Choose a Good Title!

The choice of a title can be crucial! Not only because an appealing title makes the reader curious, attracts attention, and hints to what the book is about; the title can also cause certain associations in the mind of the reader.

Apart from the obvious requirements of a book title, there is another factor that shouldn't be neglected: There is always a chance that a reader comes across a book by chance. The author can actively increase this chance just by using common words in the title of the book. There are some keywords that are typed in store searches more often than others. A practice example might be the book “My Vampire Love” from the BookRix-user Jemma1011, as many readers, for example, look for the words “Vampire” or “Love” on Amazon.

This can be an advantage on BookRix, too. Properly set keyword tags leads to more readers reading your book. If a reader is interested in vampire-stories and a book is indeed about vampires, but isn’t tagged with the word and doesn't show this in the title, the book will never be found. Even if the reader really would like to read it.

Thus, a good choice for a title (and "keywords") decides much more than it seems to at first glance.

Put some thought into your title - it's the one thing that people will remember about your book long after they've read it. The more original and interesting, the more likely the reader is to remember.


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