2009.01.20 - The Word of God at the synod of the saint John, the Baptizer

            The Word of God[1] at the synod of the saint John, the Baptizer[2]



In a spirit of Epiphany I am embracing you in this day, My people. I am comforted within the feasts when I speak with you. It is a great comfort for God when He has someone to speak with on earth. Every man believes that I am happy near the Father, but My work given from the Father in My obedience was and is man. I am comforted when I can do something for man; however, I have little help from man. When I made the heaven, the earth, and all those visible and invisible things, I made them for man. Oh, the man does not know the pain he inflicted on Me when he pulled himself out of Me, withdrew into himself, and took away My happiness, for man was to be God’s happiness.


I am comforted with you, My people. There is great comfort when someone aggrieved and deeply wounded is able to speak about this wound. My wound is man. I breathed upon him with My mouth spirit of My Spirit when I kneaded him out of dust in My image, and I have it in him from Me and My wound in man makes Me suffer and man does not know how this comes. Oh, if a parent suffers so much from his child, fallen from him by disobedience, oh, how much sufferance has remained with God after man pulled himself out of Him and withdrew into himself!


I seek after comfort, My people. I would always speak to man My long sufferance from him. I become word into your midst and I give Myself to man so that he may hear My crying after him, and I ask you son, to take care of My dwelling into your midst and take care of My way with you, and I want to see this. I want to see that you listen to Me, for man’s disobedience has punished Me severely. I want to fill you with mercy for My wound, because two thousand years ago, I became flesh like man and My wound has always made Me suffer in My body, not only in My spirit. The scribes and the Pharisees in the time of My body were angry and got evil against Me when they saw Me that I forgave the man’s sins and that I healed him from evil, but I was doing this because man was My wound, and I was comforted when I heard him that he was speaking with Me and that he was asking Me for help and healing. Oh, in each man I have suffered in My spirit and body and I cannot arise the spirit of faithfulness in man for Me, for the one who has pulled himself out of God and fallen on earth is not as then when he was surrounded with the heaven on earth. Oh, the man cannot dwell in Me, for the sin of man’s separation from God has been increasing on and on for seven thousand years from man to man, and once with him the need for happiness has been aroused in him, because man lost his happiness and has no longer found it, and if he still thinks that he has got hold of it from time to time, oh, it is not, for man’s happiness had to be God, just as My happiness was supposed to be man.


For seven thousand years I have struggled to reach out My hand and take the man back to Me. I have looked for seed to be put into ground to make the man again and then to keep him, helped by all heavenly powers, but man has always withered away, always under My very eyes. I have fought with him to bring him to remorse because of his falling away from life. However, he has always got upset with Me more and more and forsook even more. Neither love, nor reproach has made man come back to Me and comfort Me for My wound from him. I came two thousand years ago from the Father to man and I assumed a bodily form to be seen and to draw the man to Me and to the Father so that he might become love like God and thus to receive My comfort back. However, man has not been able to be love, and because he was not able, he remain in his body, he remained in this way then when I showed My love to him face to face more than I showed it in paradise. Then, in paradise, I told him not to eat of the tree of knowledge, and when I came two thousand years ago in the flesh among people, I gave to man to eat of the tree of life and to live forever, but even then the man was not able to love Me forever, because in paradise he ate of the tree of knowledge, and knowledge was supposed to be God’s, Who can work against evil, Who can work good things.

Two thousand years ago I came on earth as the tree of life and I gave the man to eat of it, and I taught him how to eat of it to be alive like the tree of which he eats. Oh, My people, do you really understand My sufferance? Oh, let us comfort each other our pain, let us give each other power for sufferance, because sufferance is hard, and it is mysteriously hard, for it has suffered mysteriously.


I am with John, the Baptizer, on his day of feast among saints. We have come to My people on earth, oh, My Baptizer. Let us sit down with a feast into his midst. My word is a feast for those in heaven, because the heaven does not have any comfort just like God, and My word is refreshment for those in heaven. You knew how to give Me to the people. You called them to cleanness and repentance and you told them that after you I was to come with cleanness and then with the man’s resurrection by the preaching of the kingdom of the heavens on earth.  Those who open to Us to come back into the book are tired; they are deeply aggrieved and are not comforted in pains as We are. Let us work the spirit of resurrection, let us work upon man and let us speak! Amen, amen, amen.


Oh, little Lamb of the Father. I was he whom the Father sent into the world to be Your angel before You coming on earth, and the Father also sent me through the angels as He also sent You, and He sent me for You, and He sent me for man too. The voice of the angel called my name John before my conception, and the angel said that I would turn many of the sons of Israel back to the Lord, their God, preparing a people for Him, because I would be great before the Lord, and even from the womb I would be full of the Holy Spirit. Oh, how was I not supposed to be like that if I was announced by the angel that I would be in this way? In addition, how was I not supposed to be so, after You, Lord, through Your mother, blessed my mother when they met and told each other the news of the angel, for me and for You, before our birth among people?


