2016.01.14 - The Word of God at the Feast of the Lord’s circumcision in the body and the feast of the saint hierarch Basil the Great

The Word of God[1] at the Feast of the Lord’s circumcision in the body and the feast of the saint hierarch Basil the Great[2]



I am coming down into My book of today as word of teaching over those who take from the Lord guidance and advice for their walking on the way with Me, on the way for Me, and on which I, the Lord, walk towards them as well, and then with them on My way to the people, and how beautiful is when every man understands My coming of today in the way I come, for even on earth, when those who rule want to send their words to the people in order to be fulfilled, they work likewise, and they also have people among themselves, they have those who bring to the people the things that have to be fulfilled according to the advice from above, from the helm of the citadel, and those who do not fulfill are seen and they are questioned and then searched out because of their disobedience.


Oh, I am laying down as a gentle Teacher on this day of holy feast and I am grazing My faithful and obedient people, and I am also bringing news and advice to those who are not faithful in their obedience to God, because this is how the gentle Shepherd is when He tends his sheep, both the good one and those what are not so good, those who do not have so much fear of the wolf that hunts the sheep according to his nature of wolf. 


Oh, by this work of word spoken by My mouth over those who share God, I, the Lord, am showing in this time, coming from the Scripture to be, I am showing to those on earth the heavenly way, the way that people do no longer seek. Oh, no one seeks on his way any longer; people do no longer have the heavenly way in their search, people cannot work any longer on this way, for there are many pleasures on earth, and the pleasures are sweet for man, and every man is punished to them as a reward of his lack of God from his life and living.


Oh, peace to you, people of My word, for the world has to know of My mouth to whom you belong and who made you the people of Christ the Word. Oh, son, My word upon you has put you at the table of the teaching of God’s sons, from where those who believe that the Lord comes on earth and teaches people the heavenly way can receive guidance for life; there is not seen anywhere teaching and knowledge for the heavenly way any longer so that man may have to choose between good and evil, between truth and emptiness, between light and darkness, between holiness and sin, because it is not right that only the evil face of the things to be seen; on the contrary, it is well for man to know what to choose for his life, those that remain or those that perish by their nature without eternity, and I, the Lord, come to man and show him the heavenly way, which no one looks for, no one, if it does not come into the men’s way.


When I teach and give you My advice, My people, I go with this food of word over the earth and with it I stand before men, for the rulers of the earth and especially those who have laid hold of the keys of the kingdom of the heavens have hidden the way to heaven from people so that only the way to them may be seen and the people to know only that; however, people need to be advised as they have to know what wisdom is and they have to be helped on their way to heaven. Oh, and when I had seen that the mercy on people died out on earth, I came down from heaven from near My Father and made My way on earth to the people and I start writing a book for them to learn from, and they have to choose either to learn or to remain on earth with their life.


Oh, how well it is when man obeys, well sons! I teach you what submission is; I teach you by My own submission and obedience, oh, sons, because I came on earth, born as a Child, and I submitted to the order of the people of Israel and then I was taken to the circumcision in My body so that it may prove clearly that I was fully man when I came to be God and Man on earth. The child goes to be educated and to have knowledge, but if he does not use the teaching he receives, he proves to be a man without education. He who learns from God is the one who proves then by his work his resemblance with the Lord and his Teacher, in Whom the one who has learned is built. Oh, this is how man builds in God, and that is why I have come on earth now and revealed the heavenly way so that the man may see it.


Oh, sons, I have come to you with the saints, and among them is the one celebrated, Basil the Great, with his work for God and for people, and this proof was great for him because a loving spirit of people dwelt in him and this spirit put him to work, and now he is teaching you on his day of synod among saints, because all the saints long after Me and after you to come; to come the great victory and to rest from their waiting, after the last Scriptures will have brought into view their fulfillment, for everything is written as the things have to be fulfilled one after the other.


