The Bonfire

"Come on, dude, just go with me," Pleaded Jackson.

"You already know I have a family thing," Matty said as they were walking into third period

"Its literally our senior bonfire before grauduation, you have to be there," Jackson said obviously annoyed.

"My mom would kill me if i missed out on family game night, you have no idea, one time she made me call into work just for family game night, she was saying something about some family bonding bullshit," Matty replied.

"I dont know man, Im just saying, I think Kaylee really wanted you to go," Jackson said manipulatively.

"She said that?" He asked.

"Thats what i thought, I will pick you up at 8," said Jackson.

Third period ended and Jackson started walking into the lunch room toward Kaylee.

"Hey, are you going to the senior bonfire tonight?" he asked. 

"Not my thing," Kaylee said.

"Well, dont tell him I told you but, Matty Said he was hoping you were going to be there," He said. 

"Really?" she asked. 

"Really, really," 

"Pick me up at 7?" 

"You got it,"

                                                           -                                                                                                                                   "How funny," Amber said sarcastically.

"We are just friends, Amber," Kaylee said.

"It better stay that way, we have all been friends since middle school, and I dont want you guys screwing it up," she said with anger in her voice.

"Oh fuck, here comes Mitch," said Amber. 

"You bitches ready to get drunk tonight at the B-O-N fire?" Mitch yelled. 

"I guess, Who are you going with?" Kaylee asked.

"Jackson, hes picking me up at 7:30," he said.

"How are you and Cindy?" Amber asked.

"Not much to say," said Mitch.

"Alright, well text me later, Mitchy," said Kaylee as she started getting up and walking towards fourth period.

                                                            -                                                                                                                              The clock read 7:54, and Matty was putting on his Axe deodorant. There was a honk outside and he ran down the stairs and out to jacksons car. 

"Lets get this shit started!" yelled Jackson as he sped off down the road.

When they pulled up they could see a huge fire filling the empty space of the field. There were people left and right. 

"Guys, we really should stick together, there are way too many people here," said Kaylee.

"Yeah, shes right," Amber agreed. 

Everyone walked towards the fire where everyone was standing. Everyone scattered out except Amber and Kaylee.

"Something doesnt feel right," said Kaylee.

"What do you mean?" asked Amber. 

"This place just doesnt feel right, Amber," she said.

"We will only be here until like 10 anyways im sure," said Amber.

Amber and Kaylee walked over to a table with solo cups and beer. 

"Listen, I didnt mean to be such a bitch at lunch over Matt, I just dont want anything breaking up our friend group," said Amber Apologetically. 

"I get it, honestly it would be weird if we did anything anyways, hes more like a brother than anything," she replied.

 "This place is just so sketchy," Kaylee said.

"Do not get yourself all worked up, you agreed to come," Amber said sounding annoyed.


Kaylee was interupted by some 10th grade boy who came screaming out of the woods.

"Hes fucking dead! Hes really fucking dead!" said the boy.

Everyone rushed into the woods. You could hear screams coming from different areas in the crowd.

  "What the hell is going on,"said Kaylee as she pushed herself to the front to see who the victim was.

"...Matty?" she said in shock. 

Mitch ran up behind her.

"Oh my fucking god, Matt!" He screamed. 

Matty had multiple stab wounds, there was blood everywhere. His eyes seemed to be staring right at kaylee. There were faint police sirens that were seamingly gettin louder and louder. 

"I need everyone to clear the crime scene!" 

"Kaylee, lets go babe," said Amber whp had appeared out of no where and was pulling Kaylee back from his body.

The group was taken to the police station had been waiting for what seemed like forever.

"We are going to need statements from every one of you," said a police officer that had walked over to them.

"Why, sir?" asked Mitch.

"It seems to appear that one of you are responsible for Mathew Devells death, and we will, in fact, get to the damn bottom of it"...





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