The Word of God about His coming, as the lightning that comes out from the east (3)

The Word of God about His coming, as the lightning that comes out from the east (3)


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Oh, hospitable little children, who welcome Me with My word to you! The entire time has elapsed and I have to come perfectly, to make all My coming for which I have been working for seven thousand years. I could hardly walk on My way from heaven to earth and then after man. I could not speak over the whole earth all the time, as people did not have and do not have ears, and men do not give themselves to Me. I was speaking with those who had ears, and then I was sending them with the messages from Me. Oh, I could hardly go with the news from heaven from place to place, both near and far, and the walking of My apostles was with the step, it was like the step. However, today, I have to go as fast as lightning because the devil also goes fast, and I go after him and I walk in his way and within his chariots, to be on the way and in his way, to do My work against him and to pull the man out of his dominion. I go as fast as lightening, from west to east and from east to west, and I reach in a moment with the word of My coming, as I make use of the way of man (Including the internet, r.n.) to scatter it from behind with My things, with the things from heaven, and which are for man to hear.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Saint hierarch Spyridon, from 25-12-2000.



Behold the country of brightness, which Daniel, the prophet, saw it from far away, the land from the beginning, the Romanian land, of which I took the clay into My hand and I made the man. Here is My new country, My new field in which I have sown the seed of the new age, a heavenly age on the earth, the New Jerusalem. This is how the new age is called: New Jerusalem. Amen, amen, amen.


Open the Scriptures, you sons of the people, and you will find in it My coming with the new age, coming down from heaven. And here is My coming, for I am speaking from the midst of the Romanian land over the earth, and My word crosses like lightning from east to west, for this is how My coming is, like lighting, as it is written into the Scriptures.


Let the thirsty come and drink of My water and to be alive afterwards, (See the selection topic: This word is the river of life[1]”, r.n.) and let him no more go thirsty, for behold, the man is always thirsty. He drinks and goes thirsty again, for I have the water, not him. Let the man come to Me and drink. And if he does not want to come, let him not come, for it is written: «Let him who is holy be holy still, and let him who is filthy be filthy still», for My coming is like a thief and the one, who has not come to it, does no longer have time to come.


Oh, sons of the people, redeem the time for the days are hard. This is how the Scripture teaches you. Open the Scriptures, you, sons of the people, and you will find in them that I come and you will understand why I come. I come for it is written in them that I come after those two thousand years from My ascension to My Father. I ascended to My Father so that I could come again to prepare the place of My coming from near My Father. And I have come and prepared it for Me and I still prepare it and glorify it, so that all the kings may see the land of the dwelling of My coming: the Romanian land. This land soon, soon, will be entirely Mine, and those, who will be on it, will become My saints, a holy and royal nation and a people after My image and into My likeness, for this how it is in the house of My Father. Amen.         


Oh, children from the manger, I have given you grace and comfort and to those, who have come together to the spring, to drink and to grow. I have also given to the sons of the people to drink, only if they want to drink. Oh, if the Scriptures of the coming of the Son of Man are false, then He will not come. But if they are true, the Son of Man will come, and «every nations of the earth will lament seeing Him with power and much glory», as it is written into the Scriptures. Amen.


I have called every man to come towards My coming. I have been calling him for two thousand years. I have been calling the man for seven thousand years. However, I have never called him as I have called him today. I have been calling the one who does not want to come. I have been calling the one who does not hear the whisper of My coming. And when I come, I will no longer call him, and I will tell him to go away instead, as it is written into the Scriptures.


Oh, children of My coming, My coming is coming. Build yourselves in the mystery of the new age and be builders and tell everybody who live on the earth that My coming is approaching. One hour and I come and the new age, which is coming with Me, is called the New Jerusalem. Amen, amen, amen. (See the selection topic: „The coming in a visible way[2]”, r.n.)

Excerpt from the Word of God upon the synod from the manger of the word, from 01-01-2001



The work on the earth of My word calls the man to those that will be on the earth soon, soon. I command the earth to be clean. Amen. Let it be adorned within a spirit of feast for My coming. Let the earth be clean and holy, for the glory of My coming is coming on it soon, soon. It is coming with eternity, which has been waiting for seven thousand years for the new heaven and the new earth and upon the righteous who will adorn the age that is to be and the life in it. Amen. My word is a new creation. My word does not pass as the man’s words do. My word is fulfillment for it carries in it its fulfillment. Amen. Let the earth be clean for the fulfillment on it of My word of new heaven and new earth. Amen. May the earth be a house for God, so that the heaven may come and dwell visibly on it, in the visible glory, in the glory of the age that is to be. Amen.