Oh, the scribes and the Pharisees of today’s time wonder that You speak to so much into the midst of Your people. Oh, the man forgets how much comfort You need from man. It was written in the Scriptures to come as word on earth and to be called the Word of God (Apoc. 19/13.) and that a sharp sword would come out of Your mouth, the word of man’s calling to life and the word of punishment for those who have inflicted great pains on You now, in the end of the time.


Oh, people of the little Lamb of God! My spirit was crying painfully in the wilderness to the people to come and hear me and to raise to the Lord a prepared people, and my Gospel of that time has remained on earth. The Pharisees and scribes of today, who call themselves wise and who are ashamed to speak the truth of this word, they say that the spirit of prophecy had come to an end once with me. Oh, let them look into the Scriptures of that time and see that I prophesied that the Lord would come and He came, and I also prophesied that He would cleanse His threshing floor and gather his wheat into the barn, and He would cast the chaff into the fire. Oh, the prophecy had not come to an end once with me, but some had been the prophets up to me, and others have been the prophets after me, for the Lord’s disciples were prophesying and then many saints have prophesied after that, and it was written about these things.


Oh, you, the people who are nourished to God the Word, get up and work like me! Get up to work, you, those in the gates, for the Lord to come always to the people and to prepare it for Him, and get up and work people of the Lord from that come and draw near be His sons and teach them His repentance, and teach them as I taught them, because repentance gives a beautiful guise to man, a beautiful spirit. The man’s lack of repentance makes the Lord suffer, and you are at the gates and you are between God and man, and you have enemies, sons. Oh, what pain! This pain is great with God. Every pain that is crushed within you comes from the spirit of unbelief and lack of humility of those who strike you. Oh, behold in what kind of sins fall those that do not stay beautifully in the spirit of the holy faith! This happens to the one who does not stay with the Lord, and this has also happened to all of them and all have stricken then in those that have separated, and very rarely does a Christian stay quietly and humbly for his sins after he has left this fold. The humble spirit is that which helps you within you, but be wise little children lest by your unwise dwelling in the spirit of humility to diminish the work of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you for the sharing of the word, sons, and for the fed life of the sanctified people. The sin of the faith denial comes upon people and this people has to be strengthened in the Lord and it has to learn with every passing day more and more his poverty and his little of everything, for the man in the world will sell his soul for a slice of bread, which he will either have it or not, after that his testimony will be for God or against God. (See the selection topic: „The great tribulation”, r.n.) Oh, the Lord has sought to gather His people into His arms, for the time was about to come. Oh, the man is afraid for his body, but he is not afraid for his spirit. However, be wise and strengthen the spirit and faith of the sanctified people, for the Lord protects those who are sheltered from bad weather. Amen.


Oh, sons of men! I, the apostle of Jesus Christ, John, the Baptizer, cry out from heaven to you: repent! You have old and new sins. You need faith in the Lord’s coming to you, and faith has power to make the Lord wipe out your sins if you do not longer remain in your sins. Come to repentance, for the time becomes a scroll and you do no longer have time to come to life. You should know that everything that is written in the Scriptures for the Lord’s coming are true words, and he who ignores this word, which flows from the Lord’s mouth over the earth, that one falls into condemnation, for the faith denial is coming and the man will have to choose.


Oh, do not forget, faithful man, and you, the unfaithful one too, oh, do not forget that it is written into the Scriptures that the lawless man that is going to appear in the end will be destroyed by the breath of the Lord’s mouth. Behold a fulfilled prophecy! This word, which flows in these days from heaven to earth, is the breath of the Lord’s mouth, the work of the seventh trumpet, the work of God, the Word. Oh, here it is why the man wages war with the unfaithful man by this word and with the people of today, faithful to this word! This word will destroy lawlessness by its breath and the man who covers it in a way that it may not be seen. Amen.


And as for You, Lord, be a fulfiller, for Your apostles have prophesied this because You filled them with power from above, with the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, Who protects Yours under Your mantel. Amen, amen, amen.


Oh, My people, here it is why the lawless man gets his dogs and teaches them to bark and teaches them to bite the peace into your midst! The breath of My mouth makes him burn, it tightens him in his ties and he is angry. However you shall stand fast in your faith, because I ask you this, and stay quietly, for I protect you because you are faithful. Seek to have a clean heart, for this means to be a man with clean hands, and I will take care of you all the time, but you shall not lose faith in My protection upon you. Remain under My mantel, for you are very small. Remain a child so that I may protect you. Remain near Me, My people, for everything comes to an end and the Lord and His people will remain. Amen, amen, amen.


Oh, I would stay with you in the word longer, beloved people, but those who stay as My gates are weakened, they are tired under spiritual afflictions. Remain in a spirit of Epiphany, for I am your tabernacle. I am Who I am, My people. I am. Amen.



Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor).

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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.


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