2014.01.19 - The Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s Baptism

                        The Word of God[1] at the feast of the Lord’s Baptism[2]



On a day of the feast of Epiphany the news is coming from heaven on earth and the Lord is becoming word and river by His word. I, Myself, I, the Lord, am He Who speaks about Me through My coming, and I am coming in a cloud, as I ascended to the Father after I fulfilled the entire word for which He had send Me to accomplish on the earth.


I become word of baptism, I become a Baptizer and I baptize those who hear Me coming; I baptize them in My word after two thousand years from My first coming in the flesh and as word among the people on earth.


I have come on this day with a feast of Epiphany accompanied by John, My Baptizer at Jordan, and by the hosts of saints and angels, as they are the river of glory above the garden here, where I meet with My sacrificing people within My coming, and I am meeting you, those who have started to come before dawn in your thought and by your step to My spring of word. I am embracing you all together with all the heavenly guests. We are meeting each other and we are sitting at the table of word, the table of the feast of word, as the Lord’s feasts and His saints’ are glorified in heaven and on earth.


It is a great joy that I am able to come on earth as word with the feasts of the heaven, but there is also pain, for on earth is not as in heaven; there is no longer My will on earth. The feasts of those in heaven are shaken from their places. The days of the feasts of those in heaven have not remained at their places in My Romanian country. (See the selection topic: „The change of feasts - the denial of faith”, r.n.) For a long time it has not been as in heaven in the Romanian people, and the feast of the Lord’s Birth takes place two times and the Lord’s Baptism the same; all take place two times and not as in heaven once a year each feast, but I, the Lord, celebrate with the ancestors of this people, and once with those in heaven I set the feasts on earth as I was able to make Me a little fold and set in it as in heaven the order of everything, for the time has come to correct those that were shaken and I could do this with the faithful ones, who received Me to be their God, as I am in heaven to My saints.


Peace to you and a day of Epiphany with you, with those gathered at My spring of word! Peace to you and rest here after your journey! Sit down, and I sit on the throne of glory; this is how I sit into your midst and give you from the Father; I give you My glory and I comprise you into it. I have My trumpet Verginica at the table here with her people in heaven, (Verginica - the diminutive to her real name: Virginia, r.n.) with the one she had earned, by the alphorn which I have sounded on earth My coming of today. And again, the whole group of prophets are celebrating on this day here, and in its midst, John, My Baptizer; this is how My today’s coming is, and My mother Virgin is comforted by the joy of those in heaven before the spectacle here, where a feast of Epiphany has been prepared for us.


I am the Lord; I am the One Who sends His word to the earth, as it is written. I am the One Who exalts those who are gentle and I humble the sinners, who do not have repentance. I love those who are gentle very much and I want to have only gentle sons. I am building the Jerusalem by gathering at My bosom those who can believe and praise the Lord’s name from the earth and up to the heaven and those who can become gentle. I am coming at the feasts and am gathering only one group, those in heaven with those on earth, and We are working those that are not seen yet, and then they appear as having been had done, for I said: «We are making all things new». (Apoc: 21/5) We are making everything again.


You need to have apostolic love, but you should also learn it in order to have it, oh, sons. It is the love for the things in heaven and for those in heaven; it draws to the heavenly homeland and it draws with longing to it. Those without faith are weak; they are very weak and these do not see the Lord among those pleased to Him on earth. Those who do not believe the one the Lord is pleased with and do not take from them, they believe in those who testify falsely, maliciously and uncleanly, they believe in those who lie, and the liars are those who deny the Lord, the Redeemer, and they draw away from the Lord’s way those who are weak in their faith.


Oh, sons, oh, sons, keep your faith; keep it from those who lie. Keep it with the sign of the holy cross, which sanctifies everything with the name of the Lord and the zeal of the ancestors, who ended their lives faithfully and passed away to their beginning in heaven. (See the selection topic: „About the graven image (icon) and the sign of the cross”, r.n.)


