This book is for my friend, who likes Cat's and i know she is sometimes a physco to me but deep inside she is still one of my BFF!

Chapter 1

That day i lost all my hope from up and down. But i knew having hope is still up there looking for me. My parents left me in the orphanarium that Tuesday evening. I would know that because i was 2 years old that time. Tears had made me pitiful that time because they left me for the war. However, now it is my 7th Birthday and nothing had came from my parents. My orphanarium carer, Miss Buttercup, was kind. She always had called me Daisy Shian. Although, she called me Daisy Shian, my real name was Rebbeca Senya. Every day i had always dreamed of leving the orphanarium and finding my parents! Today i asked Miss Buttercup if i could go and search for my parent. But she disagreed and sent me to my room. What could I say to her?......

Chapter 2

The next day, i escaped by leaving a note for Miss Buttercup on her front desk. I knew that she would be sad if i told her with the note, so i just left. I set out into the roads. I felt really sleepy so i accidently used my coat as my duvee to sleep on. As i fell into my dreams. It was like i was floating in the air or being held. I felt like it was WOLVES and CHEETAHS carrying me. The next day when i woke up i was in a Enchanted Kingdom. I heard a shallow voice saying "Is she our missing Princess" or "How did the Queen's daughter get in the HUMAN WORLD!?"
Rapidly, i went on the bed and hided my self under the covers. As i knew my life was in jeoprady, i tried to let my feelings out but it wouldnt. My nails were getting longer. Sharper.Getting all sparkly......



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