2010.05.23 - The Word of God at the feast of the Holy Spirit’s Descent

            The Word of God[1] at the feast of the Holy Spirit’s Descent[2]



Oh, My people gathered at My spring of word, may you be blessed in a day of the feast of the Holy Spirit! I am the Lord, Jesus Christ and I am coming down to greet your coming to the spring. The Holy Spirit has spoken through the prophets and the prophets have not seen God, but they have only heard Him. They have heard the invisible One, the One surrounded by angelic hosts, for the angels are bodiless and they are a curtain between man and God and they cover the Lord, and the little angels are not seen as well for they are bodiless, but still they do a wonderful work between heaven and earth, between man and God.


Oh, may you be blessed by the word of the Holy Spirit, you, those who have come to listen from Him to the word of life! Oh, what shall I give you because you have come? I am giving you My word, the word of the Holy Spirit, Who becomes God by the word, and the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are one, and God works as a whole by the word. Oh, you shall not turn back if you started on the way of the glory of the cross, the true mystery of the man’s life, for the man without a cross does not love God, the Shepherd with the cross, the One Who casts out demons from the people so that He may make them into His kingdom, burning in them with its glory, with the glory of the cross. Amen.


Oh, what is the cross, sons who have come to take from Me the word from the teaching from above? It is the death of the old man, the man who has been corrupted by sin. It is the sufferance and the resurrection by sufferance, for only those in sufferance seek after God and find Him, the Shepherd with a cross, the One Who trampled with death upon death and gave the people their resurrection by His resurrection. Oh, you will not find any love of word as sweet as it is in My word upon you, the word spoken from heaven and not spoken from earth. Oh, do not step back from the way with the resurrection on it, for the way with a cross kills the sins in man, and the man is no longer dead by sin, for there is no other death upon man besides sin, and whenever man gets a cross, he nails the sin in him to it and thus he comes to life; then the one who tastes of the sufferance of the cross becomes a bearer of God, and those who love the cross for them become My brothers. I teach you sweetly everything that I teach you, for sufferance makes the man as sweet as I am and sin makes him bitter, it makes him My sufferance on the cross, because I suffered the bitterness of the cross, but it was sweet for Me because of My love for man, love that made Me forget the mockery and the sufferance of the cross, because by these I paid for the life of the man fallen by sin.


When man becomes sweetened by sin, I become sweetened by the sufferance from his sins, for the man’s sin is My sufferance. Oh, I suffer so much from a green tree, that is in bloom and yields fruit and after that it gets dried branches in it! Oh, I, the Lord, am aggrieved from such a man full of the fruit of salvation, but who also has got the fruit of sin among these! The trees are pruned in the spring, they are given a beautiful and healthy growth and they are worked by those who take care of them. Oh, this is how the man should also learn to stay for his cleansing, for the man is sinful and he needs a beautiful growth only that he may learn the cross, which cleanses him from everything that spoils his life and salvation every day.


Oh, son loving of My word of life giving from heaven upon you, it is better for you to be useful to God with your life than to you by everything that you do on the earth for you! I teach you so sweetly when I teach you, if you have come to the spring to receive My teaching. Oh, do not forget, do not forget that your sins have been washed away with blood and they cannot be washed with anything else. My blood cleanses you so that you may be holy after My blood was given for your cleansing, for those who repent from this sin and who become holy after that. However, who are the holy ones? They are those who repent and get whitened by repentance, turning to God with a broken heart, as their prayers show, written by them before Me on earth, and after that all the Christians bring prayers to God on earth from the hardships and from the wave of temptations and human weaknesses, the prayers of the saints, as two thousand years ago the man clothed himself with the garment of weaknesses and since then he has always been tempted by them as one against whom Lucifer has always been fighting since then and up to this day for his lost place near God due to the man’s pride that wanted to as great as God on earth and in heaven, and behold, since then the man has been working everything by his mind and he has no longer had God as the Master of his spirit, which is losing the man, and for seven thousand years the fruit of the man without God has been seen over his steps on the earth.


