Before She Knew

Kaya walked up to her math teacher to hand her the test. It was test day at her high school. She was the first done, as usual. Then, extremely cute Sam finished 2nd, as usual also. They were the two smartest kids in their grade. They dominated every subject. They were seen as enemies, always fighting for academic dominance, even though they were friends. They had hung out at each others houses, but that rumor never spread... Then they headed to science, where Kaya finished first, and Sam second, again, then in English, Sam finished first, then Kaya second, then in History, Sam first and Kaya second. They had every class together, and their grade was known for the two of them. After she got home from school that day, she made a bagel, and ate a banana.

Finding Out

"Are you almost ready? I'm so excited for you to see the house!" Kaya's mom asked her on the phone.
"I've been ready, mom, you know how I am." Kaya replied.
"Yes.Yes I do. Alright then, see you when you get here! Love you, bye!" Hanna said.
"Love you too, bye!" Kaya ended the call. She grabbed her suitcase and beauty backpack. Her mom was moving into a new house, and her dad didn't like how much her mom moved.
"Children need stability." He had said.
"Mom said she is getting a house at the end of January."
Her parents were divorced, and they had been since she was in kindergarten. They made her go to counseling, making the assumption that she thought her whole world was falling apart. Truth was, she didn't really care that her parents were divorced, and she was sure to display that in counseling. There were other kids there too, older kids who most likely thought that it was their fault their parents got divorced. They were all sad and depressed. After two counseling sessions, she finally came out and told them what she thought.
"I know why you put me in here." 5 year old Kaya said.
"Why?" One of the ladies asked.
"You think that I think that my world is falling apart, when truthfully, I don't care. I know I have a good future. You think that I think that it's my fault. I know it's not. I never do anything other than whine once in a while, and every kid does that. These other kids might not realize it, but when people get divorced, its not anyone's fault but the people getting divorced."
The people were speechless for a minute. "Why do they get divorced then?" A fifth grader who was then crying asked.
"They either aren't in love anymore, or something just isn't working out." Kaya replied. They let her finish that session, and then they let her leave. The other kids didn't need it anymore either. The counselors had only been telling them it wasn't their fault, never explaining WHY the parents got divorced then, leading them to think that the only reason is them.
She went over to her neighbor's house and picked up her best friend, Mia Lunestar, for their shopping trip that they had planned. They went to all of their favorite stores that they always went to, and they added Victoria's Secret for the first time ever. They got some push up bras and swimsuits, as well as some grown up underwear. They each threw in one lingerie outfit for just in case *wink wink*. They then went to best buy to get Kaya's half sister Tahlia a birthday present. Kaya got her a Macbook Air and a recording studio set, because 12 going on 13 year old Tahlia liked to play guitar, and Mia got her a purple laptop case and a blue wireless mouse. Kaya decided to pick herself up a Macbook Pro and a Nook for her 15th birthday that was in 5 weeks. She was so excited! After Steve Jobs died her dad took over the business, so she was rich AND got apple products free. She dropped her purchases off at her dad's house and then went to her mom's house in her hot pink convertible with the license plates saying 'imblonde', after saying goodbye to Mia, and hugging her. According to the adress her mom had given to her, she was at her new house, but this is Sam's house...
"Hello?" Kaya answered her phone.
"Why are you just sitting outside the house?" Her mom asked her through the phone.
"Wait, so you're saying this IS the house?" She asked.
"Yes, I suppose you're wondering why you're at Samuel's house..."
"YES mom, I AM!"
"Well, his mom decided she would enjoy some more cash, and I liked the house. Since you and Samuel are friends, she's only charging $7,000 dollars a month!"
"NO! I will not stay here!"
"Why not? Her mom whined.
"It's awkward!" She replied.
"Well, I'm not moving, and if you don't, you wont ever see me." She threatened.
"Really mom? Blackmail?"
"I really want this house to work out! Please?"
"FINE!" Kaya ended the call and shoved her iPhone into her cream colored coach purse.
She walked into the house. Her mom was right, it was nice. Then again, she knew that already... Sam came up and said hi.
"Want me to show me where your room is?" He asked her.
"Yes!" Kaya said. She was excited to see which room she got. She got the one opposite of Sam's. A cool aspect of the house was it was symmetrical, so her and Sam's rooms were mirrored, so she knew she had a hot tub and her own library and a HUGE closet. Sam used half of his closet for costumes for his youtube videos. He had a thousand at LEAST! She could fit a fair amount of clothes in there. Not as much as her custom built closet at her dad's house, but still decent. Her mom had already painted the closet lime green with a sheer purple curtain to get in, and the shelves and drawers were white. Her room was hot pink with sheer purple curtains on the windows and the French doors that led out to her own personal pool and hot tub surrounded by fence with thick flower vines growing on it, so it was very private and concealed. Sam moved a section of four tiles out of the bathroom to reveal a ladder, and it led to a secret room that she could use for ANYTHING, and he opened a door that had a tunnel that led to another room, and climbed the ladder and it led to his bathroom.
"Cool!" She said.
"Shh, my mom doesn't know, and naturally, yours doesn't either." He said.
"Okay, I'll keep it on the DL!" She whisper-laughed.
She headed back to her room to unpack the clothes she brought with her.

