2012.12.13 - The word of God at the feast of the Saint apostle Andrew, the first one called

The Word of God[1] at the feast of the Saint apostle Andrew, the first one called[2]



The word of God is coming down on earth and the Lord has got his manger of descent, and He is becoming word over the earth.


I, the Lord, proclaim Myself and come, and I am coming down into My book of today, the book which is written in the Scriptures about that it will be opened and that I, the Lamb of the Father Sabaoth, will have to open it, (See the selection topic: „About the Book of the Lamb - The Book of Life”, r.n.) and that I have to come down in it as word and make it by My word spoken by My mouth full of word, and this book has My name: The Word of God. Amen. (See The Book of the Lamb (The Book of Life) - The Word of God (1955-2005), r.n.)


Oh, My today’s people of My word, sit down now at the table with Me, for I am coming down as word into the book and together with Me I have got heavenly guests at the table, for I do not walk alone between heaven and earth and I have with Me the apostle Andrew, the one I had called first among those whom I called from Israel two thousand years ago to walk with them from place to place for three years and a half and to descend and settle down on earth with the work that I came from the Father to fulfill, and that My apostles to be My followers before the people and to confess Me in time that I, the One Who walked with them, was God the Word, the Son of the Father Sabaoth, Who became flesh on the earth from the Holy Spirit, that I might be born out of a Virgin body, to grow up and then to give Myself over to death on the cross and in this way to pay for the man’s resurrection from death, because man fell from life into death by disobedience to God, and I, the Lord, descended from heaven to work out his salvation, for I am the One Who made the man. Amen.


Oh, My people, there is a feast, well son, and this day is a day of memorial, like that before it. I have within My descent My trumpet Verginica and I also have the Apostle Andrew who are both celebrated among the saints and We are sitting down at the table of word with the feast in the word, for there has been twenty one years since the foundation of this feast, when I sat with the saints and established on the earth the sealing of the little garden of My word of today and the sealing of the sign set by Me and by those whom I hired, so that this sign may be shown on the earth, that is the little white stone, the ark of My Holy of Holies on these days on the hearth of the Romanian people, where I have My descent of word during this time over the earth, and from where I give Myself further to the healing of many, as it is written into the Scriptures about the tree of life and about its leaves, which are My word to the healing of the nations.  


Oh, it does not get to the mind of the common man My mysteries between heaven and earth, for man stands so low in comparison with those that are worked by God between heaven and earth, being them covered or uncovered, as man is able or not to perceive or explain them for their meanings. On a day like this, twenty-one years ago, there were witnesses from heaven and earth in this little garden and it was sealed by a heavenly word, spoken both from heaven and from earth, and this little garden and the establishment on it were called by a heavenly name: The Holy of Holies of the New Jerusalem, the land renewed by My word, which received a fulfilled and sealed outward expression on that day, and this day was written on the earth and it was written into My book of today and I am sitting down with you at the table within this feast, well My people, and you are My offspring and the fruit of My work during these days and I am giving you from the tree of life and I am calling you My people into the midst of the Romanian nation and I always give you the hidden manna from heaven, as you overcame yourself and chose Me after you had found Me in this word, which goes over the earth and proclaims My new beginning, the little kernel from which I, the Lord, want to grow and make Myself available to be received by many hearts, which will be able to understand by the revelation of the Holy Spirit, that I, the Son of the Father Sabaoth, am on the land of the Romanian people as word and glory of word and that I am the beginning of resurrection and light, and I share from the life of the age that is to come and I make My inhabitants for heaven and I give them the heavenly citizenship when the day of My glory will reveal all those that are covered and belong to the glory of the things that are not seen; however, they are and they wait for its heirs, those to whom it was given and it is given to be the sons of My glory, and behold, I feed you with the tree of life, well My people, as it is written, and by My word I give Myself to the healing of the nations and I share with it the leaves of the tree of life.


