2008.01.09 - The Word of God at the feast of the saint martyr and archdeacon Stephen

The Word of God[1] at the feast of the saint martyr and archdeacon Stephen[2]



My people, again and again I come down as word of food for your soul into your book with Me, on your table with Me, for you need power of victory against the devil. It is a feast of saints, it is a feast of birth and of saints, and the heavenly armies of saints and angels surround you closer and closer, for you need power of victory and heavenly powers, son. The unfaithful ones got up with wickedness and evil spirit in them and they say that I am not this word, which grows you and builds you for your salvation and for My salvation from the dyed man and which keeps Me as a bait in his fishing rod so that he may have a large sitting on a seat known to be holy, but his heart does not need Me upon him, for I am the Holy One and he does not like holiness, but he needs the glory which is for Me on earth. He dresses in the garment of His glory (Of bishop, r.n.) to spot it with the ashes of his sins, for the man is ashes with his mind and in his wandering away from the holy way, which I have showed the man to walk in it to be able to come to Me, the eternal One, and to reach to him again from the Father, as it is written to make a new heaven, a new earth and a new man, in My image and after My likeness. However, the man has got his own image, which he loves and renews with those on the earth, not with those from God, and then he gets up, poor of him and puts out his tongue at Me, a tongue full of blasphemy and scorn, for the man hidden under his dye tries now to tell that My way is not with you and that you are not on My way, but on the contrary, he says that he is the way and that you are not, My people. Oh, you are My way to the people, you, son, you. You are My way for those who try to come to life from the death that is in the world and to come and follow Me, as You came, and if you came, then I have made you into a path to Me for the man, but behold, the men go to the fair, they go to their party full of the devil’s make-up, and the man, who loves his image, does not come to Me. Let him show Me his life, and if he has not got his life of My life upon his life, as you have, then let him close his mouth full of blasphemy words, and let his eyes look into the Scriptures and see what the fate of those who blaspheme raising against Me is, and what the fate is of those who sanctified themselves for Me and who overcome keeping My commandments and keeping My testimony.


Woe to those who go mad in their mind, for their punishment stays on their tongue, which shows their madness, a tongue by which they scorn and strike in the light which tries to take them out of their hidings and to show them the face empty of glory and truth! Soon, soon, these will be brought into view and judged by their own words, which are their punishment, for their words judge them face to face with My glory upon you, people not loved by the world, as I also was not loved by it, as My saints were not loved by it either, for I was blamed just as you, and My saints, the same. 


I am into your midst with My holy one, with the martyr Stephen, who confessed with his blood, shed for My testimony, and who overcame by the blood of God’s Lamb, son. He did not love the spirit, which stands against Me, the spirit of the world, which has on its face a name of blasphemy, and the spirit of the world has got up to close the mouth of My holy confessor. But antichrist cannot do anything, for what he does is not power, because the power is Mine and of My saints, and the antichrist, the one who has been hiding for two thousand years under the robe of the church, will be proved out by his own work against Christ, (See the selection topic: „The antichrist and the apocalyptic beast”, r.n.) for the power belongs to My saints, to My brave ones, and happy are those who separate themselves for Me coming out of the world within their spirit and soul to follow My armies of saints, for those who set apart for Me are crowned, they are the living fruit and the glory of the faith on earth, from earth to heaven, and they are My glorified ones, My lambs, becoming like Me by death and resurrection, for this is how those who overcome by My blood are, My people. Amen, amen, amen.


– Oh, You make me room near You, Lord, to speak the word of Holy Spirit into the midst of Your people of today, for Your saints are in Your coming, because this is written for You to come. Oh, the work of the Holy Spirit is not in the world and for the world, but it is for the saints and for the judgment of the world through the saints, for the saints will judge the world, as Your apostle prophesied through the Scriptures. Amen.


I, the saint of the Lord, the one who was killed by those who were unfaithful for the testimony of Jesus Christ, who was given to death by the work of the antichrist, who called himself a servant and protector of the Lord’s law, but he was an enemy of the church of Christ, as he is now, I, the saint of the Lord, tell the spirit of blasphemy to shut up and no longer denigrate the way of the Lord’s coming with His saints on earth to the people!


The heavens are open above the Christ’s people into the midst of the Romanian people, and the Lord standing on the right hand of the Father declares on earth the judgment by the word, and His saints judge the world, they judge it by their lives and by their testimony and not by something else. The heavens stay open, and the angels of the wrath stay ready to pour out everywhere the reward of the man’s drunkenness, and the wrath will touch the false prophet, those who blaspheme God’s way to the earth with His glory, with the word of His mouth, which gives anyone according to his deed. Those, who were and then gave up this testimony of Christ by which the Lord is sitting down in these days on the hearth of the Romanian nations, look at them, they come to be blasphemers and slanderers, who have flown into passion like those who were unfaithful in my time, and their mind is sold to the evil spirits. (See the selection topic: „The false prophet and the ecumenism”, r.n.)


