2009.07.07 - The Word of God on the feast of the birth of Saint John, the Baptizer

The Word of God[1] on the feast of the birth of Saint John, the Baptizer[2]



I, the Lord, am sitting down as word into My book of today with a day of feast and I am coming in this day with a synod of saints into your midst, My people of today. The pain in Me is with Me into your midst, and I feel comfort over it when I have someone to bear it with, and I bear it with those who have mercy on My on the earth and who forget about themselves in order to have Me in them with My wounds and with My long waiting after man, for the man has always put Me down, and where I am not, there man is not there either, even if he knows to count otherwise and to believe like a man.


I, the Lord, strengthen My entrance into the book and My work on this day. I make all My works with the man on the earth by the word, and everything I do, I do for man, just as God has been working from eternity. All the visible things I build for man to be and to serve Me together with the man, and those that are not seen are My mysteries for man, and in which he must believe in order to be Mine on the earth, for if he does not believe in those that are not seen and by which I work for him up to those that are seen, then the man does not stand firm in God and then he only thinks that he is, and he tears Me down so that he may be, only him, but where I am not, the man is not either, even if he gets used to keep account otherwise, to count and to believe like a man.


I am coming in this day into the book with you, My people, to work with My mysteries into your midst and to set them to work for My glory with you and for your life, son. On the earth there are only separations among people and separations make them suffer deeply inside even when they try to replace them with something else, with other conditions and works, but I, the Lord, always remain the friend of the one who knows Me as eternal and steadfast; I remain in him with all his pains and I do not leave the one who remains with Me when he loses those who are dear to him, when separations furrow his life, tasting his love, faith and humility, for if there is humility in him, the man can go on and can do the work beautifully and the humble one can work with Me, he can work with the Lord and he cannot remain on the earth otherwise then when he can. This is how I teach you to be able to do when you are aggrieved, sons of My people, for I, the Lord, remain complete for you in all that you lose, and I am eternal and steadfast for those who believe in My godly being by which all things are done and are. I am the One Who does not forsake the one who is abandoned and I stay near him and comfort him in his sufferings of soul and body and I make him able to do and I keep him within My comforting Spirit, through Whom the man gets comforted, even if he does not know sufficiently the mystery of the comforting spring, from where it and its spring come, for I am the mysterious One to be able to help the man in his entire sighing known and unknown to him among those around him.


There are and were on the earth people who cannot get comforted with anything but with God and they live like that either, with God and with His mysteries. So it was with John, My relative after the flesh, who was born before Me, and so he worked, making straight My way to the people before Me, when I had to appear before the people after that, being first confessed by John, as the Scriptures were testifying that I would come, announcing the coming of the righteous One. John spoke big words to those who were great at that time and these words have remained up to this day for each one of those who hear from Me and want to follow Me; however, man is divided in his mind and feeling and he is confused in his own things and cannot perceive the mystery of the great words, coming out from those who speak the word, inspired from heaven upon them and spoken by their mouth. And John told those who came to him to hear of My arriving and of the kingdom of the heavens preached by him that would come, and he was telling this to those who gathered together with him: «Offspring of vipers, who warned you to flee from the wrath to come? Therefore bring forth fruit worthy of repentance if you want to escape the wrath to come and only in this way you will get away, for I indeed baptize you in water for repentance, but He Who comes after me baptizes you in the Holy Spirit and fire and He will thoroughly cleanse His threshing floor with His winnowing fork in His hand, and the entire chaff He will throw into the fire and only the wheat He will gather into His barn». (See. Matt. 3:7-12)


Oh, who is the one who really seeks after repentance among those who seek God through all his hardship on the earth? The people seek with Me after the salvation from their troubles from their sins, but there is no one to teach the people to their repentance. The man is afraid of repentance, but he is not afraid of haughtiness. The man is not afraid of haughtiness, envy, evil speaking and judgment over his country fellows, and he who has an obvious repentance, which is to set over his heart and face afterwards, and which is to reflect in all his work and deed within his fellowmen. Nothing does better to man than his repentance, and behold, I tell you a great mystery, My people. He who does not have repentance and its work always in his nature, that one is always an anxious man and without peace, and these are seen on the face of his being and in all his work; on the contrary, he who has the spirit of repentance in his being, that one breathes peace around him, the beneficent peace, the comfort from God for him and for his fellowmen, the holy endurance, which sweetens the man’s heart and its work around, and such a man has got the Spirit of God in him, the good work to the use of his fellowmen, and once with this he has got the good reward too. It was this kind of teaching that John, My Baptizer, put over those who understood his word for the repentance of the man who comes to be with Me and with My works on the earth and then is steadfast for them.


