You and I

               We are one

I love you a tone

               Its fate



And you were

             Never to late

I am glass

             Oh so fradgle



             Please don't

Let me break

             I give stitches

To bitches



My life is complet 

             When im

With you



                          You and I

                           We Are One

                           I LOVE YOU a tone


 Why has she

Done that

Why does she

Do that

To me



She loves me

Then she loves

Someone else

I'm getting teird

Of everything



But no matter

What I will

Love her











I'm Teird

 I'm teird of fighing

                    I'm teird of wanting you


I'm teir of hating you

                    I'm teird of loving you


I'm teird of needing you



                                       But most of all 

                                       I'm teird of Missing You

Real Angle

 I am a real angle

All I need is

YOUR lips



Just come in here

I need your tips

I really need you near


Lets get in the back seat

After we'll fix it nice and neat

Am i a real angle?


 I am Immortal


all you did was lie


When all I wanted

Was YOU to Love 

Me not to hurt



Me like you did

You closed the lid

And I was gone


I am Immortal

So I'm still here


 I wish I knew you

Like she does

I wish i could feel you lips


Like she does

I wish I could see your smile

Like she does


I wish i could see the sparkle 

In your eyes

Like she does


I wish she loved you

Like i do


So I gues

Your not a 

Stranger after all


 Don't worry

I'm never leaving

I will never stop loving you


My love for you will never die

I will never lie

You can trust me


And I can trust you

So our love will never die



All Has Fallen

All Has Fallen

The Angel Has Lost Its Wings

The Halo Is Gone

Now The Horns Come Out

It's Time To Play


You Lay

In A Pit Of Fire

And I Watch You Burn

Then I Cut You Up

Into A Million Peices


But Wait First

I Get A Marker And A Knife

Then I'll Draw A Line

Down Your Chest And Cut

You Open And Watch You Bleed


As I Lick You BLood

Off The Knife I'll Say

"Blood Blood On The Kife

Mmmmmmmmmmm How Sweet

Tastes Just Like Meat"


Then I'll 

Send You Above

Goodbye My Love

I Hope You

Never Come Back


Cause Next Time

I'll Stitch Your Mouth

And Cut You In Half

And Watch

You Die



All Has Fallen

Time To Let Go

 Well It's Time

This Is It

The Last Thing 

I Gotta Say

Just Look After


My Heart Cause 


Left It With You

This Is Best

We're Not Right


For Eachother

I Have To

Be With You

It's The Only 

Way I Can Live


I Can Handle

Storms But I

Can't Fight With

You I Gotta Be


With You Every


Of Everyday But It's So

Hard Your Never Here

You Never Listen I


Hold On And 

All You DO Is Let

Go I'm Falling

This Is It




You Never Wanted

Me You Just

Wanted To Let

Me Fall

So Wake Me Up


So Wake Me Up..........

.......Cause I'm Falling

TO Fast We're Two



People This Is It



What is "Pain?"

 Pain is love'

And it goes above

it hurts

You just wanna die


Don't lie

You know it's true


When can pain go


Will pain ever go away

I wish it would

But it's May

I wihs it could


Just leave

And never come back

His name was Mack

But know i wanna run

I hate fun


I want my pain to go away

I hate this day 

In May


I lay


Good my pain has gone away

And i love it


But the candles not lit

So you will die too

Oh I love it when i stop 

Peoples pain


We all love the rain

But the rain isn't water



So all our pain

Has gone but


What Is Pain?


Nobody knows

Your in their zone

Say your goodbyes!

It's timme to go!!


 I had her

One second

Then she

Was gone

Another second


Now i don't care

For her

I wish i was


It's cause of her


She told me she

Loved me but

She never did....

I have

No true feelings


For her anymore

I just wanna die

I can't lie

I wish i had

A blade


So i could end

My pain

She's gone

And i want

Her back


 In my heart

There's nothing

I could believe

it's dark as night

And can not see



All has come crashing down

And she is gone

The world is falling

Cause of her

So how she i



Go on when she's gone

I wihs i was


So how should i end

My own life



With a knife

Or not

Should i slice my wristes 

Or my neck

I just wanna bleed


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