*~*1. Delicate*~*

She was beautiful. She seemed unsurprised. So unsurprised it was as if she expected me to be there, expected her stalker. More like her wolf, ready to strike at his unsuspecting victim. She had wonderful long Golden brown hair, and blue eyes. She was a Cheerleader. Last year she couldn’t stand up straight, let alone do a cartwheel. Literally, she couldn’t stand up straight, she had a broken leg. She got more coordinated this year, but she was still clumsy as ever. I caught her a couple of times, but she still didn’t noticed me.

I wanted so bad to drink her blood, just to see how it tasted. A million victims, I couldn’t bring myself to do that. Her blood raced through my mind. The sort of metal taste, the one you’re afraid might shock your teeth. I could almost taste it, all the way from here.

She liked to watch the sunset and rise, I did, too. I watched it with her. I felt like I was standing next to her. When she stood out there at three-thirty three in the morning, I charted all of the times she was out here -whether to kill or not- in my notebook for the first three days then I realized how beautiful she was. I came out at all of the times I had written in my notebook. Sometimes I even stalked her for days at a time recording the times she was out there. I loved the things she loved; I would know what she loved because I watched her house, too. I watched her read and wake up. I watched her receive her mail from, Janie. Complete letters about sleep and other stuff she did in her bedroom, human girls.

I wanted to go see her. I wanted to tell her that I knew about her; her victims. I wanted to, but I was nervous. How would I say it? ‘Hey, there Claudia, I have been stalking you, watching you through your window. Yeah, so I know you kill people, hope this doesn’t change anything between us.’ I would expect her to push me off a cliff! Or call the cops. No, I would become the thing I needed. The thing she has enough of. I would become her friend.

That would be fairly difficult to pull off. Being a boy would give me a disadvantage. I needed a girl, just until she knew who I was, what I was.

“Blair? No. Sarah? No. Stephanie? Huh, not bad. Carter? Perfect. Anne? No. Well, Stephanie Anne Carter doesn’t seem too bad.” I spoke out loud.

“What are you saying?” I looked around for someone. Nobody was there.

“Okay,” huh, weird...

“Aren’t you going to answer me?” The air spoke to me.

“I don’t see you.” Am I talking to myself or hearing things?

“I don’t want you to.”

“Who are you?” I sniffed the air, and smelt-

“A killer, who are you?” Yes, that would make sense.

“A stalking killer and the funny thing, I know who you are, Claudia.”

“How do you- what? I don’t understand how do you know my name?” Was she just stuttering?

“I’d know that scent anywhere and the voice. The only thing that knocked me off guard was the other blood, I thought, perhaps you were not alone. And you were alone. Just have another victim to your murderous crimes.”

“You make it sound…repulsive. I need this to stay alive. I am a vampire. And you are one as well. I don’t understand how you find drinking blood repulsive, but you do it yourself. Explain, please.” I think she may be stupid.

“I am a killer, but I kill those who deserve to die.”

“Everybody deserves to die! You don’t just choose who can and can’t die.” That’s harsh!

“You make it sound like a privilege.”

“It is a privilege to die under such a being.”

“I kill murderers. I don’t want to kill you.” The rain poured down on my face, making tears.

“I am a vampire not a killer.”

“I object.” I ran as fast I could. The forest was so quiet. All I could hear was the sound of my feet beating on the bare ground, my heart thumping, I could smell her fresh kill, and I felt my love towards her growing on me. My mind was saying, ‘Go back! She’s a killer; you eat killers for breakfast, literally!’ But my heart was saying, ‘Run! Don’t go back! You don’t want to kill her!’ I was torn.

My instincts left me. My feet tumbled from under me. My arms were clutching the pain I felt in my heart, so they couldn’t break my fall. I fell flat on my face. I laid there for a while, letting the pain consume me. Letting it eat me from inside. I got up. I was still in love with her, even if she knew her stalker was a vampire, who murdered killers like her.

I reached the top of the mountain. I stared down. What time is it? Where is she? I pulled out my watch, and I knew the answer three-thirty two. She should be out here by now. I sat waiting for three-thirty three. She was not there, not at her house, I think I know where she is.

Searching for me, tracking my scent, blood gives you special abilities, super scent is one of them. She wasn’t aware of the time; she just had to know me; my name, my walk, my personality. The perfect way to get to her is to go back to school Monday and act like I didn’t know her, maybe then I would get her attention.

The smell! Her smell! She was close. I had to run, or hide. I knew the perfect place. Where she hid, her scent was there, she wouldn’t smell mine. No vampire could do that.

She sniffed around. She knew I was there. But she heard her mother calling her. She was quick, but not fast. It took her fifty seconds to get to the bottom of the mountain, another half hour to her place. (She couldn’t go as fast as she was capable). Once she was inside I ran to the cliff.

That was all too close; I need to find some place safer. I ran down the mountain, and back up, and then I noticed a trail leading to the peak. I followed it. It was much better than my last place. It had a better view of…her house; plus so much more. The smell was unbearable, that was the best part. She wouldn’t be able pick up my scent.
I ran back to my house. Angry as ever, first I watched her. Her sleep, her read, everything. Then I left to my house.