Oh, apostolic love is needed and much spirit of humility, much gentle spirit is needed as well. The man has to show his evil side, not the good one, if he is on the way of humility of spirit with his life to heaven. Those who go to heaven are those who learn walking and learning from the saints, who gave themselves as an example of apostolic love, separating from those on earth and struggling for those in heaven. Oh, what are the things in heaven? They are the things that remain and are. There are many in heaven, who were born on earth with the work for the things in heaven, but there are as thick as blackberries too, those who were born and are born on earth with work for the things on the earth, which pass and are no more.


Oh, how shall I not come on earth as word? How shall I not come to teach man and draw him to the apostolic love between Me and him? Who taught John, the Baptizer, and from where did he take the Lord inside of him? Oh, who brought him to Jordan to baptize the Son of God with water and called Him Lamb?


Oh, receive Lord, receive my confession on the feast day of Epiphany. «Behold, the Lamb of God, Who takes away the sin of the world!» (John: 1/29) This is how I called You at Jordan when I saw You with the Holy Spirit resting above You so that I might confess You to those who had gathered in crowds to receive the baptism with water from me, for then I was proclaiming everywhere the great news and I was preaching high and low saying: «Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!» (Matt: 3/2) And I was teaching everything that had to be done for the Kingdom of the Heaven and how to believe this news, and when You came to Jordan, I showed You to the crowds and I confessed to them and I told them to follow You, for my work had come to an end, and the Lord, the One I confessed, had to grow.


I was born on the earth with work for the things in heaven, and this was my life too, Lord. I had been alone since I was a little child and up to my coming to You in heaven, at home with the Father, where You have Your eternal homeland. I had no other kind of joy besides You. Oh, who taught me the apostolic love? Oh, who brought me to Jordan to raise my hand above You and sink You in the water and to call You Lamb, oh, Lord? You were with me always, as You also were near the Father always, as You were with Adam in paradise, always, and You taught me everything, Lord. Adam did not love You, but I had loved You, oh, Lord, and my paradise with You was the wilderness place without people, where I grew up to the age of Your fullness in me. I was like a baby before You all the time and You grew me up with the spiritual milk, the sweet one, the one for the babies, Lord. Satan could not prevail against me because I had loved You. Herod could not receive me in him with faith because I loved You, Lord, and he loved satan and served him; he loved the woman and served her. Oh, if Adam had not loved the woman, he would have loved You, Lord. Oh, if man did not love the woman, he would love You, Lord, but there are as much as the grass on the prairie those who are born on earth with work for those on the earth, which pass and are no more, oh, Lord. Only the apostolic love, only this does not perish; it does not perish but remains together with its tent, for You are the man’s Redeemer, oh, Lord. You came on the earth to redeem the one who wants this, and I confessed You at Jordan, baptizing You in its waters. Why, really, was it that I had to do this work for You, Son of the Father Sabaoth? But, how was it possible for You to confess Yourself and then to be confessed and showed by me to the crowds that followed to be baptized for repentance to wait for Your kingdom, which You came to establish on earth among people, as You have also been working today and establishing it over those that are weak in their faith and its work? 


Oh, how rich I was with You, Lord and little Lamb! I had nothing but You, the earth and the heaven as my way to You. Who on earth would be satisfied to have as much as I had on the way to the home from above? Oh, how could not You have come on earth now to teach the man and to show him the way as I showed it to them at Jordan? I showed You to them, as Your disciples of today, to whom You come, give You to those who gather at the baptism in Your river of word, oh, Lord. (See the selection topic: „This word is the river of life”, r.n.)


I am speaking with pain now, little Lamb of the Father and my gentle Lord, that the feast of the Epiphany is now, and the Romanian people has taken it and moved it earlier, as it has listened to the advice of the false prophet and the Romanian people committed this sin, a sin branded by the holy ancestors which was not supposed to be done in the Christian people. Oh, until when the sons of this people will stay scattered and separated from the fathers? Behold, this people, born Christian and not made Christian, has not kept the faith from the ancestors. The false prophet came and put his seal on it and the sons of this nation have not kept the good way anymore, for they have strayed and received the lie. Oh, is there any more, Lord? Is that much longer? Oh, call out to them, call out to them as I was calling out to them at Jordan and make them hear Your mourning alphorn and Your calling with mourning after them to come back to obedience and to reestablish the feasts of the saints as their ancestors had established them, for those who come after You in order to spoil are thieves and robbers, as it is written. (See the selection topic: „The false prophet and the ecumenism”, r.n.)


