has been getting around. Some people here have seen them all six times they’ve performed here. Supposedly, their songs always change each day.”

“That’s good.” Jace admitted taking the seat his friend had worked so hard on keeping reserved.

“Here.” Meredith pushed a cup of coffee towards Jace, the smell of and hot cocoa cinnamon quickly invading his nostrils, “I got you this like five minutes ago. It took me twenty minutes to get it.”

Jace quickly grabbed it and took a sip from it, “How long have you been here?”

“Almost forty minutes.” Joshua and Meredith both said at the same time.

“Why so long?”

“Meredith wanted to see the ‘hot’ lead singer.”


“I just think they’re a bunch of weirdoes. The lead singer has like twenty piercings, the female violin player has tattoos, the drummer wear too much eyeliner, and—”

“How does that make them weird?” Jace interrupted Josh, placing his cup down to stare at him and wait for a logical answer. “They just like being unique.”

He shrugged. Why did Jace even bother to hope for a fair answer form him? “Not just that, but I heard that the main guitarist is bisexual.” Josh whispered the word as if were poisonous, “I mean how can you even like both women and men?”

“Same way you can like both chocolate milk and iced coffee.” Jace snapped.

Joshua had nothing to say. Jace had made a point, but he didn’t need to know that so instead he said as soon as he heard the people around them clap, “Oh, look!”

The band was coming out into the stage. The lights started to slightly lower so that the Christmas lights that on wall behind the performers and the one at the coffee counter could be the ones to mostly brighten up the place.

The group consisted of four beautiful people, as Jace expected. He had caught a quick glimpse of their posters when he came in and they all looked as good as the pictures made them seem. There was the statuesque of the of the violin player, with her long platinum blonde hair, the tips were pink and her fitting leather clothes, the drummer boy with the short, midnight blue hair and the white outlined glasses, the extremely attractive (he was the first Jace noticed) and tall lead guitar player that had messy dark brown hair, stubble, and stunning gray eyes, and the blonde bass player and lead singer of the band with green eyes and neatly organized blond hair in the leather jacket.

“Hello.” The lead singer stepped up to speak on the microphone, “My name’s Jaime and this is my band, Jaime & The Rebellious Three. Thank you for coming and…enjoy…”

The drummer raised his drumsticks and yelled, “One, two, three, four!”

The handsome guitar player in the brown V-neck took a step forward and began playing his guitar, his fingers creating a rhythm for the others to follow. The drummer added a rhythm for the violin player to insert to, which she successfully and beautifully did. Then, came the nice, soothing voice of the lead singer. They really were a nice band; they knew how to connect to each other’s instruments perfectly, like any good band should. Every now and then, they’d flash smiles to each other, like if they were happy that they were satisfying their crowd. And they were, people were moving to their music, complimenting them on how good they were.

Even if this wasn't the type of music Jace listened to, he found himself tapping his foot to the rhythm the drummer had arranged for his audience.

That caught the lead guitar’s attention. The way the boy in the middle table seemed to enjoy their music with. He was pale, with the most gorgeous blue eyes he’d ever seen, and straight brown hair with bangs that brushed above his eyes.

It was the smile that the guitar player threw at Jace that made him freeze on his seat. Was that for him? Could it be?

Jace looked at Meredith; the guy was probably smiling at her. She was looking really pretty that night, the white dress of her costume making her flaming red hair stand out amongst the crowd. It was for her. That cute crooked smile was for her.

His attention returned to the stage where the guy was playing a guitar solo, his gray eyes focused on Jace’s table. It made him blush, he didn’t know why. That was totally into Meredith. He had to be…right?

This time he flashed a grin, driving a few girls crazy, at the boy that was too embarrassed to meet his gaze. C’mon, he had to know it was for him!

The song ended and the band walked off the stage. “That was great wasn't it?” Meredith turned to his friends, surprised to see both of them amused, “They’re good!” They both nodded, “Did you guys see the cute guitar player smiling at me?” Even she had noticed.

“You think your parents would approve if you were to hit it off with him?” Joshua said, taking a sip from his iced coffee.

She rolled her eyes, “I know they won’t…Gosh, you’re a buzzkill.” She grabbed Jace’s cup and asked, “Do you want a refill. They're free tonight.”

“Please.” Jace told her as stood up from his chair. “Meanwhile, I’m going to try and reach the restroom.” He started his way to the restroom.

It turned out to be quite the journey, actually. Especially with what happened before he stopped at the small line that was outside the men’s room. As he waited, he spotted three of the members of the band. The girl and the lead singer were with a group of people that were obviously complimenting them, the drummer was near the coffee bar ordering something to drink and the guitar guy…where was the guitar guy?

“Hey.” A low voice said next to him.

Jace slowly turned to the striking guy standing next to him. He was much taller and more physically attractive up close. “Hi.”

“Did you like our performance?” He asked, putting his hands into his pockets.

“You guys were really good. I enjoyed it.” Jace admitted, adding a small smile at the end.

“I know. I saw you…and your friend…not so sure about that other guy…”

“He’s just not into this type of music. But he enjoyed it too.”

“Ah…” Jace knew why this man was talking to him. He was trying to get to Meredith through her friends. Smart move. “My name’s Ezra Valentine, by the way.”

Even if Jace knew that Guitar Boy and Meredith weren’t going to work out, he decided to help him, “My name’s Jace. And that, if you wanted to know,” He pointed to Meredith, who was waiting patiently for her order, “Is Meredith.”

Actually, Ezra didn’t care about the girl; he was talking to Jace for one purpose, and it wasn't for his friend, “Wow, such a pretty name for such a pretty face.”

“Really?” Jace chuckled. Was that the best he had? He thought that a handsome figure such a he would’ve come with better lines than that. “That’s such a cheap pickup line.”

“That line is a classic.”

Jace crossed his arms, “How many times have you used it before?”

“A few times, but it always works.”

“Well, if you want to get to Meredith, you’re going to try harder than that.”

Ezra smiled and turned to Jace, “Who said I was trying to get to her?” Jace could feel the blush rushing to his cheeks, quickly overheating his skin. Oh… “I came here for you, not your friend.”

“I…I-I see…” What else could he have said? Jace had not been expecting that. “If you want to get to me then,” What more could he do but have a little fun and flirt back, it’s not like it’d hurt anyone, “I’m little tougher than her.” He moved away from the wall, “I’m not an easy target.”

“If that’s the case,” Ezra pulled out one of his left hand from his pocket, a small piece of paper in his grip, “then call me and I’ll give it another shot.”

Jace took the paper from his hand, their fingers slightly touching, creating a big smile on both of their faces, “I’ll see what I can do.” Why did he have to give his number? Jace would never be able to call him without his parents and Lily making it their business to find out who he was talking to.

Looking down to his watch, Ezra said, “I’ll be waiting for that call. For now, stay and watch me play a few other songs, okay?”

He put away the paper, “Okay.”

“Thanks, love.” He smiled at Jace one last time before heading back to the stage where the other members of his band were already waiting for him.

And for the rest of the show, Jace had stayed for the show, sending cute smiles at each other with every chance they got, still making Meredith believe that those grins were meant for her.

I’ll never be the same,

If we ever meet again!

Won’t let you get away,

Said if we ever meet again

This free fa-ll’s,

Got me so-oh

Kiss me all night, don’t ever let me go!

I’ll never be the same

If we ever meet again.


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