The First Night

"Kaya!" She heard someone say quietly in the dark.
"Who is it?" She jumped up, straining her eyes to see.
"It's just me, Sam!" He smirked, but she couldn't see in the dark.
"Oh, you scared me, you should ALWAYS say when you're going to come creep on me in the middle of the night..." She said, being serious.
"Haha!" Sam laughed. To show him her face, she clap-on-ed the lights. "Oh, you were serious..." He trailed off.
"Well, what is it?" She asked him.
"I have to make a youtube video for my 3 year anniversary, and I was wondering if you wanted to be in it!" He smiled.
"Sure, give me like, 20 minutes." She replied.
Once she was dressed and all made up she used the secret passageway to go to his room. He had professional lighting, movie camera, and his plain white background completely ready.
"Woah! I didn't realize I took so long to get ready!" Kaya said surprisedly.
"It only took 15 minutes, I just set up really fast." He said laughing.
"Oh, haha." She laughed.
"You ready?" He asked.
"What do I do?" She said.
"Just improvise and be yourself!" He reassured her.
"Okay I guess..." She sat in her spot. He pressed the record button and sat down.
"Ugh, is this what I look like in HD? Gross..." She said. Sam laughed.
"You look pretty, now can we start the video?"
"Haha, yeah, sure!" She said.
After they were done filming, he edited it while she went on her new Macbook Pro.
"Do you want to see the final product before I upload it?" He asked.
"Um, DUH!" She got up and went over to where his computer was and sat down.
Kaya-Ugh, is this what I look like in HD? Gross...
black screen white letters: 'iamsam' with his theme song.
Kaya-Now that the toterlie awefum sheem shong is ober, lez get down to bidness!
Sam-Really Kaya? Bidness?
Kaya-What? I'm tired and I don't know what I'm doing!
Sam-*laughs* well, this is my 3 year anniversary here on youtube, and I just wanted to thank you guys for sticking with me, through-
Sam-Well, I was going to say-
Kaya-Growing his first chest hair!
Kaya-Alright, alright! Jeez!
Sam-Through thick and thin!
Kaya-Okay, get to the cool part!
Sam-As a thank you for 2 billion subscribers I'm going to be having a giveaway!
Kaya-Tell them MORE!
Sam-Since Kaya's dad owns Apple, she gets all Apple products free, so she'll be picking up these things: 1 iPod touch, 1 iPhone, one iPad, 1 iMac, 1 Macbook Pro, and 1 Macbook Air! Exciting enough?
Kaya-There will be one winner! Winner takes all! And, all you have to do is make a video of you singing a new theme song for Sam, and the one that is chosen will be the winner!
Sam-That was everything for this video, sorry it wasn't funny, but I'll save that for tomorrow!
Kaya-Tomorrow? I was never info-
Black screen with white letters: 'She'll learn ;D" with iamsam goodbye song.
"Oh. My. God. It's so... professional and everything!" She said. "Well it's 2:00 am, I'm going to bed. Night!" She hugged him.
"Goodnight!" He hugged back.
"See you tomo..." She faded off and fell over in exhaustion before opening the door.
"Great..." Sam muttered and walked over to pick her up. He set her on one side of the bed. He plopped down on his futon, clapped off his lights and rolled over to bed.

What am I Doing in Sam's Bed?