Oh, My love becomes word of the Holy Spirit over the earth, and the man’s love becomes sin, for man has got his love in him. I am teaching you now to take My sweet word and to get used within you to My love that makes you holy, sons. Whenever you come to My spring of word, I, the Lord, open your little hearts to set My love in them for the power of holiness in you, for without holiness no one is going to see the Lord: it is written this in My Gospel, because I said: «Be holy, because I am holy!» Amen.


Oh, sons gathered at My teaching, have your eyes wide open, not only to the four sides, and I do not speak to you only to keep a good watch, as this saying says; the saying invented by the careful man for what he does good or evil, but rather I am speaking to you: keep your eyes very wide open, to the seven sides, sons, and learn this from God. Nevertheless, how does this word come? Oh, when a man does good or bad work, he looks around to the four sides, when he secretly does what he works, but I tell you, do not only look into the four sides, not only to the left or to the right, back and forward, but look with your eyes both up to God and down, to those below, and also look with your eyes in you, inside of you, sons, for the time with sin, as long as seven thousand years with judgment in it against the man subjected to sin, teaches you to look into the seven sides when you work the good or the bad, because the first man built forgot to do so and behold what it has happened to him, from that time and up to this day, from man to man!


Oh, who else teaches you, who else wakes you up so sweetly, in such a fatherly way, sons? The Holy Spirit, the Comforter, the Word of life does this to you. Two thousand years ago, He descended upon My disciples in the image of the tongues of fire and became word of Holy Spirit in them and My disciples spoke through Him upon all those gathered at the feast in Jerusalem and all heard into their languages the tongues of the Holy Spirit spoken on that day, to the salvation of many of those who heard. Oh, this is how you are to understand too, on this day, My tongue that is upon you, My speaking that gives you life, for I love you and I am speaking to you with salvation and I am your Savior. It is a day of instruction, and I am your Savior by My voice upon you, only for you to be obedient, sons. Oh, love the garment of the wedding and keep it for My table with you so that you may come and that I may speak to you. However, what is this garment? It is holiness, sons. Oh, do not be afraid to wear this garment, but be afraid to put it off instead, for the man puts it out whenever he sins. Look into the seven sides, for same is looking at you from the seven sides, and you should also look like that when you do good or when you try to do evil, and the Spirit of the Lord will help you if you look at Him too. Amen.


Oh, it is a feast of the Holy Spirit, and I am embracing you in the word and I am clothing you in it to be clothed in Christ and always, always to be baptized into My name with your life of every day, because each day has its blessing and it has also its enemies, who make you go wrong, sons. Now, in what way do you go wrong? Oh, the enemy of your soul lies in ambush with many things. It teaches you to go wrong with your word, with your heart, with your dissatisfaction, with your lack of humility, with the hardening of your soul, with slandering, with the judgment against your brothers and even with your pride, which takes coat upon coat so that you may not recognize it. How are you supposed to get rid of these that lurk inside of you more than outside of you? Oh, sons learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in My heart. This is how, I, the Lord, spoke two thousand years ago to those who heard My teaching out of My mouth and all My inner being. This is how I am teaching you: do not become proud, but rather humble yourselves before any of your neighbor, and this for you, not for him, and be careful with your stature and do not require from other what you have to work and have, because it is better to learn that way I teach you to do, than to have to learn from your mistakes, oh, sons. When man learns from his mistakes, then he has got mistakes, but when he learns from the word, then he has got resurrection, and this is how you are supposed to work the resurrection so that you may no longer pass through death, sons, so that you may no longer pass through sin or the sin through you and then it may punish you to your getting wiser. Oh, if you work like that, I will write you with the martyrs who shed their blood for Me and for their salvation by their testimony, and I will write you as My brave people, because you have kept your body under control, the lusts of the body and sin, your tongue and its venomous arrows, your heart and its killing impulsions, your mind and its inclinations to the judgment of your neighbors, and you will be victorious by the cross, by the restraining from all these that do not take after God in you.