It is written into the Scriptures about a blessed week, about a covenant concluded at the middle of it and about a new beginning again, for the completion of the mystery of this week after that. In the year of 1955, I set on the earth the beginning of a new week of years (An apocalyptic day is ten years, one week - seventy years, r.n.) and then I started the work of sounding the trumpet of My word by My chosen vessel, that is called God’s trumpet, and I started to sound by My trumpet Verginica. (See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic trumpets”, r.n.) Then, after thirty-five years, she was ready to pass to Me among the saints and she did; she passed away in the middle of this holy time. Then I prepared in a great secret and I worked mysteriously to make a new covenant, for the ongoing sacrifice and offering had been violated by the sin of the abomination of desolation set in the temple of the holy service, as it is written, for the prince of the world, the antichrist, got up to tear down from its foundation the church from the fathers and he seeks to do away with it, (See the selection topic: „The antichrist and the apocalyptic beast”, r.n.) for its sin stands against it and his cup has been filled, for the rulers of the church put aside God’s word and My coming of today as word over the earth; and more than this, they wanted to work the darkness for the way of My word to the people, and they hid, as they said, but I go forward with My mystery and I do it in secret and I cry over all who deny the One Who speaks to them from heaven, and I also cry for them to strengthen their faith and not forsake it, for I follow them with the glory of My word and I reach them and punish their unbelief, which draws upon them the wrath from heaven, as it is written.


I have witnesses from heaven in My coming now with this feast these days, one by one, the day of the sealing of the little garden of My word and the day of the feast of the apostle Andrew, My witness for this work of mystery, together with My apostle Irineu at that time, whom I prepared in a heavenly way ahead of time and at that time I had him here to speak My word by his mouth, the holy sealing of the little garden of the Holy of Holies, which was put under heavenly protection and not a human one, a place for the Lord and for His people from heaven and from earth and by whom I write My word on earth and in heaven and I share equally, both in heaven and on earth.


Behold a day of saints, a day of holy memorial and holy pain, well My people that follow this day of the mystery of that time. Satan, the old serpent had power at that time by his lack of steadfastness which has appeared in man hired by Me for the holy work in order to pull him out from My bosom, and I have suffered in secret and I have sighed deeply and secretly, because the mystery of this day and then the course of its work after it are holy, and then it was written much more than up to that time the faith denial of the church from the Romanian people, the faith denial of the servants in it, which pulled out My from near the spring My witnessing bishop, the one I had taken out from among them to seal with him near Me the mystery of the little garden of My word and My work in it into the midst of the land, a place set apart by the walking of the world so that I, the Lord, may dwell here, as it is given to be the mystery of the Holy of Holies, set apart from the Lord, as when Moses went up to the Lord to bring from Him the law of the sealing of the sin in order to turn Israel back to the Lord from idols, I said to him: «Take off your sandals from off your feet for the place you are standing on is holy ground». (Ex. 3:5) Then I spoke with Moses in a flame of fire and I revealed him My word and I wrote on stone with the finger of My angel the commandments of life so that he might bring them to Israel on My behalf. Oh, it is the same with this little patch of land, which I call a mountain top, a holy mountain, on which I, the Lord stand and speak and then I give Myself over on to the earth.


The saints and the angels and all the heavenly armies hear Me now, here, for they are My companions, and the heavenly armies are filled with awe into the midst of My mystery and the heaven and the earth spend here, and the world has not got a clue and it does not have any brain or eyes to find out, to understand and to see, and My coming is being accomplished now as word on the earth, as it was two thousand years ago when I came down on earth and when the world did not have any clue to understand anything in order to leave at the proclamation of the messengers of that time, who proclaimed, both from near and from far away, the Mystery of My birth from the Virgin, My growth and then My apostleship and My bloody sacrifice for the salvation of the world, which did not want and does not want to stay with the heaven on earth, because the world wants otherwise, and it wants to have life on earth and it does not want to have the kingdom of the heavens, for which the world does no longer pray after the truth, even if it has learned to tell God the prayer for the obedient sons and My disciples by their work and whom I taught to pray like Me and to tell the Father Sabaoth: «Our Father in heaven, let Your will be done, as in heaven, so on earth». (Matt. 6:9. 10) Oh, the Father has a kingdom on earth, but it has nothing to do with the world, nothing of this world, (See the selection topic: „About the kingdom of God”, r.n.) for it is not of this world and it is far from it and few people long after it and want it to be theirs, and I, the Lord, have the mysterious joy and I get comforted with it, because I could set apart this kingdom, as big as a little kernel in the eyes of the people but great for heaven, as the Lord is great within His saints in heaven and on earth and He does His work. Amen.