Now I am looking at your today’s joy in order to advise the people of My word, you great servant. May your speaking be blessed, and may your teaching come powerfully upon those who will take it from My today’s book (See the selection topic: „About the Book of the Lamb - The Book of Life”, r.n.) in which I am writing Myself with My saints with the work of word. Amen.


Oh, Lord, I am blessing much, much, the people of Your word and all the borders of the citadel of New Jerusalem from the midst of the Romanian people. I am declaring the word of protection before You and I am blessing the land of Your homeland of today, the Romanian people, where You have come from heaven, made a citadel and dwelt in it with the glory of Your word and with its proclamation over the earth. I am coming down and strengthening with holy advice now those that are Your people, the sons of Your word, and I am praising You by my heavenly work of today over the earth, oh, Lord.


Oh, I lived among people and I knew their pains, their wandering away and the traps in which they were caught, and I was filled with compassion and zeal for people to help them on Your behalf, and I strengthened myself in You, Lord, with all my merciful desire, and then I started to fight against the evil spirits what were working against the people enslaved by weaknesses and lack of God within their living. Oh, how painful was to see people who do not love God on earth, and to see that they are so much enslaved by the spirit opposing God, which people help in such a way that the Lord does no longer have any power in them! Oh, how pitiful is to see people who do not know to distinguish between good and evil and do not learn anywhere what to do with their life! Oh, how painful is to see the man who has no one at the helm but his mind only!


I suffered for You and for people, oh, Lord. This sufferance also gave me a state of wakefulness and power that I might also torment the devil as it deserves, because it torments the people so much, and the people are weak and the devil sees this and throws them in large traps and then he laughs at God’s creature; therefore, I brought this into view and showed it to the people so that the people may know that they have to keep away from it all the time and that they do not have to sleep like the dead; on the contrary, they have to stay awake as those who are alive, because the devil does not sleep and always stays into their way with its army. Oh, woe to those who sleep and do not watch! The pleasures, in which all the people live, are the devil’s will; they are the long sleep of the people, and there are no longer shepherds to kill the wolf and save the sheep from the traps, from temptations and from any danger with a hidden face when it strikes.


Oh, God’s sons, make the sign of the cross upon you and on everything that you have; always make a cross. (See the selection topic: „About the graven image (icon) and the sign of the cross”, r.n.) Make the sign of the cross on heaven, on earth and on you. Make a cross over the waters and over the trees, over the night, over the day and in the air. Oh, always make the sign of the cross, faithful sons. Make a cross upon people, upon those who are good and on those who are evil. Make a cross upon animals and dedicate them to have the sign of the holy cross upon them. Make a cross, sons, upon everything that you work or touch, upon everything you take or bring, upon everything you put in your mouth or drink. Oh, make the sign of the cross in your thoughts and in those that may come into your mind lest the devil may be there and you are not aware of it, because I cast out the devil long ago and I threatened him with this weapon left to us, Christians, by the Lord, to protect us, for before the cross the devil melts away like wax in the fire. Oh, make crosses over temptations and over your evil desires. Do not let your right hand without work over the sign of the holy cross, for in a battle a true soldier is the one that does not leave his weapon even for a moment, and Christians undergo only times for battle upon them, because moment by moment the devil is after God’s sons to catch them doing wrong and thus to take their power from God, which man lets it grow weak very much by his wrong doings.


Let all men’s sons take this exhortation and fight and let them become God’s sons, who have on their foreheads the cross, the seal of the living God, of which the devils complain very much and want to wipe it out.