Oh, when you come to the spring of My teaching, measure by it your stature and your lack of stature, sons. Take out of it growth for those that are good in you and decrease for those that are bad in you, which fight in you against you, sons. You find the table of the Holy Spirit here, at My spring of word. I am, coming down on earth, clothed in word, and you should receive Me as the King of everyone, as the invisible One, because of the angelic hosts, which are surrounding Me and you, oh, sons, who have come to My spring of word. Amen.


Oh, do not be sad with the angels of the ghosts that they have not worked more at your prayers, sons of My people from the spring! They have their own pains and they are seen, (Violent storms and floods in the country, r.n.), but they have been gentle with you and have blown from you with their pain over the earth. We are staying under the shelter and there is a good weather in the tent, it is My time with you, sons, and it is the time with the people that have come from everywhere and gathered near Me and near you at the feast of Pentecost, the feast of My church of new Jerusalem, that is you, and the feast of My mound of today, My Zion of today, My mountain with you, a heavenly height among people on earth, as I have built Myself within you into the midst of the people, for it is written: «Behold, God’s dwelling is, and He will dwell with them, and they will be His people, and God Himself will be with them as their God». (Apoc. 21/3) Amen


I have been speaking teaching of much life in those who have come to My table of Holy Spirit, and I wish them holy growth and I also want them to become children in such a way that they may be gentle and humble in their heart as I am, and to wash their life in this vessel, in the riverbed of My word, which comes with the clouds, (See the selection topic: „He comes the same way as He ascended: He comes with the clouds”, r.n.) as I also come together with My saints, and to the end of the day, I, the Lord, will give voice to My saints for the confession of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of My saints, God’s Spirit in them, among those from heaven, as He was on earth with them. Amen.

Now, we are giving to each other for a sweet feast. Let the heaven and the earth give each other joy of Holy Spirit, We to you and you to Us, sons coming together at the mouth of My Spring! We are giving you from Us and you should give to Us from you, and in this way to give ourselves to each other and to rejoice the Father, Who is looking now. Amen.


Those who have come for the first time on the lands of My today’s Zion, in My gardens with the people of My word, take and taste and feel with the Spirit Who is speaking on earth into the midst of the Romanian people and rejoice in My feast of Pentecost with My people of today, but also rejoice over God’s growth in you with His fulfillment, which He is requiring today on earth from those who love Him wholly, and do not give Him only half of your love. Take and rejoice in a feast of Holy Spirit and look into My word and know God in His second coming on earth as word, now in the end of the time! Amen.


Peace to you, to those who have come together with longing and with a big heart near My spring and near My people at the spring, with whom I have worked hard and with whom I have made ready the feast! Peace to you! I am the Shepherd with the cross and all those who love to walk with their cross are My brothers, because without a cross the man wanders away on earth under a shepherd foreign to God within his life and deed.


Receive Holy Spirit! Receive, because I am giving it to you! Open yourselves so that I may give you and that you may take. Amen.


It is a great day for the heaven of My saints in My garden of today on earth, the garden of the meeting, the garden of My word, when I come together with those who are thirsty after My word of today. Amen.


And as for you, Father Sabaoth, My Father, embrace them and give them, oh, give them, Father, as I give them, to have and to have Us too, o Father, as their God, oh My Father, oh, My Father and theirs! Amen, amen, amen.




The book of today is receiving now in it My celebration on a day of the feast of the Pentecost with the people coming together at the spring, for I have been comforted with it, I have anointed My wounds with everything that has been put before the heaven to the glory of My feast of today, to the comfort of the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, the Spirit of God. My Father Sabaoth has been comforted with Me and I have been comforted within Him with the glory of the Holy Spirit, by whom God has been glorified under the tent with the people coming around for joy and comfort, which have sprung on this holy day from all the hearts, for they have all been together in a cluster within a holy living, all in one spirit and one love, all warmed up under the holy feeling of their love for God. Amen.