The fool says in his heart that this word of the Holy Spirit is not God, which comes to save the world, but I pray for you to the Father and to the Son, confessing people for the Lord in these days, and I speak this way in my prayer: Lord, hear my voice of prayer, and take out from under the hostile word the soul of Your people and those who shepherd them to Your pasture! Cover them by the wickedness of those who conspire against them and who work out lawlessness and who sharpen their tongue like a sword and prepare their arrows, their bitter words, by which they shoot arrows into the innocent one from their hiding, and they do not have any fear to lay snares, and they say: “Who is going to see us?” Here they are, Lord! They make up evil things and say: “We are ready, our plan is good,” but their heart is their precipice, for You will send a swift arrow and all of a sudden they will fall being wounded, for their tongue will wound them and make them fall down, and whoever will see them will shake their head and be afraid, and then will be seized with fear and will confess God’s work and will understand His works, and the righteous will rejoice in the Lord and will put their hope in Him, and also those with a clean heart will rejoice as it is written. Amen.


Oh, Lord, strengthen Your people with the spirit of the holy hope! Comfort those who bear Your coming and make Your coming be believed over the nations! Turn the victory to Your people and make it victorious for Your great name on it, little Word Lamb! I am Your little lamb, the one sacrificed for Your testimony, for the blasphemers stoned me to death, Lord.


Woe to those who become blasphemers, woe to them on earth and in heaven, for their judgment will come from heaven! However, you pray like me for your blasphemers, people of the sacrificed Lamb, for the blasphemers have no mind and they do not know what they do. Oh, only if they would come to repentance for the Lord to give them forgiveness! This is how you are to think in your godly heart, for you have the saints within your help and the Lord does not forsake you and He comes with His army to your help, and all those hidden within their heart and deed will be revealed and the Lord will decide for them. Amen.


Behold what kind of love I give you, confessing people: love God’s glory upon you and clothe yourself in a garment of glory, for the saints who come with the Lord are dressed in white fine flax clothes, and clean, as it is written. The Lord has been seeking for a long time to speak a great word for you. The Lord wants you clothed in a white dress and praying to Him like that. Get dressed in white garment, people who are a sign on earth! You are the sign of the Son of Man, and the Lord appears with you on earth and in heaven before His great appearance, as it is written about the day of His coming. (See the selection topic: „The sign of the Son of Man”, r.n.)


Get together in white garments at prayer before the Lord, for it was beautiful the ministry of the saints of the church at the beginning of Christ’s coming with the saints, the time of the first saints. Priests and female deacons were dressing in white robes and were ministering to the holy service and the Lord was glorified with the joy of the glory in a mystery on earth with the faithful ones. The evil spirit has no power when he sees the holy garment of the saints, the white garment of Christ’s servants, the garment of the Lord’s church. Oh, the Lord’s glory was beautiful in the Lord’s church after the Lord went to be again in the Father. (See the selection topic: The true church”, r.n.) The priests were serving in white robes and there were serving deacons near the priests everywhere, and there were multitudes of female deacons, who like little bees in beehives, were serving in a churchly manner everywhere there were saints as servants to a master, within hardships, or in any kind of sufferance. Oh, where is there such glory in church today, such great and holy work in all the members of the body? The priests of the church of the world have put the church into darkness and lack of work, so that they may be alone in everything, all the members, but Christ’s church is not so. It has to work with all its members when it is, and the spirit of prophesy has to be in its midst. Amen.


There were many graces. All the graces were working through the church mysteriously, in opposition the idolatrous world, and on the other hand, the work of the church was going on and it was getting in everywhere with its light and food. Oh, there are no longer in the church male and female deacons, but there are only priests. They “cut and hang”. Oh, Christ’s church is not like that. No one wants to read the Scriptures as they speak, and the common man is deceived by those who rule over him and who have hidden the keys of the kingdom of the heavens so that its whole work may not be seen, the Lord’s church on the earth.