In this day of the feast, I am coming down upon you with the holy gift of repentance, My people. He who bears this gift, which gives birth to holy gifts in man, spiritual gifts, a man like that becomes light around him and he does no longer forsake it, and it does not forsake him either, it does not forsake the spirit of repentance in him and with it he becomes a benefactor of the men’s souls, and he is clean in his heart by the spirit of repentance and he has the kingdom of God in him, and with it he comes near to the people to breathe it over them. This is the work which I want you to have as your living, son of My people, and the work of repentance will teach you obedience, son. I am word into your midst, and the spirit of repentance teaches you to stay in obedience to My word upon you and you should stay in the light, son, and I have you My people on the earth, and he who hates you, that one does not see or feel like Me but sees like man, and man is full of himself and is haughty, and he sees like a sick man either. However, I value you, because you chose to be with Me and to stay with Me under My pains from man and to help Me on My way to man, and you are valuable in My eyes, for I am clean and I also see clearly. Oh, I always teach you the repentance and its spirit through it, for he who lives with repentance is protected from fallings and temptations, for he lives in God.


And now, in this day, I give you to fulfill spiritual work for the ministering of My work upon you and for you, My people. I work mysteriously and raise workers at My work, sons. All I work in this day through the gates and by My workers is My work. I announced Myself with it at the gates and I let it be known to be fulfilled as I want. I speak mysteriously and remain among the disciples with My mysteries worked today with them, and then I work, for we have to work more, much more, My people. John, My Baptizer, is My witness in My work of today into your midst, and behold, he is testifying. Amen, amen, amen.


Oh, mysterious God, let the sons of Your people learn the work of Your mysteries and their observance, Lord! Let them not forget that You worked mysteriously and that You fulfilled Your work two thousand years ago with Your disciples and for them, and then for many of them, from some of them to others and until the end of the time, and behold, You are also working today, when all are to perish because of the men’s wandering away from You. Oh, bless the work of Your mysteries of today among Your disciples. I am Your witness in this day and I stay with humility and look at Your works with Your last people. Amen.


Oh, My Baptizer, I am deeply aggrieved, and I rely on them with My pains and with My entire hard work for man, for I want to stretch out My hand with My salvation of today for man. I have you as My witness among those in heaven in this day for My mysteries carried among My disciples, and I will want to go on with their fulfillment, and My power in the sons will work and I will not stop from My work for which My Father has sent Me on the earth to fulfill to His glory and Mine from Him, for I am the One carried by Him, and He is in Me, as I said two thousand years ago, and because of what I said then, the rulers of Israel rebelled against Me, punished Me and denied Me. Oh, the same thing is happening today too, and behold, I am punished and judged as then by those who are not faithful to My mysteries of today, carried by My bearers, on whom I rely to come on the earth and to sit down on it with the whole work, which the Father has sent Me to do, and that it may stand before Me. Amen.


I will speak again with you, My people, after this day of feast, which carries in it the work of mystery. Take care to be My faithful disciples and take care of the discipleship work, My people, for I, the Lord seal between Me and you, My mysteries with you, and this is how I have worked them after that. Amen.


Now, I speak ahead of time blessing for the work of the building which is being done now into My courtyards with you, My people, for the order and the cleanness of all things and works with Me, for Me and for you with Me, sons. I have given you and I will keep on giving you to see how much the angels and the saints serve near you and with you those from heaven for the perfection of this building, and satan cannot work when he gets in, because I overcome, and in all the moments and in all conditions, the spirit of prayer from you to Me prevails against all evil that comes to test the good course of this building, which behold, little by little, is coming into the sight, and it is coming towards those that are seen. Little by little, those that are seen and are not seen of My new Jerusalem with you are coming into sight, My people. Oh, peace to you, son, in all My works with you! Peace between son and son! Be the sons of the heaven on the earth through all that you are and work before Me, sons. I, the Lord, have always watched upon you with much love, with great protection, and I would very much like to stay to talk with you by all that are and are made, but you should always learn to speak with Me by them, as I speak with you by everything that is made and are seen at work. All the heavenly ghosts are coming and will come to your help. Behold, the garden is watered by My hand and I grow those in the garden. The rain and warmth serve you, as You also serve Me, sons. Peace to you! Love to you and among you into My name, for you can work by it and not by the way of your bodies! Do everything in peace, sons. The peace in you and among you is My rest and power among you and your power, sons. Your bodies can work by love for My works with you, not by their power, and do not forget this, and the angels and saints serve you when you can work by love. Amen.