I have stayed clothed within a mystery into the midst of the feast. I have embraced within comfort the strong ones, as I have also embraced the weak ones in their soul and love, for My work with you is great, My people; it is great and mysterious, and I am the invisible One because of the angelic hosts which are surrounding Me from the sides, and the angels are without body, as I have spoken on this day about My glory, which is staying mysteriously into the midst of My mystery with My people of today.


Oh, what would really happen, if My mystery with you, My people, were revealed by signs and miracles in the eyes of many to the judgment of those who are unfaithful? It would be as two thousand years ago, when the world and its ruler were judged by everything I had worked on earth at that time, visibly and invisibly. All those who saw and heard about you would be judged, all those who are indifferent, all those who are not faithful, all those who slander, who do not find another way of revenge against Me and against you, My people, and they do not know that they have send their revenge against themselves, which they work out of a spirit of foolishness, the spirit of those who are not steadfast and who do not love God because they love themselves, overflowing to the sides with the poison of their hearts and of their revengeful tongue. However, I keep you within My mystery to protect you, My people, because I have to go with you to the end of My walking in this time on earth.


Oh, I would have liked to exhort all of the small groups of the Christian sons from everywhere and who often come to the spring to take of the joy of My feasts with the faithful ones, and then I would have also liked to tell everyone the mystery of peace, the mystery of the reconciliation between God and them, among each other, the brotherly love among them, and at whom, I, the Lord, to look and get comforted everywhere from those who are faithful and from those who are good and faithful because of My word of today coming on earth.


I have on My right side My disciples of two thousand years ago and those who were walking with them in faithfulness to the preaching of My Gospel over the earth then. I have stayed with them among all those in the tent and I have stayed in a heavenly way, I have stayed as in heaven, and not all understand what it has to be understood when I say so.


Oh, confessing disciples for Me with you, taste, taste full of thrilling as you are for the beauty of the feast of Holy Spirit, which we have taken part in, disciple sons! I, the Lord and your Teacher, then and now, am giving you the tongues of the Holy Spirit to share God from you to those who have stayed with us in a day of the feast of the Holy Spirit, when you and I were celebrated. Behold, I am giving you. Give further! Amen.


Oh, Father Sabaoth, and You, little Lamb  and Son of the Father, You are One in Another a oneness, and we are not speaking from ourselves but from God, Who has commanded us to speak in the languages of the Holy Spirit, the Counselor of the good and faithful people.


It is written in the Scriptures that only those who are humble in their heart seek after God, and the Holy Spirit comes upon those who are faithful who do not search out the Lord for faith. All those who bow to believe in the coming of today of the word from above, from heaven on earth, we, the witnesses of God, the Word, Who died and was resurrected so that we may believe that He is with us, we exhort everyone to get healed from the spirit of grumbling and of the empty words, because these lead to the sin of slandering, because even the smallest of the words bring on punishment, just as the lie does, which kills the soul of the one who eats of its fruit, for the man’s artfulness keeps the Lord away, and temptation brings on admonishing over those who are sick in their mind, who do not have the wisdom of a mother, because it departs from those who are ignorant of it; and even if the wisdom has got love as its rock, it smites against the slanderers, because the Holy Spirit of the Lord brings into the open all those that are hidden and pierces all the hearts and all the words, because He comprises the world, and He knows all its things to the slightest whisper, and those who are not just, cannot hide and nothing can be forgotten, for every scheme, good or bad, will be revealed, and those who hasten their death by their evil things, are attracted then to it. However, the Lord is aggrieved and sad for those people who can be alive and do not want this, for He is the Lord of life and of the salvation of the sinners, who, by their repentance, can overcome the sin, which brings on death to those who love sin.