Near You, Lord, I make room and word for the crowning of the mystery of this day, my day of feast, Your apostle Andrew, and his day near the day of the sealing of Your Holy of Holies on these days, from where You speak on earth on the holy mountain and You are the Cornerstone, Jesus Christ-the Word.


We are putting on the head of the witness bishop from that day, who was with Us here, We are bestowing now the holy comfort, the memorial of the day when We were here together for the sealing of this little garden of word. Oh, bow, brother bishop, and sit now with the Lord and with Us within the mystery of the comfort of that time, when the Lord was comforted here with Us, those who were gathered together here from heaven and from the earth for the sealing with the law of holiness of this little garden. Let your spirit and body shake at this great and holy memorial. Pray to Christ, the great Bishop, and tell Him with a holy and clean thrill: “Lord with Your fear pierce my body so that I may keep Your way, for the fear of God helps me renew my wisdom for You and do not let me depart from Your glory, for I am weak and I ask You to help me and to have me as Yours, written into Your book to remain and not to be wiped out from it. Amen.”  


Your name cannot be wiped out from this book, oh, my brother bishop, for the Lord has put you into it, the Lord and not you. No one can wipe out his name from this book, even if he wants to leave this way, and he will give an account according to this book opened by the Lamb of God and set now on the earth for its making.


Oh, your little heart is heavy. Oh, how great is the oppression on the earth for those who have a big heart and great love, for their faith and its course are oppressed but the Lord is merciful, because there are times of trial for Him and for those who love Him. It is a day of glory here now. The heavenly powers are organized in groups by groups and they are listening to the heavenly word. Oh, remember! Let your little heart startle on this day, for the Lord is going before and is glorifying Himself over the earth from this stone. Behold, we are giving you comfort so that you may also give from it there where you absence hurts, there where you can also be otherwise, carried by those in heaven.


Blessed is this day of feast and its memorial and let it be blessed its pain too, and also let this pain bring forth fruit for heaven, for the Lord is here within a great mystery and this is how He works here too. Amen.


— I, the Lord, have left word in the book for this day of memorial and I am preparing now for this day of teaching and celebration in heaven and on earth for My trumpet Verginica and her place among the saints, and we will set great teaching on your table with Me, well My people. Prepare your little heart to come and sit down beautifully before the spirit of the teaching upon you, which you always need to be bestowed upon your life. Behold, My trumpet is staying at the border with her day of feast and with her teaching and she is speaking upon you and is saying:


I miss my people of old times, I miss it, Lord, and I miss the little one born on the way, oh, Lord, with whom I have come here to spend now with comfort for my pain full of longing and remembrance with longing. I miss You in those who have given away the glory and the power of Your word, Lord, for the time of their love has passed once with them, and I look upon it to comfort my pain, as my tear that comes from pain brings much comfort, and I will sit with You and with the spirit of teaching on Your table of word, with Your little people of this time now. Amen.


— Oh, peace to you, heavenly witnesses! I have come with you and I have sat here with you, at the table of the world and memorial. Oh, peace to you, My trumpet of old, by which I, the Lord, breathed My word upon a rebellious people! We go on to the next day and I want to sit Ourselves down into the book and to give Ourselves further to others. Amen. 


Peace to you, My people! Prepare your little heart and prepare your mind and power, for day by day We will set holy teaching between you and Us, and We will breathe holy power from heaven upon you, for it always has to be refreshed for you both from above and from below, lest it may go out in you, well sons. Amen, amen, amen.



Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor).

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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.


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