My coming is descending with the word, which penetrates like the lightning from the east and to the west to show the man the voice of My word. There comes first the lightning in the sky and then its voice. There comes first the Word on the earth and then Its body, and then My body, that which was resurrected two thousand years ago. My resurrected body prepares its coming from heaven on earth in a visibly way. The invisible heaven, which is preventing Me now so that man may not see Me, the heaven is My throne, and soon, soon it will show its glory, for this word is written to be fulfilled. Amen. (See the selection topic: „The heaven – the throne, the earth – the footstool: the man deified[3]”, r.n.)


Oh, it is good that I, the Lord, have something to travel on the earth with to do My work. By My word I have always wanted to gather the man under My garment and to protect him. I worked My word through the prophets. And after that I, Myself, came down for man. Then I went to the Father again for man and I have come back again, and I, Myself, have been calling out to man by the word, not by the prophets. I call the man under My tent, and he hears but does not come. Man does not come to life, and I have to clean the earth from the wilderness on it to open the man’s eyes and to clear his ears, for soon, soon, the angels will dance and will sing with the saints of My coming and they will say: «Blessed is He Who comes in the name of the Lord!» (Matt: 23/39) Amen. Then the man will no longer have his will to be able to come to Me then. Then only My will be in heaven and on earth.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Saint hierarch Basil the Great, from 14-01-2001.



I, the Father, want to speak for one moment near You and near Your saints, who speak today to Your people from Your coming, Son, Who come coming.


I, the Father Sabaoth, the Almighty, the Creator of the heaven and the earth and of the things that are seen and of those that are not seen, confessed My Son at Jordan, and then I gave Him to the people, and He was the kingdom of the heavens, for all and everything live in Him. Amen.


I, the Father Sabaoth, speak for a moment and tell everyone who cover with the Scripture of My Son, who says through it that no one knows the day of the coming of My Son, neither the angels from heaven nor the Son, but only the Father. I, the Father, speak and tell them this way: if no one knows, neither the angels nor the Son of the Father, where do you know from not to wait for the coming of My Son and not to hear that He comes? Did He say to you that He is not coming? Did He say to you? No, He did not tell you this. He told you to watch for His coming instead. And now I ask you: if you speak out this Scripture that even the Son does not know when He comes, have you listened to Him if He told you to watch for His coming? Answer Me! However you will answer when you do not expect of this, as it is written about those who do not watch for the coming of My Son, Who, here it is how He is coming for those who watch for the coming of the Bridegroom! There He is! This is He, and He is called the Word of God, as it is written in the book of the beloved John about the name of My Son in the end of the time (Rev. 19/13, r.n.), and to Whom those who receive Him as word upon them say: “Bless is the One Who comes in the name of the Lord.” Amen.


I, the Father Sabaoth, speak after two thousand years from My confession for My Son at Jordan, I speak from the midst of My people of today, of Romanians, and I say: this is the coming of the Son of Man, the coming of the Bridegroom to His bride and as the lightning, which crosses with its light the sky from east to west in a twinkle of an eye, here is His coming with power and much glory becoming a river of word over the earth, the word of the eternal life, the river of life of which drink those that are thirsty after Him. This is the coming of My Son, the Son of the Man, the Word of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Who puts the kingdom of Israel back into its place, the kingdom of God, the new man, the new heaven and the new earth, the new creation, the new birth of the world, which were made by the word in the beginning as in the end. Amen.


I, the Father Sabaoth, have spoken and testified for those who want to hear and to know from the Father, for My Son is in Me and I in Him when I speak and when He speaks from Me. Amen, amen, amen.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the three holy hierarchs: Basil, Gregory and John, from 12-02-2003. (On Calameo; on edocr; on; on jumpshare; on Google Drive)



To be continued.


(You can see the full document on: Calameo; on edocr; on Google Drive; on jumpshare; on Scribd; on; authorstream; on, r.n.)

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