We exhort you to the Spirit of God, Who knows all your things and we confess you the joy of the Holy Spirit on this day with you and with us, those from heaven, assembled under the protecting tent of the feasts in the garden of the meeting of the heaven with the earth, of the Lord with you. The Holy Spirit is our speech, not we are the word that we are giving you to the crowning of the today’s feast. The joy of our confession becomes longing and longing in us, those from heaven, and we are speaking to you in the Holy Spirit and we have told you His work, His light, Which pierces without any mistake the most secret recesses of the heart and Who does not miss even the slightest whisper. The mouth is the organ made by God and we have to take care good of it against the artfulness, a spirit used with easiness by man until it will be destroyed from the earth, a spirit that thwarts those inside the man and makes the man into a slave of deception, which stands against the Holy Spirit, the Counselor from God for man.


Oh, those from underground have also been staying with us and with you, for they have been called and they had their summer memorial done, and what beautiful and what comforting this day has been for those gathered from heaven, from the earth and from underneath! (From hell, r.n.). Oh, be the saviors of those who are aggrieved! Be, as they should also be; those of this time are aggrieved for their time not overshadowed by the Holy Spirit, the Counselor of the people!


Oh, be believing and not unbelieving! All those who can no longer work because of the obstacles which they have built themselves in their way by now, let them use their heart as the dwelling place of the mystery of new Jerusalem and let them be patient in their slavery, until the love in their hearts, growing with every passing day, will give them their salvation and until they will put in their face the whole path, the life with power in it by its whole fulfillment. Amen.


Oh, keep away from deceit, for this spirit brings you dissatisfaction, from which rebellion among brothers is born! Do not be pretentious in such a way that this defect may separate you! Be content and thankful! You have been advised today on earth not to be without watch upon you because your watch means protection. The languages of the Holy Spirit have been overflowing upon you from top to bottom, only for you to follow their advice. Love to be small and protected, for those who strive after honor do no longer find what they are looking for, and this is how they will be found in the day of their visitation. And, finally, may the spirit of the falling in love with God catch fire in you as well as in us, as in our Lord and yours, Who has always, always thrown the fire of His love, and behold, His word for the falling in love with God of those who have come and heard and then believed in Him after that. This is what the Holy Spirit exhorts you through us, the disciples of two thousand years ago; the confessors of the Lord and our Savior, and who even today have been confessing Him as Savior. Amen.


And to you, those who set the table for the heaven with those on earth who long after God, we are giving you from the fullness of the Lord and we are telling you to enlarge God’s bed with you and to go on opening wider and wider for those who come to life from this sin and come to take in them the spirit of the falling in love with God like you. Practice hospitality! Be like that for the Lord for His fruit that goes up to Him, for you are His house! Amen, amen, we say to you; do not be afraid that you are small and weak! Let the Lord be able to work! You only stay as His house, as His guesthouse, for those who stop for a drink and, by drinking, to find the taste of not being separated from God after that. Amen.


Peace to you, as the Lord has also taught us to speak His wish over those who are good and faithful! Amen.


And to You, Lord, we wish You comfort in heaven and on earth from Your disciples from heaven and from those on earth, and through them from all those who are comforting to Your wounded Spirit after man. Amen.


‒ We are finishing now the word of the day, oh My disciples, those from heaven and those from the earth, and We rest in the spirit of the fulfillments, which sprout one from another to the glory of new Jerusalem on earth, which enlarges its tent. I have clothed mysteriously by a dear blessing all those who have come and rested and then have gone back to their own things. I have given them My angels to be their companions. I will be kindled in them with the fire that I keep throwing on the earth to burn and to be seen that it is burning, and then fire after fire to go off from it. Amen.


Oh, people from the spring, in seven days we have the feast of all My saints, and close to it, the feast of My trumpet, Verginica, (See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic trumpets”, r.n.) born in the year of her birth on the ninth Sunday after the feast of My Resurrection. I will speak on that day, sons, and My speaking will comfort Me. I will be speaking with the power of the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, oh, and how much I would like that My speaking on that day to bring forth fruit!


Peace to you! Get rest! My angels receive your ministry and keep it with Me for you. Be untiring workers within My vineyard, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.



Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor).

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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.


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