“I don’t understand!” I tossed a lamp. “Ugh! She-”

I lay down, not sleeping, just laying there. Thinking…about her. About the smile on her beautiful face, fading when she didn’t know everything about me; the anguish in her eyes, the dew on the grass, while her feet ran to catch me. I wished for a Butterfinger, not a candy bar, but the blood from a human finger soaked in butter. Mm. Yummy. Don’t ask me how I go from her, to a Butterfinger vampire
style, I just do.


My daughter, Stephanie Anne Carter was ready to fulfill her purpose as Claudia’s best friend. I went to School Monday. My first class was Science. I had that without her, but my next class, Art, I had both Claudia and my sweet daughter Stephanie.

“Let’s review the primary colors. Can anyone give me these? Yes, Stephanie.” My art teacher, Mr. Whipple, spoke.

“That would be red, blue, and yellow.” That’s my girl!

“Correct. Now the secondary colors, Mikael.” I think he asked Mikael because he was not paying attention.

“Huh. What?” Pay attention, idiot! Ha, I was right.

“Colors, secondary, what are they?” Mr. Whipple sighed.

“Oh, uh, black, silver, and um, white?” I was just joking when I called him an idiot, but…

“Wrong, wrong, and let me think about this, huh, wrong! Come on anyone, please, yes Greg.”

“Violet, Orange, and Green,” Greg was more on the smart side.

“Now here’s someone with their brain screwed on right. Congratulations Greg.” Wow, very enthusiastic Mr. Nipple- I mean Mr. Whipple.

“Thank you, Mr. Whipple.”

“What about a pair of complementary colors, Garrett?”

“Red and Green,” Who’s Garrett?

Mr. Whipple asked a few more questions, but I had spaced out by then. I had taken art a number of times in the past and knew everything that had to be known. I was pulled out of my thoughts by someone talking.

“I know that scent!” I turned to look at who said it, but no luck.

“Excuse me, miss? What did you say?”

“Sorry, Mr. Whipple, it was nothing…”

“Now anyone want to try a crack at the other match to blue-violet?”

“I would, Mr. Whipple.”

“Alright, Stephanie, have a go.”

“The other color in the pair is yellow-orange.” The bell rang. People raced out the door. Claudia tripped and fell right into Stephanie’s arms and Stephanie put her upright.

“S-sorry. Um…my name is Claudia?” Claudia stuttered and made it sound like a question.

“Its okay and I know who you are. My name is Stephanie.” They shook hands.

“How do you know my name,” Claudia asked in a frightened voice.

“My friend told me about you.” Stephanie said.

“Your friend, what is their name?” Claudia sounded
curious now.

“Yeah, Kattie,” Stephanie told her.

“Oh. If you promise not to tell anyone, I’ll tell you a secret.” Wow! Stephanie is good at this! Claudia already wants to tell her a secret!

“Okay, what is it?”

“I sometimes pretend to be a vampire.” Jeez Stephanie already knew that.

“Really, why do you pretend to be a vampire?”

“I like vampires. I mean the whole idea of romantic, lovely, humorous people doesn’t sound too bad to me.”

“They are not humorous. Plus if you can get pass long fangs and blood drinking, I think they are pretty cool.” Stephanie said, which is funny considering she is one. She is good at acting…

“Well, have you noticed a smell of…I don’t know how to describe it; Um. Mountain lion,” Claudia asked. Is that what I smell like?

“No. Sorry, but I haven’t gotten close enough to one, to really tell you I have.”

“Oh, well.”

“Hey, ladies,” creepy Michael Daniels said. He has been after Claudia since she began kindergarten in 1998. Surprisingly he hasn’t made a move or tried to get her on a date! I suppose he has a logical reason, more like a stupid reason-Richie Drake, Claudia’s boyfriend. I had a plan to eliminate him sometime. He is the worst kid on the football team. Claudia takes pity on those who are unfortunate. I needed to be like that.

“So how has Ms. Carter been doing?” That little creep asked my daughter.

“Great, thank you Michael. Ms. Grace here has been acting a little weird.” Stephanie and Michael shifted their gaze to Claudia.

“What? Claudia acting weird, I highly doubt that?!” Michael winked, but it looked more like he had a bug in his eye.

“Yeah, she was missing questions in simple old art, pretty out of the ordinary.” Wait, she missed a question? Was it when I was spaced out thinking?

“No, she’s not out of the ordinary.” Michael smiled at Claudia, hoping to get her attention because she was looking around for someone; most likely her boyfriend.

“Alright, whatever you say.” Stephanie sounded annoyed, but I couldn’t see her because her back was to me, along with Claudia’s. Michael was blocking the doorway so they couldn’t leave the classroom.

“Can you, like, more so I can get to my next class; I don’t want to be late.”

He moved out of the way and let them through, but grabbed Claudia’s butt as she walked by. I started walking forward going to punch his face in, until Claudia turned to do it herself. Right before her fist made contact with his face she froze, looking at me with wide eyes.

After a few moments of her staring at me she snapped out of it and instead of her hitting him. She came towards me and punched me in the jaw, hard. Of course it didn’t hurt me; when she pulled her hand back you could tell right away it was broken. I was limp, red, swelling, and you could see a bruise already appearing. It looked bad; the bones seemed to almost be coming out. At that moment only one
thought crossed me mind.

This is how delicate she really is.


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