2006.12.13 - The Word of God at the feast of Saint Apostle Andrew

                                   The Word of God[1] at the feast of Saint Apostle Andrew[2]



My teaching upon you is your richness and it is your table with God, My people. I sit down before you with the life of My word and no one on earth has what you have on your table, and you have to give Me life in you that I may appear with you to those who do not know how to have God, for I said: «One who believes in Me, I will come to him, I will make a house with him, I will dine with him and I will reveal Myself to him». Amen.


Oh, My people, I sit down before you and speak with you. I gather you at the table of the teaching and I speak with you and teach you to believe in Me and I teach you to become a house for Me, and I teach you to eat of My table and that I may be your being then and be able to reveal Myself to you by your deed, by My word fulfilled in you and that the people on the earth may see that you are My son, and that I am your Master.


Oh, My people, if I sit down before you then you should also sit down before Me and do this according to My pleasure, according to My teaching, for My teaching shows you how to fulfill it before Me. Teach yourself, therefore, to believe in Me, to believe that I am into your midst within your doing, and that of this table I teach every man to hear God as word upon him and to believe in life and to come into it, and that it may come in him too, for without Me there is no one to teach the man on earth, My people.


I strengthen My gates. This is how I stand before you and this is how you are supposed to work too, Jerusalem. I come upon you with the fruit of My word of two thousand years ago, for I have raised disciples of one work with Me, My people. I in them and they in Me, this is how they worked when they have become the fruit of My word, and this is how those who are born of My word are. Amen, amen, amen.


You have came before the people born of man two thousand years ago, Lord, and then You grew up for the work of the Father and brought forth fruit, and You made disciples, and they were Your house and Your table and its work in them over the earth then. The work of disciple needs to mean a people loving spirit, and I, Lord, came on the Romanian land after You had taught me in the Holy Spirit and I brought the life of Your word on this table, the seed of the new birth of the man born of man, Lord.


I work like You, for I am your disciple. I also speak with Your people at my table with You and with the saints into its midst, for we worked in us grace upon grace when You touched us marking us with Your sign. Amen.


Oh, the grace of God is great in those who know to believe with power and love in it, people of the teaching from God. The man learns from man on earth, and you learn from God and from His saints, who become His glory on earth. Therefore, learn and learn how to learn. Learn with propriety, for God teaches you; and learn with humility and with great love, for he who does not learn this way, one like that does not know to show the Lord in him; he does not know to confess his Maker so that the people may believe in God then and the Lord to come and make a house and table out of the people on earth.


Oh, people with rich mercy at the Lord’s table with you! The one who teaches is like the Lord after that, and the one who does not learn from the table of His word, that one remains like the man. Come and sit down before the Lord. Those who become like Him, those are the people who sit down before Him, and this is what it means the man to sit down before God. You do not need to have another work day and night, but to sit before the Lord instead and to take after Him between brother and brother, and then before His saints, people with God at your table. I do not give you another advice on my day of feast in your midst, but I give you the Lord as your work. Become like Him. See in His teaching the way He is, and if you believe in Him, then turn His word into work upon you, for you are of Romanians and you have to show to all the nations on the earth that you are His people, chosen even since He came being born of the Virgin, after that the people of Israel denied Him as a stranger, taking Him for an evil doer. Then He sent me as the first one called, and I put His seal over the Romanian land, and it has given forth fruit now, at His mysterious coming on the earth, for the Lord comes down on earth with the whisper of the word and He is covered within the word, and He comes to renew the creature, speaking over it from His wedding table, from the hearth of the Romanian people, which has sealed it for Him then and now, to make for himself the house of His coming, people of disciples, obedient sons, sons taught by God. He will fulfill all His word. He is from heaven and not from the earth and this are those who belong to Him too. Learn His face, and then appear with Him, and be as humble as He is if you want to be the one who preaches God. The one who follows the Lord is no longer like him, but he is like the Lord then, and he receives from heaven and he does no longer receive from the earth for him. Learn how to ask for His kingdom and its power, and become like Him when you ask from Him. Learn how to become prayer, people waited by God and by His saints, for the man does not have to pray without fruit, but he rather has to become prayer and not to make a prayer, and then the Lord will fulfill. Amen. Prayer is humility and humility is prayer, and the Lord is beautiful among those who are humble like Him. This is my teaching on your table with the Lord and with His saints, people led by God. Oh, look into His word and ask Him with a spirit of humility to reveal Himself with everything He has spoken to be done. Amen, amen, amen.