Oh, people chosen by the Lord from thistles and thorns! Sit down in the garment of holiness, in a white robe of holy man, from which the devils flee and melt away! Let it be on earth as in heaven! Amen. Do the holy ministry dressed in white robes. Be the little brothers of the saints on the earth, for this is written in the Scriptures that the saints are dressed. Let the way of the heavenly mysteries for ministering on earth as in heaven be open above you! Do not conform to the face of this age, which does not have a whole church in it, a true church by all its members! The Lord wants to establish everywhere, in all the cities where He has got people, the Lord wants to establish the kingdom of the heavens from place to place and its white robe, from which the devils flee away. Be blessed being nourished with the Lamb of God, Who makes you holy! Establish priests in the cities by the working grace in the church! Establish male and female deacons, and let them all have members of Christ’s church everywhere, and the spirit of prophecy over it! Amen. Oh, the Lord is in hardships among you and He told me to testify to you about the work of the church of His saints. Come together around the slaughtered Lamb! Get together more and more often for the spirit of testimony, for the spirit of the holy growth, for this is the work of the church. Do not be afraid of the people! Each bird perishes on its own tongue, and let your tongue and spirit confess the Lord in the work of church. Amen. Do not despise the spirit of prophecy, the spirit which brings you to the Lord, for in the time of the first Christians there were hosts of prophets and apostles, and it is not true the language of those who say that the heaven has been closed and that there are no longer any prophecies. But, on the contrary, the heavens have been opened more and more after the Lord went to be with the Father, for the Son of God poured out of His Spirit over the church afterwards, and the churches had prophets near the priests, and they had male and female deacons, and they also had evangelists and confessors, and they had healers and miracle performers, and they had grace and this is how the church was ministering everywhere from place to place at its beginning, until the antichrist got in and stole its necklace and then took away its key and gave it to be sold, and thus he took the church away from the man’s way, for the church, as it is now, is not as it was established by the Lord and by the apostles at its beginning. I was a deacon and I was overseeing other deacons by the work of the church and by the overshadowing of the Holy Spirit, and I was an apostle full of Holy Spirit, and there were young male and female apostles, and there were young prophets and prophetesses, and there were also old counselors and guides and many other workers, and for the food with Christ of the church from everywhere, there were male and female deacons who were going and feeding the Christians, taking the Lord from the priests and giving Him everywhere the saints were suffering into the midst of the world without light in it, and this is how the saints were overcoming by the blood of the slaughtered Lamb, Who was their food, the food of the church of the saints. Oh, do not be afraid of the people, for they are naked and do not have any garment of glory as you have got the garment of holiness! Do not be afraid of those who leave off the way near you, going again from light to darkness! They have not overcome the world in them yet, and the world pulls them out like the saplings who did not take root if they shook from their foundations. Be seized within the Holy Spirit, Who gives Himself to you doing His work! Peace to you! Listen to the Lord! Appreciate the spirit of prophecy, for the church has to be ruled and it has to be whole. Amen.


Lord, I listened to You and spoke to Your people about the time of the church of the first Christians, while Your church was still working wholly, and then the man got into it and ruled over the people in the church and God has no longer ruled by it on the earth. There is a long time since You have been waiting for the first appearance of Your church, which You have it made up over Your disciples, giving them power and grace to establish everywhere the work of Your church.


Oh, Lord, I am merciful. I have mercy on You, for You have been wounded for two thousand years and You have had no church that knows to appreciate Your sacrifice to its life from You. I have mercy on You, for You are neglected and kept for gain by those who become servants of church over the people, oh, and there is no one to tell the people about the lie which keeps them in bondage by the face and by the name of the apostolic and synodal church. Woe to the ecumenicity of those who call themselves Your church! Your church is full of saints, not of people! Where are the members of the church if there is any church at all? Oh, there are no longer, there are no longer members, for there is no longer Your church on earth. For two thousand years, there have no longer been members in the church. However, You have come to open and you did. Glory to You, little slaughtered Lamb, for no one was found in heaven and on earth to open Your book to let the spirit of life flow from it, the river of life, (See the selection topic: „About the Book of the Lamb - The Book of Life”, r.n.) in which anyone can see his face and wash it if he wants! Amen. Bless Your kingdom over Your people of today! May Your will be done into its midst and in heaven! Peace to You in Your pain for Your people! The sufferance for You is the peace of those who bear Your with love on earth, and they have power through pains, as You had and have. Amen.


Oh, I have comforted You on my day of feast and I as an apostle full of Holy Spirit, full of the spirit of prophecy over Your people of today, Lord, born a child in Bethlehem of a Virgin mother two thousand years ago, a mother who had remained with us and comforted the church and built it by its testimony, by its love, by which she had embraced Your church as she embraced You while still a child, Your body left on earth, Christ’s body on earth, the Lord’s temple, the Temple of the Holy Spirit, the church of the first saints, the church of the saints, and which was founding its refuge in houses and it was living by its humility, not by high temples, not by weak buildings for God, but rather by the life of its saints, as it is written. Amen, amen, amen.


– Oh, may your holy voice over My people be blessed, apostle full of the Holy Spirit in heaven and on earth! The saints are the crown of the Lord, the Lord’s necklace. Amen.


Oh, My people, listen to My longing of old! Be more and more with every passing day an obedient people, so that you may not go wrong by disobedience, son. Listen to the Lord so that you may overcome by Him! I will teach you by a great teaching more and more every day, for the time outside blows with its darkness against you by those who did not want to remain and become My saints, but they even left for a spirit of blasphemy, and they do not have rest in the darkness under which they got in, and thus they are ugly, very ugly in their heart and deed, for nothing else happens to those who betray the Lord and the brothers, falling again into the big sea, into the bottomless world, into its thick darkness. The traitors are the most hated among people, and they speak words of blasphemy, for they are pushed by the evil spirit, to which they sell themselves in order to serve it. However, you are My son, and if you are, then let yourself be guided, always, always, son, for the time is bad and hidden and you cannot go through it without My whisper, which holds your little hand so that you may not fall down. Peace to you! Get used to My sweet peace by its sufferance, for I am aggrieved into your midst, My people, and I know and see your pain and the hidden snare. Oh, touch My wound and take care of Me, for you are My house, you are My shelter, you are the church of Jesus Christ, and the gates of the hell will not overcome it, but it will overcome the gates of the hell, just as I, its Lord, its Bridegroom, overcame them and I came out and I am called the Victor upon death and hell, and My name is a wonderful name, as it is written. Amen, amen, amen.



Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor).

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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.


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