A Stormy Tale

A Stormy Tale

I sit upon the story book
The walls they shudder, the house it shook
The pages are yellow, the cover is aged
The window’s emblazoned-the storm is enraged
The content’s familiar, my memories wake
Outside my window, the heavens they break
Chivalry, romance, adventure, despair
The trees are entangled, the sun is ensnared
With my tiny finger, I trace the long spine
The rain is cascading from along the skyline
I force the stories, one by one, through my head
To rid myself of the noises, the screaming, the dead
I sit this way for a while, just rocking, just swaying
The words alive in my brain, illustrative, they’re playing
Beautiful music, the words dance through my mind
They remind me of home, of a happier time
And as the storms outside blowing, I won’t have to look
As the I listen to the stories
Inside my story book.


Tag der Veröffentlichung: 14.10.2012

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To my father, constant as the sun after a storm

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