Peace to you, and I will speak again for My work of today with you and among you, sons! I am speaking much with those in the gates for you and for My entire work among you. Receive through them as you would receive from Me and work to be faithful, for your faith brings obedience to you, sons, and I watch upon your work with Me and I exhort you for it. Peace to you! Peace to you! Peace to you! Amen, amen, amen.




Now, I am sitting down again into the book with the work of today into your midst, My people, for I want to go on with all My fulfillments of new Jerusalem, of a people earned by Me, after I give faith into My coming to the one who comes to be with Me and with you for My heavy and sweet burden, because I carry it for the salvation of the human people, and the Father sees My pain under My cross of today, and He also sees you near Me under My cross of today, My people of nowadays. I, son, have brought into your midst much word to be fulfilled; however, all kinds of opposition have arisen, as man loves himself first and only if he wants or if he is able to listen to Me, only then he gives Me place to fulfill Myself with those given by the Father to establish on the earth for My work of new Jerusalem and of His glory on the earth, for My church in the end has a wonderful name, the name of the New Jerusalem, as it is written in the Scriptures that it may be called in the end in heaven and on earth. (See the selection topic: The true church”, r.n.)


I have always tried to rely on many and on strong wheels with My chariot of today, on which I have put the rains on those who bring Me as word on the earth into the book when I come and speak over My garden of word to feed My people with every word that comes out of My mouth, but behold, I have no longer been helped by those to whom I have made a name by My work from heaven today on the earth, for they have stepped aside, blaming in the end those who remained under My burden, and it was not beautiful that they have done that. However, I am long enduring and keep them within My patience, for they have mercy only for themselves, and they have not had mercy on Me, for they forsook Me and now they are doing all their things and are about to lose their reward from Me for their love from the beginning, when their faith brought them near Me, and I received them and then I blessed them in My work of today on the earth.


Oh, My wound is heavy, My abscess is painful from those that have no longer listened to stay into My fold protected by My word, which flows like a river from Me over My people to feed it and in such a way that it may be able to work with Me among all those that are on the earth today. Each one gets his reward by what he has worked and, more than that, by what he has persevered for, good or bad, but behold, he who comes to Me without denying himself for Me, does not stay up to the end with Me, oh no, he does not stay if he considers like man and not like God.


Oh, My people, oh, sons, the man does not have to stay with Me according to the consideration of his mind, according to his dice, but he has to stay according to My will, and he has to stay until the end, for otherwise the man falls from My love. Oh, My people, take care of your love for those who set Me into the book as word for you, sons, for if you do not know to stay under their love for you, put by Me in them, then it happens to you what it happened to those who fell from My love, for they came to stay as they wanted and not as it was good for Me and for My glory on the earth, glory from heaven, not from the earth, sons. Oh, only if these from the end would not strike those who remained with Me under the burden of My coming of today as word over the earth with My mystery of new Jerusalem, with the renewal of the world, as it is written to come and to fulfill.


I entrust you to take care of the fulfillment of My entire word upon you into your midst, moment by moment, My people, and behold, after two thousand years from the speaking of My mouth upon My disciples of that time, whom I taught in a special way, I am reminding you of My word of that time again, to take care of its fulfillment for you, as I told My disciples of that time: «Do not be afraid of those who kill the body and then they cannot do anything more to you, but rather be afraid of those who kill your soul». (See also Matt. 10:28) Oh, My people, keep completely away from those who want to kill your spirit that you have from Me. Keep away from those who want to kill your faith in My work, keep away, at least as from those that might be able to kill your body! However, you have to protect your faith, son, for he who believes to the end, will be a savior for many, he will be the crown of My endurance for man and he will be blessed and I will glorify him within My glory and he will be love, just as I am the love of My Father before Him. Amen. You listen with great watching to this word of Mine set from Me upon you: keep away from the one that tries to kill your faith and more than yourself protect your faith in My coming and your love for those who carry Me to be able to be with you on the earth and to guide you, for where there is no love there is no obedience, there is no holy endurance, there is no peace, there is no holiness without obedience for it. I keep you into My arm when I teach you in this way and this is what it means when I teach you, for in order to stay in My arm, it means to be obedient, son. Amen.