Kaya woke up and to her surprise she was not in her own room. She was laying in Sam's bed. She looked at Sam's She looked at Sam on the futon. He was shirtless and his blanket was only at his waist and below. She looked at his stomach and saw a 6 pack. 'He has the perfect amount of muscles...' Kaya thought. She got up and got into Sam's shower. She grabbed a towel and started to dry herself off and Sam walked in. Before he saw anything, Kaya lifted the towel in front of herself.
"Lock the door, I thought you went back to your room!"
"Well, didn't you hear the shower?"
"No, I woke up like two seconds ago!"
"I'm going!"
Kaya walked out fully clothed.
"Sorry..." Sam apologized.
"No, you're right, I should've locked the door."
"I think we're both to blame."
"So, I remember telling you goodnight and walking to the secret door, but I don't remember going to my bed..."
"You collapsed you were so tired!" Sam said.
"Really? Huh..." Kaya was surprised.
"So, are you ready for today's video?"
"Let me get ready, and then sure."
"Wait, here is the outfit you're putting on." Sam said holding out a banana suit.
"I want to see yours." She said crossing her arms. He held out another banana suit.
"We're gonna match!" He smiled. She burst out laughing.
"Sounds like fun!" Kaya grabbed the banana suit and ran to her room. Once she was all ready, She ran to his room. He was already ready.
"What's the plan, stan?" Kaya asked.
"We're going to show something that's funny in a banana suit and the same thing that's not as funny not in a banana suit. Got any ideas?"
"Let's do it in public!" She said. Sam laughed.
"Ingenious!" Sam grabbed his camera that was smaller and less conspicuous.
"I have the first idea!" Kaya smiled while they were driving to the outlet mall.
"What is it?" Sam asked.
"Driving." Kaya smiled at him, and giggled.
"Great! Grab the camera and film me driving in this thing." Sam said.
She grabbed the camera and hit the record button. "Honk the horn and say 'GET OUT THE WAY YOU PEAR!' it'll be so funny." He said.
"GET OUT THE WAY, YOU PEAR!" Sam said after honking the horn at someone who was sitting at a green light. "God, some fruits are awful drivers..."
"Alright, pull over and take that thing off." He did and got back in the car. "This time you've gotta say 'Get out of the way, bitch! God some people are awful drivers...' Just bleep out the 'bitch' part. That'll be so unfunny!"
Sam did what she told him to do and thought of something for her to do.
"We have to go to walmart and you go to the produce section and stand by the bananas and every time somebody grabs a banana you have to yell out a random family member name, then take it back and say 'have my stepdad instead.' handing them different bananas. Then you take off the banana suit and say 'how could you eat a BANANA? You sick, sick, people!' and walk away." Sam said.
"Alright." Kaya smiled. Once they got there he figured out where he would film from and she took some pictures with kids while Sam chuckled to himself and recorded it and once an unsuspecting lady came up and was searching through the bananas and placed some in her cart.
"Ma'am, ma'am," Kaya said."Yes thank you, um, that's my uncle, cousin, grandpa, and brother, mind taking my stepdad and his idiot friends instead?"
"I suppose..." The lady laughed a little and they traded bushels of bananas.
They did a huge list of what Sam called 'A Banana Suit is Funny no Matter What!' like getting fired and going to a funeral. They looked through some of the comments on the other video that he uploaded of them the other day and people were asking if they were dating. They decided to pre-film a video, but switch clothes so that it doesn't look like they did.
"Hey guys its Sam. On the last two videos uploaded of us, there have been a lot of comments of you guys asking if we were dating."
"Just to clear things up, we're making this video. We're not dating." Kaya smiled.
"I also saw a lot of 'You two would be so cute together!'s as well. Stop it, we get asked a lot. Even in 'real life'." Sam said.

People at School

Kaya and Sam walked into school together, they carpooled in Sam's red Lamborghini. People looked at them like they were dating, and giving Kaya the stank eye. Sam was getting a lot of smirks and pats on the back. He was beginning to wonder what kind of rumors had spread about them being together. He opened FaceSpace on his zPhone. There were a lot of posts about them and links to the videos they uploaded on Sam's channel. She also looked on FaceSpace. They were checking it and Kaya's best friend walks up to her.
"I sent you like a thousand teest messages! You totally just went awol this weekend! I was worried!" She said.
"I didn't see them." She went to the messages part of her zPhone and there was nothing there. She showed Mia, and she was confused.
"I swear, on my phone it says that I sent you all the messages..." She showed Kaya and sure enough, there were messages that had supposed to have been sent.
"I don't know why I didn't get any of them..." Kaya said confused. She tried sending a message and Mia got it. Mia sent her a message, and she got it. So what was the problem and why hadn't she gotten the messages over the weekend? This was an intriguing subject and all, but they needed to get to class. They all walked to math together. Mia went ahead of them and then Sam and Kaya walked through the doors together. The class erupted into a bunch of 'awwww!'s when they came in. Sam spoke loud enough so that the whole class could hear.
"Then what was she doing at your house in the middle of the night and the next day too?" Someone said.
"My house was too big and empty for just me and my my mom, an entire 1/2 of the house was empty and Kaya's mom needed a local place that fit her standards and she wanted to have a friend. They live together and split the house payment." Sam explained. The whole class "ohhhhh"ed now.
They sat down and could finally learn in peace.
When they got out of school people watched them go to Sam's car. Regardless of how much sense Sam's explanation made, people were still very suspicious. When they got home they hung out at the pool, seeing as is was May, and school was almost out. 3 more weeks and it would be summer vacation.


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