Oh, sons of the Lord Word, behold what I am teaching you: You are hurt very much by those who stand against you because of your election for your living under the cross of the Lord’s coming during this time. The Christians who walked in faithfulness for a long time have left the Lord and from near you too; they did not endure with the Lord to the end of the work and they have become your enemies, they despise you using words of blasphemy and they put stains on your foreheads and are not afraid. Oh, if they do not know what to do and if they do not kneel down to ask from the Lord for the clarifying of their minds, then you do this for them, as behold, they try to denigrate you in the mind of those who are weak when it comes to stand fast. You should do this for them and ask the Lord to reveal them that this word which rules is the Lord, and that this word of which all the saints shudder is nothing else. Oh, how well it would be with them to ask from the Lord and not from men to tell them what this word is, which led them for such a long time, as long as they wanted to believe that it came from the Lord on earth. This is my exhortation for those who are so coward, for those who do not know to go to the end for their belief no matter how many trials they may have to undergo for the revelation of their faith, because the faith that is not tested does not bring forth its proof. And I, a servant in heaven near the Lord, pray before the heavenly throne to the Lord to cast out the spirit of unbelief from those who are enslaved by this danger, because great danger works the unbelief of those who deny after they have walked faithfully in their steps near the Lord.


Oh, who can answer you better concerning the temptation, which you keep making over the servant people at the altar questioning the truth about this heavenly word? You had better ask the Lord and in your clean and untempting heart tell Him: “Lord we are weak in our faith and we are confused, but we want You to have mercy on us and clarify our walking whether it is good or bad, and we pray to You to show us if we have forsaken You or if You have forsaken us because of our unbelief or doubt that has seized us from one another and with which we have been nourishing ourselves from one another and committed this sin, believing that we make a good service.”


And I, a heavenly servant near the Lord, am telling you that it would be easier for you to make it clear yourselves, because it is written for those who are evil and for those who are good: «You will know them after their fruits», and you know that at the unfruitful tree one does not throw anything; however, if you leave aside God’s thinking, then here it is what it happens to you because you commit the sin of denigration against those who pull the yoke and the plough for the Lord, and behold what you do; you get out at the crossroads and find some others that you feed with poison, with unbelief, oh, sons who do not obey God.


I, the Lord, rebuke satan to come out with the work of unbelief from those that are weak in their faith and its work; however, if they keep satan by the tail, then this is their reward. Still, you should strengthen Your coming and Your people, oh, Lord, because Your work is great and it has to be guarded, and teach Your people how to keep away and how to stay under Your protection, for they are small under the pressure of those who are strong in their unbelief, and they need protection and they need comfort too, oh, Lord. Amen.


— I, the Lord, am overwhelmed with the whole heaven by the affection that I have for you, children of My word. Be faithful and be full of patience to the end, sons, for only those who endure to the end are those who endure for a reward for their patience. I, the Lord, I, and My saints, know well those who denigrate you and strike with unbelief. I would try to quiet them immediately but I cannot match those who do not have wisdom, who believe that they can put the Lord off with fine words. Oh, even if man speaks whatever he may want to speak about himself to pose better by his words or if he tries to appear more righteous than those whom he denigrates before God and people, I, the Lord, keep silent before the words of the man who does not think that I know him better than he knows himself, and so I see, better than his being and its work in every moment, both inside and outside of him. Oh, and if I did like them, if you did like them too, then we would be like them too; however, we have to take after God, oh, sons.


Oh, those who left and strike back totally confuse the weak ones, but this confusion is the reward of the man’s dissatisfaction with Me and I am saying now that I do not owe anyone anything, and neither do you, sons who bear the wholly work I have given to you to work for God’s sharing over the earth, and why, really, those who turned back murmur against you after they had been with you and with God, and then they arose complaints, as though you or I may owe them something, or that they may owe us, if it comes to some kind of obligation from one side or the other? The branching formed by those who left and weave lianas over those who freshly fall down, this is bad work. There is someone found who exposes himself or his neighbor and then stains the cheek of the one taken here and there by words so that he may show a cleaner face than the one who is lower in stature than he is. Oh, what a foolish mind, what a foolish womanly mind, oh, what a pity! And I, the Lord, am saying this: on the Christian way the Christian does not have to forget that the sins have to be taken to a worthy confessor, and not just here and there, lest no one may spoil his mind or power from among those who have been touched by this bad work, by the weaknesses of those on the way of the cross and by the trials upon the people who live in the flesh; then the confessor has to be spiritual and he also needs to work spiritually upon man, and no one should get up and speak evil about their fellows and thus stain their face, because this is not theirs because God did not speak that this should be worked in the Christian flock, but rather there is an order left from heaven where the mistakes of those who go wrong are to reach; they have to be presented before God with prayer for their forgiveness and remission, and those around these people do not have to strike against them contemptuously.