And now, I am writing Myself down into the book with My work of today into your midst, My people, for I was able to go through My hardships of now to establish, to start to establish workers at the holy work of the mystery of My church of new Jerusalem. I have named and set for a holy service from among those who are My sons, two faithful sons, together with those who serve for My holy things, for I, the Lord, want to feed My people with My life, with My body and blood, and I very much want to feed him and to prepare him greatly for this food, if he wants this too. Now I have established two of them, one that I have into My little boat for a longer time and still another one whom which I have more recently, but who knew with patience and beauty to leave for Me mother and father, brothers and sisters, relatives and friends, house and lands, and even his own self to come after Me, as it is written in the word of My Gospel for the one who comes to come and to serve Me under the cross. The first one is the son Emanuel, and I leave his name as it is, and the second one set today to a holy ministry bears the name of Michael, and I leave his name as it is, for they are great names. I teach them on this day by My word and through you, children in the gates, to take only from Me, to stay like this before Me now, and to be full of God, full of the spirit of obedience, as I am. Take great care, sons, so that the work with the strength of the three holy liturgy in one day into the midst of My gardens with you may not go out, for this trinity with prayer and My sacrifice on the altar will bring My victory and I will be the victorious Lamb for you, and you will overcome by the blood of the Lamb of God, as it is written in the Scriptures about the Lord’s victory and of those that are with Him by this word in the end of the time. Take care, sons, so that the obedient people may have the food for his life, but he also needs to take care, for if you had and he had not, then they this request that I ask would remain unfulfilled. 


Oh, let the people take care of My Holy Spirit between son and son and let there be harmony like that among angels between sons, and let the small causes not have any power, let the son of this people not make Me grow less. Oh, let the people stay under a guidance with all the things inside of each son, for those outside will be seen when they come out. Oh, let My people always stay prepared, always in the light, and let it not forget its darkness, for darkness means those that are inside the man and which he keeps unknown, to his disadvantage. I have taught the Christian to be a house of glass in which the things inside of him may always be seen, and this means for him to love the light and to walk within the light. I have always and very much heard the Christians saying to each other and desiring that their works and words not to be known at the gates. Oh, woe to you, sons who have done this, for you do not know whom you have served if you worked in this way! And behold, I still hear anxiety in hearts, and each one wants to come out well at the gates before Me, but I have taught the Christian to put oneself right with God, not with the one who carries God for him. Oh, I have always taught the Christian this, and I still teach him not to deceive himself like that, for he who does so, falls from My little boat, and I have asked the Father to help Me within My wound, and no longer to allow My sons to fall from the little boat, but I have to teach My people always, always, and always to keep it away, always to remind it that satan does not love it and that it needs to love God according to the truth to get away from satan’s temptations, when I feed My people from the Father.


Oh, children from the gates, rely on those who have stood on their feet and in faith among those anointed for My holy things, and take care of those who are freshly ordered for a holy service and always watch for them to be worthy for the holy work and then obedient, as I am, and I lay down My life for My sheep, and let them do likewise, with endurance and love in their ministry and with great wisdom for the souls. Oh, let them not take into consideration all that are and come. Let them not seek to take into consideration those that come for trial as mere people, but rather let them know to go on with faith and let the causes that weaken the soul be put away, for the Lord deserves more, sons, and the man has to be patient and obedient, and these two are the easiest works for the soul, which make the soul have rest, and they do not worn out the man. Amen.  


Oh, we will go on with the fulfillments of My word brought from the Father and we will make holy settlements in My people, and I will find My rest into its midst. Much spiritual work is needed. It soothes the wounds that weaken My walking and yours, sons. Oh, singing of praise and of prayer is needed, both in your staying and at your work, and spiritual speaking is needed in the time of the work by the hand, for this is how the angels and the saints are gathering together for their food and in order to do with you the work that we have to bring into sight, My work from Me with you, sons. Oh, work only under blessing, sons! Speak the word of My blessing everywhere you work and are, for on the Romanian forehead, on its scepter, it is written: “Nothing without God,” and let it be so in My people, and let it be fulfilled with blessing any of the things, small or great, for I have ordered sons on My behalf for those of My people that need blessing.


Oh, always wash your hands, wash from the world, sons, for the interfering with the body of the world makes holiness cry, sons! Keep away from the spirit of the world when you work through the world and do not let yourselves be attacked, and you should not love or want those made by the world for it. Be wise when I, the Lord, tell you to be My saints! Be full of spiritual heart and holy noise like the angels in heaven. Have your little mouths by which you praise and confess God to each other, have a heart within which to carry and share Him, and have a body with which to serve Him in all His work with you. Give everything that is yours and give yourselves for My glory always among you, sons, for the angels and the saints want to have their heaven with you. This is how you are supposed to want either. Amen.


Now, I am speaking again upon you: peace to you! Let the angels and the saints stay with all their support at My work with you for those that are My holy things with you and for you, and again, for the work done by the hand of the new building now into My courtyards with you. Eat My entire word and take it into your nature, sons. I am coming soon again on the table with you with food of word, and I will glorify Myself again with the fulfilling of My word set upon you. Amen.


Be healthy in your spirit and body and give Me power in you and give Me a dwelling place within you and with you always, always, sons. Amen, amen, amen.



Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor).

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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.


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