For the last years people like me and you well were nothing alike you mom and dad are still alive and mine are dead some times I think to myself was it my fault some times I put myself to sleep crying sad and depressed .
“Lucinda” I said “look Annie we have been through this you can call me mom I know im “,
I stomped upstairs and locked my door, I slowly soon became to slid down the door and made a puddle of tears I looked up wiped off my eyes and went to the window, I looked outside and noticed one star in the sky I made a wish I always believed in hope and faith just like my mom my dad well he was something always goofing around but he was the dad I wanted and didn’t want him any other way .
I hoped to be and shut my eyes and made a story I do that every night like I was watching TV but I was the director.
(BANG BANG BANG) I shot my head up hello I said with a stutter I looked at the door moving back and forth
“AHHHH”I got up and went to the window and went to Licentious window I knocked Lucinda I yelled Lucinda a dead woman face popped out
“Go Away Go Away a “
A man came from around the corner from the house in a tux “STOP”
he yelled I started to run and tried over the sewage pump sticking out of the ground he grabbed my shoulder I turned my neck enough so that if it was a vampire then he could stick his teeth im my neck pretty good .
I turned my head and open my eyes he just stood there staring at me with that kind of look that king of look like you were never born and you wanted your parents to recognize you . But there was something about his eyes that did look familiar .
My lip shivered “” I quivered
“Ya its me” he hugged me like he didn’t even care what what was going on “dad” I said “I think I know how you ..your BACK.


Tag der Veröffentlichung: 24.11.2010

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