2010.01.19 - The Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s Baptism (Epiphany)

                        The Word of God[1] at the feast of the Lord’s Baptism (Epiphany)[2]



My voice becomes word and feast of Epiphany and I come into My book with My people of today, a book that bears testimony that I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, put the word in this time between Me and man, the voice which is heard from heaven and to the graves, (See the selection topic: „The dead hear My voice”, r.n.) as it is written in the Scriptures, and the angels of My coming serve Me and become a bridge between heaven and earth, from top to bottom in the sky, and clouds of angels are carrying Me above My people when I am speaking to it My word of today. Amen. (See the selection topic: „He comes the same way as He ascended: He comes with the clouds”, r.n.)


Those who love their greatness on earth do not love My coming and stand against it with stubbornness, and those without God upon them have done so in all the ages. However, I was and I am sent by the Father on earth, first by the prophets and then by the visions, and then I, Myself, by My birth from the mother Virgin and I dwelt among the people and I was their God, and if those who were stubborn crucified My body on the cross and put Me into the grave, I rose up again victoriously over death, as a God, and I ascended near the Father, at His right hand side, and here I am again on the earth now, clothed within the word of glory, for My disciples prophesied of My Spirit and left it written that it would be to come again in glory to judge the living and the dead, for I am without end like My kingdom in heaven and on earth. Amen.


It is a day of Epiphany feast and I am announcing Myself as the baptizer over the waters and over those who love My coming of today, coming together near My spring of word at the feast. I, the Lord, am declaring blessing over this heavenly table of today, and over the waters from the wells of the Lord’s courts, to overflow from waters to waters by the power of the word and by the spirit of renewal of the world from place to place, because I have here My dear treasure from the fallow land of the Romanian people and I keep it for Me as a testimony; I value it with My protection and I glorify Myself in it over the earth and with the glory of My word, for the time has come. Amen.


The waters from the wells of My courts with My people from the midst of the Romanian people are blessed and newly sanctified by the power, by the work and by the descent of the Holy Spirit.


Those who come and those who do not come to the water of these springs take of them either willing or not, for the angels of the Epiphany carry the waters here from waters to waters, and I put the people of My word to sprinkle where it passes with this water, which chases away the demons and all the evil spirits, which shake and shudder everywhere drops fall from this water, the water of the springs of My courts of today.


Take and pour out into My wells with you water touched by the Holy Spirit, by the angels of the waters and by our little hands sanctifying by the word spoken over the waters, you, ministers of My mysteries for those who are faithful, for the waters from here are taken by the angels and poured out into the big waters, to the testimony of My works with you for the cleansing and sanctifying of the earth for all My mysteries working on the earth, as the earth is My kingdom, a footstool of My feet, a great mystery, which the man keeps on forgetting about, but I do not forget and neither do My angels or My saints, the armies with which I move from place to place between heaven and earth as the King of everything that is. Amen.


Peace to you, My people from My spring of word! In addition, behold, again and again you have prepared for Me a feast and a halting place to sit at the table of the word with those who have gathered at the spring, at the feast of Epiphany, son.


Oh, peace to you, peace to those who have come together near Me in a day of holy feast! It is cold, it is snow, the way is hard; however, you have come and are here, for your longing was your way, it was your angel and it has carried you to My meeting with you. Peace to you! Comfort from God to you! Oh, thank God within thousand of tears for the gift of the faith in My coming of word on the earth here and now, in the citadel of My word, for if I, the Lord, had not freely given you this gift, then who would have given it to you? Watch with a holy watch and carefully keep this gift and keep away from those who would try to destroy it, because your faith in this word has got many, many enemies, and do not forget My news of two thousand years ago, when I said that the man’s enemies were his own family, and from there it all started; from around you it starts the number of the enemies of your faith, and the opposing spirit to Me and the faithful man to Me knows what to attack in man, and he attacks the faith between Me and man, My union with man, the secret bond between Me and him, the spirit of love, which binds the man to God with an inseparable power. Oh, where separation comes out, there the enemies have got in, and that is why I teach you to watch for this gift, the faith in My coming of word on the earth for the love between Me and man, for his lack of separation from Me and for its reward, at the end of hope, which is done by faith. Amen.


It is a feast of Epiphany and I teach you with power, son, as I was teaching My disciples two thousand years ago everything about Me and about them with Me. Oh, one always need instruction in this school, and there was no time for examination, and you do not enter school if you are not found in accordance with the laws of the school; however, if you enter because you have passed your exam, then you need to learn to get knowledge to be able to remain in school and then to become an educated man, qualified to teach others, as one that had power to learn and to know and then to share everything you have learned from the work with a teacher.


Oh, there was no time for examination when you knocked to be My sons, and My love opened to you. Therefore watch lest your love may fail! Be strong in your faith, as both God and satan give you a mark for it. It is the work to which you have been called and by it you will have the Lord and you will remain with Him and for Him in everything that may test you in love. Amen.