Oh, it is a day of Epiphany. Wake up, Romanian Christians! In heaven, today among the saints, is the day of the Lord’s Baptism. Let it be on earth as in heaven, for this is written. Amen. Oh, you are so much divided. This is not what the Lord left it to be. Turn back and make pace with your ancestors that cry out to the Lord and ask the resurrection of the faith for you, for the Lord is One, and you should also be one in His name. Amen.


Oh, Lord, may Your will be done on earth as in heaven. I am confessing You on this day with Your feast of Epiphany and I let it be known that in heaven is celebrated this feast, and not as the Romanian people does on earth. Oh, how could it be possible to have powers upon satan, oh Romanian people, if you do not listen to the fathers and to the Lord?


Oh, Lord, may Your will be done over the Romanian people. You are the One Who can have the will to fulfill and to overcome, little and gentle Lamb, my gentle Lord, so gentle. Amen.


— I am Who I am, My Baptizer at Jordan, two thousand years ago. I am the One Who speaks to them like no other nation under heaven, but what shall I do with those who disobey? I call them out to them to hear Me. However, they have their idolatrous parties, for they serve to their pleasures. It is a day of Epiphany and I open up their hearing to take Me and to drink in the word of life and to be alive, and I wait for them at the spring and I wait for them and I keep waiting for them. Amen.


It is beautiful here at the spring on this day. Those who have come from heaven and those who live here are one at the table of today. It is much spirit of feast above and below. You are watched by the people in heaven of My trumpet Verginica and you are comforted and supported with great love under the hardships of My work with you, weary sons near My spring of word? Oh, what a sweet feast! You know this on this day. Sons, you should feel sweet comfort and sweet help from those in heaven, who work with Me for you and for Me, well sons. You should give the feast of Epiphany on earth, sharing Me as I also give Myself to you. Learn the apostolic love and give each other this heavenly love and its conduct. Oh, follow the example of the saints, who conquered the heaven with their life on earth and be gentle, very gentle, and be little lambs, too, sons. Amen.


You, those who have travelled and come to My Baptism, oh, learn My coming and learn to come and let there not be any separation between Me and you. However, I have always waited for you here and met you with those in heaven, as many times as you set foot to the spring, for the mystery of these lands is very big, and because it is so big there is carefully covered under the wings of those in heaven, with the protectors in heaven for those that are not seen of these lands, for they have to be kept secret, well sons. Oh, where is found so much comfort from heaven as here for those who start walking and come to the Lord here? I am He Who am, and I am the One Who has chosen here a dwelling and resting place to do much good with it on the earth, first for those who believe in My today’s coming.


I give you gifts for your love with which you meet Me. Receive them and multiply them in Me, sons and daughters who have stuck to My spring with your love. Oh, if someone on earth tries to separate you from this spring, you should know that one like that is a liar to you and for your life. However, you should welcome those who strengthen your faith in My coming of nowadays and the longing after the holy life and the obedience of My entire word, and happy are and will be those who listen as I advise them. Amen.


Oh, receive each other, sons, for this is how you will learn the humility and its graces. Seek after each other as after God, as after God, sons, for where you are gathered two or three or more in the name of My life, then God is with you in unity, well sons. Oh, be little children; be without any evil in you. Be gentle in your word and nature, so that you may be My kingdom in which I may find My pleasure, rest and peace with you, My peace that I lost in the beginning between Me and man.


Oh, peace to you! This word, “Peace to you!” is the word by which I comfort you as the resurrected one. I am from the Father with you and I am for you, and you should be the same; you should be for Me and for the Father, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.



Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor).

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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.


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