Oh, first disciple called among those I called! I was born a man to show the way to the man. Oh, I have had you at the table of My little ones of today, when I sealed with My holy name My little garden of sons fifty years ago, and when I had My bishop Irineu as My comfort and testimony, whom I have taken from those of today. Oh, how hard the bishops of today have bound him; they have bound him in such a way that he may no longer hear My whisper, the word that raises the man from the dead! Oh, how comes that they are not afraid for their work? Only those that are hidden under My robe, only those who clothe themselves with it, only they are able to do such a thing, only those know better to keep Me nailed so that they may rule and that My will may not be done on earth. I have been calling them for a long time and they will not be able to exonerate themselves when it will be to give an account of their works before Me. I opened the door of My church which is watching now, and with My bishop I took from among them and opened it, and it was not with them that I was able to do this work, for I work only with the faithful ones, and I could not work My works otherwise for a while. I cannot work with those who do not watch. I cannot work like man, and behold, I call out to those who do not watch:


Oh, wake up, you people who call yourselves God’s church! Wake up, for it is hard on the earth, and I do not have among you a man pleased to Me to rely on him, for You preach about yourselves and not about Me, and you walk in the way of those who crucified Me, those who had this power on the earth. Be frightened at My voice that is upon you! I am the Son of the Father Sabaoth. I am the one about Whom you say to the people that you serve Him. Even if you share your guilt among you, saying to one another that I am not the One Who speaks from this manger of word, I am this word. You would be happy that I may not be, but I am the Word Who speaks with you. I come with the thousands of saints and I am called the Word of God, (Apoc: 19/13.) and I speak upon the earth in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, baptizing into My word those who believe and becoming My dwelling place of resurrection in them. However, you are fearful and hide yourselves because you are guilty and you hide God too. I have sent to you the book of My word of today, (See The Book of the Lamb (The Book of Life) - The Word of God (1955-2005), r.n.) and then I have written you in heaven, each one of you, that I have given My book, My word of fifty years on the Romanian land, the word of My second coming from near the Father to the man. Oh, you cannot hide. And you should know that I will stay face to face with you before thousands and millions of angels as it is written, and it will be for you to answer Me: what have you done with God, Who have knocked at the doors of your hearts?


Release the humble one among you, the one you humiliated, and honor him, for you crushed his face so that you may be able to take it. Give him back what are his things from Me, and which are upon him, for your sin presses hard upon the Romanian people, which you have not pity on, as shepherds upon them as you like to call yourselves. Those who love the lie and the darkness, they serve the spirit of the darkness, and I, the Lord, am the Light of the world and bring into the light those that are hidden in the dark, to be known that they are. Be afraid! Humble yourselves, because you need humility and not glory, as you look after. If you call yourselves a church, then do not forget that the church has the humble spirit as its face, the spirit that gives life. Walk in the light. This is what I have been exhorting you after fifteen years from the laying down of My sign between earth and heaven, for I come as word on the earth and I come with the clouds, and I call out to you as a God: clothe yourselves within humility looking at the saints who have overcome with their lives the Jerusalem from above, the spirit of the heavenly revelations, so that you may know My life and give housing to God, so that My mercy may be able to come upon you and do you good and that it may teach you what a disciple of Christ means on earth. Peace to you! I speak upon you with mercy and I will look at you whenever you receive of My peace, out of My being which cries within it after the man. Amen, amen, amen.


Oh, My people! I have called out at My table with you to those who keep closed and well watched among them My bishop that loved Me by his faith when I relied on him fifteen years ago and now when I have laid it open the stone of the testimony of My word, in the end of the time in the Romanian people. It was because of My great mourning that I have called out at them. It was because of My tears, which they have always, always multiplied them, that is why I have cried before them. I would like to forgive them, but those who hide, hide My crushed one among them, the one who stays humbled before God under their hostile hand. Oh, how great, how great this wickedness is! Oh, how much it makes Me suffer!


Let us sit down in the spirit of comfort, sons. Let us take a rest within the word and let us work on earth as in heaven, with patience and hope, for the love and the faith for it will be the fruit of the hope and it will be prayer, and happy are those who have power becoming prayer before Me for My glory on the earth. Amen.


Oh, sons, clothe more and more within the powers from above, in the Holy Spirit, sons, and be like Me with great humility, for I want to be able to work with you with My will in your wills over the earth and then to rejoice over it. My book has become a teacher over those who take of it, and many and more and more want to drink of it and will come to life in and for God, for My word is resurrection, and it will set on the earth the resurrection, sons. And as for you, give to each other the comfort of the Holy Spirit and love like God between earth and heaven, and in this way you should be My comfort, for I feed you with My love to be My comfort as I am to you. Amen, amen, amen.



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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.


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