I am still teaching you on this day, those that have gathered to the spring, I am teaching you to believe in Me and in My coming of today as word to you and for you, those who are faithful. Taken an example from those who are faithful and from those who are not faithful and look at them how their fruit was, good or bad, eternal or passing. Adam, the man built by My hand out of dust and living soul, left My teaching and he left Me and then he was against Me, but Abraham knew Me by faith as I came into his way by Melchizedek with bread and wine and I gave him the gift of faith by My mysterious priest, who sacrificed his entire people and the land of his people for his faith in Me, that he might be Mine afterwards, and he was. You should receive great teaching, as I, the Lord, never made use of the rulers of My time with man to seed My faithful people from time to time on earth, but I rather used My unfathomable mysteries and I gave faith to man for them, and this is how I stepped in time for all that were prophesied to be, and they were after that, for Moses prophesied about Me, and David and all the prophets did the same, those to whom I gave the gift of the faith in My mysteries, unfathomable by the narrow-minded man, and I have not given them to be known, but I have rather kept them between Me and the faithful and wise ones in their mind, and this is how I fulfilled Myself by Abraham’s word and Moses and David’s and that of the prophets, for I am Who I am and I have not asked the great man in his rank for permission when I fulfilled Myself with My works on the earth. Oh, this is how I made and carried the work of My today’s word and of My bearers, and I have worked Mysteriously in the order of Melchizedek, as I worked with him and then with Abraham and with all the faithful ones and who meant and mean My history on earth, the bearers of My mysteries among people. However, I need just a faithful man to walk with, for I have found the faithful one with a clean heart and I have given him the gift of faith and helped him to live with it. When I choose those who are Mine for Me, I have to be very merciful, for man is surrounded with his relatives and people of all kind, and until I remain with the pure seed in My hand there is still much work to winnow the chaff, and is much to suffer and endure, and the Lord suffers on earth from the unfaithful and proud man until He chooses His people from among these, and I spoke a great word two thousand years ago for those who were faithful and I said: «Who does not leave for My name parents and brothers, wife and children, relatives and friends, possessions and ranks, and if then he does not deny himself to be entirely Mine, one like that cannot work for Me and cannot be My disciple and a steadfast believer». (See Matthew: 10/37) However, I help the one pure in heart and I endure and suffer with pain waiting until I overcome all kinds of obstacles in the way of the one who comes coming to Me, and who comes with longing, and the longing is a road cleansing angel on his way with Me.


Oh, how shall I teach you more sweetly for the gift of the faith? You will hear that this way and the faith for it is not good, but you will also hear from your enemies, not from the friends, and no one can be your friend when he takes your power away, the gift of faith, and that one shows enmity to you and then is your enemy. Oh, I thank My Father for the gift of faith, sons, and be like Abraham, who never doubted when his faith was tested, but he stood on his feet. Amen.


In a day of holy feast I am teaching you, those gathered near Me at the table of word, I am teaching you, sons, the power of baptism, the gift of the faith by which I want you to be baptized. The baptism in faith is great, sons, and woe to the one who loses it or sells this garment of baptism! Look at David, who by faith saw from far away, he foresaw the time and he foresaw Me a priest forever, in the order of Melchizedek, through whom the Father worked, and David said: «The Lord said to My Lord: You are the priest forever, according to the order of Melchizedek!» Oh, and My people of today was foreseen in time by the prophets, but the prophecy is only for those who are faithful, and only through them God can fulfill on the earth with His kingdom among people, working it and its mysteries in them, which have been fulfilled, just as those mysteriously prophesied by the Father through the prophets were fulfilled with Me. This is how I have made My work of today and its people and I have witnesses in heaven from among it, and I also have on earth, and I have because I am a Teacher with great power of word and I elect those who are faithful to the end, which will also be through them, and I cannot do anything with those who are not faithful, for they backslide in the time of trial to their shame.


I give you, speaking the holy mysteries in a spirit of Epiphany with you, I give you power to believe in them like Abraham, Moses and David, and I teach you how to have faith and how to keep it then as a dear treasure and not to be looted by the enemies who start with your very family. You will know your enemies after their unbelief, for those who believe are those who are blessed, are those who are baptized in the baptism of the faith, the man’s birth from above. Amen.


You should also take, Romanian people, take for yourself, My country of today, for I am a Teacher from heaven into your midst and I watch your steps and I look after you with love to open for Me so that I may come in to you with My advice, with My new preaching and fulfillment. Oh, what shall I do with you to clothe you within a heavenly garment, within the gift of the holy faith, the garment of your birth from above, My country of today? Oh, how much I have waited for you! I will give you great revival and I will help you to know Me by this word, for I love you because of your fathers and I listen to their plea before Me for your faith, and it will be for you into My word of today, and by which I call you so sweetly under My vineyard and fig tree, for you do no longer have food and no one gives you anything from Me so that you may have and then to live. Oh, peace to you! I tell you to be so, and I will give you and you will take and then you will have. Amen.


I have loved you with an unequalled love on a day of Epiphany feast. I have taught you the greatest gift: the gift of the holy faith in My today’s coming of word on earth. You do not owe Me anything because of what I have given you. I owe to teach you and to give you power to believe, because the Father has sent Me to fulfill this and to call and bring together to a great faith those who are and those who will be. Do not forget that the spirit of the world opposes you for My teaching from above for you. This spirit keeps the man in the darkness and fills him with longing for the things that pass away, and it winks at him to them, for this spirit is deceiving.


Let the Holy Spirit come down upon you from the waters, as today I have put Him into My springs here! Be only faith for My entire word preached to you, and be born love as from above and give yourselves over to Me with it, for the love that does not gives itself to Me passes; however, you should come together in Me and you will have, and nothing will be lost from the things that you gather with Me. I am comforting your forehead and I am comforting your spirit with it, for you have labored in order to come and I have spent with you here, under My heaven of angels; here, where I come together with the saints and with the angels in days of heavenly feast on earth.


Be My comfort! I present you to the Father and I say: these are My beloved ones, with whom I am well pleased, just as You, Father, are well pleased with Me. Amen. And the Father says: This is My beloved Son, with Whom I am well pleased and you are His, and I, the Father, and He, My beloved Son, are well pleased with you, in this time. Amen, amen, amen.



Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor).

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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.


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