(Little preview)I remember the time when she turned on me. I was only 3. But apparently today I had gone 'to low'. She came down on me like as ton of bricks I thought I could here my tiny fragile bones crack and break inside me. When she had finshed i was beaten to a pulp and I remember, lying there limply on the ground. I cried silent tears. I was scared to cry for help in case she thundered back to finsh me off. After an hour or so I dared to try clamber to my room. BIG mistake, I heard her slippers slapping the floor as she stormed into the living room.Even a storm could'nt be her! She yanked me by my hair and screamed. I was so scared. When she finally left silence bombarded the room. I curled up in a tiny dusty corner crying for my dad.But he never came. When it was finally bed time i was relieved for a day to be over, but dreading the next 24 hours to begin. I was awake till 4am, when i fell asleep i dreamt being in a wide cooling sea. I didn't know what the dream meant till i awoke from my short slumber. Oh no, I had wet the bed.I could here her bounding up the stairs, I tried to go back to sleep, I was almost in the comfort of my dreams till she saw what I had done. I was thrown into the coldness of the bitter air. I had to stay there till my feet turned blue. I thought she wouldn't. But you wouldn't believe it.she did. I just curled up under a chair, that was my only warmth, I drifted in and out of sleep. I was dying but I did now not seem to care. I was not wanted anymore, i was in pain.Some how I knew, death would soon stop it...


Tag der Veröffentlichung: 03.07.2011

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