Chapter 1

Hi I’m Samantha and I’m moving back to my home town in Pennsylvania. Its name is Penn Hills it’s a nice place not too little and not too big. The one reason that I’m moving back is because my mom and dad split up and my dad wants to move back. I really wanted to stay in Russia but if I wanted to be with my dad then I have to move back. Then my dad said:

“We’re here Sam.”

When I looked up I seen the biggest house I’ve ever seen. I am so big I think it’s a mansion. That’s when I asked:

“Dad is this a mansion?”

He said “Yes it is Sam”

I said “sweet”

Me and my father like big places to live. So I have a feeling I’m really going to like this place. As I’m getting out of the car I have a feeling of sadness mixed with happy and illness. The sadness is most likely from living Russia. The happiness is from my new house and life I’ll be living in my home town. The illness I think is from the plane ride and car ride here. Anyways I’m at the door waiting for my dad to open the door. P.s my dad was here working on the house for a few weeks so it should be nice looking. I walked into a living room so big it could be a small house. That’s what I said:

“Dad I’m calling Jacob”

“Ok but tell him to bring his dad, ok?”

“Ok dad.”

My dad is best friends with Jacobs’s dad. And I’m great friends with Jacob. We meet though your dads. I haven’t talked to Jacob for about a year. The only reason that I haven’t talked to him in so long is because whenever I call him is never home and he never calls me back. I don’t know why he just doesn’t. Any ways I’m going to call him now.

“Hello” Said a deep voice on the other line.

“Hey mike”- that’s Jacobs dad-“it’s me Sam me and my dad are here and he want to know if u and Jacob want to come up.”

“Oh hi Sam sure we would love to come up and see the house” mike said.

“Ok great see you guys when u get up here bye” I sad.
I hang up before he could say good bye. I’m just so happy that I’ll get to see Jake again after years of not seeing him. You I just realized that I very need to pee.

“Dad where’s the bathroom” I said.

“The one on this level is on the right all the way down the hall” he said.

“Ok thanks dad” I said

I ran all the way there. After I got done and I washed my hands. I went to the door on the other side of the hall. It was a guest bedroom. I closed the door and went to the living room to find 2 people and my dad waiting for me. I know how they are its Jacob and him dad mike. They all smile when I walk in. I run to give them hugs. I gave mike is first then Jacob we hugged for so long that our dads laughed that us. That then I said

“Oh my god Jacob I haven’t seen you in forever. How are you? What are u up to now a day?”

He said “I’m good. I play football and some other sports. I still hang out with john, zac, josh, Ryan, and heather. And before you ask they are all doing well.”

“That’s good I can’t wait to see them. Maybe I’ll text heather and see if she wants to come over” I said.

“Their all coming over my house at 4:00 so you can come to say hi to all of them” he said.

“Oh well I was think more of tomorrow because I need to unpack and I think dad wants me to help him with the living room and stuff” I said.

“No Sam I want you to go just do your room and we can do a little of the living room” my dad said. By the way my dad’s name is bobby.

“Oh thank you so much” I said.

“You better start unpacking if you want to go on time. That means that Jake and mike need to go home” he said.
I frowned I don’t want them to leave. But he is right they do need to leave if we unpack. If I start unpacking now I’ll be done before 4:00. By the way it’s 10:30.

“Ok I’ll just see them at their house” I said.

“Wait are u kicking us out right now” said mike and Jacob.

“Yup so byes see you guys later” I said. I gave them hugs and off they want.

Chapter 2
   I just finished packing my room. My room is so nice it’s on the third floor. The door is painter black the walls are green. It was a bathroom attached to it. I have a walk in closet the closet is green to. The room was to me 30 feet by 40 feet. I know it’s big but it’s always nice to have a lot of space. Before I started my room I did the living room and the dining room. So I’ll be able to go to jakes to see everyone. It’s about 4:33 so I can go over jakes and hope to see everyone. I put some make up on do my hair and put on different pants. I run down the stairs and grab my keys.

“Are you done packing your room” said my dad.

“Yes dad just got done I’m going to jakes house” I said.

“Ok be good and drive safe see you later” he said.

“Ok dad I well bye love you.”

“Love you too bye Sam.”

I walked out off the house and to my car. My car is a dodge charger 2011. It was the car that I wanted so bad that I begged my parents for weeks. I love this car it’s just right. So I think the car ride to jakes house is about 30 minutes away.
   So I’m about 10 minutes away from jakes house. How about I got lost 3 times on the last time I called Jake and he told me the way he laugh at me the whole time. But I’m on the right road now so I know I’m not going to get lost again. Oh wait I think this is his street. Yes it is I think he is on the other end of the street. This is a nice place where he lives. The entire houses are big even bigger than mine. Theirs his house well looks like I missed everyone. But I can talk to Jacob for a little it has been years. Talking to him will be nice he was only my best friend the closest person to me in the whole world. Before I moved away to Russia, India, and Italy. It well be really nice to get to know him again. I hope me and him can have that friendship that we once had. So has I’m getting out of the car when Jake comes out to meet me.

“Hey Sam” Jake said.

“Hey” I said back.

“Sorry u missed everyone but my dad needs me to go do stuff maybe tomorrow” he said. He said this so sadly.

“Ok well I’ll see you some other time” I said.

Well there goes getting to be best friends again. Well at least he seems to want to hangout. Well I’ll go get a hot tea. I think I know where a café is around here.

chapter 3
   so the cafe is only 10 minutes away from my house thats nice so now i can walk to it everyday. There is almost no one here so i get a green tea and go sit in the back corner by a window. The cafe isn't very big it's small and the walls are a light green. the music that is playing is moonlight sonata. It so claming i like it here. The music that is playing is very calming. I see 2 people walking my way. The stop and sit one is a goth girl with long blue hair and it wearing a black veil brides tee-shirt and red skinny jeans. The other one is a really cute boy. from what i can tell hes 6 foot 2 and has huge muslces. hes wear a red and blue shirt that says sup with dark jeans.

"hi u must be new here just wanted to say hi and welcome" said the boy.

"hi i"m not really new i was born here and raised to about 6 then i moved and lived all over the world but my name is sam what your's." i said.




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