Oh, how much trouble will have before Me the one who has the bad habit to take his fellow men here and there and denigrate them! Behold, it is not good for the people to expose themselves or others at any place for this will not protect the soul of the one who does this, but on the contrary, it will call this one to a full account because of this bad work. Oh, that is why I have taught you, sons, not to separate two by two to speak, if you have come to be Mine, because this habit is from the world, and it is called bad luck. Behold those who have worked this have gone far and hid like Adam from the face of the Lord, and they do no longer have any power to look into the eyes of those whom they denigrate and take here and there with a bad name put on their face. Oh, if you are any better, then this is what those who are good people do?


Oh, you those who think that are so righteous and think that you have the right to stigmatize, see that you may not wake up stigmatizing the Holy Spirit believing that you strike those who wander away and pretend to be God’s Word, as you may say, and about whom you say that they deceived you as some kind of sorcerers, just as the rulers of that time spoke about those they killed because of God’s power in them, in My faithful ones over time. Oh, see that you may not wake up being written by God’s angels together with those who called liars and sorcerers those who worked sings and miracles in My name before the pagans, and when My confessors had no way of escape from their crooks, after those who were not faithful had seen God’s signs done by the faithful ones. I remind this so that it may remain written by the unbelieving bishop from Târgovişte who, for seven years had been fighting against My word and against the sons of the Word, speaking with his mouth a hard word that even if he lost both of his legs he would still not believe that God is this word, and after seven-years of struggle he had no longer his legs at their place for they were removed because he shook the dust off his legs before the citadel of My word, speaking that this place would come to be torn down; however, the place had not been destroyed, and he only harmed himself by his own words, and then he admitted his defeat and was cleansed by sufferance because of his unbelief.

Oh, it may seem that one tries to forget so many great signs by those who have been working this opposition now, who, at that time, were the sons of My citadel here, but they pulled aside and forgot the power of God with respect to this settlement.


I have spoken about My pain to those who do not keep their mouth shut, and who have completely lost their garment and are naked, and do not understand their nakedness and the lack of their clothes, and behold, they have no shame to put to shame those who are faithful and inclined to humility and to sweet repentance before Me, as it is good for the Christian to stay and to be.


And now I am blessing, oh, I am blessing the journey of those who have come here, at the feast of Epiphany, and I am preparing to meet them. Let there be armies from heaven alongside with them and let them come flying with love, and we will sweetly spend in the citadel of My word and sanctify from here the earth, the air and the man, and all the ways of those who bring much honor to the Lord and to His works for man.


Oh, in five days the Jordan is going to come back, as a heavenly sign for the feast of Epiphany, and people do not stop to understand and to be afraid for their wandering without God and without shepherds upon them on earth.


Oh, hear, you unfaithful peoples! Hear God’s sign and correct your faith, you those who try to change those that were once set and which speak and confess the time of the holy feasts, for behold, the Jordan is going to come back to show that it is the feast of Epiphany. Amen, amen, I am saying to you: turn back to your fathers; turn back to the faith, to the faith from the fathers, because the unfaithful crowds have been preparing to deceive you and to steal from your bosom the faith and the steadfastness for the faith. (Reference to the desire of the rulers of more Christian cults to establish a certain date, accepted by all, for the feasts of the Holy Passover, which is clearly in disagreement with the tradition and the teaching of the holy fathers and of the Lord, r.n.)


And you, My people of today, stand for Me, son. As little as you are and as much as you are, stand for God, because My day of victory will be beautiful and it will carry into it those who will turn back to God from the idols and the Lord’s victory will remain on earth; My victory with you and for all those on earth, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.



Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor).

You can see more documents containing the Word of God here:


[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.


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